Corporate Adultery With Nayan – Part 2

Hello ISS Readers, welcome back to the 2nd and final part of the story with Nayan. If you haven’t read part 1, please do so. Read what happened after I confessed to Nayan what I did with her bra.

Nayan started throwing tantrums and shouted, “How could you do this? How could you? I trusted you with this, and just because I forgot to ask for my bra back, you fucking masturbated over it. How many times did you?”

I said, “I am sorry. I don’t know how many times. I lost count of it, but constantly for 3 days I was.” Nayan sat down on her bed, holding her head.

After around 10 minutes of silence, Nayan asked me, “Can you do it again? I wanted to see it.” I was like, WTF, is she telling? Nayan continued, “I don’t want to see you do it. Go to the other room, do it and bring me the bra, and I don’t want to hear a no.”

I was not in a situation to deny her, as she was so angry. I proceeded to take her nude bra and walked away. But Nayan stopped me, took the nude bra away and gave me the black bra she had taken out for comparison. I took Nayan’s black bra and proceeded to the room beside me.

I started thinking to myself what kind of shithole I was going into. What is going to happen now? I relaxed for a bit and was about to start, but Nayan knocked on the door.

She asked, “Did you start already? I changed my mind. Give me back the black bra and take this nude bra. I don’t want to ruin the black bra, at least.”

I proceeded towards the door and opened it. Gave back the black bra, and Nayan threw the nude bra towards me and closed the door. Now, when I touched that bra, it felt warm to the touch, and I saw the insides, and it was rough as it was for the nude bra.

I brought it closer to my nose and smelled it. I could smell Nayan’s perfume on it. That’s when I understood that she gave me the bra she was currently wearing. It was all very confusing for me. I didn’t know what this girl wanted. Anyway, I continued with my work.

I finished off within 10 minutes and cum inside her cup. I went out and told Nayan that I was done, and I gave her the bra. Nayan took it and saw inside, and there she saw my thick cum all over the cup. Actually, what happened next shocked me to the core.

Nayan, in front of me, started licking the cup and was licking off my cum. She was doing it quite passionately. Seeing that, I started getting a boner again. I mean, I had never seen a wild Nayan. I was seeing her now, wildly licking my cum off of her bra.

After she licked it all clean, Nayan said, “I wanted to taste how the cum tasted. I’m not sure about others, but yours tastes good.” I didn’t know what to do, so I was looking at what she was doing. I didn’t want to force myself on her.

I didn’t want to take advantage of her, especially now that she was going to get married soon. Although it was weird that Nayan licked my cum off of her bra cup. But it was sexy and turned me on. Nayan kept back the bra and came back to the living room where I was sitting.

Nayan said, “I always knew that you would masturbate on my bra. That’s the exact reason I planned it on a traditional day. It just worked in my favour. I was hoping you would actually cum on my bra so that I could find out if you were sexually attracted to me. Just as I thought you were, and it feels so good. The only thing I want right now is that you start fucking my virgin pussy. Because I want to be fucked hard.”

Listening to that, I was turned on. I had conflicting thoughts that Nayan’s marriage was fixed and whether I should do it or not. But I gathered my thought and said fuck it and proceeded towards Nayan. Nayan had a different glow in her eyes. I grabbed her by the waist tightly and proceeded for a smooch.

Nayan did not hesitate. Our lips touched, and I could taste her sweet lip gloss and her tasty tongue entering my mouth. The smooch was so passionate and lovely. Nayan jumped on me, and we continued to kiss. I walked towards her bedroom, carrying her and kissing her constantly.

I threw her on the bed, crawled up to her, and planted a sweet kiss on her smooth neck. I gave her bites on her neck as well. I continued licking her neck and crawled towards the upper part of her boobs. Nayan looked into my eyes, and I looked into hers.

I asked Nayan, “You sure you want this even though you are getting married?” Nayan nodded in absolute positivity. I slid my hand below her top, touching her smooth, silky navel. I proceeded to pinch her love handle. Nayan let out a small moan. After that, she looked at me and gave me a naughty smile.

Nayan herself stripped off her top, showing me her amazing curvy body. Those 2 boobs were perfectly supported by the nude bra that I had ruined. Nayan asked me, “Do you love my boobs or my bra?” I said, “I love your boobs more, but hats off to the bra that handles those biggies.”

