Exploring My Sexy Elder Sister Swaty

Hi, I am a male (21 years old) from India and I will narrate an incident in my life. This incident happened between me and one of my sisters. This happened a few years back. I prefer not to disclose my name.

My family consists of my dad, mom, my elder sister, younger sister, and myself. My older sister is 1 year older than me. Her name is Swaty. My younger sister is 1 year younger than me and her name is Taru.

My parents are 50+ years old and still working a day job. They are quite stress-free in their lives. I even caught them smooching inside their blanket some nights.

My elder sister found a decent job in a different city after graduating, so she moved on.

I and my elder sister Swaty from childhood were thick as thieves. We studied in the same institution and played together at home and outside. We were even found close at all the gatherings. Because outside, we were the only friends we had. We had a pretty good understanding of each other.

Our house had only one bedroom. It was big enough for us. I and Swaty would sleep on the bed and our parents would sleep on the floor bed and Tara got a separate bed that was placed horizontally above ours.

Things weren’t the same when we weren’t children anymore. Our talks and time together slowly went down. Our closets were separated. We only talked about studies and family-related stuff but we slept together in our bed.

I noticed that she developed a mature voice and breasts (it was evident). Soon, she grew up to be a young woman and was beautiful in my eyes. I was 19 at that time and she was 20.

My elder sister had a mildly dusky (mainly because of her tan) and mostly Indian-white skin. I didn’t know her stats, but her body stored the right amount of fats in the right places. A little chubby she was with big bottoms and a belly and mid-sized and perfectly shaped boobs. I slowly started to develop feelings for her and to look underneath her.

She used to wear casual clothes like a salwar, t-shirts, and pajamas at home. We used to just look at our phone screens at night and go to sleep. I sometimes used to watch porn or read sex stories. In the morning, my erect dick used to wake up first among the two of us. I badly wanted to insert it inside a dripping pussy.

My elder sister used to wake up sometime after I did, so it was always quite exciting to watch her womanly body sleeping near me. Most of the time I could see crushed boobs between her hands, a little waistline, some cleavage if her top was such, and her big ass if she was facing opposite me. I always wanted to poke and slide my dick there. I loved her messy hair and the hair on her neck. Then I used to sniff it and it smelled of her faded perfume from yesterday.

That morning, her t-shirt was way above her waist that revealed her navel a few inches above.

She was lying sideways facing me. It had been a long time since I had seen anything like that. I was so eager to feel it. Then I gathered some courage and started walking two of my fingers over the bed and slightly poked her skin to see if she was awake. No response from her side. Then I placed three fingers on her slowly. Nope, she was not awake. And then I took my palm and placed it over her navel and a gentle push.

Man-o-man! A woman’s stomach is truly different from men’s. The tenderness of it sent shivers down my stomach. I tried to grip my elder sister’s waist but she showed some movement and I retreated.

The next morning, on a Saturday, I woke up late to her butt and my soldier was ready before I was! She was in her leggings. Then, with no hesitation, I slowly placed my hands on her left cheek and gave a gentle squeeze. It felt soft and I was surprised there wasn’t any underwear. I thought only I was doing it at home. Then I tried to poke her ass crack with my dick inside my shorts.

When the tip touched the crack, my penis got even bigger and blood was rushing throughout. I started to slide it down slowly and I made stroking movements while watching her neck.

Her hair was tied into a bun. I got close with my elbow resting on her pillow. Then I smelled her neck and near her earlobes. All this while, my dick was caressing her crack.

All of a sudden, my sister moved (I must have woken her up) and turned herself to look me in the eye. I was startled and tumbled, and without an afterthought, I used my position as if I tried to get up from the bed. Then I went inside the bathroom and saw precum on my dick. My hard and hot dick went soggy in seconds. She did not get what went on and chose to leave it like that.

My younger sister Taru had class and parents left for work. Now it was us left to live that day in the house. I took a bath after Swaty did. When I was coming out in a towel around my waist, she looked at me and said –

She: You have a lot more hair grown on your chest.

Me: Yeah, I can see you have something grown on your chest too (I spoke in my mind).

I was surprised that she had noted that much about me. Then I dressed up and wore my shorts with no undies. She was wearing an oversized t-shirt and a lazy skirt.

She was making breakfast standing in the kitchen and I jumped in, standing next to her and talking some meaningless stuff and put my hand on her shoulder. Although it wasn’t new, I felt strange and nervous that what was on her mind after we had lost touch and this wasn’t happening every day.

Swaty was moving her hands while cooking, so she shook my hand away and I slid it down to her hips and held her love handles. Then she looked at me from the corner of her eyes and didn’t say a word. I held her like that until she was done. Right after being on the couch, I started a conversation like-

Me: So, you’re gonna finish college, are you seeing someone?

She: Someone? Who?

Me: You know, like a boyfriend?

She (scoffs): No, why do you ask? (good to know she was single)

Me: Just casual. You’re all grown up.

She: Grown? I’m the shortest girl of my age (she was a little shorter than me. I think she meant that).

Me: Not that. I meant like a lady, a woman. And you aren’t short. (I placed my elbow on the shoulder and leaned on her)

She: What do you expect a girl to grow to be?

