Anita and Deepa’s Incest Treasures – Part 3

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This series is a sequel to ‘Anita’s Family Incest Treasures.’ In this series, Deepa’s husband’s cousin Anita seduces Deepa’s brother Rohit and plans Deepa and Rohit’s fucking.

Anita’s family’s set fucking routines and schedules were slightly disturbed due to the seduction of Rohit and his fucking Anita and Deepa.

Anita’s mom Rekha and dad, Arun, were looking after Anita’s son Sachin to enable Anita to enjoy fucking. Anita’s hubby, Atul, quit his job and was looking after his dad’s estate and business after his dad’s untimely demise.

Atul would spend a few days a week with his son. The rest of the week, he would be in his native town with his mom, Sushma. After Sushma and Atul started fucking, their bond became much strong. Sushma started calling Atul, her son, ‘Ri.’

Anita was actually happy with their love. Anita was herself madly in love with her dad, Arun, from her high school days. Now Sachin had to be shifted to Atul’s sister Vani’s house, every weekend along with Anita’s parents. No one was complaining, though.

Sachin loved his cousin Divya and pampering of all. Rekha and Arun had more time and a chance to fuck others and were also happy. But Anita’s goal was to make Rohit fuck all other women also. So, one day, she told her parents to get dressed, and they would go to Vani’s house after Sachin’s school bus left.

Rekha asked, “But can we come back in time before Sachin’s school bus comes back?”

Arun also agreed, “Yes, with traffic jams, it would be difficult. I will stay back. You both go and enjoy.”

Anita laughed, hugged and kissed her dad and said, “No, Ri, there is no risk. Sachin has to stay back for 2 hours for dance practice for the school day. I gave him snacks and juice. Don’t worry. We will be back in time.”

When they arrived at Vani’s house, already the couples were in various stages of foreplay and fucking. Divya was sucking her dad, Ravi, and she left him and came running to her grandparents, hugged and kissed them. Divya undressed them and led them to the hall.

Deepa was riding her father-in-law, Sunil and sucking her hubby, Rahul. Rahul left Deepa, came, hugged and kissed Rekha, pushed her on her back and smelled her cunt and said, “Darling, I don’t know what you eat. Your cunt juice has such an aroma,” and started slurping her juices.

Anita observed all the others. She found that all, except Pratyusha and Vani, were engaged in fucking. Anita quietly switched on the TV and cast Rohit-Deepa’s video from her mobile. Everyone stopped fucking and gasped.

On the screen, they saw Ronit and Deepa hugging and sleeping in their underwear. They were fast asleep. Rohit hugged his sister from behind and cupped a breast in hand and poking her with his hard-on.

He kissed Deepa’s neck and mumbled, “Anita Akka, I love you.”

Deepa said sleepily, “Rahul dear, let me sleep.”

All clapped, and Atul and Ravi whistled. Deepa screamed and got away from her father-in-law and pleaded with Anita, “Akka, stop this video. I am dying with shame.”

Pratyusha said, “Deepa, in a few days, you are going to fuck Rohit in front of us, so relax.”

Sunil made Deepa rest on her elbows on the sofa backrest and started fucking her in the doggy style. He said, “Darling, your mother-in-law is right. Let everyone enjoy the show.”

Deepa said, “Rahul, why did you record without telling me?”

Rahul shrugged and said, “Because you won’t agree. Anyway, it is all Anita’s idea. See what happens next.”

Deepa pressed ‘Pause’, and Anita pressed ‘Play’. Anita entered the frame in the video, naked, and slowly lowered Rohit’s underwear and pulled out his throbbing cock. All the women said, “Wow,” except Deepa.

Anita quietly pulled down and removed Deepa’s panty. She showed the camera the panty, soaked in cunt juices. Anita lifted Rohit’s hand, lifted Deepa’s bra and placed his hand again on Deepa’s naked breast. Anita quietly walked away from the frame.

Rohit and Deepa were still fast asleep. Each was under the impression that they were with their partners. Rohit rubbed his cock on Deepa’s cunt lips and mumbled, “Anita Akka, I am horny.”

Deepa turned, facing him and hugged him, raising a leg and placing it on his hip. She said sleepily, “Rahul darling, fuck quickly and let me sleep.” Rohit’s cock tip was about to enter Deepa’s cunt, when suddenly, they both woke up.

