Vacation In Goa With Friend’s Single Mom Sonia – Part 2

The next morning, I woke up early around 7 am as the last night’s scenes were moving in my head like hell. I noticed Rajat was sleeping beside me. I got up and washed my face and moved toward the kitchen where I saw my friend’s single mom Sonia aunty making tea.

I smiled at her so did she. She asked me, “How was your sleep boy?”

I smiled and said it was good. She was as usual wearing a simple red color top and a Goan skirt. She came with tea and sat beside me on the couch. We were having tea and as usual, she was moving her hands on my legs normally and that day, I was comfortable too.

I asked her if Rohan was still sleeping. She smiled and said they look tired and wouldn’t get up not before 10 am. I smiled and said, “So, we have three hours, right?”

She smiled and said, “Looks like the shy boy is now open with me.”

I smiled and said, “Sonia aunty, you are very cute”. She slapped my back in fun saying, “Don’t try to impress me, I know what you want!”

We were having tea and she rested her head on my shoulder and was caressing my chest while we were sipping tea. I was loving the moment and for a while, I felt I was in love with my friend’s mother. We started talking to each other.

Me: Sonia aunty, have you ever been in love after divorce?

Sonia: Yes, but that guy was not into me, I think.

Me: Ohh, sad.

Sonia: So, you tell me. Did you always have this older woman fantasy?

Me: I will be honest, yes, and when I saw you, it came out. 🙂

Sonia: You are a nice boy, I must say.

Me: Thanks and I have a confession to make.

Sonia: Tell me.

Me: I think I am in love with you.

Sonia: Omg, love? That’s too heavy, it is just your lust, boy.

Me: No, Sonia aunty. I love you.

Sonia: Let’s see how long we go.

Me: I will never leave you, aunty.

I kissed her forehead and we hugged each other. I felt my friend’s mom’s boobs touching my chest. She was gently caressing my chest and kissing my chest. We started kissing on the lips sitting on the couch. It was an erotic and romantic moment for us, at least for me.

I asked her if we are going to do it here. She smiled and said, “Do you think we can wait till evening when we will be alone?”

I was also conscious of her son around so I too wanted to go slowly and by then, we were already playing with each other.

We kissed for another few minutes and I almost got carried away as I was pressing her boobs hard over her top. I had almost unhooked her bra inside but we relaxed a bit and in no time, we saw Rajat was up so and we behaved normally.

Around noon, we all got ready and headed toward a shack on the beach for lunch. We had our lunch and just then we got ourselves two scooties to ride. Rajat and Rohan were on one and I and Sonia aunty were riding on one.

We planned to go to Arambol beach which was quite far away from their place. I loved the ride with Sonia aunty. She was hugging me tightly from behind all the time. In between whenever Rajat and Rohan would go out of sight, we would smooch and kiss and keep the fire ignited.

Around 5 pm, my friend’s mummy and I were already getting eager to get laid and just then, Sonia aunty made an excuse saying that I and she were going home to prepare dinner and booze for the night.

Rajat and Rohan wanted to stay for some more time and they said they will be back by 8 pm. We quickly got on the scooty and started driving toward home. We both were excited and more than her it was me who was having goosebumps.

Around 6 pm, we reached near her house and I first went to the chemist’s shop to buy condoms and lubricant. I got some viagra too. We quickly entered the house and parked the scooter. She closed the door and locked the door.

We went inside her bedroom and first started by kissing and getting aroused by touching each other. I was quite eager to see her body. I asked her to take off her clothes. She pulled off her top and removed her skirt. While I was sitting on the bed in my underwear, my friend’s horny mom unhooked her bra and pulled out her panty and hung all her clothes on the hook of the door.

I grabbed her and started playing with her boobs and gosh, they were big enough. I started sucking Sonia aunty’s nipples and those were quite big. Every time I bit them hard, her moans made me harder and she would bite my neck in pleasure. Every pinching of her nipples was making her mad and wanting of me.

I kept sucking my friend’s single mom’s nipples for some time before she pushed me onto the bed and pulled my underwear out. She started sucking my cock and praising me for the control I have on my cock. She was a good cock-sucker.

I was eager to feel her pussy so I got her on the edge of the bed, parted her legs and started fingering her pussy. Her pussy was tight. I then started licking her pussy and oh gosh, it was juicy and too good. Her juices were flowing slowly out of her pussy.

Sonia aunty asked me to get inside her. I wore a condom and applied some lubricant. She was still on edge of the bed and I penetrated her pussy with my cock and was feeling her heavenly warm and wet pussy. She was tight and more important the way she was enjoying my cock moaning like a young girl, “Aaahh.. ohhh my god” was making me more badly drill her and enjoy her. I was already hard so I gave her all.

Just then Rohan’s phone rang. He said they are on the way and will reach in 30 minutes. I was disappointed but she calmed me saying still they have more days. I took her to the hall from where we could see them coming. I got her in standing doggy position, slapped her ass hard and penetrated her pussy in doggy and was fucking her like hell.

Sonia aunty was screaming in pain and pleasure. My cock was getting stiff so I took it out and laid her on the floor and again in missionary with her legs locked on my butts, I started fucking my friend’s single mom again. It didn’t take her long before she reached her orgasm and was done cumming twice.

I too was on verge of cumming so I got up and asked her to suck my cock. She started sucking my cock hard before my cock got so hard that my cum blasted inside the condom. She pulled my condom and threw it away and we both kissed each other like anything. I confessed to her that I had developed feelings for her and I noticed the same from her end too.

Guys, we dressed up before they came back. In the next part, I will share our adventurous sex when Rajat and Rohan were around us and with the high risk of getting caught. Mail me on [email protected]