Anita and Deepa’s Incest Treasures – Part 2

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This series is a sequel to ‘Anita’s Family Incest Treasures.’ In this series, Deepa’s husband’s cousin Anita seduces Deepa’s brother Rohit and plans Deepa and Rohit’s fucking.

After women had completed feeding men, it was the turn of men to feed women. Women were seated, and men stood up and took plates and filled them with dishes.

Rohit remained seated and asked Sushma, “Aunty, can I feed you while seated?” He was scared to stand up. He had a massive hard-on, which was apparent in his tight shorts. All attempts to make it go down were futile. He tried to divert his mind by thinking about the boring lectures of college.

The sight of Sushma’s ripe melons made it ineffective. Sushma laughed, “You are so young? You can’t stand for a short time? See, I am your mom’s age, and I fed you, standing.”

Reluctantly, he stood up and took the plate. Sushma’s eyes were riveted on the bulge in his shorts. She acted as if she didn’t notice. Rohit’s torture continued. Sushma’s face was in front of his crotch, and her ample cleavage was visible from a good vantage point.

Even the mole on the right tit was clearly visible. His cock stretched to the maximum. Sushma commented to Deepa, “Deepa, your brother is no longer a small boy. It is time to get him married.” Everyone laughed.

Deepa also laughed and said, “No, aunty, even after he becomes a granddad, he will remain my kid brother.”

Finally, dinner was over. Dessert was Gulab jamun. They sat for a while, talked and bid good night. Atul waited for his mom to go upstairs and whispered in Rohit’s ear, “Keep it ready. Anita will join you as soon as my mom falls asleep.”
Rohit waited naked and with an erect cock, impatiently.

After five minutes, Anita came in. Rohit jumped like a hungry lion, ripped off her clothes and said, “I am too horny, can’t wait for licking, sucking, I want to fuck.”

Anita pushed him onto the bed and said, “I am ten times hornier than you. My pussy is pouring juices and crying for your cock.” He impaled her pussy on his cock and started riding fast.

Rohit started mauling her tits and asked, “You bolted the door?”

Anita replied, “It has a self-lock. No one can open it from outside.”

Next second, Deepa came in with two glasses of fruit juice. She had the bedroom key. Rohit shouted and tried to throw Anita away. But she pushed him down and started jumping even faster.

Rohit moaned and covered his face with his hands. This time, his cock didn’t become soft but became harder.

Deepa asked, “How is my brother?”

Anita said, without stopping, “Can’t you see? He is amazing, all the time ready and horny.”

Deepa said, “I brought fruit juice, drink it,” and gave a glass to Anita. Anita thanked her, sat on Rohit with his cock fully inside and drank and gave her the glass and resumed riding. Deepa bent, ruffled Rohit’s hair, kissed his brow and told him,” Enjoy, dear. Drink juice after the session,” and left.

Rohit pushed Anita away and bent her. He started fucking her in doggy and slapping her buttocks hard, saying, “Akka, I am angry. Why did you continue fucking? What will Deepa think about me?”

Anita said, her voice breaking, “I protected you. She didn’t see your cock.”

At that moment, the door opened again, and Atul entered. Rohit stopped in midway, he was slapping Anita’s buttocks and fucking hard. Her right buttock was pink.

Rohit gasped, removed his cock and covered cock with Anita’s nighty. He stood behind Anita, who was rubbing her buttocks. Rohit’s cock went down instantly like a bulb switched off. He was scared of Atul’s reaction.

Atul laughed, hugged and kissed Anita and said, “Darling, I am so happy you are enjoying.”

Rohit was shocked and said, ” Are you not angry? I was slapping Akka?” Atul kissed Anita and fondled her tits, “Sometimes she wants rough fucking. I cannot hurt her. I love her so much. You are giving her what she wants and enjoys.”

Anita also laughed and said,” Love you, Darling. Why did you barge in?”
Atul gave chocolate bars and said,” I know how hungry you are after each fuck,” she opened the wrapper and put it in her mouth. She took a bite, and he asked her to feed chocolate to Rohit from her mouth.

Anita turned, hugged Rohit and pushed chocolate into his mouth. Atul bent, kissed Anita’s buttocks and left, saying,” Good night, enjoy, keep the door unlocked. We can come and see if you need anything.”

Rohit fucked Anta two times and went to sleep, sucking her tit. He woke up groggily when Deepa was slapping him. Suddenly, he remembered where he was and was relieved to see Anita cover him with a bed sheet before leaving.

Still, Deepa could see the tent in his bed sheet. She told him to get ready and come for breakfast. All were waiting for him. They all received him well. Breakfast was a repeat of the dinner tradition. Sushma fed him, but this time. Rohit put on his normal dress, a long, loose T-shirt and loose shorts.