Deepa screamed, pushed Rohit away and ran away. Rohit groaned and clutched his head in his hands. Video ended. All couples were quite excited and fucked vigorously. Men filled cunts with cum and collapsed on women, panting.

Sushma sighed, “I think all women want to be fucked by Rohit. First should be Pratyusha, Deepa’s mother-in-law should have the priority.”

Pratyusha smiled and said, “No, Sushma, you have already flashed cleavage, flirted with him and saw his bulge in shorts when he was feeding you. so you fuck him first. Anita, plan and execute,” she instructed Anita.

All approved. Rohit kept his promise. He was completely focused on his studies and project work until Saturday. Weekend he wanted to enjoy full fucking sessions with Anita and Deepa. He was ready when Anita and Atul picked him up at his hostel.

He was surprised and disappointed to see Deepa was not there. Anita was in the backseat. After they left, Anita hugged, kissed him and said, “Darling, there is are change of plans. Atul has urgent work in the estate, so we are going to his native town.”

Rohit said, “Oh, then drop me at the bus station. I will catch a bus and go to my parents’ house.”

Anita pushed him away, “You don’t love me anymore after you started fucking your sister Deepa.”

Atul, who was driving, laughed and said,” It is natural, Anita. Rohit, you have to work extra hard to appease Anita.”

Rohit hugged, kissed Anita, squeezed her tits and said, “Akka, you will always be my first love and you are my Guru. You know I love you a lot. But how can I come to your in-law’s place? My mom was making a big fuss about my staying at Deepa and Rahul’s place. My mom will blow her top if I am visiting and staying at your in-laws’ place also.”

Now, they were outside city limits with hardly any traffic. Anita raised her saree and pushed his fingers inside her cunt, and said,” Then, don’t tell her. Tell her you are at the hostel only.”

Rohit was aroused, and he looked at Atul in the rear-view mirror. Atul nodded in approval, and Anita unhooked her blouse and bra and exposed boobs. Rohit sucked hungrily at one tit while squeezing the other tit. Anita moaned and whispered in his ear,” Dear, I am flowing like a tap.”

Rohit shifted down and licked her to orgasm. Then, she made him sit and sucked him. Atul told them to complete fast as they were approaching. Anita gulped Rohit’s cum and arranged her dress. They stopped at a medical shop. When Anita went to the shop, Atul asked Rohit, “I want a favour from you.”

Rohit said, “Bava, you should order, not ask.”

Atul said, “My mom is a passionate woman. When I was a teenager, I used to listen to her moans and sighs from their bedroom. After Dad passed away, she was very dull and sad. I quit my job and came here for her, more than to look after business. Mom is quite capable of doing that.”

“Once, I saw her masturbating, watching porn, she didn’t know I saw her. The other day, I saw her flirting with you. You also stared at her bust. She looked at your hard-on when you were feeding her.”

“So, what I am asking you is, when I take Anita and go out to the estate, if my mom flirts with you, go ahead and enjoy and satisfy her.”

Rohit’s jaw dropped, he stammered, “Bava, what are you saying? She is like my mom.”

Atul smiled and said,” You also read Sujata, Ankita, and Anita’s stories. Sons are fucking moms. My mom is just an aunty for you. If you are not keen, drop it. I will drop you at the bus stop. You can go to your parents’ home. It is not far.”

Rohit said, “No, no. I am super excited, but Anita Akka may bite my head off.”

Atul said, “Don’t worry. This idea is hers only. She observed the flirting. I didn’t.”

When they entered, Sushma gave him a tight hug and welcomed him. She asked him about his studies and his parents and asked him to freshen up and join them for lunch.

When Rohit went to the bedroom, he found the same tight T-shirt and shorts on the bed. He changed into them, hesitated and decided not to wear underwear.

Lunch was like before. Anita fed Atul, and Sushma fed Rohit. Sushma’s blouse neckline was even lower. The blouse just covered the nipples, and she was flirting skilfully. When Atul was looking away, her pallu would become one-layered or slip a little.

