The Mistress of Souls – Part 1?

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I looked at her pussy dripping with his cum and that shit-eating grin on her face. I wanted to yank her off the table and rub my ass over her face to wipe that smirk off her face.

But he held all the cards as he ploughed his puny cock into my ass for the third round just this morning. The cock did nothing to arouse me. I had to tolerate everything he did just to drink his cum at the end. She beckoned me with her fingers, spewing insults.

“Crawl to me, slut. You had the balls to sleep with my man behind my back. Who do you think you are? I am his queen now and forever. You are just a bitch in heat on her knees, waiting to eat my man’s cum from my pussy just to satiate your hunger. Oh! Yes, I know all about it, your constant need to drink cum, to have your daily fix, so that you can return to normality. Now this is your only source. You will never get it from a direct source anymore. Soon, you will be on your knees begging me to let you eat his cum out of my pussy so you can stay sane.”

He stopped pumping into my ass finally as he cum. “Babe, spank her hard, one for every month she slept with you behind my back,” she told him. I am not into pain. This is something I have had to endure for the past six months. I yelped with pain as his long hands impacted my already bruised ass cheeks.

He moved around to her and kissed her hard on her lips. His semi-erect cock was losing its erection as the kiss deepened. She kept playing with his cock for the next few minutes. To her utter dismay, it stayed flaccid. She leered at him as if to ask what the fuck.

He shrugged and said, “Bitch took all my cum, baby. You know I fucked and cum three times in her and one time in you. I need some time.” She looked at him, frustrated. His fucking me had turned her on, and she needed his cock again.

I sometimes wondered how that puny little cock could satisfy her. It never satisfied me. I am bi-sexual with a strong affinity towards women. So ever since he started his blackmail, I never once cum. To further turn me off, I was forced to submit and serve the muscle god of college.

No offence, but I don’t mind submitting to the right person, but it will always be my choice. So, what my friend said a moment ago about me being the bitch in heat was true. But not because of the reason she thinks.

I was broken from the trance when a hard slap landed on my left cheek. I looked at her in shock as the pain radiated off my face, and my eyes as it watered. The tears were not because of the slap but because of the betrayal of my best friend, Breena.

I had thought about telling her a million times about what was happening and what her boyfriend was doing to me. But I never could find the courage. I felt betrayed when she walked in on me, sucking her bonfires Prem in the Auditorium storage locker. She would not even listen to what I had to say.

I could not even believe that she trusted him over me. How could she think I would be doing things with him, the man I despise the most, behind her back? But to be fair to her, she did not know about my condition and the blackmail. But I still felt betrayed.

From her actions today, she had known this for some time and confronted him only for him to tell her all lies about how I came on to him and how I begged him to fuck me and even showed the vides of me telling him that I was the better slut than her.

He completely deflated the blame onto me. She believed him over me, and that hurt. He had planned for this occasion in advance. He made me send him many videos like this on his mobile, so my friend would believe it was all my fault. I was going to tell her everything after finding a way out.

But he beat me to it, and she believed him over me, and it hurt. I don’t know if I want her to know the truth anymore.

I felt another slap as I thought about my predicament. This time, I looked into her eyes with pain and betrayal as it spewed tears down my cheeks. Through the pain, I said, “Can I get him ready for you?”

“You better slut, or else you will never drink anyone’s cum again.” As my stare bore into her, she shrunk back a little and moved her gaze elsewhere. I sighed, swallowed the lump in my throat and said, “Yes, mam.”

I crawled to him and touched his cock, and it responded immediately. I was shocked, to say the least. I saw his cock deflating as she played with it and how it responded to my touch. I initially thought it was the taboo of the situation as I put his then semi-erect cock into my mouth.

It immediately spawned to its full length, a measly 4 inches. He gripped my head and started to face fuck me. I heard Brenna screaming, “That is enough! Come here, stud, and fuck me hard. Let me give her what she so badly wants. Cum inside me, baby.”

He pushed my face aside and ran to her. She shoved his puny cock into her cunt and kissed him, looking at me with a smirk. As if she was taking back what she rightly owned. What started passionately with both of them moaning soon turned into something else.

I looked at her face and knew she was not enjoying it. I suspected that he was growing soft. I smiled for the first time. Not because she could not enjoy the fucking, but because I figured out how I could take my power back.

