Erotic Moments With Married Virgin Ex-Gf – Part 2

Hi again, getting back to the continuation.

I pinned my married ex-girlfriend to the wardrobe mirror on the surface level from behind as she twitched feeling the mirror’s coldness arching her head. Then I spread her legs evenly on each side making a way for my dick. I leaned on to kiss and prod her earlobes, squeezing from her thighs below, while I rubbed my dick under her ass. Of all the things she could do, she moaned my name out every time.

I sucked her earlobes which was making me even more horny. Just imagine that feeling, when your love moans on pleasure just your name over and over again.

When we were in our relationship, we had smooched and kissed each other, and seen naked each other. But we never did the pussy lovemaking. My ex-gf didn’t allow me to blow her as well. All I had done was play my fingers around her pussy and mainly on her clit. But no orgasm and no squirting.

I opened the nearby wardrobe door to get hold of oil and shaving foam out. Then I placed her left leg over the wardrobe front and stretched her right leg making an opening for her pussy. She was totally wondering what I was up to.

Now I sprayed the foam cream on her left boob and poured some oil into a glass nearby. I dipped my right hand and raised her hands to hold my hair beneath the head. Before going on, details about my married ex-girlfriend’s boobs – it was 34b small and spongy, and a bit hanging down just as I remember with her dark brown shade pink.

I started kissing and sucking her right earlobes, while both my hands were fondling her boobs, one with foam cream and the other with oil. I was feeling the whole size inside my hand with soft spongy raw boobs circling them round and round, while she moaned her life out of pleasure.

She was getting warmer and warmer for all boob squeezing and eating her earlobes. She was making me more horny with her moans. Then I dipped my hand for some more oil and applied on my dick. I was mixing my precum and started rubbing her ass crack with my dick and continuing with the boobs magic.

She pushed her leg in front, leaning more weight on me arching more and more backward. It was almost like I was pole dancing and she was my pole. I then switched down to kiss and tongue her neck. Meanwhile, the cream and the oil on her boobs were dried off.

Her hotness absorbed them all, so I dipped both my hands in oil and plunged into her boobs. I applied it by making a round shape (thumb and index finger) from base to nipple layer by layer, circling left and right. When coming to the nipples, I held them, and slowly pulled them, elongating her nipples and coming back to the base.

It was like I filtered the oil on her boobs from base to nipple and reapplied and then again re-filtered by hands over and over again.

I could see her expression through the mirror and she was enjoying it. She was lost in the feeling. Her hands were cuddling my hair, gasping for air, moaning, licking her own lips, swallowing, trembling only hands. Now I advanced my right hand, slowly squeezing her navel and lowering, rubbing my hand all over the panty line teasing her.

Then I headed to my ex-gf’s pubic region and slowly came down on her clit. She suggested that I use more oil to get my hands on her pussy. Damn, she was completely wet. My fingers felt her sticky juices lubricating my fingers and dived my fingers on her clit rubbing it slowly and gently.

Now, all she did was to arch from inside pushing her back against my body. However, I never stopped playing with her clit while she moaned and breathed out my name sexily. I increased the pace of rubbing slowly and circled it in between.

Suddenly, she pushed me more and grunted. She took a long breath while she squirted and still squirted all the vaginal fluids on my hand, and dripped on the floor partly, and flowing down over her right leg. She was shaking and trembling, so I held her tightly. As she was arching inside, we both were like two Cs together.

We realized it was around 11. By that time she was done squirting. We lip-locked each other several times while dragging her to the bathroom. I wanted to see her whole pussy and offered to shave her pubic hair. She was so turned on again, with all the vibrating sensation near her pussy.

Damn, it’s not easy like trimming for a man! Her pubic region was easy to trim. But the hair around her labia was so soft like a melted chocolate paste. Then I slowly trimmed her pussy and at times blew to clear off the trimmed hairs. She would gasp every time my mouth came near her pussy.

After that, we both had a shower and we cleaned each other after some fondling and cuddling with water flowing, feeling each other embrace after so many years.

It was already 1 by now and I thought of cooking together naked. We resorted to noodles as we were very hungry skipping breakfast. Just a quick one and carried her to bed with a noodle bowl, some mayonnaise, and brought honey without her knowing.

Then I applied mayonnaise all over her boobs, her freshly trimmed pubic region, and her pussy. I put some noodles on the mayonnaise eating on her body starting with her boobs biting and chewing along the noodles and mayonnaise mix. She was feeling ticklish as well as naughty. Then I poured some honey on her navel and spread it around her navel.