Rohit also was boldly touching her thighs and boobs as if accidentally and looking into her eyes and smiling. When it was his turn to feed her, he almost rubbed his cock on her face. His throbbing jumping cock was dancing in his tight shorts, a few inches from her face.

Rohit purposely spilt a few crumbs on her boobs, said sorry and picked up, and on that pretext, pressed her boobs. Sushma was also smiling encouragingly.
After lunch, Anita and Atul left, saying they had urgent work in the estate.

There was an awkward silence for a while. Rohit looked around and saw a childhood pic of Atul and his sister, Vani, on the wall and said, “How cute they were?”

Sushma beamed like a proud mom and said, “Wait, I will bring the album of their photos,” and went in. When she returned with the album, she also changed into a short, sleeveless nighty. She took him into her bedroom and seated him on a sofa.

Sushma sat next to him, close with her warm thigh touching his, and opened the album and started showing pics. She casually placed her hand on his thigh. Rohit felt an electric shock pass through his body, and his cock jumped, lifting the album in his lap.

He said huskily, “Aunty, we can see pics later. I want you to see this,” and placed her hand on his hard-on. Next, it was all a blur, like a movie scene in fast-forward mode. Rohit had no recollection of when they started kissing. When he ripped her nighty, and when they ended up fucking.

He pumped cum in her hot cunt and collapsed on her. She kissed his head and patted him affectionately, asking him, “Did you enjoy it?” Rohit nodded and sucked her tit and said, “Yes, aunty. It was amazing.”

Sushma laughed and said, “You liar. I am older than your mom and not young.”
Rohit said, “That is what is exciting, aunty. Motherly love, affection and lust. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is.” Rohit was not lying. He experienced peace, love in her embraces, kissing and fucking.

Sushma said, “I will bring snacks.” She fed him, sitting cross-legged, exposing her clean shaved cunt. Then, they had a leisurely fuck. He kissed, licked, and sucked patiently, savouring her smell, taste and softness. Sushma loved his licking. She kept pouring, and he kept lapping it up.

Finally, when she pulled him up by the hair, his mouth, cheeks and chin were drenched in her juices. He laughed and showed her a small puddle on the bedsheet below her cunt. Sushma’s juices were like a man’s cum. He scooped it with his fingers, put it in his mouth and kissed her.

Sushma drank her juice from his mouth and licked his face clean as he started fucking her. She told him, “Now you fuck me hard, pound and tear my cunt, make me beg for more.” Rohit obliged, and Sushma’s cries and moans filled the room.

When he cum in her cunt in a doggy position, Atul called. He said that they would be at home in ten minutes. Rohit and Sushma quickly dressed, freshened up and sat in the hall, watching TV. Atul and Anita could make out that Rohit and Sushma had an exciting session.

When Sushma went into the kitchen to make tea, Anita followed her and hugged her. She kissed her scratch and bite marks on her neck and said, “Oh, atte, he seems to be very rough.”

Sushma blushed and said, “What are you talking about? We were watching TV.”

Anita laughed and said, “Yes while fucking,” and left.

Rohit was alone in the hall. Atul went to freshen up. Rohit hugged Anita and said, “Akka, I don’t know how to thank you.”

Anita said,” You can thank me after doing a task.”

Rohit said,” Anything, you just order.”

Anita said, “You encourage Atul and Sushma to fuck.”

Rohit was shocked, “Akka, what are you saying? How can I ask mom and son to fuck? They will kill me.”

Anita said, “Not if you do what I tell you.” She told him what to do.

When Rohit found Atul alone in the garden, he said,” Bava, I can’t thank you enough. Aunty is amazing. She is so fit and gorgeous; she can pass off as your sister than your mom.”

Atul smiled and said, “Rohit, I thank you also for making her happy.”

Rohit said,” Aunty is fun-loving. She must be missing all the action.”

Atul said, “Yes, when I was young, I used to enjoy her moans and fuck sounds.”

Rohit asked, “If you don’t mind my asking, were you not excited?”

Atul said, “Of course I was. I used to masturbate.”

Rohit said, “You also have read so many incest stories. Why are you allowing your mom to lead a dull life?”

Atul asked, “What do you mean?”

Rohit said, “Why don’t you fuck her yourself?”

Atul was shocked,” Are you mad? She is very orthodox; she will kill me.”

