Wild cuckold of Vijayanagar-live-in couple

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Coming to the story, the lead characters of this story are Niharika and Akhil. A live-in relationship couple based in Bangalore. Akhil was from Kerala and a CA by profession working for a PSU.

Niharika, on the other hand, was from Amritsar and a CA by profession. Both worked for the same company. Akhil and Niharika initially met as colleagues. Niharika was a very hot Punjabi girl. She was taller, cuter, and hotter as well.

She looked like a healthy white Arabian horse. Guys/Men irresistibly ogled at her at all the places. Niharika ignored and got used to this ogling. Niharika was such a hot and milky-skinned girl. Akhil never dreamed of approaching her.

Since both worked in the same department, she was one of his friend circles. Akhil, for obvious reasons, liked Niharika, but he never thought she would like him. So he spoke as a normal friend to her. Akhil always controlled his urge to ogle her hot body like all men, which was daunting.

Her milky skin, yummy heavy boobs, and shapely round ass were perfect assets like a heroine. Maturely, Akhil controlled his excitement when Niharika showed interest in Akhil. Akhil’s had a war going on in his mind every time he controlled the temptation of Niharika.

It came to a day when Niharika herself proposed to Akhil. Niharika wanted to start a live-in relationship to know how the chemistry works between them before stepping into bondage like marriage.

After this, Akhil was very frustrated by all the ogling men. As days progressed into the relationship, he understood Niharika better and learned to ignore them. The lives of Niharika and Akhil were thrilling and exciting, with lots of sex/outings/pubbing/drinking.

Since both were from the same background, they planned outings with colleagues. They explored places. The fights, consoling, happiness, and love strengthened the relationship.

After two years, Niharika had a feeling of boring and monotonous life. Even Akhil agreed when she discussed this with him. Nothing is exciting them. Mainly the sex, which seems less pleasured. Niharika started chalking out reasons to avoid physical fun.

The trips with colleagues stopped slowly. Both became too engrossed busily in work life. Akhil and Niharika have a fuck after a gap of two weeks. Akhil cum early. He noticed the unexcited face of Niharika. Akhil was sleepless that night, with many different thoughts running wild.

The questions in his mind were:

Is it time to marry her?

Is she suggesting a breakup?

If I marry, what if she cheats on unsatisfied sex?

How can I break up with such a cute girl? No man will miss such an angel.

How can I digest if she breaks up with me?

Akhil was a regular reader of ISS stories. He opted to read some stories to escape all these confusing questions in his mind. While reading one of the cuckold stories, he fantasized about Niharika being ruthlessly banged in front of him.

His dick grew harder like a rock, and he shot loads of cum. He continued reading cuckold. He shagged multiple times that night with cutie Niharika snoring next to him. He felt more pleasured by the fantasy of a cuckold.

The next day early morning, he came into contact with me. He explained to me all the confusion. I advised him that the cuckold is not a simple fantasy that happens easily daily. He asked me for suggestions to convince Niharika of his fantasy.

I informed him, “Talk straight with Niharika about the fantasy. Reveal you were approaching me and an anonymous encounter.”

That day night, he texted me that he was going to tell about his cuckold fantasy to Niharika. I told him to start foreplay in the middle of the dick insertion when she is moaning convey all at once. He said, “Ok, Madhan, I will update you on the response.”

After texting Akhil, I dozed off because I knew she would deny on face his fantasy. To my surprise, early morning, I found messages along with a picture of Niharika. There was a video, too, in self-destruct mode. I plugged in the ear pod and played the video.

I had my cock abruptly erect, hearing Niharika’s loud, wild moan. Niharika had a creamy milk tone, a slim belly, and huge firm round boobs. Akhil said, “Hey honey, I want to see you getting banged harder by a total stranger.”

Akhil continued as his thick cock travelled through her neatly shaved cake-like pussy. Her pussy was like those of a pornstar fair. Akhil said, “I want to see you excited like before.”

Niharika just moaned in pleasure with no words spoken. “I have spoken to a guy who has experience in cuckold. He will be part of our pleasure fantasy who strictly maintains anonymity.”

