Punjabi Teacher Harleen Fucked Me

Hi, I am Neha from Dehradun. I am an unmarried, beautiful girl of age 22 with fair, long hair 36C-28-36 figure. I study in college. This story is from when I was in a camp in Jammu with my English teacher, Harleen.

She was a beautiful Punjabi teacher in her late 30’s. She was my favourite teacher as she was very polite, well-spoken and beautiful. I really liked her personality as well as her figure. 38DD-32-38 was really appealing. Even though she had two teenage kids, she was still sexy.

She kept herself fit with her toned, sexy curvy figure. College boys used to lust for her. I have heard their secret talks, and they used to stare at her assets. I also personally adored her figure. She was gifted with sexy boobs, curvy ass and thick thighs.

This story is about my personal, intimate moments with her. Till now, I haven’t shared it with anyone. But I think it’s worth writing about my experience here. If she ever reads this story, take it as appreciation from me. It was such great sex that I can’t stop myself from writing it down.

A big thanks to you, Harleen Ma’am. I didn’t know she was lesbian, and it was my first time with a woman. But it was a great experience. I was in my second year of college. I was a simple girl, good at studies. I was enrolled in English from the first year, but my performance was below average.

Recently our college decided to put a tour of English in Jammu. A few girls were allowed based on their performance and limitation of seats. I thought of it as a chance to explore Jammu, but my name was not on the list. I was very sad.

So I met Harleen Ma’am, who was a girl’s English teacher, but her response was timid. I thought I wouldn’t get a chance. But just 2 days prior to the tour, at the last moment, Harleen Ma’am called me into her office. She told me good news as she selected me for the tour as some other girl couldn’t make it.

I was surprised but Ma’am told me that it’s not free and I have to do her work also. I agreed to do any work, but she told me to do it later. I didn’t know that what she meant could be a very different thing.

I was very happy and returned. Soon, the day arrived. I packed my luggage, and we went on the tour. We got there by train, and we checked into our rooms at a resort. We had lunch and roamed a nearby lake there. It was exciting, and then we came back.

It was late evening when we got back to our rooms, not leaving us with much time for anything. My room fan was not working, so I approached Harleen Ma’am for it. She discussed it with the manager there. He couldn’t do anything as it was late and the staff had already left.

Harleen Ma’am informed me that they can’t repair it now. So I have to share a room with her. I agreed and they shifted my bed and luggage in her room.

We had dinner and after the walk came back. When I went to the room, Harleen Ma’am was not there. I went in, changed my clothes, slipped in bed and started reading a book in a lamp.

Both of our beds were next to each other. She came into the room, went to the bathroom to change, and slipped on the bed. Her nightie was basically a babydoll type, very short and hot as it was sheer blue. Her thick thighs were fully visible, sexy and toned. In dim light, she looked like a hot model.

I wish I could get a body like her. Her husband is a lucky man. She came and lay next to me. I felt a very low humming noise, like some small machine. But I couldn’t understand what it was. Later, I got to know about it.

She was not sleeping and started talking to me about the day’s routine, etc. She was friendly, and our talk went on. Soon, she came close to me, and she asked about my boyfriend and intimacy. We talked boldly, and no shyness was present. Her first bold question I remember was.

“So what do you do when you feel horny? How do you get pleasure by hand or toy?”

“Has your boyfriend ever licked your pussy? Or did you suck a penis?”

“You know, pussy licking is the best pleasure you’ll ever get. This is an art, very deep. Oh, I love that.’

I could feel the heat while she was looking at me. Her talk made me horny and somewhere moist.

“Neha, you are a very pretty girl,” she whispered.

I got a little embarrassed and uttered, “Thank you, Ma’am.”

Harleen, “And you are very sexy.”

I wasn’t expecting this, so that I couldn’t say anything. I can feel her hot breath. She was very near me. She gently leaned in to kiss me lightly on the cheeks. I felt the weight of her boobs on my shoulders. She put her hand across my chest and kissed my cheeks again.

It was a very hot moment for me. My mind paused for a long with all her actions. I was unable to think and react. She moved her arms to my breasts. Her hand was above my nighty, and she started pressing her fingers on my breasts. I can feel her breath on my neck.

Soon, my nipples were erect, and she was moving her fingers on my nipples. I felt a great sensation on my nipples, and crazy erotic ripples were flowing in my whole body. I don’t remember when she started kissing my neck, but those kisses were very warm and hot.

She kissed me very passionately and made me aroused. I admit till now, I was excited and wanted more from her. Soon, Harleen Ma’am shifted from my neck to my lips and she kissed my lips. I could feel her scent, and I also kissed her. Her hands were still grasping my breasts and rubbing fingers on my nipples.

In no time, all our kissing got deep, and we were sucking each other’s tongues. She was rubbing, pulling my erect 1-inch nipples. Her fingers made me feel wet in my pussy and twitching. I felt cum leaking sensation on my pussy walls. I was fully sexually aroused and couldn’t hold the urge to rub my pussy.

