A Month in Incest Heaven – Part 2

Four mothers planned a month-long vacation with their children in a lonely deserted guest house in a private estate. All the children are above 19 years of age.

Narration mostly by Preetam, along with group conversations. Sorry for not including the members’ looks, weight, and physique. I will include it as the story series progresses.

Characters in the story.

Swati – Kids: Keerti, Prateek

Harita – Kids: Spandan, Sarika

Aishwarya – Kids: Preetam, Sneha

Kavya – Kids: Geeta, Vivek

Meanwhile, the vehicle driver got exchanged. Now Spandan is driving. And Kavya asked Vivek to help Geeta with peeing. Geeta then removed her Jeans and her black panty. Now, a beautiful pair of soft butts are in front of our eyes.

We all can see the shyness on Geeta’s face. Fortunately, her back faces me, and I am mesmerized by her ass. Meanwhile, Vivek put his right palm on her right ass cheek of Geeta. She held the bus rods with two hands. Vivek’s help is not needed as Geeta removed her full pants.

There is no need for someone to hold and support her like me holding Swathi Aunty’s dress. But, in this situation, no one needs logic, including Geeta. Keerthi meanwhile put her palm on my erection and asked me, “Where you licked Geeta’s ass in your mind.”

The thought itself is erotic, and Keerthi is saying this when she is holding my penis over my pants. At the same time, we both observed the delight on Vivek’s face. But unfortunately, he did not play with her ass like I did with Swati.

After this was completed, I told them I wanted to pee. But when Keerthi volunteered to hold my penis. Again it is not needed for balance, but nobody is objecting, considering the erotic atmosphere. My mom Aishwarya asked my sister Sneha to remove my dress and hold my penis.

Just hearing this itself makes my cock pulsate in my pants. Sensing the Keerthi disappointment, my mom asked both to hold my penis. Sneha opened my pant, and Keerthi held the hem of my underwear and pulled it down. With that, my erect penis rebound hit my sister Sneha on her chin, and everyone laughed.

But my penis is rock hard and erect and facing the ceiling almost. Both held my penis and tried to bend downwards, which seemed impossible for them. Those soft palms of Keerthi and Sneha are bliss for my cock. I enjoy the friction when they try to bend downwards.

Keerthi holds my balls with the other hand, and nobody is commenting. After they struggled for a few minutes, I bent to a doggy position and peed. Keerthi and my sister Sneha exchanged smiles. Similar things happened throughout the journey. I am cutting short the journey part here.

After travelling, we reached Swati’s guest house by evening. Now, everyone, I think it is clear that we will all have some good encounters and seem happy. We relaxed for some time, and everyone had a bath and freshened up.

When everyone settled down, all four moms stood up and started addressing our children’s group.

Haritha: I hope you all enjoyed our journey. (smiling)

Aishwarya: If you like such a fun environment here, we all can plan for some fun games like that.

Kavya: If anyone doesn’t enjoy our journey today or such games, tell us now so that we can play with the rest of us.

After this, nobody even remotely wants to say no.

Swati: So everybody likes to play such fun games?

We all loudly said yes, and everyone gleamed with a smile.

Aishwarya: That’s good to hear. We will now discuss the games we planned. The only rule is don’t talk or do anything secretly or separately. You can talk about anything openly.

Kavya: We planned for 5 games now which four boys will play. Whoever wins more than one will be the winner, and great surprise gifts are waiting for them.

Keerthi: What is the gift for the winners?

Swati: That we already prepared and kept in these 5 boxes. After all 5 games, we will open these boxes and announce.

Game 1:

Haritha: In this, all of us will participate. All four boys should wait in the hall, and after a few minutes, we call one at a time. And rules are written on the board. You come and read the rules and play the game. Then go to the other bedroom and not talk to the ones yet to play.

All boys stared at each other, and we did not have a slight clue. Spandan’s name was called first, and he went inside. After 10 minutes, he completed his game, and they called my name. I went inside and saw the whiteboard with rules. Here are the rules below.

Game 1 instructions:
1. Remove the blanket on the bed. You can see all our butts in the underwear.

  1. If you need, you can pull our underwear down, touch, lick, and feel the bare ass cheeks.
  2. Then guess each pair of butts and write the guessed names on our ass cheeks using the marker.
  3. Take only a maximum of 15 minutes for this activity, and don’t hurt anyone.
  4. Don’t discuss this anytime until all five games finish.
  5. Finally, the game name is ‘best-ass guesser.’

After reading them, I didn’t want to waste a second and immediately pulled the bedsheet. They covered themselves cleverly so that I could not see their bodies except their asses. I cannot even trace the height of their body. I immediately pulled all the underwear down. It was an eye feast before me.

Among these, there are four big butts and four lean butts. The first one is very big and protruding even though two more such big butts are there. This, I guessed, was Haritha. Her ass is more like actress Vidya Balan’s ass protruding in the saree.

This ass width is very wide, and each cheek is like a half globe, and I confirmed it as Haritha. Next is my Keerthi darling, in super shape and familiar size. I touched and kneaded her ass numerous times, even though this was the first time I saw Keerthi’s bare ass.

The next one is either my mom Aishwarya’s or Kavya’s aunty’s as the size is enormous. This is a tough guess. But just by ass color of the other big ass, I guessed this was my mom’s as she is more of orange or reddish body color. Kavya’s is very white. So I guessed this was my mom’s butt.

I was mesmerized by the softness of her ass. Till now, I lost my thoughts on Swati Aunty’s ass. But mom’s one is very beautiful. I could not resist myself and gave a lick to her crack.

Next is the leanest and softest of all, and I know this is Geeta’s. Again I could not resist myself and kissed her bare ass cheeks.

