Trek Fuck – Part 3

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Quick info about the characters:

Heroine’s name: Usha.

Age: 26 (2 months younger than me).

Height: 5 feet 9 inches.

Stats: (34c-28-30)

Name: Manu

Height 5 feet 7 inches.

Age: 25 years old with an average body and medium-sized dick.

Continuation –

Then, after a few minutes, Manu arrived and went to another room with medicines to check Usha’s injury. Suddenly, we heard Usha scream and all the group members rushed to that room. Usha was accompanied by Priya and Nidhi in that room. As Priya was frequently getting calls from her parents, she had just closed the room door and was busy talking with her parents a few meters away from the door. Nidhi was relaxing on the bed and scrolling through her phone.

What happened was, Manu had went to the room and knocked on the door. It opened suddenly. Usha had just then finished her bath and was in her towel. She thought some stranger had broken the door and got scared and screamed.

So Usha again went inside the bathroom and quickly put on her inners, yellow t-shirt, and shorts. We, the rest of the group ran toward the other room to check what had happened and got to know the facts. But Usha and Nidhi were scolding Manu for not knocking on the room door.

Manu felt very bad and apologized to Nidhi and Usha. He handed over the medicine to Priya and left the room. Later Priya explained it was her fault as she could have told Nidhi to lock the door. Then Priya asked everyone to leave the room so that she could apply ointment to Usha’s injury and also convince Usha and Nidhi to apologize to Manu for scolding him so badly.

Then Usha and Nidhi both came to our room to apologize. But Manu had gone to take a bath. So, they both sat in our room waiting for him to convey their apology. Then we began discussing return plan to Bengaluru, departure timings, etc.

After discussing all those things, Usha’s parents called on her phone. So she went out to talk with her parents. All were hungry and everyone decided to have dinner in the temple premises. But still, Manu was taking a long time to bath. So, Nidhi asked us to leave for dinner as she and Usha would accompany Manu and bring him to dinner. We agreed and the rest of us went to the temple and had our dinner.

As we finished our dinner, the three of them arrived and sat to eat dinner. And we waited for them outside the temple dinner premises. After their dinner, Usha informed me that we needed to go to Goa. And the whole group was surprised about the sudden plans.

So, Usha explained that her father asked us to attend a function in Goa. But the group disagreed as they needed to return to their jobs the next day. Suddenly, my parents called me and asked me to accompany Usha to Goa with Manu. (Ashu, Manu, Usha and I had earlier only discussed a Goa trip as well as a trek, but Ashu missed it. So, we canceled the Goa trip. But as we needed a break, we joined this group of friends for a Trek).

Then I informed Usha and the rest of the group that I would accompany her to Goa as my parents had strictly ordered me. Then Manu handed my luggage bag to me and said our train was in the next few minutes. I was pissed about this sudden arrangement and bid goodbye to everyone.

And Priya informed Usha to apply ointment again before she slept as the pain would reduce. We three hired a car to Subramanya Swamy railway station. Manu went to collect the three sleeper class tickets. Meanwhile, I asked Usha why they suddenly planned to go to Goa and also take Manu with us.

Then Usha explained: As our fathers are busy, he asked three of us to attend the function in Goa, as the organizer’s family is very close to all of us. They informed us to attend the function which is tomorrow evening. I informed Manu about this, so he immediately checked for the easiest transport. And we had this last train at midnight, so we both decided and planned this transport as buses are expensive.

I agreed and asked her if she apologized to Manu for scolding him? Usha said ‘yes’ and told me that Manu cried for a few minutes and she felt bad.

Then the train started moving slowly and we three boarded inside. Usha went to the restroom to apply ointment to her injury. Manu was in the upper berth and I guess he was on a video call talking to someone. So I just peeped his phone to check and it suggested Nidhi.

And I could see her naked back in the video call. I was surprised and silently went back to my seat. I thought something was fishy. Then Usha returned to the seat. We chatted for a few minutes and slept on our respective seats as we were all tired of the trek.