After breakfast, they went shopping, did window shopping in malls, had lunch in a restaurant and returned. Sushma went upstairs to rest, and Anita and Rohit resumed fucking as if they didn’t stop.

When Rohit was licking Anita, Deepa entered with a honey bottle and poured honey on her pussy mound. She Rohit to move away and poured a little honey in her pussy also, as Anita spread open her pussy with her fingers.

Deepa smiled and said, “Now enjoy,” and left. Rohit lapped up the honey, and later, when he was fucking her, Atul came in. He told Rohit not to stop or slow down as he sat next to his wife. I wiped the sweat from her brow, kissed her and sucked her tit for a few minutes.

He said, “I love you, Darling. Enjoy and be happy.”

Anita also smiled, hugged him back and said, “I love you so much, Darling. You are the best hubby in the world.”

Rohit also thought the same as he pounded Anita. Atul left, and after the session, Anita also left, saying it was tea time for her mother-in-law, Sushma. Rohit pinged Raj and told him everything.

Raj: My god. Your sister and Bava are so open-minded. I think your bava wants you to fuck your sister, Deepa.

Rohit: What nonsense. She is my sister. How can we fuck?

Raj: Why not? Maybe she also read Sujata, Ankita, and Anita’s stories.

Rohit: What rubbish? Deepa’s marriage will be ruined.

Raj: Not necessarily. Anita’s hubby loves to see his wife enjoying it.

Rohit: But not with her brother.

Raj: You love Anita a lot. Will you do something to make her happy?

Rohit: Anything.

Raj: Did it occur to you that Anita doesn’t fuck for five days a week? She is very passionate and horny and loves fucking.

Rohit: What are you hinting?

Raj: Make it happen, Anita, Rahul fucking.

Rohit: Are you mad? Why will I ruin my sister’s marriage?

Raj: Why will it be ruined if all four are okay with it? You talk to all and see.

Rohit: They will kill me.

Raj: I don’t think so. Anita, Deepa love you a lot. Atul wants his wife to be happy. Rahul would love to fuck a hot woman like Anita. He is scared of Deepa.

Rohit: Hmm, I will try. If it backfires, I will blame you.

Raj: Sure.

After tea and snacks, Rohit found Atul alone watching TV. He sat beside him and asked,” May I say something?” Atul smiled and said sure.

Rohit asked, “Do you read Raj’s stories?”

Atul said, “Yes. I am a big fan. Why?”

Rohit said, “Anita Akka is fun-loving. She stays without fucking for so many days. How will it be if she has fun with Rahul?”

Atul said, “I also sometimes thought about it. But what will your sister feel? If she is okay with it, why not?”

Rohit found Deepa alone in the kitchen. Both were feeling shy and avoiding each other after Deepa saw them fucking.

Rohit asked, “Akka, can you be broad-minded and liberal like Atul?”

Deepa asked, “What do you mean?”

Rohit said, “Atul loves to see his wife enjoying life and having fun. Can you be like him? Feel happy if Rahul enjoys?”

Deepa said firmly, “No. I will not forgive him if he has fun with other women.”

Rohit said, “Not with any other woman. Anita akka.”

Deepa said thoughtfully,” Hmm. If Anita Akka and Rahul want it, it may not be a bad idea. She wants so much fun, but she is unable to get it. She has to wait for you until the weekend.”

Rohit found Anita in the garden. Anita said that she loved Rahul like a brother but confessed she was aroused when she hugged him and felt his hard-on. She also had some reservations that it may ruin his marriage. When Rohit told her that Deepa was okay with it, she hugged and thanked Rohit.

Rahul was the easiest to talk to. He told Rohit that he was always horny and wanted to fuck Anita but was scared of her and Deepa. He admitted that sometimes he had fantasies about Anita when fucking Deepa.

In the evening, Atul and Sushma left for their town to attend to business. All were feeling shy and not seeing each other in the eyes.

Rahul said, “I think we can change into comfortable clothes.”

Anita put on a strapless short gown, which was well above her knees. Deepa’s dress was a tight T-shirt and a short skirt. When all were seated in the hall, Rahul was sipping whisky and was watching cricket.

Deepa said, “Shall we play a game?”

Rahul said, “Sure. What is it?”

Deepa said, “I will roll a bottle. When it stops and points to one person, he or she has to do what others instruct.”

All said yes and were enthusiastic. Initially, it was all regular tasks, like singing a song or telling a joke. Rahul downed two pegs, and the women had wine. Things became naughtier.

