Wild Card Entry

I am Sunil today and want to describe the real-life thing that happened in my life 7 years ago. I was just a normal guy of age 36 and from a middle-class family. I was living together with my father, mom, and wife. My life changed suddenly when I had gone to meet my friend Vishnu

Vishnu lived just 6-7 km away from my house. I arrived before the scheduled time to meet him at his house and saw the door was closed from the inside. The doorbell was not working and hence I stayed there for a few minutes.

My eyes just passed through the window beside the door and I was surprised and shocked to see my friend was in 69 position with his divorced sister!? I was stunned for a few seconds.

Then I came out of the building and sat at a café nearby his house. Then my friend Vishnu called me on my phone and I told him I was waiting for him at the café.

He came to the café and I hesitated to talk to him looking in his eyes. At last, I told him what I had seen. He was shocked and felt guilty. Later, he confessed and told me how it was inevitable situation to have sex with his elder sister (I will explain this in the next part).

Since then, I was in a situation where I was confused, and could not eat, not sleep, or talk freely to anyone. Thoughts prevailed in my mind that how and why incest happens in society.

Let me introduce myself. I am Sunil 5.6ft in height 36 age with a fit personality. I go to the gym regularly, I am healthy good looking, and doing a decent job in an MNC.

My mom Radhika is aged 53 years, good-looking, and has a charming face, and good physique. She is attractive, traditional, and well-respected by all my relatives. My mom has attractive boobs and a big ass. My mom always wears sarees.

My father is bedridden since the accident that happened 3 years back. As he is 60 years age, he couldn’t heal his fractured leg properly, so most of the time he is taking rest.

As I told you, seeing my friend in a compromised position with his sister changed my behavior toward my mom. I started watching her since then more interestingly during her dressing and whenever she came out from the bath. In general, she always came out from the bath only wearing a bra and petticoat and wears saree after coming out.

My interest in her grew day by day. I started staring at my mother’s boobs and was trying to see inside her petticoat from the small opening below the knot of the petticoat. I started masturbating thinking of mom almost every day! Most of my attempts to see her body was fruitful as I got some glimpses of her boobs and pussy hair from the side of her petticoat opening.

Days started rolling and I started developing more and more interest in her. Now I was in a situation where I was desperate to see her fully nude. I wanted to suck her pussy, I wanted to sleep on the same bed with her.

One day during summer, my wife went to her parents’ house for vacation. I was suffering from heat soars and developed heat sores at the back of my body because of the hot summer weather. My mind was in a romantic mood as I had seen many incest videos and read dozens of incest stories on ISS site.

I had the plan to ask my mom to rub my back with soap and thus planned to show my big penis to her. Then I started to implement my plan. I went to mom. She was in the kitchen. I told mom that I had developed heat sores and requested her help to rub my back with soap as my hands could not reach my back body. Mom readily accepted as any common mom would do to her son’s request and told me to wait for 10 minutes cooking was going on.

I got excited and reached my bathroom and removed my night paints, and banyan. My heartbeats were rising and my penis got erect. I was in my underwear and I put some water on my body so that my erection was visible to her.

Mom came and started rubbing my back with the soap. I got afraid but I gathered courage. It was a situation of now or never.

I suddenly stood and turned toward her. She was surprised and shocked to see my 6.5-inch penis shape inside my underwear. Then I made my mother touch my erect penis. I took her hand and tried to put it on my underwear, but she scolded and shouted at me, and left the bathroom.

I was very very scared now. But my excitement overtook my fear and I masturbated thinking about mom.

After a bath, I went to the main hall. My mom was sitting on the sofa in the hall and I sat beside her. With a bit of hesitation, I started talking to mom. I told her that I didn’t have good relationship with my wife and had been denied sex since a few years. My mom was reluctant to hear that and she was very angry with me.

I requested and pleaded with mom that I want only touch with her hand and nothing else. And that if it did not happen, I will die by committing suicide. She was reluctant to agree to my words; so I left for work.

The next day, my mind and body wanted my mom’s soft touch. I started requesting her, but she was still stubborn. I too tried hard by saying that it will be my last day if she did not accept.