(Apology incident in the room)

Nidhi was waiting for Manu in the room to apologize. And Usha was busy talking to her parents outside the room and everyone had left for the temple premises for dinner. Then after a few minutes, Nidhi came out of the room.

Nidhi: Usha, I have apologized to Manu and it’s your turn to apologize to him. I’ll go to another room for the restroom and also get my phone.

So Usha hung up the phone call and went inside the room to apologize. And Manu was standing in front of the mirror and combing his hair. He sensed Usha’s presence and came near her and checked the injured leg condition.

Manu: Usha, is it paining a lot and did you apply the ointment to it?

Usha felt happy about his concern for her and informed him it was just a mild pain and also thanked him for carrying her halfway through the trek and for bringing medicines.

Manu: I care for you more than anyone here. You are very special to me.

Usha felt happy about his words, but with a weird look asked him what that ‘special’ meant.

Manu: Don’t mistake me again. ‘Special’ meaning a bestie with whom I can share everything.

Usha (she felt bad and forgave his mistakes): Sorry Manu for scolding you so badly.

Suddenly, Manu began to cry loudly.

Manu: I didn’t mean to do anything wrong when I pushed the room door earlier. I knocked on the room door. But as it wasn’t locked, it opened completely. And you and Nidhi thought I barged inside intentionally and scolded me without allowing me to explain.

Manu: I felt very bad and embarrassed in front of everyone for no mistake of mine. (Manu was crying loudly. So Usha wiped his tears and hugged him, and consoled him.)

Manu: I complained to her that even though I am your cousin like Diganth, but you see and treat both of us differently.

And he asked her to promise him that she would respect and treat him like Diganth. Then she broke the hug and promised him.

Usha: Ok, I promise. But first, you have to delete all my private pics.

Manu opened the phone, showed the pics, and deleted the pics.

Usha: Where did you get these pics from?

Manu: As the pic are deleted, let’s forgive them and never talk about it.

Usha: Ok and don’t feel bad. Could you please massage my legs gently, it’s paining a bit.

Manu then stretched her legs on his lap.

Manu: Relax, there is nothing wrong with giving a leg massage to my bestie.

In the beginning, Manu was genuinely massaging her legs. But as she had worn shorts and in the name of massage, he was slowly running his hands toward her thighs and was rubbing them. She resisted his moves, but he kept on repeating.

After a few minutes, Nidhi arrived and said: Usha, go change your attire as we have to leave for dinner.

Then Usha went to the other room, changed her attire, and carried her luggage. As she joined them both Usha saw Manu carrying his luggage and flirting with Nidhi. She was blushing and Usha and Manu informed each other about their dad’s order.

Then they both discussed and arranged the easiest transport facility. They also carried Diganth’s luggage on their way to the temple premises for dinner.


We reached Karmali railway station in Goa at 10 am. And hired a rental Mahindra Thar Car for our drive in Goa. Manu began driving the car and we began to plan the places to visit like beaches, casinos, pubs, and places to reside in Goa.

Manu’s friend was a rich guy residing in Goa and had their own 3 yachts. So his friend had arranged their yacht for us for a night’s stay. But we had a major opportunity to somehow finish attending the function in North Goa and reach the Yacht yard by 10 pm.

As we had fewer clothes, first we went shopping in Goa. We spent half a day in the shopping Mall for clothes and had our lunch in the mall. As the time was 5 pm, Usha called her mom and asked her if any particular costume was to be worn at the function. Her mom said she had to wear a saree as it was a traditional function. Usha asked her mom if she needed to buy a new one. Her mother said Thanu (the organizer’s family) had arranged the saree and would help her wear it.

Then we quickly drove the car to the function venue. At the entrance, we met Thanu and introduced ourselves to her. She was very happy and welcomed us in and she looked hot in a saree. Then Thanu informed her assistant to help Usha wear a saree that she kept for her in the room.

