I am a guy with Wide Hips

Hi, Kedar from Pune. I am 21 years old and living in Pune. I am the owner of a local grocery distributor shop. I am very fair, 5’3″, 54kg and have naturally amazingly wide hips and fat breasts. This story is about how my shop owner fucked me and then shared me with his business partners to gain benefits.

I came to Pune from Rajasthan when I was 19. I am not very educated. So my parents thought I should do something to earn money. One day, my Mama, a successful businessman in Pune, was on a visit to us.

He ran away from home at age 15 and started doing odd jobs in Pune. But now he is a very big grocery distributor in Pune and owns 7 shops across the city. He has 6 other business partners in his various shops, and he owns one shop solely.

He told my mom that he would take me with him and keep me in his shop. If I learn business, he will help me with establishing my shop. My mom was happy and sent me with him.

My Mama was about 60 years old then. 5’11 height, 80kg weight, and used to wear a lot of gold on him. But he was never married and kept 2 to 3 women as his fuck partners. I knew all this from my father.

Since my early days I started developing girlish characteristics. By the time I was 19, I still was very fair with very smooth hairless skin. My hair was also long till my shoulders. I had developed breasts and hips larger than an average boy. But most of all, I had a very deep navel.

My ass was curvy. All the pants I wore used to get wrapped tight on my ass. All the boys in my junior college used to tease me and grab my ass. That was the reason I quit junior college. We were living in a small town with little to no money-making opportunities.

So I came to Pune with my Mama. For the first few days, Mama trained me in shop work, and I was a quick learner. But after 5 to 6 days, he started behaving weirdly with me. He used to get a lot closer to me. He always used to put his hand on my shoulder till my upper chest and slowly circle his fingers.

We used to get tiffin from the local hotel for everyone and have lunch turn by turn. Mama used to eat lunch in his cabin before every other worker. So one day, he called me at lunchtime and asked me to have lunch with him. His cabin was big with a sofa and centre table.

So we sat on the sofa beside each other, and I opened the tiffin. I served both Mama as well as myself. Again, this time, Mama put his hand around my shoulder on my upper chest. I was wearing a collared T-shirt and keeping two buttons open.

Mama slowly started fondling my upper chest as usual. I was not bothered as I got used to it by now. He slowly inserted his fingers into my t-shirt through my neck. I suddenly got up and stood there without saying even a word.

But Mama started talking, “Look, Kedar, you are here to work. There are other boys in our shop, but you are very different from them. You are very beautiful and as sexy and seductive as a girl.”

He continued, “I don’t want you to work with them down in the shop as they will try to harm you and fuck you brutally. Instead, I have something better for you. All you have to do is work in my office cabin in women’s clothes. And let me fuck you anytime I wish.”

I was shell-shocked. I could not believe that I was hearing this from my own Mama. But at some point, it also rang a bell in my mind. I replied, “On one condition.” Mama said, “Go ahead.” I replied, “If I let you do whatever you wish, then you will have to pay me 25k per month.”

This wasn’t going to be the first time I was going to get a man’s dick in my ass.
As I said earlier, many boys used to touch me. But I was fucked by my principal on many occasions. A few times, I gave blowjobs to many of my teachers in the toilets.

Mama said, “Okay. But if I pay you 25k a month, then you will have to please my partners also. I am trying to take over their businesses but have not had much luck. If you make them crazy for your love, they will get weak in business. It will be easier for me to kick them out. Now, if you agree, then get fully naked and come sit on my lap.”

I got so excited hearing his offer and obeyed what he said. But I was also a master in the game. I asked him to play a sexy song from ‘Ashique Banaya Apne’ on his phone. As the song started playing, I began dancing with my hips and breasts and began to strip tease in front of him.

He went crazy by this and looked stunned. His jaws dropped, and he almost started drooling from his mouth. I seductively stripped naked in front of him and started moving forward. I was already with a girlish figure. In my deep navel, I was holding a water bottle cap.

I started pouring water over my breasts and my naked body while dancing. My Mama went fully mad and couldn’t control himself further. He got up from the sofa. I could see his penis fully erect and poking his pants from inside. I could judge that his dick was well over 7 inches.

