Vaishali’s Sex Adventures – Part 1

Hello readers. This is Nakul from Bengaluru. I am 28 years old. My height was 5.8 feet, weight was around 75kg. I look like a normal man. My dick size was 7′ inches long and 2.5′ inches thick. I am a software developer at MNC.

We are 4 members and we are leaving in a 3bh apartment with my wife Vaishali, my father Nanjundappa, and my younger brother Naman. I lost my mother during the first covid wave.

I married Vaishali in 2018. She is 25 years old. Her height was 5.1 feet, her Weight was 62 kg, and she has a Cubby body shape with 36H-24-42. Yes, she looks like a cowgirl. She was working as an HR in an MNC.

My father’s name was Nanjundappa. He is 50 years old. His height was 6.2 feet, weight was around 100 kg. He was a farmer so he looks like a hulk but now he was a cab driver.

My brother’s name was Naman. He is 20 years old. His height was 6.3 feet, weight was around 75 kg. He is in his final year at He is also a state-level Athlete.

Now come to the Story.

During the first covid wave, I lost my mother. During the lockdown. We all 4 stayed in the apartment itself.

We are a happy and romantic couple and we love each other very much. We do sex every Consecutive day. We do foreplay, she gives me a blowjob, and I lick her pussy. We are like a normal couple. We are good in bed. I never left my wife unsatisfied.

One night we are doing sex in a missionary Vaishali was not moaning because in her mind was thinking of something else. I noticed that and asked her.

Me: What are you thinking?

Vaishali: Nothing darling. I was just thinking of what to make for breakfast tomorrow.

Me: Why darling? I am not satisfying you? Why are you thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast while we having penetration?

Vaishali: Not like that. You are satisfying me and more than enough for me.

Me: We can’t do sex in a daytime. My father and brother were always at home only.

Vaishali: Don’t even try. We may catch them. It’s ok we can fuck during the night. Now fuck me faster. I am about to Cum.

Hearing that I started fucking her at maximum speed. We are moaning heavily. We did for 10min and she had her orgasm. But I didn’t. She didn’t stop me. Her cum was coming out of their vagena. I continued to fuck her for another 5 min and I was reaching the climax, she noticed that.

Vaishali: Don’t cum in. Take your cock out. You didn’t have a condom on you. Pills were also not here. We have to buy them.

Me: Ok baby. I will bring you tomorrow.

Saying that I withdraw my cock from her pussy and Cum on her belly hole.

Vaishali: You becoming naughty day bay day darling. What was making you naughty?

Me: I will tell you, but don’t think badly. I used to read sex stories nowadays.

Vaishali: Hmm. Ok, I will tell you one thing. Don’t think that you are not satisfying me. I also read Sex stories.

Me: Good then. We are a perfect couple then. Which websites do you browse?

Vaishali: ISS

Me: Me too baby.

Vaihsali: What kind of tag do you prefer?

Me: Couple, Threesome, Gangbang, Incest, etc.

Vaishali: What the fuck. Are you serious?

Me: Yes dear. I love to read.

Vaishali: Hmmm.

Me: And what about you darling?

Vaishali: You need to know?

Me: Of course Vaishali.

Vaishali: You may think bad of me if I tell you.

Me: No darling, I love to hear from you, I was reading the story just to satisfy you and to increase our sex life. I don’t think badly of my wife anyhow. You know me well right? Common be tell me.

Vaishali: Thank you, my love. I will tell you now. I love to read kinky fantasies very much. Then, also like your threesome, gangbang, incest, and other life couple swaps, BDSM, and don’t mind I also read Cockold sometimes.

Me: Waw Vaishali, awesome baby. We have similar likes. We are the perfect couple right Vaishali?

Vaishali: Yes Nakul, you are right. I am lucky to have you as my husband. Not all women will get broad-minded husbands like you. I am very proud and very happy for you hubby.

Me: Me too darling.

Vaishali: Nowadays extra material affairs are increasing because of
1. Age gap between the couple.
2. Generation gap.
3. Stress life.
4. Women fear telling what she likes during sex to their husband.
5. Husband didn’t do foreplay with his partner.
6. He only made himself out and did not bother with his wife’s orgasm.
7. Quick pregnancy after marriage etc.

