Unexpected Sex With My Innocent Young Sister

Hello everyone! My name is Ayush. I am 23 years old and my sister’s name is Anita. She is a very cute and innocent girl. She has a cute innocent face with his short hair.

My sister turned 19 years old recently, but she looks very younger because of her immature body and face. My sister is my best friend and I protect her from all things. We don’t have mother. My father is a very busy person and we rarely meet him. She shares everything with me like her class incidents, crush, etc. I also share everything with her.

Once she came from her college and looked very sad.

I asked her: What happened, Ankita?

She said: Our college is organizing a function where we have to go with our father or mother. But I can’t go because non of them are with me.

And she started crying by hugging me and putting her face on my chest.

I said: Not a big problem, I am with you. We will go to that function.

Then she calmed down. That day was a Saturday, and we were free. So I decided to take away my sister’s mind from the parents topic by watching a horror movie. So, at night, we both went to our room (we both sleep together) and locked the door and switched off the lights. Then we both got inside my blanket.

While watching the movie, my sister got scared and came near me. I opened my arms and she kept her head on my arm and turned her back to me. Then she started watching the movie again.

She was still scared. So I grabbed her and started tickling (gudgudi) her to calm her.

But she said: I don’t feel the tickles (gudgudi).

Me: Oh, really?

She said: Yes (proudly).

At that moment, there was a romantic scene in the movie. She came very close to my body. She was wearing a fluffy t-shirt and skirt. I could feel her body, and her butts were touching my dick. My one hand was behind her head and my other hand was on my sister’s smooth curvy belly. And one more thing, my sibling smells very good even though she doesn’t use perfume. I was smelling her hair and neck. Then I got an Idea to seduce her and I said –

Me: You really don’t get tickle (gudgudi)?

She said: No.

Then I said: Let me try once more.

She said while watching the movie (a romantic scene was going on): Ok, no problem.

I put my hands on her belly and started touching there smoothly. I was feeling awesome now.

Then I said: Do you get tickled now?

She said: Very less.

After this, I said –

Me: You will get more tickle.

She said: How?

Then I started licking my sister’s neck and hands to comfort her with my tongue and asked her –

Me: Now, how are you feeling?

She said: Good.

And then I started to tickle her toes and her legs and her thighs. I was inside her skirt and then I again asked her to know if was there any problem.

She said: Acha lag raha hai (feeling good).

I started licking her stomach very passionately and started moving up inside her t-shirt. I realized that my sister was not wearing her under-the-t-shirt. I was licking her from all directions. While I was going up, her heartbeat was increasing and I could feel that. I kissed and licked her chest (above the boobs). Then I took the risk and started licking her boobs and nipples. Her heartbeat was getting higher and her body started sweating.

Then I asked: Acha lag raha hai na? (Are you enjoying?)

She said: Haa, bhaiya (Yes, brother).

Then I moved down and started licking my young sister’s thighs by entering her skirt. I came near to her pussy and kissed the side of her pussy (she was wearing a panty). Then I started removing her panty while licking her. I thought she would stop me, but she didn’t say anything.

I removed her panty. My sister had a clean shaved pussy. I started licking her pussy and ass passionately. This was my dream to lick a pussy!

I was pushing my tongue inside her pussy. She was enjoying and moaning. After some time of kissing and licking, I came up and kissed her lips.

Then I said: I love you, Ankita..

She said: I love you too, bhaiya..

Then I opened my pants and showed her my dick. She was very surprised. She had never seen a dick before and she was looking at it very carefully.

Then I said: You can touch this.

She was smiling at me.

Then my sister grabbed my dick and I guided her to move it up and down. She did exactly like that. After that, I told her to put my dick in her mouth. She refused at first, but then I said –

Me: You are not my good sister. You don’t love me. I licked your pussy and ass. Who will do it for me?

Then she felt guilty and said: Sorry, bhaiya.

And then my sister started to touch my dick with her hand and tongue. I taught her to take it inside her mouth.

She said: Ok.

She started taking my dick in her mouth. It felt very good. I was feeling like I was in heaven, because of her very smooth mouth. Then I took my dick out of her mouth and started licking her pussy again. She was moaning now. I kissed her lips and we started doing french kisses.

I said: Give your all saliva in my mouth.

And she did it.

Then she said: Now, you do the same.

I was happy because she was now supporting me back. During our kiss, she said –

She: Bhaiya, kya main aapke muh ke upar bath jau (Can I sit on your mouth)?

Then I said: You don’t have to take permission from me.

My sister smiled and sat on my face. I was licking her pussy and she was enjoying it. Then again we started kissing and this time, I put my dick on her pussy and started rubbing it. I pushed the head of my dick in her pussy and asked her –

Me: How are you feeling?

She smiled and said: Bahut acha (very good).

I then got my dick more inside her. Now she was in pain, but I had to break her hymen (seal). Then I grabbed her mouth with my mouth and pushed my dick inside my sister. She screamed! Her seal broke and she was in pain. Tears started coming out of her eyes. Then I relaxed her (while fucking rapidly, because I was going to cum) and said –

Me: This pain is only for the first time, Ankita.

I took my dick out and cummed on her thighs. She was in pain and she was also not talking to me. I grabbed her hand and put my hand on her hand and said –

Me: Believe me, sister. The first time it hurts, then it will be good. Ok, no problem, tomorrow I will buy you medicine and we will go for a ride on my bike. I’ll also buy you lots of chocolates and what you want to buy.

She said: Sacchi (really)?

And she smiled. Her simile was awesome.

Me: Yes my love, I can do anything for you. Because I love you, sister. I never wanted to hurt you.

Then she said: Ok bhaiya, no problem.

And she hugged me. I felt so good when she hugged me and then she kissed me. It means she was no more angry with me. Then we get inside the blanket and I put my head on her chest boobs. She was massaging my head softly.

Then she said: Bhaiya, I want to go to the toilet. Let me wear my dress.

Then I said: There is no need.

She said: Why?

Then I said: Please pee on my mouth. I want to drink it.

She said: Really?!

I replied to her: Yes.

Then she sat on my face.

I said: Pee slowly, only then I can enjoy.

She said: Ok.

Then my sister started peeing. Her pee was very warm like warm water, and I started drinking it. It was awesome. Her pee was not smelling, which means she was a very healthy girl. This means her pee was also drinkable.

After that, I restored and started licking her pussy. She was enjoying it again.

I said: Sis, when you sat nude on my head, you looked like a crown on my head.

She said: Aap bhi na bhaiya (you are flirty, bhaiya).

And then I started sucking her boobs.

I said: You have very sweet boobs. My sister is one of the most beautiful girls. And she has the most beautiful boobs, pussy, and ass.

She: Oh, thank you, bhaiya. My friend also says I am very beautiful. Bhaiya, do you know my friend Divya and Neha? They both like you. They say you are very hot.

Me: Oh really! What do you think, should I make her my gf (I said her by trolling her)?

She said: No, I will not give you to anyone, you are mine.

And by saying this, she grabbed me.

Then I said: Ok, I was joking. Now let me drink my sister’s milk.

She smiled. Then I started fucking her slowly. At that time, my sister was experiencing pain, but I relaxed her. And now she was also enjoying and she said –

She: Sorry for last time.

I said: It’s ok, my love.

After a great fuck, I put my dick out and put it in her mouth and fucked her mouth like pussy and cummed in her mouth.

She asked: What is that hot fluid?

I said: It’s your brother’s gift for you. Drink it.

She smiled and drank all.

And then we both slept happily.

Tell me how is my story and wait for the second part also, to know what happened in the next part.