He came towards me, hugged me tight and started kissing me deep in my lips, inserting his tongue in my mouth. That was so fucking hot. We kissed for almost 5 to 7 minutes. While kissing me, he was pressing my breasts and ass wildly.

He was pulling my hair and grabbing my neck continuously. He pinched my nipples hard. They became red and swollen, almost twice their size, because of sexual arousal. Now he grabbed my ass tight in both his palms and started spanking it hard.

My ass was already wide and fleshy. So it was making a hard noise as he was spanking me. We passionately kissed each other. We started moving towards the sofa again. He pushed me on the sofa on my back. He was still kissing me deeply and crushing my ass.

Now I could feel his rock-hard cock from his pants on my naked thighs. Now I was also hungry for the cock. I grabbed his pants and unhooked them. I pulled the zip down and slid his pants from his waist. He was not wearing any underwear.

So his hot hard cock sprung out and started brushing against my thighs, which made me even hotter. His precum was now getting rubbed on my thighs and my small 3-inch erect cock. He started pushing his cock on my thighs as if dry fucking me.

But I grabbed his cock in my hands. It was big. 7 and a half inches long and 3 inches thick. I never held such a big cock in my hand. My principal’s cock was 6 inches long, and other teachers also had 6 to 7 inches cocks. But none of them was so thick. I grabbed his cock and started stroking it.

We were a wild, passionate, sex-hungry couple romping action on the sofa. Now I spread my legs wide and held his cock between my ass crack. I gripped it so that he could have the pleasure of fucking me without actually sliding it in my asshole.

I started giving hard strokes. With each stroke, his cock was getting hotter, stickier and bigger. His cock started pulsating, and I understood he was about to cum in another 2 minutes. But I suddenly pulled his cock out of my grip and broke our kiss, and said, “Mu mein leti hu.” (I will take it in my mouth.)

He again was surprised as I mentioned myself as female. He stood up, holding his long thick precum-covered cock with foreskin fully retracted. I put it on my lips. I had given so many blowjobs that in one go, I took the full length of his cock in my mouth and started sucking it hungrily.

I was an expert in cock sucking. I sucked his cock nicely, including his balls. I also licked at the start of his cock vein under his balls. I knew this was a pleasure point for every man. So, I started teasing it by licking and biting. I played with his cock head using my tongue.

Circling and licking it fast like a dog. With my every move, Mama was getting excited and crushing both my breasts harder with his hands. I sucked his full length for about 10 to 15 minutes. Again his cock started pulsating and getting hot.

My mouth was by now filled with his precum and my saliva. I took Mama’s cock out. Looked him straight in his eyes. I opened my mouth to show him all the liquid and gulped it down my throat in one go. I started stroking his dick gently as I did not want his cum so soon.

Now still stroking his cock I presented him my ass by turning on the sofa on my knees and lifting my ass. I was in doggy style and was holding his cock between my legs as he stood behind me.

He slapped my ass hard and said, “Bitch, this isn’t your first time, is it? You must have gotten your pussy fucked many times before. I am so upset now that I should have come to you sooner and made you my bitch. I have 3 kept women, but none of them gives as much pleasure as you do.”

I did nothing but just looked at him and smiled. Now he started pushing his cockhead on my ass hole, spreading my ass cheeks. But I told him to use oil. I have been fucked many times before, but my hole is still very tight. His cock is the longest and thickest I have ever seen.

He smiled in pride after hearing this. He took a peanut oil bottle from the table and came back. Peanut oil is thicker than coconut oil. Without putting oil, he inserted two of his fingers directly into my ass to my rectum. I somewhat screamed in pain.

He said, “Shut up, bitch, I am just taking the judgement.” I said nothing and tried adjusting to the thickness and length of his fingers. He said, “You have a nice tight hole than any other pussies I have fucked till now. All of them are over 40 years old.”

I smiled at him and said, “Now stop wasting time. It is been almost a year since my pussy has tasted a cock juice.” He poured enough oil through his fingers in my ass and started fingerfucking me. He did that for 2 or 3 minutes till he got the smoothness he wanted.

