Wild cuckold of Vijayanagar-live-in couple – Part 3

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Continuing the story into the final part. Niharika’s sensitive milky white boobs were shining after massaging with the oil. I felt the soft flesh by squeezing every bit of her huge sexy boobs. My dick travelled very smoothly through the soft pair of oily boobs.

While boob fucking her, I lifted her head slightly, making her lips reach the dick head for a kiss. She kissed the dick head every time my dick slid up through her hefty boobs. Oh, I miss her body and want to enjoy her once again.

After the boob fucking, we all rested, with Niharika sleeping in the middle. Akhil slept on one side, and I was on the other side of Niharika. My hand was clutched into her small right hand. Akhil was rubbing Niharika’s left hand.

We were sweating, and our sweaty bodies were touching each other. I stopped Akhil from cumming with an idea in my mind. While resting, I suggested to Niharika and Akhil about exploring double penetration. I asked them, “whether you guys have tried anal sex.”

Niharika quickly nodded with a smile gazing at Akhil, indicating that they had explored anal before. After some rest, I was ready for the next round. I noticed that Akhil’s cock was still flaccid. I asked him, “Are you ready for double penetration?”

He saw my face and shook his cock, which remained flaccid, and did not respond. I winced and told him, “I know how to arouse your cock, Akhil.” Stating this, I looked at Niharika, who seemed to have understood the meaning.

She blushed by biting her juicy thick lower lip, and her chubby cheeks widened with the smile. I moved Niharika’s small hand over my flaccid cock. The moment her hand neared my cock, it woke into a giant snake. I gently spun Niharika to sleep on her side, with her face staring at Akhil.

Niharika continued to hold and stroke my cock with her soft hand. I unbound her hand, which was firmly holding and stroking my cock. I pressed my bare chest onto her sweaty back into a spooning position. I slid my right hand under her navel and my left hand over her navel clasping her into a spooned hug.

My eyes glanced at Akhil, who was sitting holding his flaccid cock. The moment my body pressed into a spooning position, my thick rod started caressing and cramming all over the soft spongy ass of Niharika. My lips caught her ear and sucked.

Niharika spoke and moaned with audible breathing. I started sucking and biting her big ears, wetting them with my saliva. My hands travelled from her navel to grab hefty huge boobs and squeeze them. “Oh, soft fleshy boobs.” Her slutty moans made my dick grow rock-hard.

I kept moving my thighs, pressing my hard cock around her soft ass cheeks and ass crack. Akhil continued staring at the romance between his pretty girlfriend and a stranger. Akhil continued stroking his cock for an erection.

To increase the heat, I stared at Akhil and said, “Niharika, what a lovely pair of boobs you have? My hands are lucky to have your boobs. Oh, these nipples.” Saying this, I held and rubbed her erect nipples with my index and thumb fingers.

Niharika let out a painful moan. I continued squeezing her boobs in a spooning position, with my cock positioning itself into her ass crack. Niharika, on the other hand, was moving her body, pressing her huge ass into my rock-hard cock. Niharika pulled Akhil closer to her and held his semi-erect cock.

Niharika’s other hand was in between her thighs, massaging her clit. I loved the milky white body of Niharika. I pushed away her burgundy-coloured shiny hair revealing her sexy bare back, which was creamy and shining with sweat. I started kissing and sucking her back slowly, bit by bit, around her back.

I pressed my face and rubbed against her thick shoulders with my nose smelling her body. All the while, my hands never moved away from pressing her spongy boobs. My lips kissed her back, reaching the back of her navel. Niharika giggled with a tingling sensation when my lips started licking the back of her navel.

I quickly pushed her to sleep on over belly. I climbed over her, kneeling around her thigh. Oh, heaven-round, firm white ass cheeks. I grabbed the ass cheeks with both of my hands. I gave a gentle spank, and her ass cheek shook, a sight to watch.

I told Akhil, “Buddy, what an ass man.” I could see Akhil becoming horny as his cock was erect. I uncontrollably dug my face into the sexy ass cheeks. I pressed my face feeling the soft ass. I locked my nose into the ass crack. I adjusted her hips so my tongue could reach out her ass crack.