After a long silence in the hall, she accepted to touch my penis for only masturbation and that too, only once and warned me not to ask again. I was happy and desperately accepted and took her to the bathroom.

I opened my dress and was completely nude in front of my mom. She saw her son nude for the first time as a grown-up man. I could read the surprise in her eyes. I had just taken her hand a bit forcibly and given her my hot tool. Her first touch to my penis took me to heaven.

My mom gently pressed my penis and started masturbating. Sometimes, her fingers were touching my penis tip which made me more and more excited. She shifted her face opposite side and without seeing me, she started masturbating my dick with her hand. Within 10 minutes, I cummed on her hands and the floor.

She then pushed me aside and went out. She was sad and angry that day and was not looking into my eyes directly. She did not speak to me till the next day morning. I too felt guilty about that and decided not to ask again. But after 4 days, my intentions changed again.

It was mid-afternoon. I was on a week off and my wife had been shopping with neighbors. My mom was watching tv and as my father was taking rest after lunch, I sat beside mom with my laptop. My mom still had not become normal but was okay with me that day.

I slowly touched her leg and started massaging her. She removed my hand from her legs. I placed my hand on my shoulders and told her not to worry. Slowly, I started to proceed toward her chest. She requested not to do anything wrong.

By the time she completed her words, my hand was inside her jacket and fondling one of her boobs! She resisted for a while and as I increased my hand’s pressure on her boobs, she started moaning.

I took one of her hands and placed it over the shorts on my penis. I told her I will take only 10 minutes to cum if she jerked me off. She accepted readily without much effort but the condition was not to proceed further. I became nude on my bed and mom came to me after making sure dad was asleep.

She took my penis and started giving me a handjob. I was in super heaven but I wanted more. I controlled myself not to cum early but time was running and my wife might come within another 20 minutes. My mom told me that she will leave the room. But I requested mom to remove the jacket and be on a bra so that I can cum fast.

She opened her jacket and her cleavage was now visible and the partial view of her breasts wrapped inside her bra. I could clearly see her nipples-shapes which were protruding out. That made me instantly cum in my mother’s hands!

Days were running smoothly, and I was enjoying the routine touches of mom whenever possible. I was thinking to convince my mother for fucking her pussy.

That day, I had a chance to touch her again. I took a chance and pressed her against the wall, placed my hip on her hip, and occupied all of her body. I opened her jacket bra and my mom’s big boobs were naked in front of me. I sucked her breasts like a madman and pushed with more pressure on mom pinned to the wall so that my penis pressure stimulated mom’s pussy. She caught my 7-inch penis in her hand and pressed it.

I started undressing her saree and she was now in a petticoat. I touched her pussy for the first time. It was very soft and had some hair on it. I touched mom’s big pussy with my palm. I sat down and touched mother’s pussy with my tongue. I clearly saw her pussy crack and her clit. It was a wonderful sight.

Then I inserted my finger into my mom’s pussy partition. Mom closed her eyes and started enjoying herself. Her pussy juices started oozing out.

Mom was now moaning and pressing my head onto her pussy for the first time. I was seeing my mom’s nude, bushy pussy in front of me.

Slowly, I parted her legs. I placed her one leg on the chair and one on the ground so that mom’s pussy opened naturally. I inserted my tongue into my mom’s pussy and sucked all juice. She screamed, “AHHHHHH..”

I sucked her for 25-30 minutes and then told her to sleep on the bed. She once again warned me not to enter her. I promised her and made her sleep on the bed. I could see her big pussy as she opened her legs wide and she adjusted to 69 position.

I was thinking in my mind about how lucky I was to eat my mom’s pussy. My mom cummed inside my mouth and for the first time, I tasted her juices.

After a few minutes, I took a standing position in front of her pussy and between parted legs and started masturbating while looking at her pussy.

I also touched my mom’s pussy with my penis and at last, I too cummed like a tsunami with a full load splashing on her pussy and breasts. In the next episode, I will explain how I convinced her to allow me to fuck her.