As Usha left to change her attire, Manu and I began looking at the girls present at the function. The Goan girls were looking damn hot and sexy in their sarees. And we were very excited watching them and our dicks were saluting the girls and ladies in that attire.

After a few minutes, Usha came wearing a black saree with a one-shoulder sleeveless black blouse. Usha looked smoking hot and sexy in the saree. In addition to that, the waist chain was tempting and everyone was looking at her with their jaws dropped.

Then Usha came near us and asked if she looked good. So we both replied ‘sexy’ and she blushed a bit. Manu continued further stating if she was not her cousin, he would have dated her. I felt a little uncomfortable and countered him, “You say this to all girls.”

We both were about to debate on that topic, but Usha asked us to stop and enjoy the function. At 9 pm, we bid goodbye to Thanu Aunty’s family to reach the yacht yard. Usha asked us to wait so she could remove the saree and return the saree. But aunty told Usha to keep the saree as she was looking extremely beautiful. Then we asked her to come in the same attire and change the clothes on the yacht. Usha agreed and we began driving the car to the yacht yard.

On the way, we purchased drinks and snacks. After a few minutes of the drive, we reached the yard. The yacht was excellent, but Manu’s friend called us and said he couldn’t arrange a captain for that entire night. So he informed us that the captain would halt the yacht midway into the sea. He also guided us on how to drive if there was any emergency. And in the morning, the captain would join us as the yacht had GPS locations. So, we agreed and the captain was about to start, but Manu asked him to wait.

Manu informed us that he would arrange some girls for fun. But Usha scolded Manu and said she would not allow anyone and asked the captain to start the yacht. After an hour, the captain halted the yacht in the middle of the sea and left us.

As the captain left the yacht in a small boat, Usha said she would change her attire. But I asked her not to change as she looked marvelous. So, she agreed and Manu brought the drinks and snacks and we began drinking. Manu and I began playing music on our phones and dancing. But Usha was watching us sipping her soft drink.

Then I dragged her and Manu and played the ‘Sheila ki jawani’ song on his phone. Usha started to dance in between us. Her moves and her attire were perfect for the song. Manu and I was frequently touching Usha’s private parts while she was dancing. Usha didn’t resist and was in the flow of dancing and enjoying. Then, as her glass was empty, she was going to refill it. But we both offered her to sip a peg from each drink and Usha sipped both of our drinks, but coughed a few seconds later. My drink was a black label and he was drinking an old monk.

Then Manu began tapping her head and I gently tapped her chest. She was normal then. Then Usha sat on the chair and asked for another sip of my drink. She liked my drink and began drinking and dancing with us to songs.

After a few minutes, I played Mass South Indian songs. Usha was killing with her dance moves and her saree’s pallu was falling off her body sometimes. Then “Oo Antava Oo Oo Antava and Basani ba” song played. Usha dropped her saree pallu and began dancing in between us. She was dancing the same steps as in the song.

Usha was teasing us by bringing her lips close to us and not kissing. I couldn’t resist, I pulled her lips, and locked her lips while dancing. Usha didn’t resist and went with the flow. Meanwhile, Manu was licking her back and squeezing her ass.

After a few minutes of vigorous liplock, I broke the kiss and she adjusted her saree pallu normally. But Manu also wanted to kiss her like me. So he pulled Usha and lip-locked her lips. Usha was high and didn’t resist, but again went with the flow.

I was stunned and was in shock looking at her from behind. Then Usha held my neck with her hands and I slid my hands around her waist and hugged her from back. I began sucking her earlobes and neck region from the back. Then Usha broke the liplock as I was sucking her a little aggressively.

Then I turned her towards me and continued sucking her earlobes and neck region. Manu also hugged her from the back and began sucking her earlobes and neck region from the other side. Usha was twisting her face sideways her breathing was increasing.

