My Hot Punjabi Mom, Pooja – Part 1

My name is Sonu. This incident is about my mother Pooja which happened two years ago. I have translated everything in English for the benefit of the audience. We are two of us in the house with me, 25 years old with average build.

Pooja is a typical Punjabi woman 5-7” tall, 45 years old, with a figure of 38D-30-36. She has maintained a perfect figure doing yoga and other necessary things. She is very fair and regular to the parlour to ensure she always looks perfect.

My father left us 18 years back so it’s just the both of us since then. We are blessed with a very self-sufficient and decent quality of life because of everything left behind by Dad.

Pooja is quite a fun loving person and very easy to get along with. Many of Dad’s friends and brothers visit us, sometimes with their families and many other times alone. She is very particular about her dress. When at home, she wears semi-transparent night suit pyjamas or salwar kameez.

When in pyjamas, she doesn’t wear any innerwear, and the outline of her curves shows. When wearing a salwar kameez, she wears a matching bra and panties underneath. They show through all her dresses because they are semi-transparent.

We have an independent house and have been living here for a long time. Pooja’s bedroom is on the ground floor beside the hall, kitchen, dining, etc. Mine is on the 2nd floor next to the gym room as I want my privacy. 1st floor has the home theatre room and two guest bedrooms.

I was aware she was the talk of the town among all the men and boys and everyone’s eye candy. This is also because whenever she stepped out of the house, it was in a sari or jeans or skirts. Her sense of dressing was very good and she always wore perfect matching makeup.

Her dresses were slightly tight-fitting, accentuating her curves and making her look extremely desirable. I observed many times men would drool over her, also undressing her with their eyes. I am sure she was also aware of this.

I installed a high-end security system in my house with cameras (built-in microphones). It covers all the exteriors, especially the front and rear doors. When she asked, I said it was a security system for safety when we were not at home.

I work in an IT company and am out of the house at least 12 hours a day. I wanted safety for Pooja. I wake up every day at 8.30 am. After freshening up, I have my coffee in the hall, sitting with Pooja. I took the newspaper and saw a flustered look on her face.

I looked at her chest and saw two damp patches around her nipples. I thought maybe she was lactating because of the wetness at the exact spots. But as far as I can remember, she never did before. Unable to decipher the puzzle, I asked her about it.

She said, “Oh, it is nothing. It got wet when I was working in the kitchen.” I believed it and continued reading the paper. After finishing the newspaper, I went to my room to work on my computer.

The first few days of installing the CCTV system, I did some trials leaving the cameras running 24/7. When I was browsing this morning’s recordings, I saw the milkman Raja, who delivers milk. He was taking his own sweet time chatting with Pooja, sometimes standing very close to her.

Pooja was smiling and very happy while talking to him. I was mostly able to see Raja’s back from here because he kept moving and nothing else. There was one more opposite camera, which was installed to cover the rest of the driveway. It was directly facing them.

She was wearing a light pink nightwear pyjama top. Everything inside was visible because of the bright morning sunshine. Raja is a very tall and heavily built man in his 50s dressed like a typical villager. While speaking to Pooja, he was openly rubbing his cock over his dhoti.

He frequently held his cock over his dhoti, pointing it at her. Pooja was smiling, looking at him. He stepped very close to her placing her hand on his cock and stroking it a few times. She retracted it slowly, still smiling. He placed his palm on Pooja’s butt over her pyjamas, massaging it.

Pooja let him do it for some time before holding his hand and removing it. He repeated this multiple times alternating between stroking his cock with her hand and massaging her butt. They had been doing this for more than half an hour.

Now he pushed her gently against the wall cupping her boobs over her top and massaging them. He kept trying to kiss her at the same time. She avoided this by turning her head sideways.

However, Pooja did not resist his boob massage, letting him enjoy it much longer than the earlier butt massage. After a very long while, she held his hand and removed it, still smiling at him. For a second, I felt now it was over. Raja still stayed in the same position.