Next is my favourite one before this task. This is Swathi Aunty, for sure. Not big, not small, but very whitish and butter-like soft. I can easily recall the morning touch of her ass. Of course, I don’t even need that. This is the part that I have seen and masturbated to many times.

The next one is, again, big ass. The only possibilities now are Kavya Aunty or Sarika, who inherited such a big beautiful ass from her mom Haritha. I could not guess if this were Kavya or Sarika. I tried to identify it based on the colour but could not.

So thought of identifying them by testing the assholes. I licked both my index fingers of both hands and tried to put them in the remaining two big asses. I think Kavya Aunty might have ass fucked already, and the hole might be a bit loose compared to Sarika.

But this idea failed as both holes are tight and similar. Now tried to feel their pussies. Both pussies are very wet and pouring. But, when I tried to insert middle fingers in their pussies, I could easily differentiate one pussy that I could penetrate.

I tried two fingers, and again almost went as if it was inviting or sucking. With this, I guessed the tight one is Sarika, and the relatively loose one is Kavya Aunty. The remaining ass is my sister Sneha. All this identification took only 5 minutes, and I wrote their names.

Now, I have 8 beautiful asses to enjoy for another 10 minutes. Immediately I started licking my sister Sneha’s ass cheeks and then opened her ass crack. There I can see a beautiful pucker hole, pinkish and very inviting. So I started licking her ass crack and hole. I can hear a slight moan which is my sister’s.

Immediately I pounced on Swathi Aunty’s ass and started licking, smearing my face on her ass. I opened her ass crack and madly licked her ass hole for a minute. I hear her moan more than one time while doing this. Then I went to my mom and repeated the same like Swati Aunty.

After that, I tried to put my finger in my mom’s ass and one in Swati Aunty’s. I licked both of my fingers. That is the best moment. Then I went to my friend Keerthi’s ass and licked the place between her ass hole and pussy, which she enjoyed by giving upthrusts.

Then I went to Haritha’s ass and then opened her ass, and kept my face there. Her smell of the ass is intoxicating. Her ass hole is very tempting, and I licked very aggressively. I tried to put my penis in her ass hole to test if she accepted. I almost inserted half an inch, and she was still not flinching.

She might have been regularly ass fucked, which made her ass enormous. Then I went to Kavya and Sarika’s asses again. This time I was licking each, one after the other. While doing this, I just took an opportunity to touch Kavya Aunty’s boobs which are the best in the group.

When I tried that, Kavya Aunty lifted her upper body to give me access to her boobs. I kneaded them madly over the dress. After a minute of licking her ass hole, I stopped.

Finally, I went to Geeta. This is because I liked her ass a lot after seeing it bare. These are the softest butts of all. I licked her ass cheeks and ass hole, and she started moaning. She could not control her moans, and she was not even trying to suppress her moans.

I am now madly in love with these butts, going like a mad dog and licking everywhere. I switched to Sarika’s ass after that. The alarm rang when I was licking Sarika’s ass when exactly my tongue at her ass hole. This is the best 15 minutes of enjoyment in my life till now.

I reluctantly went to the other room and waited. Then I heard they probably went to the bathroom to clean their asses from my saliva. I keep recollecting the past 15 minutes’ memories in the other room. Vivek and Prateek completed their rounds in a jiffy, both in less than 20 minutes together.

I just wondered why not use such beautiful moments till the end. After another 15 minutes, all 8 females came to the hall and asked us to come. The moment I entered, I felt all 8 females just saw me for a few moments intently. Or that may be my imagination, and then group conversations start.

Me: Those 15 minutes are the best moments of my life till now.

I told gleefully

Keerthi: I know. (and she is laughing hysterically.)

Kavya: “You naughty boy Preetam. Come here and sit beside me.”

I went and sat beside her, and the other side was Sarika. At this moment, I received a WhatsApp message. I know it should be Keerhi. But, to my surprise, this is not Keerthi’s. Instead it is a group conversation of myself, Keerthi and my sister Sneha.

And the messages are like this.

Keerthi: Sitting between big young ass and best boobs. Enjoy. (said with a wink.)

Keerthi referred to big young ass as Sarika and best boobs as Kavya aunty.

Sneha: I liked your licking. Did you like my ass, brother?

Sneha sees deeply into my eyes.

Keerthi: Your sister is fond of your licking. (with a lick emoji) My mom Swati is thrilled with your mad work at her ass. Seems you ate my mom’s ass.

Now, at this moment, I am mesmerized by Keerthi’s external beauty. (She has features and a face comparable to Kajal Aggarwal.) With her openness or free-spiritedness, I was lost in a moment and intently seeing Keerthi’s face.

Swathi: You can watch my daughter anytime, dear. Listen to our conversation first. (and smiling playfully)

Now Haritha stands and tries to unveil the cloth in the board.

Aishwarya: “Here are our next game instructions.”

Below is the transcript on the board.

Game 2 instructions:

  1. The game name is ‘best licker.’
  2. This is an open game where all 12 of us will be in the same room, unlike the first game.
  3. Each boy gets two females. One mother and one daughter.
  4. The task is to lick their pussies one after the other.
  5. You should lick or suck till she reaches orgasm. Then go for the next female.
  6. Overall, who makes their female partner reaches orgasm in less time is the WINNER.
  7. Prices for the winners will be given from box 2 after all the games finish.

Seeing this, Sarika hugged me, which was a big surprise. And she said, “You like mine? The tingling sensation when you licked my ass is awesome.”

Now again, My mobile WhatsApp buzzes. Keerthi and Sneha sent similar messages with a kiss and lick emojis. “Your licking teaser seems liked by more people. Let’s see the movie in Game 2.”

With this, I am concluding part 2 of the story. In the next part, I will go further with the next games.

Please post your feedback at [email protected] Guess the other 3 games or suggest the next games if you have some ideas.