Tricking And Seducing My Innocent Village Sister

We are four in our family – dad, mom, sister, and me. My dad and mom work in a village on our land as farmers. My sister and I were studying in a hostel. For the holidays, we came to our village.

My sister has a big ass and is white like her mom. Her stats are 36-24-38. This story happened in 2014 when I was 19 and my sister was 21. In our village, there were no toilets till 2015 and it was normal for boys to go in the fields at any time. But it was hard for women at night.

One night, my sister and I were sleeping. My sister wanted to piss and she was scared to go out alone. So she called me. I was sleepy and a little tired.

Sis: Bro, please come with me.

Me: Where? It’s night and I am tired (in sleep).

Sis: Don’t ask me. Take a torch and come with me.

Then I took a torch and went behind her.

(She was so shy to tell me, but there was no other way.)

Sis: Bro, can you help me in holding the torch? I have some work.

Me: I am doing that only and tonight what work do you have?

Sis (while feeling shy): Hold the torch, I need to pee.

Me: Ok.

She got a little scared and called me to stand there. Then she moved her nightie up. She was without a panty and bent to pee. I was shocked and got happier than ever. Because I saw a beautiful white ass with a peeing sound. I got a boner like anything!

I was putting the torch light exactly at my sister’s ass. Wow! That white ass was so big. I got the best view of the world. After that, she noticed my boner.

Me: Hold the torch for me now, I also want to pee.

Sis: Ok.

Then I took out my big cock. She was putting a torch light exactly to my cock and her mouth opened after seeing my big cock! I intentionally showed my big cock to my sister.

After that, the next morning, mom and dad went for farming. They were to come back in the evening. My sister went to take a bath without taking a towel and innerwear and with only an outer dress. After some time, she called me.

Sis: Punee, please do a help to me.

Me: What?

Sis: Can you please bring the towel from my room which is on the bed?

Me: Ok.

I went to the room and on the bed there was a towel and her innerwear also. But I intentionally took only the towel and hid her bra and panty. While giving her the towel, I got a little view of my village sister’s boobs. They were so white. And her hairy pussy, it was so awesome.

But without the innerwear, she wasn’t going to wear other clothes. So, she came out of the bathroom only in a towel and went to the room. She was trying to find the bra and panties which I had hidden. She couldn’t even ask me about it, but she had no options. Then she called me and asked me –

She: Did you see my bra and panty?

Me (acted like I didn’t know about it): What is that?

Sis: It was here along with this towel on the bed.

Me: I saw only the towel.

Sis got dull and asked me to search.

Me: How it is and what it is?

Sis: Bra means it is my baniyaan, and panty is my underwear, yaar.

Me: Why do you need underwear sister? You don’t wear it.

She got angry and said: When did you see me?

Me (I was nervous): Yesterday.

She was silent. After some time.

Sis: I got it.

Me: Show me, how it looks like?

Sis: See, this is a bra and this is panty, ok?

Me: Ok, but how will you wear it?

Sis: Just get lost.

And at night the same way she woke me up and called me to accompany her for peeing outside.

I said: I will not come.

But she requested many times.

Me: But 2 conditions and if you will do it, then I will come.

Sis: What?

Me: Make a promise, or else I won’t.

Without asking what it was, she promised me. Then I went with her, but today a little far. She got more scared. Then she said –

Sis: Hold the torch, I will do it here.

Me: 1st fulfill my promise.

Sis: Wait I will but only after I pee.

Me: No, I will go then.

Sis: Ok, tell me what?

Me: Let’s do a race.

Sis: What race?

Me: Pee race.

Sis: What?!

Me: Stand with me and let’s do it together.

My sister rejected that idea.

I said: You have promised me.

Sis: Ok, but don’t say to anyone.

Me: You can trust me completely.

Sis: Ok, how to do now?

Me: Just be ready. I will say 3..2..1..

Sis: I can’t do it standing. My legs will become wet with pee.

Me: Don’t worry, I will help you with that.

Then she was scared and started to take her nightie above. I was waiting to see my sister’s white ass and hairy cunt. She opened it and I was watching the most beautiful ass and cunt.

Sis (in an angry tone): Shall we start?

Me: Ya.

Then I took my penis out. Her mouth opened for a while.

Me: Ok 3, 2, 1.

We both started to piss. But her pee sound made me hornier and at last, I won the race by completing it fast.

Sis: See, because of you, my legs are wet with pee.

Me: Wait, sister.

Sis: What wait now? How to wipe it? We don’t have any other clothes.

Me: Wait, you have lost the race. Now you have to give me a party.

Sis: Ok, 1st do something to wipe it.

I was a little scared to make a move. But gathering some courage, I got down, tasted and licked her pee from her legs as well as from my sister’s sexy cunt. Wow! It was so amazing. Sister got shocked and asked me –

Sis: What are you doing?!! Why???

Me: It is so nice.

Sis: What? It must be salty, right?

Me: No, it was sweet.

Sis: Oh really?! (blushing)

Me: Ok, you lost the race. Give me a treat now.

Sis: What? Now? How can I? And you’ve already tasted something new, na.

Me: But I need a treat.

Sis: Ok, what do you need?

Me: A good and long blowjob from you.

Sis: What does ‘blowjob’ mean?

I opened my full pants and showed my dick.

Then I said: I need a blowjob.

She understood but rejected it.

Me: Without a blowjob from you, I won’t come with you and I won’t give you the torch also.

Sis: Hey, it’s wrong yaar. We are brother and sister.

Me: Yes, but I licked your pussy, right? That too, with the pee.

Sis: I didn’t say to do.

Me: You need to give me the party now, that’s it. And you have promised me.

After a long gap, she said: Ok, but I don’t know how.

Me: I will help you.

My dick was big and my sister put only half of my dick in her mouth. It was amazing. While giving the blowjob, I shot my cum in her mouth. She was hating to drink it, but I convinced her. And at last, I kissed her ass and pussy. Then we went home.

To be continued.