Truth Or Dare Game With Pinni – Part 1

Hi ISS readers, my name is Revanth. Today, I am going to tell you about an incident that happened between me and my pinni and pinni’s son. In this story, there are 3 characters.

Me: Revanth, 24 years old, 6 inches cock, 6 feet tall.

Pinni: Sureka, 42 years old, 37-32-38 size.

Pinni’s son: Ragu, 20 years old, 5.8 inches cock, 5.8 feet tall.

Let’s begin the story now.

My family and my uncle’s family stay in the same city, but our houses are 10 km away. My uncle and pinni are so friendly to me. But my uncle is too busy at work. He stays in another state (Pune) for project work. Regularly I used to go to my aunt’s house and play with her son and with her.

From teenage, I had lusted for her because of her beauty. She used to message me when she feels bored. I too used to react quickly to her message. We used to play games on phones like ludo, snake, and ladders. Whoever loses had to pay money to the winner.

Then, one afternoon –

Pinni: Hi Revath, what are you doing?

Me: Nothing pinni, what are you doing?

Pinni: I am getting bored. Please come to my house.

Me: Actually, today the weather outside is hot, pinni. I can’t come.

Pinni: Then what will I do? Actually, I need help.

Me: How much money do you want?

Pinni: How do you know that I need money?

Me: You are my lovely pinni. So I know. Tell me how much you want?

Pinni: 20,000 rupees.

Me: Is it an emergency?

Pinni: Not an emergency. I will give it back to you in 2 months.

Me: Ok. Right now, I don’t have money. I will give it to you later.

Pinni: Ok, Revanth. So, what will we do today? I am getting bored.

Me: Aunty, shall we play a game?

Pinni: How and where will we play?

Me: Through chat. It’s called ‘TRUTH OR DARE’ game.

Pinni: I never heard of that game. I don’t know how to play this game.

Then I explained to her about the game.

Me: Whoever resists the task is a loser.

Pinni: Ok.

Me: Truth or dare?

Pinni: Truth.

Me: What are you wearing, Pinni?

Pinni: Nighty. Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Pinni: How much money is there in your bank account?

Me: 7800 rupees. Truth or dare?

Pinni: Truth.

Me: What are you wearing inside the nighty, Pinni? And tell me the color also.

Pinni: What are you asking, Revath?!

Me: It’s a game, Pinni. I will obviously try to make you lose.

Pinni: Really? You can’t!

Me: Ok, then tell me.

Pinni: Black panty and black bra. Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Pinni: Do you have a girlfriend?

Me: No, I don’t have. Truth Or dare?

Pinni: Dare.

Me: I know you have that white transparent white blouse and your nighty and wear a saree and blouse, Pinni.

Pinni: What! Ok, wait.

10 minutes later –

Pinni: Ok, I wore a saree. Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Pinni: Are you a virgin, Revanth?

Me: Wow, Pinni! You are asking something personal.

Pinni: So what? I want you to lose.

Me: Let’s see, hahaha. I am a virgin. Truth or dare?

Pinni: Truth.

Me: Before marriage, have you lost your virginity?

Pinni: No. Truth or dare.

Me: Dare.

Pinni: Immediately send 25,000 rupees and don’t ask for money. You are gonna lose now.

Me: Pinni, what have you done? I don’t have money.

Pinni: No problem, just tell me you have lost.

Me: No Pinni, wait.

Then 15 minutes later –

Me: I have sent you money (sad emoji).

Pinni: Wow! Hahaha. Got the money.

Me: Truth or dare?

Pinni: Truth.

Me: What do you want from me?

Pinni: Money. Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Pinni: What age women do you like?

Me: Older than my age. More than 30. Truth or dare?

Pinni: Dare.

Me: Take a handful of ice cubes and keep them in your blouse

Pinni: Really!

Me: Yes Pinni, and take a pic and send that you have done it or not.

Pinni: Ok, done.

Then few minutes later, she messaged –

Pinni: I have sent you pics.

Me: In my mind (Wow! I can see her black bra from that wet blouse).

Pinni: Truth or dare?

Me: Dare.

Pinni: Take a bucket of water and pour it on you.

Me: Done, simple. Truth or dare?

Pinni: Dare.

Me: Take out your bra and take a pic of the blouse.

Pinni: How can I remove my bra without the blouse?

Me: I don’t know, that is not my problem.

Pinni: Ok, I have sent it.

Me: Damn hot Pinni you are!

Pinni: I think you have a crush on me, Revanth.

Me: Not crush, Pinni.

Pinni: Then, what?

Me: I will tell later.

Pinni: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Pinni: What are your thoughts after seeing my boobs through my wet transparent blouse?

Me: I want to press your boobs. Truth or dare?

Pinni: Dare.

Me: Remove your blouse and suck your boobs. And then send me a pic.

Pinni: Oh god! I have sent you pics.

Me: Wow! Pinni, you’re so sexy (and I started to masturbate while chatting with her).

Pinni: Truth or dare?

Me: Truth.

Pinni: Have you dreamt of having sex with someone? And with whom?

Me: Yes Pinni, I have dreamt of having sex with you. Many times.

Pinni: Revanth, I never thought that you have a lust for me.

Me: Sorry Pinni, I had no other option but to open up with you. Sorry. Truth or dare, Pinni?

Pinni: Truth.

Me: Do you watch porn videos?

Pinni: No, I don’t. Truth or dare?

Me: Dare.

Pinni: Come to my house immediately.

The phone chat ended. I said ok and I went to my Pinni’s house. Then I ordered food from Zomato. It showed 1 hour 20 minutes for delivery. I rang the bell and my aunty opened the door.

My dick was erect pointing to my Pinni face after seeing her boobs. My Pinni saw my erection in my shorts. She got angry and inserted her hand inside my shorts and held my foreskin on the dick very tight. Then she pulled me inside the house and slapped me on the cheek. But she was still holding my dick foreskin tight.

Pinni: I won’t stop slapping on your cheeks until your erection goes. I will leave your dick after losing your erection.

To be continued in part 2.