Even his finger fucking was so lovely. I was moaning when he fucked my ass with his fingers. Now, it was lubricated enough. He asked, “Are you ready, bitch? I am not going to waste any time.” I understood that he was going to put his entire cock in my ass in one stroke itself.

I closed my eyes, lifted my ass further, bent my back. I spread my legs and ass wider and just said, “Yes, Mama, your bitch is ready.” As soon as I said this, he took his cock at my entrance. In one go, he pushed so hard that I literally heard and felt his balls slapping my under-ball vein.

I bent even further and fully leaned my head back as it hurt like hell, and I screamed in pain. But my own Mama, who was going fuck me like a bitch, kept his hand on my mouth and gave another hard stroke.

Oh, fuck! I can not explain in words how it felt. My ass was torn as his cock went straight into my rectum. The thickness gripped every inch inside my ass, leaving no room whatsoever. I screamed so loud that 2 boys from our shop came running into the office. They saw everything that was going on.

But Mama shouted at them, “You motherfuckers, go back to work. This bitch is only mine, and none of you will ever touch her. She is going to be my private bitch forever now. Get lost.” I understood that they were not new to this sight.

Mama said, “These motherfuckers also fuck my women after I am finished with them. But you bitch, you are the tastiest pussy I have ever put my cock in. I am never going to let them anywhere near you. You are only for my use. And I am going to fuck you every day. I am going to make you my private whore.”

Even in that pain, I was happy. At least no one else will dare to fuck me until I order them to do so. Mama again fucked me deep, and now he kept fucking me like that. After about 6 to 7 minutes of pain and screaming, I finally got used to Mama’s full cock. Now, all I was feeling was pleasure.

I said, “Uff, Mama, you are the best fuck I am having. I will do anything for you until you promise me that you will fuck me every day like this.” He fucked me like that for about 10 minutes now. All this time, he was holding my one breast with his hand and spanking my ass hard.

He was making a loud noise so that the boys on the floor could hear it and get jealous. Now he was about to cum, and I understood. So I stopped by pushing my ass harder on his cock. I told him to lie on the sofa, and I wanted to ride him in cowgirl style.

He laid on his back on the sofa, still keeping his cock deep in my ass. Now I was on top of him with my ass facing him. With his cock still in my ass, I took a 180-degree turn. I put both my legs on each side of him and sat on my knees. My big breasts and swollen nipples were facing him so was my deep navel.

I started riding him slowly at first. I wasn’t moving my waist. I was moving my ass in forward and back motion. His entire length would stay in while I ride him. I took his palms and started crushing my breasts with his palms. He got so horny that his cock length increased in my ass.

He said, “Bitch, I am 60 years old. I have fucked many women and men and whatnot. But you have the skills of level which makes me have thoughts of marrying you and keeping you as my wife.” I smiled at him and gave a hard push of my ass on his cock.

He was continuously crushing my breasts as I was riding his entire length. We fucked like this for about another 15 minutes. I must admit that he had the stamina of a horse, even at the age of 60. He was now nearing his climax. This time I did not resist and kept fucking.

This was the position I enjoyed the most while getting fucked. I rode him for another 5 minutes. Now his cock got bigger, hotter and thicker than it was. In one jolt of lighting lifted his back and hugged me by my underarms. I gave a hard push. He cum and cum in my ass like a waterfall.

As he was cumming he chewed my breasts so hard that again I screamed in pain. His hot cum was filling every inch of my ass and going straight into my rectum. His spray was so powerful that just by the feel of that hot cum spray, my small erect dick also started cumming.

We had fucked for almost 40 minutes plus foreplay for the first 15-20 minutes. We collapsed on the sofa with his limp dick still in my ass and his cum flowing out. We again locked our lips and kept doing that for 2 to 3 minutes.

After 5 minutes, Mama got his breath in control. He took his cell phone from the centre table and dialled a contact number. As the person picked up the call, Mama said, “Khembhai, come to my office tonight with all our partners. I have a wonderful surprise naked and ready for you guys.”

They both laughed loudly. Without my knowledge, Mama had filmed everything that we did right from I started stripping. He sent that to his partner on WhatsApp.

If you like to know what happened next please make comments. I will share it with you soon.