Adventures with college girlfriend Rashi – Part 3

Hello to all readers of ISS. This story is the continuation of my previous story where I described how I and Rashi got close to each other. Please read the previous parts to know the background.

So, as planned, we both left 30 minutes earlier than our usual time with an excuse that we needed to finish some assignments before classes. This was not an excuse, but reality only.

We reached the college campus around 8:15 am. At this time, there were hardly any people in the buildings. Only some cleaning staff could be seen sweeping the grounds and classrooms. Even most of the classrooms were locked at this time as everybody came after 9 only. This was a perfect opportunity to get some alone time undisturbed. As soon as we reached college, I asked her-

Me: So, what is the plan?

Rashi: To continue, we should go to the same place.

Then we proceeded toward the fifth floor where we kissed yesterday. To our bad luck, even the elevator had not started at that time. We had to take the stairs to reach it. I guess it was our motivation that helped us climb 5 floors so easily.

As soon as we reached the 5th floor, first, we took a round to check if anybody was there. Since there were only labs and a couple of classrooms, everything was locked and nobody was there on the floor. Rashi asked me to wait at the spot while she went to get fresh.

My heartbeat increased and I could hear my heart thumping. I was nervous, excited, and a little bit afraid of getting caught. Rashi came back after a good 10 minutes, and I noticed that her lips were shiny again. I loved that she had got ready for me. She was a bit dominant when she came and asked me to close my eyes. I obliged happily and what I felt next was heaven.

She slowly put her soft juicy lips on mine and started eating my lower lip very gently. I could feel that she was very open from yesterday and wanted a lot more. I responded by nibbling her upper lip. Then I moved my right hand over her shoulder and caressed her upper back strongly. I could feel how soft her body was. Simultaneously, I moved my left hand on her waist and started moving it above her t-shirt. I was gently feeling her love handles to arouse her more. Meanwhile, our kiss had gotten a little sloppy.

Our tongues were now intertwined and we both were eating each other’s mouths will very short breaks to breathe. Her breath was very heavy now. Her hands also started roaming and exploring my body.

To my surprise in between all this, she caught my left hand and moved it inside her t-shirt. That was when I first felt her silky soft body for the first time. I cannot explain how smooth and silky she was. Her skin was like butter and silk – so soft and smooth with no speck of hair.

I kept caressing her waist and love handles while gently squeezing some flesh in between. Since my left hand was already in and feeling her, I took the opportunity to take my right hand inside to feel her more. She let out a soft moan when I did so. She wanted me to do it more.

Now I was roaming my hands all over her waist and back, feeling her soft skin. Slowly, my right hand reached her bra hook from behind. I being an amateur did not know how to open it, so I did not waste much time in it.

She was a little amused by it and said, “Looks like you haven’t been with a girl before. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything”. I was a little surprised when she said this, but I wanted to explore everything and feel her soft boobs.

Now I had a hard boner in my pants and it could be easily felt by her too. She took her left hand over my boner and gave it a soft squeeze. I gently moaned, “Aah..” and wanted her to do more of it. Then I took the initiative to take her right hand inside my shirt and on my bare waist.

As soon as she touched me, a current went through my body. She started feeling the bare skin on my waist and upper back with gentle squeezes. Almost 10 minutes had passed and we were engrossed in our sloppy French kiss with our tongues intertwined and saliva mix dripping from our mouths. It was getting very hot.

I then slowly moved my hand towards her boobs and started to feel them from over her bra. I could feel the softness and gave a gentle squeeze making sure to not hurt her. She let out a loud moan and I got conscious.

Me: Don’t be so loud. Somebody will catch us.

Rashi: I am feeling so good, so I got carried away.

Me: Do you want to get more carried away?

Rashi: Not here. I have a place in mind. We’ll go there in the evening.

Me: Where is it?

Rashi: Don’t get restless babe, we’ll go in the evening. We can enjoy it without any fear.

On listening to this, I got a bit confused about what place she meant by. But simultaneously, I got even more turned on and kissed her very hard and bit her lips. Then I started feeling her love handles more furiously and was kneading her soft skin to make her feel good. She was also reciprocating equally and was feeling my body. Since due to the tickling sensation, I could not kiss her properly. I held both her hands and pinned them above her head to the wall. She did not object to it and did not apply any force to free herself. Now we could just focus on the kissing and I could focus on feeling her body.

My left hand had pinned her hands above her head and my right hand was on her waist feeling her soft skin. I slowly proceed upwards towards her big juicy boobs. I reached for her left boob and felt it over her bra. I held it in my palm and gave a soft squeeze enough to make her moan slowly in my mouth. This was a green signal for me and now I really wanted to release her melons and eat them.

But before I could proceed, I heard the sound of a lift bell which indicated that somebody had arrived on the floor. We quickly adjusted our clothes and slowly climbed the stairs toward the terrace. We reached the terrace and fixed our hair and face which was wet from the saliva.

Me: Who the hell has come so early? It was going so good.

Rashi: Yeah! I was feeling so good. But don’t worry, we can enjoy it completely in the evening. Be ready!

I did not force her much to tell me the place where she was planning. We just kissed each other and took the other stairs to come to the fifth floor and then toward the classroom.


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