Colleague’s Sexy Wife – Part 5

Hi sexy ladies and horny men. I’m back with the continuation of this story. A bit about me for a recap. I am Siddarth. I am 29, 5’10, brown-skinned, with a 6.5-inch dick.

In the last 4 parts, you can read about how I fucked a colleague’s wife with his consent and cuckolded him. Please read the first four parts before you read this.

Divya is a 29-year-old housewife of my colleague Mayank, 32 years old. They have a three-year-old daughter. Divya is in very good shape with 32C boobs, 30 inches waist, and 36 inches ass.

Let’s go back in time to the restaurant. That night after I finished my dessert between Divya’s legs, I wiped my face with the panty on the table. But I’m still horny. I wanted to fuck Divya right there. But it’s not a possibility without getting kicked out of the resort.

I asked Mayank does he want to see Divya fucked only with me or with the waiter too? He said he didn’t want that because he might be unsafe. I asked how about a blowjob to the waiter while I fuck her in doggy. He said it’s okay with him if Divya is okay with it.

I looked at Divya. I kept my hands between her thighs while teasing her clitoris and asked, “Do you want to get spit-roasted, Divya?” She couldn’t answer, but her pussy got very wet. I got my answer.

After a while, the waiter came with the bill. I settled the bill. I asked the waiter when his shift ended, and he said in 15 minutes. I told the waiter he needed to bring some drinks to my room in 30 minutes. I also gave him another 500 rupees tip. We walked to our rooms.

I told Divya to wear the next costume and be in my room in 10 minutes. The costume is a red string bra and thong with a white shirt and 4-inch red heels. She knocked on the door in 15 minutes.

I asked her to do a catwalk in the lobby area. She’s looking just perfect. She has redone her makeup and applied very dark red lipstick. Her shirt ends just one inch above her ass. I hugged her, lifted her shirt, spanked her ass in the hallway, and pulled her in but didn’t lock the door.

I pulled out the feather whip, blindfold and velcro handcuffs. I sat on the bed and told her to lie on the bed with ass up in the air. I first blindfolded her and then tied her hand in the handcuffs. Now I lifted her shirt and spanked her ass with a feather whip.

I also took a leather whip, but I don’t want to use it on her now. Then I made her pose in the doggy style and got behind her. I rubbed my dick on her pussy. It was very wet, and she shivered. I pushed it in one inch and pulled out. She hissed and asked me to push in deeper.

Me: I’ll do that, but only if you suck the waiter.

Divya didn’t speak anything. I pushed my dick again and then pulled it out. She’s begging me for my dick now.

Me: Will you suck the waiter? I’ll give you my dick all night just like this. (I pushed my dick inside her)

She: Aah, yes, that feels so good. I will suck him.

I spanked her ass twice with the whip.

Me: Good, I know you’re a horny slut, now bend like the good bitch you are and get railed by my dick.

Saying this, I pushed my whole dick into her pussy and started fucking her. While our session was going on, we heard a calling bell. I stopped fucking her and asked who is it. It’s the waiter. I told him to come in. He came in and stopped at the entrance of the room.

I spanked Divya twice and said: Madam couldn’t wait, so we started.

Waiter: Okay, sir, have fun.

Saying this, he was about to leave. I spanked Divya again, and he stopped to look at us.

Me: You can join if you like, but ma’am will only suck your dick. No sex.

He got a spark in his eyes and immediately agreed. He removed his pants and came towards Divya’s face. He has a nice 5-inch dick curved to the right. I spanked Divya again and asked her to suck him. She took his dick, pulled the foreskin down and kissed him.

She said it was smelly. I then picked up the leather whip and spanked her ass. She screamed and moaned. Her pussy got wetter. I know she enjoyed it. Now I pulled my dick out and said if you want to get fucked, you better suck him good.

She started sucking him. He’s just in heaven. At the same moment, Mayank entered our room and saw what was happening. He got rock hard seeing his beautiful wife gets spit roasted by two men. He came to Divya and made her hair into a bunch.

I picked up the bunch of hair and pulled her back. I started fucking harder by holding her hair. As I left the hair, water held it and started fucking her throat. She came in 2 minutes of fucking her throat. I told him to keep it a secret and leave. Once he left, Mayank took the place of the waiter.

He held her hair and started fucking her throat. His speed was so much that my dick almost slipped out of her. I held her ass and started fucked harder. I came after 5 minutes in her pussy. I watched him fucking her throat a bit longer. Then, he asked for her pussy.

He made her doggy style and fucked her like he was fucking a whore without mercy. I’m pretty sure Divya enjoyed it from her moans. After all, every woman wants to be treated like a queen in public and whore in private. Seems like her dream came true.

After he came, we were exhausted, smoking a cigarette and sleeping in my bed with Divya in the middle of Mayank and me. I woke up in the middle of the night. I saw Mayank face fucking her, and I slept again.

The next morning, we woke up. I saw Divya feeling very sore and tired. Mayank carried her into the shower and fucked her there too. After breakfast, we checked out and came back. In the car, Divya first sat with me and sucked my dick.

After a while, she sat in the front seat as per Mayank’s request. As soon as she sat, he pulled her towards his groin and fucked her mouth. It seems Mayank found his horny trigger and can fuck Divya without any other guy to make it kinky.

Once they dropped me home, before leaving. I told them I’d be moving to Bangalore next week, probably the last time we met. Both hugged me and asked me to call whenever I returned to Pune.

So that’s the story of how I cuckolded my colleague’s wife. How he found the trigger to arouse himself to fuck her whenever he wanted.

Do mail me your reviews at [email protected] (triple O’s). I’ll soon be starting my adventures since I moved to Bangalore in 2019. Signing off – Sid.