Rahul asked Anita to dance to an item number. Anita’s dance was very erotic. Anita asked Deepa to hug and kiss men. Deepa hugged her hubby tight and kissed passionately but lightly hugged Rohit and gave a peck on his cheek.
Anita said, “It is cheating. You didn’t kiss Rohit on the lips.”

Deepa blushed and said, “Come on, he is my brother. Will you kiss Rahul like that? I will give you the task when your turn comes.”

Next was Anita’s turn. Deepa gave her the same task.

Anita asked Deepa, “Are you sure? Don’t blame me later.”

Deepa said, “Go ahead. You will know how difficult it is.”

Anita first kissed Rohit and approached Rahul, and hesitated. Rahul and Anita acted as if they were uncomfortable. Rohit clapped and said,” Akka, go ahead. You can do it.”

As Anita hugged and kissed Rahul, Rahul hugged her back. They started kissing passionately, Anita started moaning, and Rahul’s hand landed on Anita’s boob. He started squeezing.

After a few minutes, Anita pushed Rahul away and acted embarrassed to look at Deepa and Rohit. Both were stunned and excited.

The next turn was Rahul’s. He wanted close dance to slow music. Rahul and Anita started slowly, and within seconds, both were kissing wildly. Rahul was mauling Anita’s tits.

Deepa and Rohit were dancing and stopped and watched, fascinated. When the song ended, Anita and Rahul were panting, faces flushed.

Rahul asked Deepa,” Darling, I can’t control. If Anita Akka is okay, I will take her to the bedroom.” Deepa nodded. She could not speak.

Anita said,” I am okay, only if Deepa and Rahul also do it. I will feel guilty otherwise.”

Rohit protested, “Come on, you are cousins. We are brother and sister.”

Anita said,” Then, sorry, Rahul. No.”

Rahul looked pleadingly at Deepa. Deepa said, “Okay, we will do it. You go to your bedroom.”

Rohit was shocked beyond words and was in a trance as he watched Rahul and Anita go to a bedroom. Deepa and Rohit went to another bedroom. Now, Rohit was fired up. Deepa was also quite excited.

Rohit removed Deepa’s T-shirt and pulled down her skirt. He removed his shirt and shorts. He was about to pull down his underwear when Deepa said, “Wait, I am not ready.”

Rohit asked, surprised, “What? You said we will do it?”

Deepa hugged her brother and kissed him on the cheek, and said, “If I didn’t say that, Anita Akka was not going to allow my hubby to fuck her. Let us tell a lie to them that we fucked.”

Rohit felt guilty, he was so excited to fuck her.

He said, “Okay, Akka, but they will doubt if we sleep separately.”

Deepa said, “Hmm. You are right. Let us sleep in our underclothing. You can hug and sleep.”

When they hugged and slept, Rohit could not control himself. He had a massive hard-on which was poking Deepa. Deepa was also very wet, but she controlled. She kissed him on the cheek, said good night, and they slept.

Anita and Rahul fucked as they always did, and before going to sleep. Rahul asked Anita, “Do you think they fucked?” Anita shook her head, “No. Deepa will not allow it. But they have taken the first step.”

When they woke up, Anita said, “Let us quietly go and see what they are doing.” Anita and Rahul went quietly, opened the door and went in. Deepa and Rohitl were fast asleep. They were in their underclothing.

Rohit hugged Deepa from behind, cupping Deepa’s tit in one hand, and his cock was between her buttocks. As they watched, Rohit kissed Deepa’s neck and murmured, “Anita Akka, I love you so much.”

Deepa purred in sleep and said groggily, “Darling, I love you too.”

Anita smiled. They were so deep in sleep that they assumed they were with their lovers. She silently lowered Rohit’s underwear, pulled his cock out and pulled Deepa’s panty down and arranged Rohit’s cock between Deepa’s buttocks. Very gently.

Anita dislodged Deepa’s bra also and placed Rohit’s hand on Deepa’s tit.
Anita came back on tip-toe and whispered to Rahul. “Start recording.”

It was quite erotic. Rohit started squeezing Deepa’s tit and was rubbing cock in her buttock’s valley. Deepa turned and faced him and hugged, saying sleepily, “Rahul, let me sleep.” Deepa lifted her left leg and placed it on his hip, opening up her pussy to allow Rohit’s cock to enter.

Suddenly, they both woke up. It took them a few seconds to realize where they were. Deepa screamed and got up, quickly grabbed her dress and ran out.
She didn’t see Anita and Rahul, who hid behind a curtain.

Rohit clutched his head in both hands and groaned,” My God, what have I done?” When he went to the bathroom, Anita and Rahul went out and found Deepa in the kitchen.