Niharika abruptly answered, “Hey Akhil, are you serious? The thought of this is making my pussy leak juices, honey. Don’t test me. You want me to be slut in front of you.” Saying this, she started rubbing the clit with her saliva-drenched fingers.

Niharika continued, “Oh fuck me harder and harder, baby.” Akhil pushed his cock hard and asked, “Shall I call him today.” Niharika, “No way.”

As I had suggested, Akhil pulled out his cock. Niharika took a deep breath. Akhil spoke in a sad tone, “I am serious. I want to see you fucked today but anonymously by a stranger one time. I want to bring thrill into our life.”

She replied, “But! will the guy maintain professionalism.” Akhil said, “Thank you, baby, and kissed her dripping pussy.” The video ended with that. I can explain the thoughts running through the heads of Niharika until we met the next night. But this will elongate the story.

Akhil said that the session would happen at his home the next day. He requested me not to tell him any reason and be available at any cost. I told him that I would be available since it was a Saturday evening. Akhil said, “Hey, Madhan, I left her halfway through the sex. She is left dry for your cock.”

Akhil shared his flat location, which was at Yelahanka. We discussed the specifics like time, how to manage apartment security, etc. As per Akhil’s request, I bought a pack of long-lasting thin condoms.

At 7 in the evening, I reached the tallest apartment where Akhil’s flat was housed on the 7th floor. Akhil addressed the main door upon my doorbell ring and welcomed me to the small hall. There was no sign of Niharika. The flat had two bedrooms.

My eager eyes were scanning the surroundings in search of Niharika. Akhil noticed my scan and said, “Niharika is getting ready in the bedroom.” He handed me the TV remote and walked to the bedroom.

While watching TV, my ears could hear the hushed conversation between Akhil and Niharika. Niharika was saying, “Hey, I am scared, baby.”

Akhil, “Hey, nothing to be scared of. Let’s go.”

After some time, Niharika and Akhil walk out of the bedroom. Let me describe the Punjabi hottie, Niharika. She was very fair-skinned, like butter, aged 27 years, with a height of 5.5 ft. She had a diamond-shaped chubby face with free-falling burgundy-coloured shiny hair.

She had angelic pretty deep eyes with a full-rimmed spectacle. Her face had a long sharp nose and thick juicy lips. Her body stats were around 36-sized firm boobs, a 30-sized soft navel, and an eye-provoking huge swaying ass which was 38-sized.

She was in a maroon-coloured Anarkali churidar. Her top was tightly fitting, showing the shape of sexy round firm boobs. She formally smiled at me and continued to speak with Akhil in a hushed tone.

After some signalled talks between Akhil and Niharika, Niharika walked back to the room with no words exchanged with me. Akhil was a tall and smart-looking guy. He was smarter compared to me. Akhil then explained Niharika’s cuck idea.

That is: He will act as a boyfriend returning from native. He wanted me to go into the room and start sexually pleasuring her. He wants to walk in halfway and feel jealous of seeing his hot girlfriend moaning by getting hard bangs from a stranger.

From this jealousy, Akhil and Niharika plan to recreate their lost love. He even told me that this was just one time and only physical. After explaining, he walked out of the flat. I stepped into the darker bedroom with all the window blinds closed.

Niharika was waiting, sitting at the edge of the bed with her head staring down. Leaving the bedroom door open, I walked in front of her. I quickly removed my shirt, banyan, and pants. I slowly raised her head to look at me. Her sharp eyes saw my huge erection, which had made a tent inside my underwear.

As she was staring at my cock, I ran my index finger through the length of my cock. I teased her by stroking the length of the cock over the underwear.

Niharika was silent with a blank expression. She started humping her legs showing her restlessness. I walked in my underwear close to her face. She started to breathe high. I then comfortably sat next to her on the king-sized bed.

I turned her milky, buttery face towards me. She started shivering and taking deep breaths. I quickly cupped her chubby face and started kissing her juicy lips. Niharika closed her eyes. She was not responding to the kiss and was, in turn, defending.

I tried to part her lips to milk out the juice. But she did not budge and kept her lips zipped close. I abruptly broke the kiss and stood up from the bed. She held my hand as I took the first step to walk out. Without wasting time, I pulled her towards me. She came crashing with her huge boobs crushing against my chest.

