Anger led to sex with my sister-in-law -Part 2

I pulled my cock from her sloppy pussy and sat on the sofa. While making a drink, I saw Nandini wiping her pussy using her torn blouse. Our juices had stained her inner thighs and ass cheeks. Even my cock was shining with our combined juices.

“You cum a lot, dear,” Nandini said and sat beside me.

I looked at her, body full and sweaty, breasts swaying to her hand movements. Her body aroma was intoxicating with our cum juices. I said, “First it was Jiju, then bastard and now dear, what next, Nandini?”

Biting my nipple, Nandini said, “Sorry, Darling, for calling you bastard. I was not in control of myself. You can call me whore, slut, bitch, or by any name, but don’t abandon me. I want you to be mine forever.”

Taking a sip of whiskey, I said, “You will be mine if you behave yourself. How can I refuse such a sexy bitch like you?”

Nandini took my limp cock in her hand and said, “How long it takes to get hard again, Jiju?”

“Are you not satisfied bitch,” I asked, pulling her nipples hard.

Nandini wincing in pain, started jerking me roughly. Keeping the glass down, holding both her nipples, I pulled them, testing their elasticity. Nipples were protruding almost 2 inches from the areolas.

“Please be careful with my nipples. They are very sensitive. Suck, bite and maul them but be gentle, Jiju.” Nandini said in a pleading tone, and her jerking slowed down.

I pulled and, embracing her, said, “Don’t worry bitch, your body is mine, and I will take it as I wish to.”

Nandini caressing my chest and jerking my cock said, “Yes, Darling, take me as you like to, whenever you want to.”

“I need to pee, Nandini,” I got up, went to the door and picked up our clothes from the foyer. Tying my lungi across my tummy, threw her torn clothes to her.

Seeing her shredded clothes, Nandini asked, “What will I wear, Jiju?”

“Why do you need clothes anyway now? You can wear your Didi’s when you leave in the morning,” Saying I went to the washroom to relieve myself.

I didn’t lock the door, stood near the commode and lifted the seat. I heard footsteps behind me. Nandini came before me, pulling my lungi down and holding my cock.

“I wanted to help you, Jiju,” Nandini said with a crooked smile.

“Shall I pee in your mouth bitch?” I said in anger.

Nandini directing my cock to the commode, said, “I would love to, but it will be too kinky in our first mating. Now pee, dear.”

Shrugging myself at her unusual behaviour, I started to pee. She was spraying my piss all around, playing like a little girl with a joystick. Nandini was holding my balls in her free hand and was caressing them gently.

I emptied my bladder. The last few drops were dripping from the tip. Nandini quickly bent down and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked the last few drops of piss. Her behaviour took me aback. Holding her head pushed my cock deep into her mouth.

Nandini was surprised at my sudden aggression but sucked my cock as if she was worshipping it. My cock hardened inside her mouth, filling her warm mouth. Saliva was dripping from the corners of her lips and head hitting the back of her throat.

Holding her head firmly, she pushed more into her mouth. Nandini’s mouth was gagged, and she tapped on my thighs, begging me to stop. I knew she had trouble breathing, so I pulled my cock out.

Quickly Nandini stood up and took a deep breath. Hitting on my chest with a closed fist said with tears, “I wanted to please you by sucking you. You are an animal. That’s what I like in you, bastard.”

I pulled her close, my cock grazing her hairy mound and her breasts crushed on my chest. Placing my hands under her voluptuous ass cheeks, I lifted her. Nandini wrapped her legs behind my back, hands locked across my neck and bit my ear lobes.

“Ready for the second round, darling,” Nandini asked with a heavy breath.

Crushing my lips on hers, kissing her carried her to the hall sofa. Nandini kissed me back, thrusting her tongue and playing with my tongue. I could taste our cum from her lips, and it was erotic.

Coming near the sofa, I dropped her. Ass landed on the sofa cushion, her big breasts jiggling violently across her chest. Nandini turned around, kneeling on the sofa edge, placing her hands on the sofa’s back.

Wriggling her round ass at me, Nandini said, “Take me like a bitch dear. I want you to pound me from the back. Don’t show any mercy, fuck me as you like to.”

I saw her spreading her legs, her ass cheeks widening, and her pussy lips parting, inviting me. I lined my cockhead, caressing her lips from bottom to top. My head was getting lubricated with her flowing juices. Nandini moaned when my cockhead parted her lips and screamed when it touched her clit.

I knew this was another switch to turn her on apart from her nipples. I flicked my cockhead on her sensitive clit a few times, and she moaned in pleasure. Nandini’s hanging breasts swayed under her while she pushed her ass back. I saw her ass hole winking at me invitingly.

I pressed my cock on her ass hole as if trying to penetrate it. Nandini screamed, “Not there, Jiju. I haven’t tried, and yours is too thick for my pussy. My ass can’t take it inside. Please, Jiju, you can fuck my mouth as you wish later. Now, fuck me in my pussy.”

I placed my left hand on her back and pushed her a bit down. Her pussy was lifted. Holding my cock, placing it at her entrance, I pushed my cock inside her. As she was lubricated well, it went in smoothly without any resistance. It hit her cervix in one thrust, and my cock was fully embedded.

Her pussy had gotten accustomed to my girth by now. I wondered how her husband would feel when he fucks a somewhat loose pussy. Nandini turned and asked, “What are you waiting for, dear? Just pound and tear my pussy.”

Bringing my hands, holding her hanging breasts firmly said, “Yes bitch.” I pulled half of my cock out and rammed back in. Nandini screamed, “Yes…fuck your bitch, bastard…fuck me hard… harder.”

“Take it bitch,” I pounded her pussy hard. My balls were slapping her thighs. I had her big breasts for support and was getting crushed in my palms. Her soft fleshy ass cheeks were giving cushion. I was sliding my cock in and out of her moist pussy.

My cockhead stabbed her wet pussy interiors, trying to penetrate her womb.

Nandini shouted, “I am cumming again, dear.”

I felt her pussy convulsing around my cock, gripping it tightly. She had her orgasms. Nandini’s free-flowing juices lubricated my cock, making a slushy sound when I was fucking her pussy. Nandini was pushing her ass back, trying to take more of my cock while her pussy was spasming.

She was sweating heavily, and her knees were getting weak from my pounding. Her thighs were touching her legs by now, and my cock was entering her at a different angle now. I saw Nandini resting her head on the sofa back. Body crouched on the sofa.

I knew she was tired from my hammering, but she never looked back nor asked me to stop. Feeling pity for her, I gave one big push and started shooting inside her. Nandini sighed when my cum filled up her pussy and was murmuring.

I rested my body on her while my cock spewed cum in her. My cock went limp in her pussy and popped out. I sat on the sofa, exhausted from two rounds of fuck in one hour. Nandini sat on the sofa and rested her head on my thighs. My flaccid cum stained cock touched her cheeks.

Nandini kissing my cock, and tasting our juices, said, “Thank you, bastard, for showing me heaven.”

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