I was trying to catch a glimpse of my elder sister’s boobs from the top while talking and she caught me peeping.

Sis: Where are you looking at?

Me: Uhhh…(fuck!)

Sis: Isn’t it already evident from the outside how big is it?

Me: What?!

She: This is why I can’t make up my mind about the boys, everybody is a creep.

Me: I’m sorry for that.

Sis: And what? You’re never gonna look at other women’s breasts?

Me: I’ll leave now.

Sis: Stay. Don’t act like a kid. I know boys and where they look when they see a woman. It’s alright.

Me: Not that I wanted to, but.

Sis: Shut up! Don’t try to be a gentleman here. I’ve seen you fapping late at night looking at your phone.

Me: (Man, she knows it.)

Sis: It’s a common thing when you grow up. Come, sit here.

And she gently pulled me by the neck to lay on her lap. She had her hands over my neck and let her fingers run over my hair. I was facing up leaning on her soft belly. And she asked me-

Sis: So, what do you watch?

Me: Porn, sometimes (hesitantly).

Sis: Yes, that’s why you fap. But what kind do you watch?

Me: There’s nothing specific (I had many in specific).

Sis: Uh huh… Have you tried to watch anyone else?

Me: No.

Sis: You just tried to confess! (moving her hand to my chest)

Me: Well, just you, not anyone else.

Speaking things like this made my dick stand up again. Swaty saw it and said –

Sis: You get horny in no time (smiling).

I thought she was easy-going and I let her see it. Then she slid her hands to the bottom of my abs and patted it. I took it as a sign and told her she could touch it if she wanted.

Sis: No, thanks.

Me: Then, will you let me see your boobs?

Sis: Why do I need to?

Me: I like you. I want to see your body. I’m curious about a woman’s body.

Sis: You have seen it in porn, right?

Me: I wanna feel it (held her side hips and pinched it softly).

Sis: Is that what you want?

Me: Yeah.

Swaty lifted her t-Shirt to her ribs and showed her hips fully and placed my hands on her belly and said –

Sis: This is how it feels (and she tried to cut it).

I said: I want to see and feel. (And I pleaded with her for a whole minute.)

Then she agreed and said –

Sis: Feel whatever you want.

I smoothly ran my palm over her hips and lifted the top with her help. The sight I craved was beholding! My elder sister’s beautiful bosoms were presented to me. They were round and close to perfect and the under sight showed a voluptuous view. The areolas were perfectly round and light brown. I knelt on the couch and made her sit in front of me. Then I looked her in the eye and asked her through the eye, “Shall I?” She nodded.

I took one in my hand and squeezed a little. They were the softest I had felt on my hands, so tender and squishy. I held the other with its nipple and pinched it and she let out a moan. I knew she would say no. So I quickly took the right boob in my mouth and started milking with my mouth. My elder sister started to push me away, but I held her waist and pressed my face against her breasts. Then she pulled my hair and said-

Sis: Who asked you to do this?!

I smiled and begged her to allow it. She agreed with a shy face. Then I let my tongue do the job. I licked the breasts round and round, bit them, buried my nose between the boobs and smelled it. I licked the boob valley clean and slid down to her navel and kissed it tightly. She moaned again.

Then I inserted my tongue in my sibling’s navel and licked all around kissing and slurping. I held her hips with both hands and gripped them like a baby. She spread her legs and leaned back pressing my head towards her. Swaty started enjoying it and closed her eyes.

Then I went further down on her belly biting it. I went down to her vagina, pressed my nose there, and sniffed it hard. She opened her eyes and shut her thighs.

I looked at her disappointed, holding her thigh in my hand. She nodded no and we stared at each other. I kissed her on the lips and took a pause looking her in the eye. We kissed again with desire, locked lips, and wrestled tongues for a while.

And finally, she gave me a peck on the cheek. My boner was leaking pre-cum on my shorts. She saw me as I got up with a tent on my trousers. She put her top on.

At night that day after everyone slept, I put my hand over her hips and rolled her towards me and we started to wrestle tongues as I inserted my hand inside her top and grabbed her boobs, and fondled it.

Then I covered both of us under the blanket to reduce noise. I took her hand and made her touch my dick. She hesitated a bit to hold and as I was kissing and biting her neck. She held it firm over my shorts.

As the bites got intense, my elder sister squeezed my dick equally hard for each bite. I couldn’t hold more, I lowered my shorts all the way down and gave my cock to her. She looked at me and started stroking it. The pleasure of a girl stroking your dick was unexplainable.

We were sweating like pigs inside the blanket. Then we got closer and slid my hand inside her skirt and found the sanctum. I pinched her clit and started to twist and turn it. She held it tightly and didn’t allow to finger fuck or the actual fuck. Her stroking went harder and I released all of my cum over her belly and her skirt.

Then I rubbed and cleaned it with the blanket. She was not bothered not having orgasms after being turned on by a boy. She preferred not to have sex. But we were connected together in a whole new pleasurable and erotic way. I expected us to continue this way.

After the climax, she moved back and I lowered my cover to find a shocking view of my 18 yo younger sister Taru awoke and watching/peeping at us from who knows when?