I pushed my hand under her navel and reached out to her pussy. I started licking the rim of her ass hole. My fingers were rubbing the sensitive pussy. Niharika was again into heights of pleasure by the sounds of her low moans. She lifted her hips for my tongue, which was busy licking her ass hole.

Akhil positioned Niharika’s hand over his hard cock. She started stroking it slowly. I sensed that Akhil was ready. I wanted Akhil to hold on to his erection since I wanted to try Double penetration in a few positions. I turned Niharika around to rest on her back.

I parted her huge legs wide apart with a clear view of the ring of her ass hole. I applied oil, drenching my hand, and poured some over her ass hole. I massaged her ass hole and tried to push my oil-drenched middle finger into her. My middle entered her ass easily.

Niharika, “Ahh, Madhan.” I then tried to push my index finger, stretching her ass crack. Two fingers travelled the ass hole tightly. After a few strokes, I felt that she was ready. I wiped my finger with her dress. I slept on my back and dragged Niharika into a cowgirl position.

She moved on top of me with her huge jugs jingling. Oh god, I still can’t forget those boobs, Niharika. I wore the thin condom over my thick cock, waiting eagerly to enter into the warm pussy of Niharika. I positioned my cock, and Niharika slowly sat with my dick entering her pussy.

My thick cock was completely into her wet pussy. Akhil positioned himself behind her. I asked him to wait. I squeezed the provoking, jiggling huge boobs of Niharika. Niharika moved her body up and down, pushing herself in and out of my thick cock.

I pulled her into a hug with her nipples touching my chest and my cock deep into her. I signalled Akhil. He widened her ass cheeks and positioned his hard cock to the ass hole. He shoved his cock, holding the sides of her hips. Niharika moaned, “Aah,” leaving warm breath over my chest.

Niharika was kissing my chest. Akhil pushed his cock halfway through the ass hole. I pulled my cock halfway out of her pussy. We both pushed our cocks simultaneously into the hottie Niharika. Akhil then pulled out the cock applied some oil, and tried to poke again into the tight ass hole.

Niharika’s huge boobs were squeezed onto my chest. My dick rested inside her while Akhil succeeded in pushing his cock completely into her. We matched the rhythm of pushing inside her pussy and ass together and pulling out. All the while, she enjoyed the pleasure of moans.

After a few slow strokes, we both increased the speed. Suddenly Akhil was pushing hard. I shouted again, saying Akhil to stop avoiding him from ejaculating. I changed position by turning her around into a reverse cowgirl position.

Niharika kneeled with her ass hole right over my dick. I held the sides of her hips. Niharika positioned my cock and guided it into her ass hole. Oh, My thick dick travelled into her tight ass hole. Niharika was now screaming, “Aah,” by pushing her body into me.

As my cock was ¾  into her, she rose and sat again, consuming my complete cock into her. I told Akhil to go on. Akhil quickly pinned his cock into her sensitive pussy, and his hands grabbed her oily boobs.

Akhil, “For these boobs, men are going crazy.” He crammed the boobs and started pumping his cock. I told him to go slow. My hands holding the sides of her hips were controlling the pace of movements of Niharika.

Akhil went wilder. He pumped her harder and harder, shooting cum into her. Niharika was wet but hadn’t released the orgasm. She continued to ride my cock in the reverse cowgirl position. I moved my hand to feel the sensitive pussy.

My fingers massaged her clit and pussy lips as she rode my cock into her ass hole. Akhil sat next to her, watching her getting banged by a stranger. I pulled out my cock when I felt the urge to cock.

I changed into an Ebony position where she gets on her elbows at the head of the bed. Her buttocks are lifted. Her legs are bent at the knees and pressed to her breast as tight as possible. Her feet rest against the bed on her tiptoes.

I positioned my legs, so Niharika’s body was between my thighs. I held the sides of her thigh, and my thick cock travelled down into her pussy. I was wilder and fucked her madly. She shouted, “Ahh, I am going to cum.” She orgasmed.

I continued banging her in this position, relieving to shoot cum. At the end of this session, I kissed her ass. All three were sweating badly. I could smell the mixed smell of three bodies cum and sweat.

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