Asha, the most loved Professor – Part 3

In 2nd part, I knew the truth behind Suparna’s banging by Ani and his friends. This part starts where the events of 2nd part ended.

From the same evening, I again started wearing pre-trek-like dresses. The classes were now less about topics and more about casual and fun talks. In 1 hour class, we discussed the subject for just 15-20 minutes. As the days passed, the days became hotter.

Consequently my dresses became smaller and more exposing. I started wearing mid-thigh short dresses and mini skirts with cleavage and navel-exposing tops. I realised that my sexy curves with skin-exposing dresses made their nights more relaxing. It was a treat for their eyes.

I could see that they were fucking me with their eyes. This was making Vikram and my sex life better. One evening, Anirban called me and said that they were not going to come Today. They are going to watch the evening show of Avengers Infinity War.

The next evening, when they came to class, I asked them about the movie. They all praised the movie. Like a pampered kid, I was making irritated faces for giving the movie more preference over my class.

Anirban opened his bag and handed me a shopping bag. He said, “Ma’am, we will never forget you. It was the plan of the whole class. I couldn’t say no.” I said (taking the shopping bag), “What is this, Ani?”

Anirban, “Ma’am, there was a women’s store in the mall. As soon as we saw that, the first thought that came to us was you. So we bought this for you.” I said, “Thank you so much for the gift.” I picked up the bag and placed it on the side table.

Tapan, “Ma’am, please see it. We want to know do you liked them or not.” I said, “I will tell you after checking them after class.” After class finished and they left, I opened the bag. It had a waist noodle strap pink top and ripped mini shorts. I tried them.

Short was lycra fabric so it fitted well and was hugging my booty perfectly. The only problem with it was it was low waist, and my panty brand line was almost 2 inches above the waistline. The top was very loose, and I didn’t like it at all.

Tapan messaged in Riders and Trekkers WhatsApp group, “Ma’am, you liked the gift.” I said, “You people have a great choice. I liked it, but the top is loose.” Tapan, “Sorry, Ma’am, we couldn’t guess your size. that’s why.” I said, “No problem. it happens.”

Tapan, “No problem, Ma’am, I will replace it tomorrow. How was the other one?” I said, “You mean short? I loved that. It was stretchable, that’s why it fitted me. Otherwise, I generally wear 32 waist size in low waist jeans.”

Indranil, “Ma’am, please send a pic of that.” I sent them a laughing emoji and replied, “But my dress is not complete. You change, and I will dress that in your next extra class.” The conversation ended after they failed to convince me for pic. At night, I saw a message from Anirban to bring that top to the college.

The next day, Anirban picked the top from me in the morning. Around 4 pm, I was alone in the department room. He handed me the shopping bag. In the evening, I opened the bag. It was a white half-sleeve wide and deep-necked crop top with a good amount of my cleavage visible.

I had no option after yesterday’s commitment. So I wore a lacey bikini inside. Then I wore the top and shorts. My bra and bikini laces were out of top and shorts. They reached on time. As I opened the door for them, they were awestruck.

Tapan, “You look gorgeous, Ma’am.” I said, “Thank you, Tapan.” Then, all of them complimented me. After they sat on the sofa, Indranil said, “When we bought these for you, we were very confused that you would accept them or not.”

I said, “Accept or not? A girl never says no to new dresses.” Indranil, “Not for that, Ma’am, we were confused if you will like these shorts.” I said, “Why so.” Pranav, “As we haven’t seen you in such small denim shorts.”

I said, “I feel less comfortable in denim shorts, so I have only one. I wear a bit longer shorts but it has nothing to do with my choice, it happened by chance, but now I am loving it. doesn’t it look great?” All replied, “Yes, Ma’am.” I said, “If you people were doubtful, then who made the final call.”

Tapan, “Ma’am, Anirban said that you will definitely like it.” I said, “Ani, you know me better than your friends. Thank you for it.” Anirban, “Welcome, Ma’am.” I said, “And I think Tapan and Ani, you were the ones who selected this top.” Tapan, “How come you know Ma’am?”

I said, “That is not an intelligent question from the most intelligent students I have ever taught. Today, you two were absent from my college lecture.” Tapan, “Oh yes.” I said (making a serious look), “It’s perfectly fitted, but don’t you think this crop top is a bit short? Also, the neck is much open.”