But Harleen Ma’am was still teasing me. My thighs jerked a little due to the sensation, and she must have understood it. While we were kissing, I felt she rubbed her hands up my thighs and ass. I can feel her power. She squeezed my ass and thighs.

It gave me a shiver up my spine. I squirmed as my body reacted more to her. Now, she was caressing above my panties. She was teasing me by rubbing my labia and clit. During this, my pussy got a little wet, and Harleen Ma’am was still kissing me on the lips and cheeks.

She was pressing and rubbing fingers on my pussy above the panty. I was feeling great pleasure. Pleasures built up so high that soon my panty spot became wet as she was still rubbing there. I was lying in her arms with my eyes semi-closed.

I was moaning more and more in pleasure, throwing my legs as she was teasing me. Automatically, my legs opened more as she continued. I was aroused beyond belief. I kissed her neck, rapidly all around her tight chest and groped her tits. Soon, my lips started kissing near her exposed cleavage.

She was relaxed, and her other hand was rubbing on my back as my pussy was pleasured by her. I was busy licking her thick tits. They were far bigger and heavier than mine, nearly thrice thicker than me.

I slipped more into her cleavage and hit her nipple. It was 2 inches long and gorgeously thick. I sucked it immediately. As I was teasing her nipples, I could hear her light voice. She gasped as she was in pleasure. She let me suck her nipple for a few more minutes while rubbing my clit.

She decided to lead, so she slid herself down more in the bed so that she was near my thighs. She kissed my thighs from above and then moved inside. She wanted to see me fully naked to explore my entire body. So she first took my nightie and then pulled my panties down and put them on the side.

I was not wearing a bra, and in full anticipation, I leaned back more on the pillow. Within seconds, her mouth landed on my pussy. A direct hit, her gorgeous lips closing on my labia and lapping at it with her tongue. Her tongue was licking my clit, head and pussy lips. She wasted no time there.

Having me lay back, I pressed my tits in sharp sensation. She softly rubbed her fingers on my hot clit and labia before inserting her middle finger deep into my pussy. She started finger fucking me. She kissed my hot wet pussy. Her tongue and finger were pushing me more in deep pleasure.

I couldn’t bear that sudden surge building inside. My breath and moaning were high now. She focusedly licked my engorged clit for a few minutes. Soon she took out her finger and pushed her tongue inside my pussy. Such a wet pussy was easy for her tongue to penetrate like butter on a hot knife.

Her tongue was trying to get more and more deep with strong wiggling like a devil. My pussy was fully open and with her tongue gliding in and out, lapping and hitting my walls. She continued tongue fucking me. I put my hands on her head, asking to fuck me more and more. She held my thighs and did it.

I was unable to bear that sensation and pleasure. I was trying to absorb every bit of her tongue. I was shaking my ass, asking her to eat more, throwing my legs up and down in deep pleasure. She was trying to hold my thighs while eating my slippery pussy.

Her face was stuck to my pussy, and my nose pressed a few inches above my clit. It was the first time that I had felt those sensations, making me get more wet. Now, I was in deep pleasure. My legs were shivering, and I grabbed my tits and started pressing them and rubbing my nipples furiously.

It was great. Harleen Ma’am was an expert, and soon I felt some deep arousal inside my vaginal walls. I felt a deep pleasure build up into a huge storm inside me and hit with a sudden. I can feel an orgasm building in my pussy. I couldn’t control the pleasure.

My moaning got loud, and my body felt the current arousing my pussy and running deep to my head and toe. I am one of those lucky women, as I was about to get a great orgasm from such an expert. “Oh God, I’m going to cum hard. It’s gushing deep.”

With my mouth full open and so high moaning, I hit the strongest orgasm I have ever had. With all those high pleasures, I squeezed my tits badly. My waist got lifted from the bed with sudden hard jerks. My pussy released some liquid, and I felt great pleasure.

My pussy muscles were vibrating, and the view was not clear. I saw Harleen Ma’am face on my pussy. My sight was not clear, but she was looking at me and tongue inside my pussy. It was clear that she licked all the juices from my pussy.

Still, I was lost in my orgasm. She left me and lay next to me as I was breathing heavily and sweaty. Ma’am started kissing me on my cheeks and lips and grasped my boobs. Soon, the effect of orgasm ended, and I came, and now I felt everything.

I saw she was smiling at me. She opened her thighs and pulled something from her pussy. It was a big-sized black dildo-shaped vibrator. 7 inches long and very thick. It was humming with little noise. I was shocked to see that the bull-sized cock got completely inserted inside her pussy.

It was not even visible till she pulled it. Till now, she was getting pleasure from that. Soon, she pulled it completely out. It was shining with her juices and was still vibrating making a light sound. Inside her pussy it was not completely audible.

