Corporate Sins – Part 7

“Hello, Mrs. Sharma. We would like to kindly notify you that your son, Reyansh Sharma, has once again failed his tests. We will not be able to keep him enrolled in the school. Please schedule a visit to our school as soon as you can.”

As Shipra read the message, she was taken aback. Because of her recent promotion, she now works longer hours. She finds it difficult to concentrate on her son’s education. She noticed that he was becoming more mischievous, but she was unprepared for him to fail.

In a hurry, she dialled Ritesh and told him about the message she received from the school. However, he began accusing her of being unaware of her responsibilities as a mother rather than offering her comfort. He started questioning her decision to choose career over family.

He requested that she quit her work, return home, and take care of the family. Shipra was amazed by his careless approach and understood that she alone had to handle her kid.

The following morning, she skipped her office and went to school. She knows Peter Dsouza, the principal, well and has attended PTA a few times. He is a tall, robust man in her early 40s who is intelligent and sophisticated. But she had seen him occasionally eyeing her out despite his tough man persona.

He always looks for ways to connect with her by mentioning her son’s academic pursuits. She wonders whether all parents receive this level of individualized care. Being a sharp woman, she has used her charm on him to sort out earlier complaints regarding her son.

She was anxious this time, though, because her husband had placed all the blame on her after her son’s failure. She heard footsteps while tensely seated in his cabin. Her motherhood worry is overpowering her confidence.

“Hi, Mrs. Sharma. I apologize for requesting your attendance at such short notice. However, your son failed the midterm examinations once more. We cannot let weak students negatively impact our school’s performance,” As he sat down, he spoke.

“I apologize, sir. I will make sure he puts in more effort because I know he needs it. I’ll set up additional tuition.”

“That’s fine, Mrs. Sharma, but I can’t risk the reputation of my school.”

“I promise you, sir, that Reyansh will pass the last examinations.”

“Mrs. Sharma, I understand your situation. Please try to understand mine as well.”

“Sir, please understand no school will take him in mid-year, and his one year would get affected.”

“Oh! Please, It’s nothing to worry about. I can only do this as little as possible for such a lovely lady as you. I would recommend him to a few schools.”

She sensed the playful grin and emphasis on the adjective ‘lovely.’ She could also feel his gaze trying to examine her cleavage through her dupatta. The peon had just entered the office with some fresh juice, interrupting their chat.

“Have the juice, please, Mrs. Sharma!” Peter stated. Lost in her thoughts, Shipra accepted the glass. She was anxious because she felt helpless in the circumstances.

She can’t stop thinking about her spouse telling her that she is to blame for their son’s failure.  Their son’s education suffered because of her overtime for professional growth. In the midst of everything, her phone rang. Startled by the abrupt noise, she snapped out of it and went to pick up the call.

But her half-consciousness prevented her from keeping the juice glass on the table properly, causing it to splash all over her outfit. Her phone also dropped to the ground. She took off her dupatta right away since the juice had completely ruined it. She didn’t realize she was in her son’s school.

When she took off her dupatta, her sexy cleavage got exposed due to the deep neck cut. Peter stood up immediately, and his eyes bulged out. When she bent down to pick up her phone, his joy grew. Her bending down almost makes her boobs hang out, just keeping her nipples tucked inside her bra.

“Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous.” Peter is staring at them shamelessly. His shameless stare brought Shipra back to her senses. Making her realize that she has exposed more than her naked flesh to her child’s principal unintentionally.

She raised an eyebrow at Peter. He was staring at her with greedy eyes and an open mouth. Even knowing this was embarrassing, he could not take his eyes off her. He’d always admired her. He had seen her for the first time almost a year and a half ago.

She met him for his son’s entrance. He was able to warm up his eyes at the PTA meetings that followed. The fact that she was the only one attending the meetings and her husband never did make him curious. On enquiring, she informed him that her spouse lives in a different place and she was transferred.

Peter was a devout Christian and had chosen celibacy. But he could not resist having an erection after seeing this stunning Hindu woman with her partially exposed breasts. She stood there for a few seconds, staring into his eyes. The slut inside her surpassed her morality.

She gave him a clear look at her semi-naked boobs by staying in that position for a while. She finally got up and took her dupatta back on her.

Finally, their uneasy pause ended when Peter said, “Alright, Shipra. Please allow me a little time to think over your request. I’ll see what I can do and will keep you informed.”

Shipra was already convinced that the recent occurrences had affected his stubbornness. He called her by her first name. Before heading to the office, she added, “Sir, I’ll wait for your positive response.”

It is already 5 pm. There is relative silence in the office now that most of her coworkers are gone. But she is staying back, possibly to divert her mind. She even skipped lunch. The events of the morning were giving her butterflies in her stomach.

She had an extremely keen sixth sense and knew something immoral was going to happen. She is keeping herself busy to distract herself. The unsettling silence was broken by a phone beep. She looked at her phone and saw that she had received a message.

She felt the ground sleeping under her feet as soon as she read the message. She was hoping her doubts to go incorrect, but her wish was not granted. She has received a message from Principal Peter.

It reads, “Hello Shipra, I have decided to offer the little child Reyansh another chance and to keep him enrolled in school. At my own risk, I shall persuade management as well. I want to clear up any confusion by saying that I am taking care of everything for you.”

“The moment I first saw you, I was obsessed with you. My feelings come alive when I see you, even though I am a sanctified Christian. You have smitten me from the day I saw you. And now, after seeing mouthwatering boobs in the morning, I can’t contain my lust.”

“I want to commit the sin of consuming your beauty, and I can’t help myself. Since I have never once seen your husband visit the PTA, I could tell that he is not able to meet your needs. The poor man has no idea how to care for a woman of your beauty. But don’t let that disappoint you. I’ll fulfil all of your desires.”

“Just give me one chance, please. I will be waiting for you in my office in the evening. I assure you of full secrecy as there would be no one to disturb us. Also, please understand that I am not imposing any conditions on you. You can choose what you find correct.”

“But having said that, I know a wise woman like you would choose the best course of action.” Shipra closes her eyes and reclines back in her chair, digging herself in deeply. She retraced her memories, recalling how she had been in a similar predicament before with Shoaib and Chadha.

But she thought the game would end with them. She was aware that every man had a wolf inside of him. But she never would have imagined her child’s principal would make such blatant demands. Only when Peter was staring at her in the morning had she already made up her mind.

She cannot allow her son’s one year to be wasted. She sipped some water and called her maid to say that she had a meeting and would be late.