Rohit smiled and said, ” No, she won’t. I will talk to her tonight after fucking. If she wants you, she will ask you to massage her back. She has back pain. That is your green signal. Take liberties while massaging and see how it goes.”

That night, after fucking, Sushma and Rohit were hugging and kissing. He asked,” Aunty, you are so horny and passionate, how are you managing?”

Sushma smiled sadly and said, “What option do I have? A mature widow has to live without fun. Family prestige and name cannot be tarnished. Luckily, you came here.”

Rohit asked, “Aunty, did you read any erotic stories?”

Sushma said, “Recently, Anita gave me Sujata, Ankita and Anita stories. Shocking fantasy stories but exciting.”

Rohit kissed her and said, mauling her tits, “Aunty, they are real stories. I chatted with Raj, the writer. Why don’t you allow your son to fuck you?”

Sushma was shocked and said, “What nonsense? Won’t he think his mom is a slut, whore and will hate me?”

Rohit said, “Not necessarily. He will love you and respect you more. Aunty, let us do a litmus test. Tomorrow, ask Atul to give you a massage since you have back pain. See his actions and reaction. If he quietly gives a massage and leaves, forget about it. But, if his hands stray and land here,” he cupped her tits and said,” then lead him on.”

Sushma said thoughtfully, “Are you sure?” Rohit fucked her again as an answer.

The next day, Rohit left after breakfast. In the afternoon, he smiled when he saw a message from Atul.”Thanks. It worked, and it is fantastic.”

Anita discussed with others during their next group fucking plans. Anita said while riding her dad, “Rohit has enough exposure. He has seen brother and sister and encouraged mom-son fucking. Let us stop shadowboxing and directly involve him and let him fuck other cunts.”

Deepa, who was sucking her father-in-law, asked, “Can’t it wait until he graduates?”

Sushma said, “No, after he fucked me, all other women are excited and want him. Moreover, his grades improved after fucking.” Atul was licking her, agreed.

Vani was fucked by Rahul in doggy. She said, “All, except Divya. I don’t want Rohit to fuck her until I am comfortable.” Divya cried like a child denied a chocolate. She stopped riding her dad and asked, “Why, mom? I am grown up, I am fucking all men, why not Rohit? He is just another cock.”

Ravi, her dad, started giving thrusts from down and said, “Honey, your mom is right. Other cocks are all married. If you or he or both fall in love, it can complicate matters. Let us wait for some time.” So, it was decided to involve Rohit directly.

That evening, Anita talked to Rohit on a video call. When both were masturbating, Anita asked, “Darling, did you read Anita’s stories?”

Rohit said, “Akka, I remember every word of all parts.”

Anita asked, “I thought you were smart. You can add one and one.”

Rohit stared at her fingers moving at great speed in her cunt and increased his pumping speed. He asked, “What do you mean, Akka?”

Anita sighed and said,” Just think back. You know all the characters. Names were changed.”

Rohit ejaculated as he connected all the dots.  He exclaimed,” My God. You are the heroine; you seduced your dad and your cousin. Then your mom did with cousin.”

Anita also climaxed and smiled and said,” Hmm. Yes. Now you get the picture.”
Rohit said, “But….” Anita cut the call.
The next day was Saturday. Rohit turned and tossed in bed. He could not sleep. His thoughts were in a whirlwind. How can it be possible? Deepa’s hubby and mother-in-law were fucking? Anita Akka is fucking her dad, uncle and hubby’s sister’s hubby? All are fucking like on a merry-go-round ride?

Anita did not answer his calls. But Deepa called him in the morning and told him to catch a bus to her in-law’s town. Rahul and she would receive him.

Rohit asked, “Akka, why? Mom will kill me. She fired me for staying at Rahul’s house at weekends. Dad was also angry. He said we should make courtesy visits and should not stay at the married daughter’s house. If they know I visited your in-laws also, all hell will break loose.”

Deepa laughed and said, “Simple. Don’t tell them.”

Rohit sighed and went to Deepa’s in-law’s town. They picked him up at the bus station. Deepa looked around and saw no one was around. She hugged and kissed him in the car.

Rohit quickly squeezed her tits and asked,” Akka, Anita Akka told me something, and it blew up my mind. She says Anita’s story is real, and I know all the characters.”