Me: yes my love. I agree with you Vaishali. Not only for this. It may be.
1. Fear of expressing their sexual hunger. If one of them expresses their feelings, then the other will thought I can’t satisfy her/him. One will think that he/she may have affair with another.
2. If she has affair with others, she didn’t satisfy her hunger fully. Because she always have fear of getting caught by her family.
3. Husbands mostly didn’t satisfy their wives but they can fulfill their hunger with another partner. What the wife can do then?

Vaishali: Yes honey. You are right.

Me: Most women are not satisfied with their sex life Vaishali. I came to know all these and love to satisfy you as much as possible.

Vaishali: Thank you, my love. Can we have another round?

Me: why not dear?

We did another round for 20min I fucked her in doggy and missionary positions and we both forgot about protection and we came both at once.

Me: Sorry honey I will bring you pills tomorrow.

Vaishali: Ok Nakul. Bring as much as possible. I think the lockdown will continue for another 3 months. It’s better to stock ourselves.

Me: As you say.

We read ISS stories together for a while and we slept all naked.

Like this, the things going on. One night after our intercourse, we went to the ISS website and searched for the latest stories. In that, we saw the wife fucking with her Father in law. Started to read.

Vaishali: we will change the story.

Me: Why not this dear? It’s just the story only.

We continue our reading. She gets excited and started fingering herself. And I noticed that and I started fingering her and making her cum. After some time she is more excited about the story and she is moaning heavily. Then in the story, Father-In-Law went down to his daughter-in-law’s pussy to eat. So I decided to give her a lick job simultaneously.

She denied me doing this with her. But I smiled and started to lick. She is enjoying my play with the sex story between the Father-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Me: Vaishali are you enjoying?

Vaishali: yes. Very much.

Me: can I continue? Or you like to stop?

Vaishali: please darling let me Cum. Don’t stop until.

Me: Enjoy the movement dear.

She is moaning very loudly after some time she opened her mouth to moan louder.

Vaishali: Lick my pussy, Father-In-Law. Lick my pussy. Don’t stop. Lick your Daughter-in-law’s vagina and make her cum. Yes. Like that. Come on.

Listening to her I was just shocked. But I didn’t stop and continued to lick. She is realizing pre-cum continuously. Pre-cum was dripping continuously from her vagina. I didn’t see it before anymore. She is leaking again and again and her taste was fantastic. I used to lick her but this time she reaches her maximum and she was rubbing her C spot with one hand and holding the mobile in another hand with loud moaning by taking Father-in-law’s words.

Like “lick me, Father-In-Law. Lick me. Yes. Please make me reach my orgasm”. She didn’t hold her anymore and she was about to cum. I noticed that and made my mouth wide open and place it on her pussy. She squirted like anything. That’s a huge squirt I haven’t seen before. She kept the phone beside her and she was breathing heavily. I managed to swell it all the Cum she made. And I slept beside her.

We too were breathing heavily and we relaxed for some time. After some time she realized that she Cum by reading Stories between the Father-In-Law and Daughter-In-Law, moaning loud with the word “The Father-In-Law” She looked at me. And started to please like.

Vaishali: I am so sorry baby. Please forgive me. I didn’t want to do that. But I was lost in the story. Please don’t hate me, baby.

Me: No dear nothing wrong with that. You just enjoyed yourself and let out your hunger from you. I don’t mind baby. You are just an angel.

Vaishali: Realh baby? Thanks for understanding me. You are true men. I am very much lucky to have a husband like you. Thanks to the God.

Me: Please Vaishali. It’s a good sign of a Perfect couple. I love you.

Vaishali: I love you too dear.

We did another round of intercourse and I observed that someone was standing next to the door. Their shadow was reflecting on the ground but the door was closed.

That night two things.

1. I realized that my wife will enjoy my father if they do sex. And she didn’t deny if she get a chance to fuck my father.

2. Maybe my father or maybe my brother was listening to our sex conversation and our moans. One of them was carving my wife and I am sure that one day they will fuck her.

Stay tuned for the next part.

To be continued. What do you think of whether my wife Vaishali will have sex with her Father-In-Law? How I tricked and make my father have sex with my wife. Will my wife take my father as her sex partner?

Kindly give feedback to [email protected] and let me know have to continue the same or make changes to the story. We are focusing on women’s fantasies. So we like to make a story according to the Female Prospective. If female wishes to give suggestions, we will take that and build the story accordingly.

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Thanking you.