Nayan blushed, and I proceeded to kiss her whole upper body. I was fingering her navel hole simultaneously. Nayan was absolutely enjoying all of this and was constantly moaning. Nayan had made out with a few people before this.

But this would be the first time that someone was actually going to get her sweet pussy. I turned Nayan so that I could see her back. I started kissing her back and, in between, biting as well. Suddenly, I unhooked her bra, and Nayan got scared. I kissed her and told her, “It’s okay, it’s just me.”

I proceeded to drop both her bra straps. Nayan separated the bra from her boobs, showing me her 2 lovely boobs. Nayan’s boobs were an absolute stunner. 36DD size is like a dream come true for so many. Nayan’s boobs were so heavy, round and sexy that I fell in love the time I saw them.

Those were like the best pair of boobs I’ve ever seen. Those heavies, paired with her light brown nipple and a good amount of areolas, were making me nuts. Nayan asked, “Are you going to just stare at my boobs, or are you going to taste them?” As soon as I heard it, I pounced on Nayan to feel and taste her boobs.

Nayan herself was so excited to see how I would treat her lovely boobs. I went behind Nayan and grabbed both her boobs from behind. I started massaging those balloons. It was so soft and cushiony. I was massaging it and also pinching Nayan’s hard nipples.

Nayan was absolutely loving it and was going wild. Next, I wanted to taste them. I just grabbed a boob and stuffed it in my mouth, and started sucking it as a baby sucks. I left her boobs with suck and bite marks. Her boobs had bite marks all over now.

Nayan looked at it and said, “You treated it right, hoping you keep doing it.” I smiled and asked me, “Wait until you see how I treat your sweet pussy and then let’s compare.” Nayan blushed again and, without any delay, stripped off her shorts.

Nayan’s blue panty was completely wet. Her pussy was flowing with her cunt juices. Nayan stripped off her panty as well and opened her legs for me. She said, “Go ahead, savour your dish.” I dug my face into her pussy. I first licked all of her juices and later started sucking her clit.

As I started sucking her clit, Nayan shouted, “Finger me as well.” I proceeded to finger her pussy as well. Nayan was shivering with all the pleasure she was getting. She didn’t understand how to control it. Nayan was moaning at the top of her usual voice and constantly flinching due to excessive pleasure.

This was something Nayan was feeling for the first time. Nayan shouted, “I cannot wait anymore. I need your dick in my pussy. Fuck my virgin pussy hard.” I got down off the bed and stripped my pants. Nayan was shocked to see my 6.5-inch dick and compared it to her face.

I climbed on the bed again. I looked at Nayan and asked if she was ready for it. Nayan nodded again. I slowly proceeded to insert my tip into Nayan’s pussy. Nayan gasped suddenly. I could tell for sure that Nayan was so tight I would have to apply force.

Nayan said, “Go ahead, push in the rest. I’m ready.” I slowly started pushing my dick into her virgin pussy. I successfully inserted half of my dick. Nayan was already in some pain, but she didn’t stop and wanted the complete dick. As she asked for, I proceeded until my complete dick was inside of her.

Once it was inside, Nayan took a long breath and rested. It was very difficult for me to get it into her virgin pussy. I was feeling the pain, and her pussy was so damn tight. Nayan opened her eyes and nodded to start. I slowly started fucking her.

The starting few strokes were painful for her, but she eventually started feeling good. Now Nayan got back all her energy and started shouting, “Fuck me hard, fuck me harder! Make me your girl. Tear that pussy. Give me all the pleasure you could.” I started thrusting, just as I would do to any normal woman.

I was at full speed. I continued without stopping. I could feel the heat. Nayan was on top of her voice and was smiling constantly due to the pleasure. I fucked her for a few minutes. But Nayan said, “I want to do the doggy style.” We switched the position, and I started fucking Nayan in doggy style.

Nayan mentioned, “Finally, I can see why the clapping sound during doggy is so appreciated. The fuck is awesome.” Additionally, there was a mirror in front of Nayan where I could see her boobs swing to and fro. The expression on her face was sensual.

Nayan and I fucked for a good 2 hours. I quite appreciated how Nayan handled my dick for being her first time. Nayan was certainly very satisfied. After that fuck, we just slept off cuddling. The next day, we met at the office, and I suddenly got all the flashbacks.

