The Devil Inside Me – Part 1

Hello everyone, my name is Priya and this story is a figment of my imagination. Incest is immoral in real life, however, the darkness lingering in our hearts attracts us to this genre. As a female writer, I wanted to explore the extremes of darkness if the morals are lifted and I have tried to do so with this story.

I am 23 years old with a curvy body, and I have been blessed with beautiful natural breasts and perky pink nipples. I explore my body every day by pinching my nipples as hard as I can and imagining a Double Penetration. I don’t know why I have this obsession with Anal, I just can’t cum without pushing a figure in my ass.

My dad Rahul is an honest man and I respect him a lot. He is 50-something, but he is well-built and has maintained his body. My mom Saritha is in her late 40s and goddam she is hot. She goes to the gym and does swimming and yoga regularly. I guess I can proudly say I inherited my body from my mom.

I have a younger brother Arjun who is 21 years old and looks like a stud for whom any woman would want to spread her legs.

We live in a 3 BHK independent duplex house. The Ground floor has an open kitchen with a dining area, a spacious living room and our parent’s bedroom. The first floor has 2 rooms – Arjun’s and mine.

Our parents were at work one day and it was a lazy Saturday evening, Arjun was in his room locked up, as usual, watching his anime or playing games. I started messaging my friend Anju. My childhood friend was free and agreed to meet at Starbucks. I knocked on Arjun’s door and told him that I was going out to meet Anju. He said ok and asked me to take the key and lock the door from the outside.

I returned home around 9-ish and when I tried to open the door, I realized that Arjun had bolted it (in India, apart from the door lock, there are additional manual bolt locks). I really wanted to pee and was very annoyed. No matter how much I screamed, he did not respond. I could hear loud music coming from the inside and I thought to myself that his gang from college must have come. So, out of desperation, I climbed the balcony and entered my room. Luckily, I had kept the balcony door open.

I had a long gushing piss, I played with my pussy while pissing and licked my fingers and then cleaned myself. The moment I came out of the bathroom, I realized things in my room were not in order. My black net panty was on the bed, and the drawers were semi-open. I knew Arjun next door was busy with his friends and he hated being interrupted. So I picked up the phone to tell him that there was a burglary at our house. Suddenly, the music stopped and I could hear footsteps toward my room. I knew it was Arjun. I don’t know what got into me, my immediate reaction was to hide in the closet.

At first, Arjun entered the room and then invited his friends Paul and Sachin. I knew the brats from when they were kids. But now that I was already in the closet, I was curious to know what business they had in my room. Arjun broke the silence and said, “500 bucks, guys.”

Arjun: I have got you both to the place you most wanted to be. You have 5 minutes to do your business and leave.

Paul: I need her panty bro and if it’s soiled, even better!

Arjun opened my undergarment drawer and said, “Take what you want” with a grin on his face. I was no longer surprised how my brother knew exactly where my undergarments were. I now knew there was no burglar at home.

Sachin: Bro! Can I use this black one on the bed?

Arjun: Well, I had my turn on it a few hours ago. If you don’t mind about that, knock yourself out.

I was mesmerized looking at these guys I knew since we were kids. All three of them were sniffing my panty and covered their faces with my bra.

Paul: Arjun, how come you haven’t fucked your sister yet?

Sachin: Yeah man, if she was my sister, I would have filled all her holes all the time.

Arjun: What do you guys like about my sister?

Paul: She has got such beautiful boobs. I would like to squeeze them together and suck both nipples together, then place my dick in between her boobs and put my dick in her mouth.

Sachin: Call me old-fashioned, I just want to taste her pussy.

Sachin and Paul then asked Arjun, “How about you?”

Arjun hesitated and then when his friends insisted, he said, “My fantasy is too kinky for both of you to handle. Let’s leave it at that.”

Listening to all this talk, I don’t know when my fingers got buried in my pussy. I was biting my lips and rubbing my clit and asshole.

Sachin and Paul insisted that Arjun shared his fantasy. I almost came out of the closet to ask him to tell too!

Finally, Arjun said, I love Priya’s ass the most. My fantasy is that she sits on my face so that I can suck her asshole and she pisses in my mouth.”

I was extremely aroused by all this and while rubbing my pussy, I inserted my finger in my ass. It was greasy when I pulled it out. All the erotic conversation from these guys had made me mental. I sniffed the finger that I pulled off my ass and started to lick it, imagining my brother’s dick out of my ass.

Arjun suddenly looked at his watch and asked the guys to leave as it was 10:00 pm and that was when I told him I would return home. I quietly climbed down the balcony and came to the front door as if I just returned from my catch-up with Anju.

I quietly unlocked the door as the guys had unlocked the manual locks. As I entered, Sachin and Paul greeted me, “Hello Didi” and left. Arjun as usual gave a cold smile and went to his room and I went to mine.

To be continued.