I held her chin in my left hand and wiped her light red lipstick from her lips with my index finger and licked it. Then I pulled her lower lips with my thumb and index finger and began sucking them. Manu was licking her back and he stretched her hands and began alternatively sucking her armpits.

I was eating Usha’s lips with french kisses. Then I broke the kiss. I removed her saree’s pallu from her left shoulder and squeezed her boobs over her blouse. Manu stopped sucking her armpits and held the saree pallu. He removed two rounds of saree cloth from her waist and also the pleats of the saree from her body. He couldn’t remove it further as there was a double knot at the right waist. So Usha untied the double knot of the saree from her right waist and the saree fell from her body.

Now Usha was standing outside on the yacht in her blue panties and black one-shoulder blouse. Then Manu removed his clothes completely and kept them aside. He hugged Usha from the back and continued sucking her armpits. I sat on my knees in front of her and began kissing and licking her navel region. I slid my hands inside her blouse and began to squeeze both her boobs. Usha moaned, “Ouch hahaha ah ah hmm shhh ahhh ouch ahhh..”

Then Manu turned her face from the side and began french kissing. I also removed my clothes completely and kept them aside. I moved my face on her boobs and began mauling them by biting them over her blouse. I was going harder and harder by squeezing, mauling, and biting Usha’s boobs.

The french kiss was getting more intense, but Manu wasn’t able to adjust to that intensity. So Manu broke the liplock and sipped a peg from his drink. Usha asked me to wait and loosened her blouse straps. I removed her blouse from her body. And Usha’s boobs hung freely in the air. Manu was delighted looking at Usha’s boobs.

I quickly kissed both her nipples and Usha said, “Wait baba.”

Then she sat on the chair and asked me to make a peg for both of us. I obliged her request and made a peg for us. Meanwhile, Manu began sucking Usha’s right boob. So I quickly handed her the glass and begin to suck Usha’s left boob. Usha was trying hard to drink the peg from her glass as we were sucking her boobs roughly. She used to tap on our heads when we were too rough on her boobs. We used to be gentle for a few minutes, but again go rough on her boobs.

Soon, Usha’s moans were at their peak. It was an open space away from land surrounded by the sea.

After a few minutes, I slid my hand on her pussy lips over her blue panties. Her panties were wet and filled with her juice as she had an orgasm and didn’t inform us.

Me: Usha you could have informed us that you were about to have an orgasm. We wouldn’t have wasted your juice.

Usha: I wasn’t able to inform you as Manu had french kissed me and I couldn’t speak.

Manu: Ok, next time inform us before you have an orgasm so that we can drink your juices.

Usha was laughing at our words and I slid her panties sideways. Then I gently began rubbing her pussy hairs and began fingering her pussy at a slow pace with my index and middle finger. Usha partially stood by keeping one leg on the chair and the other down. Usha slid her left hand on Manu’s dick and began giving him a handjob. Manu was sucking her right boobs and armpit alternatively. Usha was moving her hands fast on his dick into and fro motion.

She had thought Manu would cum early and easily, but that wasn’t possible. So I insisted Usha use her mouth and maintain the same speed so that he would cum fast. Usha hesitated a bit but continued trying handjob. But she was failing and had no choice but to give him a blowjob. Then Usha began sucking Manu’s dick at the same speed.

Manu couldn’t control so he began pushing her head more deeply into his dick. Usha was choking and was trying to push him away but couldn’t. After a few seconds, Manu loaded his cum in Usha’s mouth and sat beside her relaxing.

Then I guided my ring finger inside her pussy. Usha moaned, “Ouch ha ah ahah ha hmm ahhh..” and was asking me to remove my ring finger from her pussy. But I didn’t care and began fingering her pussy more deeply and vigorously.

Then Manu held Usha’s both hands with his right hand and slid his left-hand middle finger inside her pussy. As her pussy lip stretched a bit, Usha moaned, “Ouch ah ah haha ahhh it’s hurting I can’t I can’t please stop.”



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