Nayan had them as well. Nayan and I sneaked out of the office floor to the refugee area where hardly anyone came. We fucked there. We fucked in the washroom as well. Nayan and I continued fucking wherever we could. Finally, after 3 months, we stopped fooling around as Nayan was now getting married.

Nayan’s family, the groom’s family, and a few close friends were invited to the marriage. We all were staying in a hotel. I was just thinking about fucking Nayan because it had been so long now. Even Nayan was thinking the same.

I received a message from her requesting a fuck last time, just before the night of her marriage. As she wished, she sneaked out of her hotel room and came to my room. Nayan knocked on my room. I opened the door quickly. Nayan entered, and she also had her wedding gown with her.

Nayan said, “See what I got. I want you to fuck me in this wedding gown, but just that, don’t stain it as you stained my bra.” We had a good laugh. Nayan went to the bathroom to change. I was waiting outside. The bathroom door opened, and a sexy bride came out.

Nayan looked so beautiful and sexy in that gown. I couldn’t resist myself. I ran towards her and took her in my arms, and we started kissing passionately. Nayan stopped in between and said, “Fuck me so hard that I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. After this, we won’t be fucking around anymore.”

As soon as I heard that, I just threw her on the bed and climbed on top of her. I started kissing her all over. Nayan didn’t want to remove her gown and wanted to be fucked wearing it, so without wasting any time, I lifted her gown and stripped off her panty.

I opened up her pussy lips and inserted 2 of my finger into her pussy, and started fingering her hard. Nayan was in heaven by now. She was trembling with extreme pleasure. Nayan was constantly moving her hands towards her pussy to rub her clit.

I understood that I, along with fingering, started rubbing her clit as well. That wasn’t enough. So she pushed down her wedding gown and her nude colour bra to play with her boobs and pinch her nipples. Nayan was in extreme pleasure now. Looking at her action made me more horny.

Nayan shouted, “Come on, put your manhood in me. Fuck me so hard that I don’t remember my fiancee, and I only remember you when someone fucks me.” Listening to that, I got too horny and charged. Nayan’s pussy was wet and ready for me.

I climbed on the bed, placed my dick on her pussy. With one tight bang, inserted my complete dick into her. Nayan’s eyes went up to the roof with pleasure. After that, I started thrusting and pumping Nayan. I was thrusting so hard that Nayan’s boobs were shaking nonstop due to the fucking movement.

This was the best Nayan was experiencing. As I was drilling Nayan’s pussy, I was playing with her left boob, pinching and massaging it. Nayan was playing with her right boob.

Nayan was constantly moaning, “Ah, wow, what a dick. Satisfies my pussy exactly how I want it to, and my G-Spot is going all crazy. I’m feeling the rush of pleasure. I don’t want this to end. Fuck me harder, please.”  It was a long and intense session with Nayan. We fucked for around 45 minutes constantly.

Nayan wanted more and more, but I couldn’t have done more. My dick was flaccid and aching with all the fuck. At the end of the session, I leaked my seeds inside of Nayan as she instructed. The remaining cum was leaked into her mouth.

It was a hot session with Nayan. I stripped off her wedding gown. Made her wear her nude bra again. This nude bra started everything, and it was a treasure. I asked Nayan if I could keep the nude bra as a memory, a souvenir. Nayan gladly smiled and gave it to me. It couldn’t have been better, to be honest.

Nayan took back the bra, and she mentioned, “Tomorrow, during the wedding and the reception, I’ll wear this bra, and at the end of the day, I’ll give you this bra completely wet with my sweat.” I got even more happy.

The next day, everything went as planned. Nayan was married now, and after everything, I was packing up my bag to leave. Nayan knocked on my door, came inside and gave me the nude colour bra. I touched it, and it was completely wet with her sweat.

In front of her, I smelled it and licked it. Nayan was happy seeing it but also sad that we could not fuck around anymore. It was her life rule that after marriage, she would not fool around.

I packed her bra along with my clothes and came back home. To date I cherish the memories with Nayan. We are still good friends, and we don’t fool around. Although we had the urge, we did not do it.

Nayan is happy in her married life. I’m happy in mine. I thank Nayan for everything that happened. This wraps up the story with Nayan.

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