Bhabhi and the exercise – Part 1

Hi guys, I am writing my story for the first time on ISS. I hope you will like my story. To be honest, it is a genuine story of my life and I am really thankful that I could have that experience with my bhabhi. So, I will be writing the story in both Hindi and English.

After graduation, I moved back to my hometown and started preparing for some other exams. Before leaving my town, I used to be so friendly with my bhabhi as she was pretty cool. So I used to share a lot with her, but nothing sexual though. She was my elder cousin brother’s wife and she had two kids and was living pretty close to my house.

I never looked at her that way until one day I went to her house and the main door was open. I peeked in her room and my bhabhi was in her bra and was wearing her blouse. At that time, I just had a good look at her. Then I went back to the door without saying anything. I moved back to the hall and my nephew came from the main door with the ball he dropped on the lawn downstairs. Maybe that was why the door was open.

I started playing with him and soon, bhabhi came and said, “Hey, kaise ho? Bade dino baad nazar aaye” (Hey, how are you? Seeing you after so many days). I was a bit nervous when I saw her boobs in her bra, so that image was in my mind. So I just responded with a red face that I was a bit busy.

Then the kids went out to play and we were talking. She said that she got really bored and lonely as my brother was out of India on a business tour for a long time. When I was talking to her, I could see her cleavage, but I really didn’t want to look at it. She said, “At least you come here so that I have somebody to talk to” and I was like, ok, why not? Then I had to leave.

At night when I was trying to sleep, I could only see my bhabhi changing. I could only see those big boobs and her cleavage popping out, and I got really hard thinking about her. So, I just started masturbating thinking about her. After I was done, I felt bad and guilty. But then I kept visiting her and we got really along that way and we were getting even closer than we were before.

One night we were chatting on WhatsApp and she was quite sad and was saying, “I don’t look good at all, and other females look way better than me”. And I was like, “No bhabhi, you look really beautiful. Why are you saying such things?”

Then she said, “Thanks for being so nice, but I really don’t look good.”

But I said, “No, you look beautiful to me. I’m stating the truth, not being nice to you”. Then she was like, “You are sweet and you like me and that is why you are saying so”.

I said, “Yes I do like you. But I am telling the truth. You are beautiful and if you weren’t married to my brother, I would’ve taken you out on a date, lol.”

She laughed and said, “Well, I wouldn’t mind going now also”. And I was like, “Ok, done.”

Then she asked me, “What do you like in me so much?”

Then I said, “I love your big beautiful eyes.”

And she was like, “Oh, really?” I was like, “Yes.”

“What else do you like in me?” she asked. I said, “You are simple and I love talking to you and sharing thoughts with you.”

She said, “Thanks, but I’m becoming really fat and I think I should do something about it.”

Then I said, “No, you’re not fat, but yes a little exercise would do good.”

(Readers, let me tell you my bhabhi’s body stats. Her measurements were 36-30-38 which is fine for me.)

Then I said, “Ok, from tomorrow onward, I will take you to the park and we will exercise and I will make you lose weight.”

She said, “Done, I’ll make a routine, please make me lose weight.”

Then I said, “But you have to do as I say and follow the diet.”

She said, “Yes.”

The next day, I went to pick her up. She was waiting for me. She was wearing tight leggings with a white t-shirt. I could see her boobs, they looked pretty solid, lol. Then we started with a brisk walk and as I looked toward bhabhi’s breasts, they were going up and down, which was quite turning me on!

After a good walk, I said, “We’ll start with the exercise.”

I really wanted to make her boobs jump, so I asked her to do jumping jacks, and I could see them juggle wiggle, which was fun! I think she knew that I was purposely making her do it.

Then I said, “Bend forward and touch the ground.” And I was behind her and I was getting a really good look at that sexy big ass. She wasn’t able to do it properly, so I went from behind, kept my hands on her back, and pushed down. As my penis touched her big ass, it was becoming a little hard.

Then I asked her to stand straight and then went again and again. I pushed myself on bhabhi’s ass and seriously it felt great. Then I asked her to stand straight again. I could see her smiling at me and even I had that grin on my face. Then I asked her to lie down on her back on the yoga mat and do the crunches. She started it, but she couldn’t come up properly.

So I gave her a hand and I kept one of my hands on her upper region. So when bhabhi was coming up, I could feel her boobs touching my palm and I was touching her. Even she had a smile on her face. So, I was saying in my mind, “Yes, we are quite close”, but I let her come on her own.


I will write the second part of the story. But people, please let me know if you liked the story so far.