True Friend Indeed – Part 1

I am a 24-year-old Malayali guy from God’s own country. Let my name be Ashish Vasudev (name changed). I am now in a prestigious post, and I would like to invite my readers into my life of love, lust, and friendship drama. This story will be published in parts.

It has been in the later stages of life I realized I lacked a good friend. One with whom I can share all my dreams and fantasies too. It isn’t as easy as it sounds. He/she should be a listener but also should reciprocate his/her feelings, or it would only sound like a help to me.

It is that balance between the tug of war, which would make none lose, nor win over anything. And to celebrate that, it’s magical, moreover, it’s addictive. And that’s how I describe my mallu best friend Shweta, who is the only person in the world I share this type of bond with. If that’s with so many, Shweta wouldn’t have been special. Fortunately or unfortunately, she is very much special. I hope she can feel it in some way too.

When you respect a person so much rather than the friendship, you don’t have intentions to feel his/her bed. That was our case too.

I’m not sure how it started, but I will try to elaborate. So, we both are 24 years old now, still unsettled, waiting for our time. It should be noted that we both are hardworking, and I know she is more than I ever am.

We have been sharing every little thing from our teenage years, all up to this brim of embracing adulthood. We went to the movies and we talked late at night. We occasionally gave gifts to each other, and we laughed at the same jokes (and cried for the same). We both were serious about our partners – mine Anju, and her Akash. It was all chill.

I was sexually active with my partner Anju, and Shweta was satisfied too, in herpartner Akash. We discussed ourselves openly, even before Anju and Akash came into our lives. So it wasn’t a big deal sharing about “stuff.” But more often, there was an enigma, which pulled us both close together.

Whenever we had an issue, rather than contacting our partners for venting out we used to talk to each other. And that’s the best and worst thing about destiny – however far it is and wherever further it goes, it shall come to one place, and pieces will begin sticking together as if they are part of that one. Dispersed by a nuclear reactor, but united by a blackhole wave.

It all started in the Indian spring. Shweta and I, as usual, were busy with our exam lives. We studied together, we were exhausted together. I was occasionally meeting my girlfriend and was mesmerized by her blowjob skills. She was cute, though not the hottest. I reaffirmed that real men don’t just go behind hotness.

She was aware of my friendship with Shweta, and the impact we have on each other’s life. Though she acted cool most of the time, there were instances she spurted out her possessiveness. She wasn’t particularly interested in us spending our time together. I was sure about that, at least. If not for her course, in which we don’t have anything mutual, she would have come with us to secure a government job.

Akash was not different. He didn’t value studies, as far as I knew. He began working on his own, doing good as an assistant manager in his team’s startup. A group of college dropouts inspired by the story of Microsoft.

Shweta was horny. She and Akash used to make out at least once a month, and she liked to be exhausted that day. However, I knew her hornier side more than Akash as she was only comfortable sharing it with me. We would do our coaching, and mock tests were often a commitment. A commitment in the sense we weren’t allowed to go out and have fun until we score our “threshold” in mocks.

I remember one fine month when we were sidelining in our percentages chapter of mathematics. We promised ourselves that we weren’t going to meet our partners until we scored in mock.

We tried our best, day and night until our scores began rising again, to 21/25 questions getting accurate within the time. She would sometimes tell me that she was itching down below, to feel his meat. And I was supposed to discourage her.

I knew my best friend was horny. I was too, to get inside somewhere. When finally it paid off, we booked expensive cottages and invited our mates, and that was fantastic sex. It was like a reward for suppressed cravings and supreme hard work.

We agreed that we were going to continue like this. Though our partners were dissatisfied, we didn’t tell them that it was some agreed plan. We acted casually like we were busy. We raced through mathematics that way, we reduced our time flirting with others, and ended up just in each other’s company every free time.

The good news was we were feeling like one – just two bodies and one soul with the same aim and the same suppressed feelings. The bad news was our relationships felt kind of non-romantic, just partners to have sex. But we both knew, that our career was more important than sticking on emotionally, and sex, we both needed it badly.

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