She turned off the vibrator. She brought the dildo near my face and asked me to lick it. “Sweetie, Taste my cum.” She inserted it lightly in my mouth, and I licked it. I opened my mouth and sucked it. It was like a real cock. I was indirectly licking her pussy like a blowjob.

With popped eyes, I was staring at her as my mouth was full. I couldn’t suck more. She was smiling and still pushing it. Soon she pulled and sucked it and again pushed it into my mouth. Oh god, she punished me badly when she ended it. I took a long breath.

She was looking devilish and very hot while performing this on me. Then she took the dildo and licked it. She ate half of the length. She can suck such a huge penis. She whispered in my ear, “Neha! I am all wet down there, come lick my pussy.”

“Sure, Ma’am.”

“But first, I want you to kiss my ass cheeks and spank your teacher.”

She got up, bent down on the bed, and posed in a doggy position. Her big round booty got more big and exposed. It looked very beautiful, which made me feel wonderful, and Ma’am, in that pose, looked very erotic.

I got near her and put my hands on her plump buttocks. I fondled her smooth butt cheeks tightly with my hands and stared at her pussy. I couldn’t resist stroking her attractive butt cheeks.

In the dim light, I could see the thick pussy lips and big pubic hair of Harleen Ma’am. It was very pretty, thick and big. I spanked her ass a few times, and she groaned.

“Yeah honey, hit it more, kiss my ass.”

I kissed her smooth ass cheeks. Her pubic hair looked long and hot, so I started playing and pulling her pubic hair.

Then she asked, “Do you like my hairy pussy?”

“Yes, Ma’am, it looks wild and horny enough asking for a deep, strong fuck.”

“Oh, Neha, you are very naughty.” She said.

I giggled. I gently inserted my finger there, and it slipped easily inside. Her pussy was very wet, and her juices were there. Her dildo vibrator did it to her while she was making love to me. I twisted my finger, shook it for a few seconds and soon she couldn’t tolerate my teasing.

Harleen Ma’am moaned, “Oh Neha, don’t tease me. I am unable to bear it. Please lick it, lick it.” Her pussy condition said how well aroused she was. My evil mind was enjoying all this. I kept talking to her, and she was moaning louder. I felt pity as again she begged to lick me so I didn’t tease her further.

“Oh, Neha! Please…”

I giggled. I thought nothing and decided to pay back the same as what she gave me. I took my face down, and my lips were on her thick wet clit. I can smell her juicy cum filled pussy. I licked there while pushing my middle finger in it.

“Yeah, Neha, suck my slutty pussy,” she said, breathing deeply. While licking her thick warm pussy she moaned a lot. Her thick juicy labia was a treat to suck. Now, I buried my tongue deep inside, and she moaned more loudly. Such a reaction made me go more.

My tongue speed got high, and I licked her more and more. Soon after licking her pussy lips from out, I inserted my tongue inside her pussy. She couldn’t handle it and made a loud moan. “Yes, baby, eat my pussy! You are damn good.”

Her moaning was making me horny to deliver more and more. Her black dildo was lying there. I took it and rubbed and hit her clit with it. She shivered and moaned more loudly on every hit by the dildo. Then I inserted it in her pussy. It was very thick and big.

Maybe she has bought it from Africa as only African men can have that size. It was just like the original cock. I pushed it into her pussy and fucked her more and more. Her moaning was getting high, and soon her pussy ate the full length of it. I was surprised as Harleen Ma’am took such a big cock easily.

Now I know her ability. It must be tough for her hubby to satisfy every inch of her pussy. She is a monster. I don’t know how her husband satisfied her with his average-sized Asian cock. I left that dildo fully stuffed in her pussy and rubbed her clit, and licked it.

Then I pushed and pulled her dildo in and out fast like a man stroking her in sex. Now her response got changed and she made more moaning. I increased the stroke rate, but I couldn’t ignore her big butthole of her. I placed my index finger on her butt hole and caressed it with my wet finger.

This made Harleen Ma’am breathe even faster and moan deeper. I put the tip of my finger on the big wrinkled rings of her butt hole. “Oh, Neha, you are so bad, please don’t tease my anus.” I was still fondling her anus with slower motions while fucking her pussy with dildo.

After a few moments of deep fuck she moaned loudly. She cum and couldn’t maintain that doggy-style posture. She fell on the bed sideways. She was moaning loudly, deeply unable to control her orgasm. Her body was shivering in orgasm.

I left her with a dildo inside her pussy. In sideways, her tits were now fully opened, and big hard nipples were staring at me, inviting me to suck her milk. I went down on them and sucked them till she recovered.

For a few seconds, she was moaning with her eyes closed as she was in orgasm. After recovering, she asked me to hug her and started kissing me. “Oh, Neha, you are amazing. Now, show me how strong you are. Open that bag, and there is something for both of us.”

There was a new world waiting for me. I opened the bag and was shocked to see its contents.

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