Tapan to Anirban, “I told you to replace the top but you said it will look pretty on Ma’am.” Anirban, “Didn’t you like it, Ma’am?” I said, “I didn’t like it, Ani.” Anirban’s face filled with guilt.

But I continued, “I loved it, though not in competition with late 21st century born girls. But still makes me feel like I can compete with them. Your choice is fab, Ani. Thanks for such a gorgeous selection.” The smile returned to Anirban’s face. Then they requested me to click my pics.

I kept declining for few times. But then I agreed on one condition that they will never share or show these pics with anyone outside this room. Everyone agreed instantaneously. I said, “Ani, it will be your responsibility. If you take responsibility for all of you, then only I will give all of you permission.”

Anirban, “Don’t worry, Ma’am, any of your pics clicked by us will be among us only.” I said, “Today’s whole class went on my dress. No problem, we will continue. Wait, let’s have ice cream together.” As I came with the ice cream bowls, the discussion on the dress again started.

I said, “Do I have to pay for those?” Indranil, “No, Ma’am. just as a gift.” As the time passed, they got ready to leave. In the next few seconds, they clicked many of my pics from their phones. At night, they shared those pics in our WhatsApp group.

Everything was going well. My tuition class was nothing but just a mood fresher. The exam was approaching. I told them that after the coming Saturday, there will be no more extra classes. I want them to perform equally well as before. There was a sad look on their face.

But as usual, they were very tricky. So, on Friday, they asked me to have a pre-exam party on Saturday. I agreed. As the class ended Anirban handed me a shopping bag and said, “Ma’am, this is a gift for you for being so supportive to us.” I thanked them for being such wonderful students.

After they left, I opened the bag. It had a rose red, extremely short plunging neck midthigh backless dress. I dressed and kept posing in front of the mirror for quite a long. Later, after having dinner, Anirban messaged our group.

Anirban, “Ma’am, did you open the pack?” I said, “Yes.” Anirban, “Did you like that?” I said, “That’s beautiful.” Anirban, “Will you wear it tomorrow?” I said, “I don’t think so.” Anirban, “Please, Ma’am.” Tapan, “Please, Ma’am, it’s the last class of this sem.” Indranil and Pranav also jumped into the request.

After they requested me all guns blazing, I said, “Ok, I will but if you all will top the class again this semester.” All of them posted sad emojis. I said, “Don’t be sad, I haven’t cancelled tomorrow’s party.” The next day, we had a normal party.

Soon, the classes went off, and exams started. After almost a month, the exams finished. As classes were not going on and life was going with lesser work burden. 3-4 days after the 3rd-semester exam finished, I planned to have fun. I was expecting Mohsin at my place.

So I dressed in a mini dress with just a tiny thong inside. I had already told Vikram not to come before 10:00 pm. I was waiting for Mohsin desperately when the bell rang. I went quickly to open the door. But to my surprise, it was Anirban. I asked him the purpose of his arrival.

Anirban told me that his exams had gone well and thanked me. I told him to sit in the hall and went inside the kitchen. I started preparing tea for him. But in all this, I forgot to lock the door. As I was placing biscuits on the plate, someone lifted my skirt and slapped my ass and pulled my thong down. I was in shock.

Suddenly I heard a voice, “That’s my raand, always ready to get fucked.” I realised it was Mohsin. I forgot to lock the door. We were not having sex as regularly as we were before Mohsin’s marriage to Ayat. I turned towards him. But before I could say a word, he liplocked with me.

His hands pulled my thong down. My eyes were wide open. I was looking towards Anirban, who was looking at us with his eyes wide open. Behind Mohsin’s back, I joined my hand in order to request Anirban to leave. Like a gentleman, Anirban smiled and left the place.

It was a bit relieving to me. After he left, Mohsin lifted me and took me to the bedroom. He fucked me to the fullest and left after 1 hr. I was now thinking about Anirban. I was sure he would have told his group about all this till now. But still, I messaged him saying, “Please don’t tell about that to anyone.”

Anirban replied, “Ok. I won’t, Ma’am,” with a winking eye emoji. I said, “Thanks. I will talk to you in college.” Anirban, “Love to.” With that emoji, I knew that he was telling me that he enjoyed the live show very much. But I was a bit relieved that he would not tell anyone about all this.

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