I quickly switched from my married ex-girlfriend’s boobs to her navel, blowing against the honey giving her the chills, and started sucking and licking from outside the honey circle to the navel hole. I would dip my tongue inside her navel like a dipstick and suck her navel later. Later I headed to the pubic area and left her enjoying the senses and headed to her pussy.

When it comes to a pussy, it’s always RLS with our tongues.

– Rub the whole area, the labia, pussy hole, the clit.

– Lick her top to bottom in any pattern GENTLY

– Suck her clit dry and soak it wet and suck her dry.

So I spread her pussy lips, rubbed my tongue spreading the mayonnaise of the entire pussy with noodles, licked the noodles dry of mayonnaise, and sucked the noodles making it juicy with my saliva. She was grunting and screaming in pleasure feeling all the erotica in her juicy flesh. She on the other hand to my surprise wrapped my dick applying mayonnaise and circling all the noodles around it sucking and eating off of my dick.

When a woman really loves a man, she can go all the more crazy than the man. Then we lip-locked with some honey and she was holding on to my dick saying-

She: I want this inside me. Now feeling the raw dick making love to me with all your love.

I was really feeling something that could not be expressed. It’s a great thing when our love is accepted. The more the merrier if it’s cherished and even higher if we risk so many things in life. Then I came to my senses and warned that she was still getting divorced, and if the baby formed, we would be in trouble and had to wait for it.

But she lip-locked me again saying that she was in her safe period so with or without protection would be all the same. Since we sucked each other dry, we applied oil on my dick as well as her inner pussy walls.

“Indeed this married virgin pussy is only for me”, I thought inside my head and spread her legs inserting my dick slowly inside. It slipped multiple times and she laughed.

I told her, “Practice makes perfection, so let’s practice”. Saying this, I pushed the tip inside in the next attempt at an unexpected time when she was laughing. Then she felt my dick a bit painful so I poured some more oil over the dick rubbing her pussy and gently applying the oil all over her pussy. As soon as the head went in, she screamed and started to cry, and I realized the bloodshed.

Hurrying, I took a cloth and took away the blood stain otherwise it would be permanent. I brought some hot water and dipped the cloth and cleaned her pussy. The water should be minimally hot otherwise it would burn. Once she was relaxed and her cries got dry, I took her by my hand and we danced to the song ‘Naan un alaginale.’ She was actress Samantha to me.

I kissed her in between over her neck and lifted her to my hip like a child. Then I kept her in my embrace. This is what I really wanted to show. How much she deserved to be loved. How much I cared for her and how much her happiness her life meant to me. More than the sex, I felt loved and cared for as well.

Then I carried my ex gently to the bed again. This time, she got on top of me and poured oil herself on my dick, applying fully, and inserted in her pussy slowly with every sitting. She felt this pain but she went on. Her hands crossed against my hands. She made her pussy completely swallow my dick. I have a short dick but a fat one.

She felt her pussy completely filled in, and my thickness rubbed her pussy every time she sat expanding her more and more, slowly started riding my dick leaning on my chest hairs. I raised myself to a sitting pose to kiss. She was closing her eyes, rolling her eyeballs up in every swallow by her pussy. Then she started riding to the jumping phase once she was ready and confident.

Awe, that look of your love jumping over your dick with her boobs shaking and jumping loosely in mid-air. Every guy deserves that sight. It was starting to wet inside with both of our fluids and it was time for the next stage. So I lifted and placed her against the wall and started stroking slowly. She grabbed the window bars for support over her head and so I started pumping her madly while eating her lips off.

The sound went from “chk chk chk” to “chwk chwk chak chak” as we neared our orgasms. Then I went slow-paced leaving a few seconds for breathing, and to delay my ejaculation a bit. Since it was more tiring, I took her back to the bed and continued in missionary pounding my fullness, my thickness, and my energy, all in the whole to the fullest as her orgasm made thrusting so easy and squirmy.

She took a pillow and muffled her screams, rolling her eyeballs with heavy moaning. The full length with all wetness inside made me explode inside her all my load. She was relaxed by then, closing her eyes feeling the heat inside her pussy, and the chill brought by my load flowing inside of her subsiding and fading. We cuddled each other to sleep for the end of the day.

More to come about how we spent the night and the next day

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