I realised how much he needed me as well.  ‘He cannot cum without me. I even suspect he cannot get hard without me.’

A plan forming in my head, I stood up from my kneeling position and walked towards them. They were so involved in each other’s frustration that they did not realise my presence behind him. I pressed my nude body against his back and nibbled in his ear, breathing into it as I stroked his side.

He groaned at my touch and started to look back for a second, not liking that I did not ask permission to stand. “Shhhhh, give into it, fuck her hard,” I whispered. I rubbed his ass with my tiny fingertips. Brenna looked at me apprehensively as I whispered directions on how to fuck her, nibbling his ears.

He groaned with my every touch and fucked her harder and faster. I kept nibbling at his ears and teasing his body with my fingertips. I slid my arms over his chest and pinched his nipples, to which he moaned loudly.

I whispered, “Good Boy, keep fucking her hard, just like that. Feel the way her pussy expands to accommodate you. You are her stud. You are giving her pleasure. Let go of everything.”

As I continued to assault him with sweet whispers verbally, he was fucking her like a man possessed. I kept playing with his ass, grabbing it, and plunging my nails into it. My every action made him horny. He was like my marionette. I could make him do exactly what I wanted.

He was so caught up in the moment that he did not notice me spreading his ass cheeks and my fingers teasing his butthole. When Prem was almost cumming, I pushed my hand inside his ass and whispered in his ear, “Stop,” and he did. He cried with pain.

He could not move, and yet he was so close to cumming. I was curious if I could make him do everything I wanted. So I commanded him, “Fuck her, but don’t cum.” He started fucking her hard again. But I could see that he was in pain. He wanted to cum, but could not.

Brenna was looking at me, astonished at what was happening before her. But she averted her eyes and begged him, “Fuck me hard. I want to cum now. The bitch needs your nectar.” Now I really wanted to punish her. Hoping I still controlled him, I grabbed his hair and pulled it back.

I whispered to him, “Cum for me.” With a loud groan, he came and fell unconscious. I guess holding in the cum for so long had drained him.

She screamed, “No! No! No! Make me cum, baby. Please don’t stop. Keep going. Oh! Please.” She was a panting mess as she brought her right hand to rub her pussy. She leaned heavily on her left hand to support her body weight. She rubbed herself, ignoring my presence with the only goal of reaching orgasm.

She did not care that I was still there, watching her intently and weirdly excited to watch her cum. I looked at the hot, shivering mess before me, moaning like a wanton slut. Wanted to cum from her own hands and rubbing her clit as her boyfriend could not finish her off.

He fainted as soon as he spewed his spunk inside her. She was caught up in making her cum that she did not realise I was so close to her. Watching her every movement drinking in the grace she was moving her body.

I could have left her there for everything she did to me. Or make her beg me to make me cum. But she was my best friend after all. I thought I owed her an orgasm even though nothing that happened today was my fault. Besides, she was one hot piece of ass.

The one I resisted from fucking because she was my straight-as-an-arrow best friend. She did not judge my pussy eating habits. Now that she threw it all away, I wanted to have this piece of ass for the last time and the only time. How would I have known then that this was just the start?

I walked near her, transfixed at the forbidden fruit oozing the boy meat’s cum. I bent down and gave a long lick collecting his cum and running down her pussy into her ass. She sucked a gasp as her eyes shot open and fixed on mine. She half-heartedly pushed my head away.

But I locked onto her pussy with more spite as I sucked out his cum completely. Something changed in me at that moment. I did not feel the need to drink cum anymore. My hunger was completely gone, and I was completely satiated. I did not think much of it then.

Now I wanted to make her cum, from just my tongue. I wanted her to know she was a slut who would let anyone touch her just to cum. Never again will she have this pleasure.

How was I to know that was the start of something exciting and wonderful? All the slaves, masters and mistresses who came next – that day was the start.

That is the end of part one, guys. Thank you so much for the patience and love that you have all shown me. This is the start of a new series with many more exciting fantasies. If you want me to verbalise your fantasy, you can email me your fantasy with the pen names that you want me to use.

This is Anand signing off again. You can contact me at [email protected] I am available for all your chats, questions and your feedback.