Deepa smiled and said,” Good morning. Did you enjoy it?”

Rahul hugged and asked, “Good morning darling, you know we always enjoy. Did you enjoy it?”

Deepa lied, “Yes, it was fantastic.”

Anita whistled excitedly. “Wonderful, I will ask Rohit for details,” and left.
Rohit also told her the same. Rohit had time for a fast fuck before he left for his hostel. Rohit was busy for two days with project work. On the third day, he pinged Raj.

Rohit: Raj, some good news and some not-so-good news.

Raj: Okay, great. Tell me.

Rohit narrated all the events.

Raj: My God, why Deepa didn’t allow you to fuck?

Rohit: I don’t know. But, keep it a secret. Don’t tell Anita Akka we didn’t fuck. They are thinking we fucked.

Raj: It is strange. I will talk to Deepa.

Raj pinged Anita and asked her to let Deepa chat with him.

Deepa: Hi, Raj.

Raj: Hi, I won’t tell Anita. But why didn’t you fuck Rohit? Were you not excited when you slept naked with him in bed?

Deepa: Of course, I was super excited.

Raj: Then, why you didn’t fuck? Anita, Rahul, Atul, and Sushma planned so well.

Deepa: Hmm, I am concerned about his studies. He is in his final year.

Raj: This frustration will affect him.

Deepa: I will feel guilty if his grades go down.

Raj: Then put a condition to Rohit, he can fuck only if he promises his grades will improve.

Deepa: How can I tell him?

Raj: Okay, I will tell him. But are you sure? Don’t fuck unless you want to. Anita and Rahul won’t force you.

Deepa: After that day, when he was about to enter me before we woke up, I imagined Rahul was fucking me. I want him.

Raj: Good.

Rohit was over the moon when Raj told him the news. He assured Raj that his grades would shoot up like rockets. Next three days, he worked quite hard on the project and other subjects. He did not ping or call Anita or Deepa.

On Saturday, when he was on the train, he called Anita.

Anita asked anxiously, “Are you okay? Raj told us not to call or ping you.”

Rohit laughed and said, “Yes, I have to fulfil a promise. I will tell you when I reach.”

Anita said, “Then, tell that to your sister. We are going to Atul’s town. Enjoy,” and cut the call. When Rohit pressed the buzzer, there was no response. He pressed again; his phone rang. It was Deepa.

She asked, “Are you alone? No one is behind you?”

Rohit said, puzzled, “No. Why?”

Deepa said, “Come in quickly and close the door.”

Rohit entered, expecting his sister to give him a hug and kiss. No one was there. When he closed the door, Deepa was standing behind the door. Rohit’s jaw dropped. Deepa wore a very sexy dress.

A transparent light blue short nightgown, just covering the pussy. A spaghetti strap push-up bra, just covering nipples and showing her splendid boobs and cleavage. A postage stamp covering type bikini, covering her pussy crack. It drove Rohit crazy.

She smiled and said nervously, “Did you like it? It was Anita’s idea.”

Rohit said. “Yes, I love it.” He hugged her tight and kissed him, she also responded. They went to the bedroom without breaking a hug or kiss. Rohit pushed Deepa on the bed and tore her dress, ignoring her protests.

He quickly undressed and said,” Akka, I can’t wait. Waited too long.” He spread her legs and pushed his steaming hot cock into her very wet and inviting pussy.

Deepa moaned deeply as Rohit’s cock entered full. He started fucking hard and fast.

Deepa orgasmed two times before Rohit pumped hot lava in her pussy. Once the bridge was crossed, both smiled and kissed. That was the beginning. They fucked many times in all positions, in all places, until Sunday afternoon.

When Anita and Rahul returned, they were happy to see them fucking.

Rahul asked, “How did you manage?”

Anita smiled and said, “Secret. I did not give them time to think and have second thoughts. Her dress did the job.”

Later when Rohit fucked Anita and when they were relaxing, Anita asked Rohit, “What made you overcome fear?”

Rohit hesitated, “You will dislike me if I tell you.”

Anita said, “I won’t. I promise. You can tell me.”

Rohit said, “A few years back, my mom thought I was fast asleep and changed her dress. She tried her best to cover. She held pallu in her teeth and changed bra and blouse. But I saw her boobs and nipples. I have been masturbating imagining her until you entered my life.”

Anita asked, puzzled, “What has that to do with your overcoming fear of Deepa?”

Rohit hid his face in her boobs and said in a small voice, “Didn’t you notice, Deepa looks like my mom? When I saw Deepa in that dress, her boobs and shapes reminded me of my mom, and I lost control.”

Anita smiled, “Hmm, this is interesting. It opens up other avenues.”

To be continued.