Adventure Of A Cheating Wife – Part 4

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So I was waiting for Ashwin, dressed like a bride on the bed with ghoonghat and makeup. The lights were off. Only lights were on the candle around the bed. I listen to the clicking sound of the door opening. My heartbeat increases as I am going to be the bride of my dream lover.

He opens the door, enters inside, and locks the door. He was very happy seeing me like that, which I could tell from his face. But I just sat there looking down side in a ghoonghat like a newlywed bride waiting to get love for the first time. He came near me, and I was literally hearing my heartbeat.

It was not my first time, but at that moment, it felt like it was my first suhagraat. He came near me and opened my ghoonghat. But he was not in the mood to take it slow. When I looked up, his dick was already out and touching my face. I was like, “Come on, I am your bride.”

But he pushed me down and my head was hanging on the bed. He pushed his dick inside. He was in no mood to make me feel like a wife. He wants me to be his slut. He was fucking my mouth, and with his hands, he was opening the hook of the blouse. He tried to remove it, but it was getting stuck somewhere.

So he pulled it hard, and half the blouse came in his hand. Now, off goes my bra. He was pinching my nipples so hard that I was not able to bear them. But as my mouth opened due to the pinch, he pushed his dick more. Now he is fully bent down and started sucking my boobs like a wild dog.

Due to this, his dick was full in. I don’t know what happened to him. He was not moving it out. He kept it for 5 minutes, and I was in tears, and he was busy making my boobs full red. After taking full advantage of my boobs, he stood and removed his dick.

I was literally coming back to life, spitting a lot of saliva and gasping for air. I don’t know, but some part of me really likes the way Ashwin is treating me. It took me 2-3 minutes to get back to sense from that deep-throat fuck. I saw Ashwin was naked and was pulling me from the bed.

He just ripped all my clothes except my sandals and jewellery. He made me stand in front of the mirror, and I was feeling very shy. He comes behind me, his dick poking in my ass. He asked me to look up and see the beauty of his wife. I saw in the mirror standing all naked with not a hair on my body.

My nipples were erect nose rings, and long ear jewellery gave a perfect dulhan look. My necklace hung in my cleavage. My waist chain was the only thing hanging between my boobs and pussy, and then my red sandals. I know any man will go crazy if he watches me like this. So, how can Ashwin control it?

He started feeling my boobs which were wet from saliva, and kissing me as he wanted to suck all my lipstick. My eye shadow and kajal were completely smudged due to my tears. But it made me look like a perfect bitch of Ashwin.

He wasn’t going to stop. He again made me go down on my knees. I knew what he wanted again. I am his wife, so I need to be ready for what It takes to make him happy, so I thought, let’s take it. Slowly, I kissed his dick, but he was in no mood. He pulled my hair.

I saw him. He said, “Not today, bitch. I will show you what a bitch needs to do.” And he pushed the whole dick inside my mouth in one shot, and he made me look in the mirror. How he was treating me! He started fucking my mouth. This time, I saw his wild side as he was going so fast.

My whole body was getting wet by the saliva out of my mouth. My pussy was already wet, and I could see it happening in the mirror. Have you imagined how you look when you get treated like a bitch? I can see that today. He was in no mood to leave me today.

He kept on fucking my mouth till he cum. He didn’t let me waste a drop, making me drink full cum. It was a lot. He was happy and satisfied, which I can see from his face. It makes me happy, and I was pleased waiting for his next instruction. He made me stand.

We went to bed, hugging each other, kissing and cuddling. I don’t know when I slept. He didn’t like that I woke up from a hard hit on my face. I was shocked at what happened and saw Ashwin smiling. He said, “Bitch don’t sleep.” He comes over to me and starts kissing my whole body.

This time, he started removing all the jewellery except my necklace. I could feel his dick rubbing on my pussy. He was trying to take my left boob completely inside his mouth but wasn’t able to do so. In frustration, he was pinching my right nipple to make me cry with a moan.

When he was done with my boobs, he pulled me to the edge of the bed and spread my legs apart. In one shot, he directly forced dick inside me. Oh my god, what a feeling was that after such a good fuck with the mouth. I finally got what I wanted a dick in my pussy that too my love Ashwin’s dick.

It was amazing, and I was so wet. It went in easily, making it all go in one hard stroke. Now he was fucking me at a slow pace, but every shot was touching deep inside me. With every shot, my boobs were bouncing so hard. I tried to hold them, but he didn’t like it.

So he forcefully removed my hands and pinned them down over my head. He kept giving me shots making my boobs bounce more. I think he was loving the sight of my boobs bouncing, telling him that he was making it bounce so hard. He was enjoying the view.

His shots were increased in pace, and he was now pumping like an engine. I was moaning like if anybody here he also went crazy. He didn’t want to stop my moan. So he was going deeper, and I was only saying, “Ashwin, fuck me, baby fuck me hard.”

I was crazy, he was crazy, and the whole fucking was crazy. He cum so hard in me that he was shouting with every jet of sperms. After completely loading cum in me, he fell on me and kissed me hard, biting my lips. I was enjoying his touch on my body. We slept like that only the whole time.

I woke up, and it was time to leave. So I took a bath and got ready in a black colour saree with a backless blouse and open hair as those were wet. I woke Ashwin and said that it was time for me to go.

But he pulled me onto the bed again and said he needed a blowjob before leaving. I said no, but he said please. I didn’t want our last meeting should end without him being properly happy. So I gave him a good blowjob, and he cum very late.

My mouth was paining, but I made sure to make him cum. He was so happy. He hugged me and wished me goodbye. He didn’t know it was our last meeting. But I have decided that this is the last.

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