In the tight hug, I cupped her face and moved my lips closer to her lips. Our lips were hairline closer, but I did not kiss her and waited. The warm breath of Niharika brushes my face. She, too, did not move and waited with our breaths clashing.

She intertwined her fingers into me and clutched both my hands firmly. I moved my lips at a hairline distance around her cute buttery face and neck. After teasing, my lips hungrily sucked her cute face from head, nose, eyes, chubby cheeks, jaw, and neck. Niharika started to moan.

After sucking all around her face and slim neck, I moved my lips again over her lips with a hairline gap. This time she bounced over my lips. We kissed wildly with our lips, tongue, and saliva mixed in, with our noses crushed. The kiss went much longer as well as breathless.

I had lost track of time. After the kiss, I pushed her onto the bed. Removed her Anarkali dress and quickly pulled her pant low. She did not resist when I hurriedly pulled her panty out of her legs. She parted her legs wide open. Oh heavens, milky thigh. Oh! Yummy fluffy, neatly shaved pussy.

Niharika quickly pushed my head between her heavy thighs towards her heavenly pussy. I rubbed the wet pussy with the saliva-drenched thick of my palm. Niharika was moaning louder, with her hands firmly holding my head by my hair.

I parted her pussy lips with my index finger and thumb and dug my lips into them. I licked the sensitive inner layer of her pussy with my pointy tongue. Niharika jerked her body with her hips lifting towards me. Niharika erotically said, “Ah, Madhan, continue. Akhil never licks me. Lick me.”

Her talks and shouts were slutty. “Ah, Madhan faster, faster.” I continued licking her pussy with my thumb rubbing her bean-sized clit. After sufficient rubbing of clit, my lips locked with her pussy lips and sucked them long. She lets out loud shouts of moans.

“Hey, Madhan,” While she was shouting, “Madhan, you are an excellent licker,” Akhil entered the room. I noticed the change when Niharika stopped the moan. I broke, sucking her pussy lips to check on the bedroom door. Akhil was standing with an expression of shock as well as thrill.

Seeing Akhil, I grabbed her hair and moved to kiss her full lips. Niharika had her eyes glued on Akhil. My lips locked with her juicy lips, but she was not kissing as we did. I broke the kiss and inserted my fingers into her mouth, drenching them wet with her saliva.

I then raised her heavy legs wide apart and rubbed her pussy again. An uncontrolled moan comes out of Niharika. I move my lips again close to her. I poked my index finger into her wet pussy and locked my lips with her lips. This time she breathed heavily.

She jumped to kiss me wilder as we kissed in the absence of Akhil. She kissed passionately. I continued finger fucking her. Her heavy 36-sized boobs were still caged tightly in her blue bra. After the long kiss, I moved to continue eating her pussy. This time Akhil moved and was seated next to her.

The moment my tongue moved to suck her salty pussy, Akhil undid his pants and pulled out his huge cock. I continued to lick her pussy thoroughly. I then moved down to her ass hole. My thumb started caressing her clit. My index finger was rubbing the pussy lips.

I uttered, “Poke your cock into her mouth, Akhil.” Akhil followed by kneeling, pushing his giant cock into her big mouth. I then started licking her tight-lipped ass hole with my pointy tongue. I pushed my middle finger into her pussy, and my thumb continued caressing her clit.

She pulled Akhil’s cock out of her mouth and uttered, “Hey, Madhan, don’t stop.” Saying this, she held Akhil’s cock firmly with her hands and continued giving him a blowjob. I continued doing this to her.

I moved my lips from her ass hole to her pussy again. Before continuing, I stopped for an instant. Niharika, “Please don’t stop, continue.” She pushed my head into her thighs. Akhil was tempted and shot his cum over her bra.

I moved my hands over her soft spongy boobs. I grabbed the boobs over the bra and started squeezing them. I then continued sucking her pussy. She jerked her body, and my tongue felt her juice as she orgasmed.

Guys, I hope you liked this part. I will soon publish the continued next part.

Thank you, all ISS readers.