He put his hand on her pussy over her pyjamas, rubbing it. Pooja voluntarily opened her legs, making it easier for him. He placed her hand again on his cock over his clothes, and now she started stroking it. He tried to kiss her again, but she turned her face away.

He went down, kissing and licking her neck and cleavage while she closed her eyes. He tried opening her top to reveal her naked boobs, but she held his hand, stopping him. He stared at her for a brief moment. She resumed stroking his cock.

He bent further, placing his mouth directly on her nipples through her top. He kept alternately sucking her boobs, making two big wet patches on her top. Now I understood the actual reason behind the damp patches on her top.

After he had sucked her nipples and rubbed her pussy for a long while, her body trembled. It definitely looked like she had an orgasm. Raja also stopped and placed his hand over hers around his cock. He stroked it faster for a few minutes. He stopped and leaned on her, and I guess he cum too.

I saw they had been enjoying this foreplay action for an hour now. Pooja looked normal again, correcting her clothes and fetched the container to collect milk. Raja, also behaving normally, poured the milk. Just before leaving, he felt her pussy with his hand and licked his fingers.

She was holding the milk bowl. She stood still, closing her eyes and letting him. Raja did this a few times till he felt he had licked all her juices and left. She went inside, closing the door. I was sure if I checked her pyjamas, I would find a bigger wet patch around her pussy.

Now, it was evident she was sexually frustrated and eagerly wanted sex. I thought since Pooja was without a man for 18 years, having sexual urges is quite normal. I love her a lot and feel sorry for her. So, I decided to help her find some like-minded partners to get physically satisfied.

I have seen every time she is with any known man, she easily gets very comfortable. I have been lusting for Pooja too. I have seen her in her underwear countless times because she always calls me to hook her bra from behind. She even dressed/ undressed in my presence.

But only down to undergarments and never fully naked. I knew her entire clothes and underwear collection. I used to shop with her and help her decide what to wear whenever someone was visiting. The ultimate goal for me was to be in bed with her one day.

I know she loves sex because when dad was around, they would fuck every night. Pooja moaned crazily. I was very happy for her and Raja. Even if it was only foreplay, at least she was getting some satisfaction from it and enjoying it.

I continued to watch the recordings every day. One week later the same foreplay continued. I saw he came every day at 5 am sharp and just gave a soft knock on the door. Within a second, Pooja would open it, followed by one hour of foreplay, and leave.

I was trying to work out a plan to get her what she deserved. While I was busy surfing porn on my computer, I bumped into a Chinese website. It was about a medicine for women which boosted their sex drive, making them very horny. Side effects reported were breast enlargement in some rare cases.

I was thrilled reading the testimonials of many men. Earlier they were getting no sex from their women. Now the same women were horny all the time. I was only interested in the sex drive boost part. Once it worked for Pooja, rest would be very easy.

I did not care about the breast enlargement side effect anyway. She already has big boobs and everyone knows that men drool over big boobs. Since this came with a money back guarantee for 3 months, I ordered. It arrived in a few weeks, and I added it to her regular medicines.

Pooja has been on regular medication for a long time for other problems. I was anyway taking care of her medication, so it was easy for me to add this. I installed concealed cameras in every room of the house. Covering every corner, including her bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, etc from multiple corners.

I wanted to be ready to watch the action if the pills worked. I observed her for 1 month and did not see any significant change in her behaviour. However, her daily morning foreplay with Raja continued and the two wet patches on her top as well.

Also, these days, she was much happier than before. The only thing that changed between them was now she was fully participating with him. Since the last two days, she herself opened two more buttons of her top, letting him directly suck her nipples.

She also let him put his hand inside her pyjama playing with her bare pussy. However, she still did not let him kiss her and did not let him take out his cock from his dhoti. I was surprised she was still in control of her feelings that she did not let him fuck her.

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