A Sensual Exploration: First Experience of A Gigolo

Hi all, This is Romeo from Delhi. It all started when I decided to satisfy ladies and earn some extra bucks. I posted a lot of advertisements, which went in vain till I got a message.

A man contacted me, and I believed it to be fake. But as we chatted, I realised he, too, was doing the very same thing that I wanted. He got a client who wanted to experience a threesome. So, he pinged me. This happened in Noida.

He said that he would pick me up from the metro station. But he was stuck in traffic, and he needed to buy condoms, lubricants, and other necessary stuff. I was like, ”It’s better to leave. This looks like a scam.” But I just wanted to play along as I was free that day.

He told me to reach the hotel and book a room for myself. I just followed what I was told without much thought. After an hour, when I was sleeping in bed, my phone rang it was him. He informed me of the room number. I made my way towards it, avoiding suspicious looks.

I knocked on the door, and he pulled me in and bolted the door.

He narrated the conditions of the client. The conditions go thus.
“Listen carefully
1. Should start licking from feet, 1 leg per person, till she stops us.
2. The above thing is a selection for pussy and asshole licking.
3. The other guy who isn’t selected will take care of the upper body.
4. No blowjob will be asked. She will do so if she likes.
5. All of us would be wearing masks.
6. No touching of her face.
7. No insertion of dick or fingers in asshole.
8. Massage to be given after fucking.
9. The guy who is selected for licking pussy and ass hole must make her cum thrice.
10. No rough usage of her body, and handle with care.
Violation of any of the above will result in reduce of money given to us.”

I processed everything and analysed the room. The room was filled with erotic perfume, blue dimmed lights, with relieving music being played on TV. We removed our clothes, stayed in our undies, and wore the masks. I asked him about the client, and he knocked on the bathroom door.

Then came a slightly chubby, sexy girl with a mask on. My rough estimate of structure would be 36-33-38. I got an immediate hard-on due to the very fact that it’s been ages since I touched a woman. She waved ‘Hi’ at me, and I reciprocated it.

She made herself comfortable on the bed and told us you can start. I was handling her left lower body, and the other was taken by the other man. We started with toes, and I sucked her toes, she was moaning. Her legs were beautiful enough to make me drool.

I was massaging and touching her thighs subtly to make her feel ecstatic. Simultaneously, I was licking her foot, which tasted awesome. I was deeply engrossed in music and her body. I didn’t know when I started sucking her legs hard, she said go slow, and I did.

I licked every nook and corner of her legs, folded her knee and started licking that fold. She was thoroughly enjoying it. I proceeded to my thighs and started licking in symmetrical designs like helical and circular. I also drew hearts with my saliva, which reflected the blue dim light.

I went crazy seeing the things I was indulging in. Meanwhile, the other guy removed her panty and stuffed his finger. She was angered and shouted, “Did I announce the results? Keep licking.” We did as she said, and after a quarter-hour, she told us to stop.

We were nervous about the results because it was going to be a humongous task. Deep down, I wanted the lower body. But as the saying goes, ‘With great power comes great responsibility.’ I was ready for it. She said YOU(me) stay here, and you (another guy) come up right here.

It took a few seconds for me to realise that I defeated an experienced guy in this field in my first meeting. My chest swelled with pride. I started my task without any second thoughts and with more vigour.

I tickled her pubic area with my fingers gently. She was shaking up and instantly squirted right on my fingers. Is it usual for ladies to squirt without even entering into pussy? My mere touching down there did the trick. I was more motivated by seeing this.

I launched my tongue down on pussy, to be precise, clitoris. I was sucking in and out, tasting the juices that tasted heavenly. I took breaks to breathe and exhaled the air back into the pussy. She went crazy. This continued for 10 minutes. She had cum twice already.

I continued my tongue exercise till the time I was satisfied with pussy. She came once more but with a huge amount this time on my face which tasted more like pee rather than cum. Nevertheless, I drank it without any qualms.

Now my focus shifted to the asshole. I told her to sit on my face, which she executed immediately. I led my tongue into the asshole. It was spick and span. I went as deep as my tongue could go. It was painful for me because, on one side, her whole weight was on my face, especially my nose.

On the other side, it was my responsibility to satisfy her. With these thoughts running through my mind, I gave the best that I could offer her. After a few minutes again she came to my face and she was shivering this time. Some cum went inside my nose, which was irritating but felt good.

Again I went back to pussy (Labia) and started my magic there. I don’t know about her then, but I am sure that I was enjoying it well. I gave equal importance to labium majora (Outer skin) and labium minora (inner folds). I navigated my nose into the vagina and fingered using my nose.

I delved into this and coined the term ‘nosing.’ That day, I gave a new meaning to it. I swirled my tongue inside again, and I was like a hungry man who hadn’t had food for over a month. My passion and hunger resulted in one more ejaculation on my face.

I guess she was satisfied with my skill set by then. She told us to take a break. Meanwhile, I wasted no time cleaning my face, especially my nose and felt rejuvenated. She called us in a few minutes for the main course of action. We wore condoms, and I offered the guy to do the opening ceremony.

He positioned himself on her and slid his dick in, which resulted in a moan that escaped from her. He did a pretty good job for 15 minutes. When he was about to cum he told me to take the place. I reached his rescue and slid mine without any gap.

The pussy isn’t too tight, to be honest, but I enjoyed it as much as I could. I gave animalistic strokes without any hesitation. She was shouting like hell and moaning. My cock isn’t that long, just 6.5 inches, but it’s a bit fat. Instead of giving continuous strokes, I was trying to get as deep as possible.

I thought it was the right thing to do to make her satisfied. I was on top of her all this while. My hands were on the bed for grip, my face facing her face into the eyes. I could feel her lust entering mine. I did this for half an hour, yet I didn’t cum. She signalled me to stop and told the other guy to take over.

He did it for a while, and she told me to take over. I did and switched her into doggy style and fucked the shit out of her by holding her chubby wide hips. She told us to try double penetration. I lay down, inserted my dick into her ass and started riding.

Meanwhile, the other guy tried inserting it in her pussy. She shrieked and excused herself, went inside the bathroom, and came back. She said it was enough. Now it was the time for massage, which we did with dedication. She relaxed and slept.

The other guy told me to leave and gave me half payment. He told me he would give the rest after she woke and gave him. I believed and reached the room. After half an hour, he immediately told me to vacate. I asked him about money. He said we would discuss it later.

Later, he told me that I didn’t do my best, and the client denied both of our payments. I highly doubt that because I was very passionate about what I did. He also told me that she appreciated my sucking and licking skills. I found it absurd. How can someone appreciate me but say I didn’t give my best?

I suspect that both are related, and they fooled me. Or the other guy must have taken my share, too. I didn’t make much issue and accepted it as it was because it is what it is. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

It was a mixed feeling. It was a memorable experience as well as a lesson that made me realise how to deal with clients professionally. Now, I am doing well with experience and expertise.

Any ladies or girls out there seeking my service, need someone to talk to or want to satisfy their deepest dark fantasies in Delhi, Noida, or Gurgaon can contact me.

Gmail: [email protected].