With my lady manager

It was a Saturday night. I had just completed a hectic project and was having dinner with my colleagues. Later, we went to a club. While we were having fun, our managers were engaged in discussions.

My manager is a 35 year old woman; she is bossy, talented, awesome, and funny, but she can also be strict. She had to go through a lot for this project. Now that it is completed and we were in club, I noticed that she wasn’t happy as she should be. Eventually, all my colleagues went home. I was about to leave too, but I saw my lady manager sitting alone at a table, still drinking, so I decided to approach her.

I went to her and asked if she was okay. She told me there was another project she needed to start working on and that she was having self-doubts about whether she could give 100% in her next project. Saying this, she took another sip from her glass, but I grabbed her drink and told her that if she couldn’t do it, no one could. I assured her that she was awesome, and I was 100% sure she would excel.

My lady manager smiled but still wanted a drink, so I said, “Enough for now.”

She replied, “Last time I checked, I was the manager.”

I told her, “You are, but not now.”

The music’s volume increased, so I grabbed her hand and asked her to dance with me and let it all out.

There she was dancing and moving and swinging her hand above in the air. She was in a saree and was gorgeous. She was in her own world now. We were looking into each other singing and dancing and pretty close but not touching. When she was singing, I could smell her breath and sweat and while she was dancing her saree fell often but she adjusted and I saw her cleavage. I was turned on. I never realized that I was attracted to my lady manager even when I was just 22 years old until that moment. Seeing her dancing in saree turned me on and I was just looking at her.

This time when her saree fell, I caught it and pulled her closer by waist and draped it over her. And that made her turn around and I pulled her closer. I took the saree and held it near her waist. Now she was leaning back on me and was looking me from behind when I held her by the waist.

I went closer to her ears with my lips, touching her ear and said, “I don’t like other guys seeing my manager.” She smiled and leaned her ass on me.

The smell of her perfume, her breath carrying the scent of alcohol and her sweaty armpit aroused me. I was in cloud nine. Soon the DJ increased the pace of music and the light became very dim.

My manager started swinging a lot. I couldn’t control and I buried my face in her neck. I didn’t kiss her, I just pressed my lips on her neck and breathed heavily and smelled her. She too started breathing heavily as I could see her breasts pumping up and down through her saree.

My lady manager was turned on and started grinding her ass on my cock and she even pushed me onto her by pulling me from behind the thigh. I got encouraged and started exploring her bare waist and touched her navel. With my left hand, I slowly moved from her waist and caressed her side boobs. Then I moved it even further, touching her sweaty armpit which tickled her and then made her push her hand in the air.

I also dragged my lips from side of her neck to her ears and kissed her. Also, I bit her. And I licked the earlobe with my tongue and she shivered a bit. I also dragged my hand above her navel but just below her boobs and seduced my manager. And then I pressed her waist tightly.

She was looking back into my eyes and breathing heavily and she was horny. I again buried my face in her neck and started kissing and biting her. She held my head and pushed further. I couldn’t control and since it was very dark and no one could see, I pushed my luck and inserted my hand from her navel into her saree to feel the pussy. She looked into me and opened her mouth slowly as my hand progressed near her pussy.

The milf manager covered my hand with her shawl and slowly moved her lip towards me and kissed me on lips. And she let out a moan and I could smell her breath and it turned me on even more. I started rubbing her pussy and she didn’t care anymore. She was eating my lips hungrily and I increased my pace on her pussy while grinding my cock on her.

She was moaning and breathing heavily in my mouth and I could sense she was gonna cum and started kissing deeply and also grinded hard and for the first time with my left hand I squeezed her left boobs. The instant I squeezed it, she trembled and came hard. She moaned into my mouth and I too came by dry humping her ass.

Soon, we came back to our senses and looked around and no one saw us. I made her face and kissed her lips slowly and she too responded. We didn’t care anymore. I went close to her ears and said that I want to spend the night with her and eat her pussy and fuck it and tear it with my cock till morning.

Hearing this, my lady manager pulled my hands and we went to her car and then her place.


This is a fictional story but I really wished it to happen. I want to make love to a hard working woman as well. She can use me to relieve her stress which I wouldn’t mind. What do you think about this story? This is my mail and I am looking for feedback: [email protected].

About me, I am a 24-year-old male.