(A little clarification for readers: The real names of all people have been changed to protect their privacy, including Anita’s. That was the reason Rohit did not realize that the stories were about the people he knew very well.)

Rahul laughed and said, “I thought you were quite smart and would easily guess.”

Deepa said, “Come on, no one can dream in their wildest dreams that such things can happen.”

Rohit said, puzzled, “Bava, do you mean to say Anita Akka seduced you and her dad first? You fucked her mom, then your mom, Atul Bava’s sister and his mom?”

Rahul nodded and said, “Yes.”

Rohit asked Deepa, mauling her tits above the saree, “Akka, I cannot believe you have accepted all this?”

Deepa retorted, “Why? Will you be happy if I ran home, crying and got divorced? I am very happy. I am loved, not only by my hubby but also by five other men and women.”

Rohit said,” I am sorry, Akka, I didn’t mean that. I am happiest if you are happy. But how did Bava manage to convince you to agree to all this?”

Rahul laughed and said, “It didn’t happen overnight. Careful planning by Anita, Raj and execution by me.”

Rohit asked, “I am very reluctant to visit your in-laws after what is all happening.”

Deepa laughed and said, “Once you see their reception, you will not leave their house.”

They arrived at Rahul’s parents’ house. Pratyusha opened the door and welcomed them with a happy smile. What happened stunned Rohit. Rahul’s dad, who had a massive hard-on in his shorts, hugged and kissed Deepa. He said, “Darling, how I missed you, it looks like ages since I fucked you.”

Rohit’s jaw dropped when Deepa hugged and kissed Sunil. She said,” Mama, I missed you more than you can imagine. I missed your pounding.”

Rahul hugged his mom, cupped her tits and kissed her, “Mom, did you also miss me as much?” Pratyusha replied with a passionate kiss, “Need you ask? Touch my cunt and see.”

Rahul lifted her nighty, fingered for a few seconds, removed fingers dipping with her juices, and licked.

He said, “Wow, mom. I have to leave now to meet my friend who is getting married. Rohit will look after you. Mom, don’t waste time in cooking. I ordered food. You call him to deliver after you finish fucking.”

Rahul kissed Deepa also and left. Sunil carried, giggling Deepa into a bedroom.
Rohit fidgeted, and he was uncomfortable, like an actor on stage who forgot his role and dialogues.

Pratyusha said, “I am going for a bath. Will you soap my back?’ and took his hand. Now, Rohit overcame hesitation and shyness as he removed Pratyusha’s nighty and gasped as his eyes feasted on her beauty. Her big tits with brown nipples did not sag a bit, and she was in great shape.

He helped Pratyusha remove his clothes. They stood under a warm shower as they hugged and kissed, naked. It was a very erotic, unusual experience for Rohit. Bathing Pratyusha, soaping her entire body and freely squeezing, pulling and massaging her body. She also played with him.

In the bath, he bent her and fucked her, and it didn’t look or feel odd. It felt natural and normal. After a few minutes, she told him, let us go to the bedroom. They towelled each other dry and fucked in the bedroom.

Pratyusha talked to him to keep him relaxed as he pounded her in all positions.
As they were relaxing later, hugging and kissing, Sunil walked in and said, “If you finished, come for lunch.”

Pratyusha smiled and said, “You start, dear, we will join you.”

As Rohit reached out to put on his shorts, Pratyusha said, “Why bother? We wear clothes only when we go out or someone visits.” I pulled him by hand to the dining room.

Deepa was riding Sunil slowly in the dining chair. He was feeding her, and during the next stroke, she was feeding him.

Pratyusha sighed, “Why can’t you stop fucking even when having food? You are worse than a honeymoon couple.”

Sunil laughed and said, “Dear, I missed my daughter-in-law for a week. Now, I will not leave her for a minute.”

Rahul enjoyed his weekend with them. Sunil monopolized Deepa while Rahul and Rohit fucked Pratyusha. Deepa sucked them when Sunil was fucking her. Rohit was impressed by Sunil’s stamina and heavy pounding. He seemed literally like he was tearing Deepa’s cunt, but she was moaning happily.

Pratyusha said proudly,” My hubby is a stallion.”

To be continued.