The Maths Teacher – Part 3

Hello horny readers, I am back with the next story of the series. Please read my previous stories of this series to get your dicks and pussies hard and wet.

Now, coming to the story, that day, the maths teacher John and his student Riya had a steamy sex session in an abandoned toilet. John used Riya like his sex slave with complete dominance and made her finger his butt hole and drink his cum. Riya was completely exhausted as she was drilled to the fullest. So she went home, took a hot water bath, and decided to sleep. In her mind and heart, she was ready to be John’s slave.

She was getting a tickled feeling every time she thought of what happened between them, especially that act where Riya licked her finger after scratching and inserting it in John’s ass. She had come a long way now and there was no way she could please herself without doing anything Kinky.

It was a Wednesday morning and the college was closed on account of the Ugadi festival. John and Riya did not share any texts during these days nor did Riya show any moves or intent in class. John realized that maybe too many things happened that day because of which Riya had got a little reluctant to communicate.

Just as he was in the middle of his thoughts thinking about her, he received an email from the college which read that they were happy with his teaching skills and rapport with the students and that he needed to attend an advanced teacher’s training program next week in Mangalore which would be a 3 days workshop.

As soon as he acknowledged the email, he got an idea. He did not want to sound creepy as he always liked dominating. So he sent a text message to Riya.

John: Hi Riya, Can you let the other students know that I won’t be coming to take classes next week? In my absence, Mr. Sharma will take your classes.

Now Riya had been eagerly awaiting a single text/call from her teacher all this while and the moment she read the text that he won’t be coming to college for a few days, she felt very sad.

Riya: Good morning Sir, are you okay Sir? Why Sharma Sir? We only want to study it from you.

John wasn’t expecting Riya to reply this quickly. Without wasting any time he too replied.

John: Sharma is for others, bitch. You’ll remain my cum swallowing dirty little whore.

Riya: Why are you always this horny, Sir?

John: Ahh, I don’t know.

Riya: Do you realize what you made me do that day?

John: You didn’t like it?

There was no response. John waited for 2 minutes. Those 2 minutes felt like 2 hours to him.

John: There?

Riya: Yes, I’m here.

John: Then answer.

Riya: Can we get on a call?

John was a little terrified, that maybe she wasn’t interested anymore. Just as John was about to respond, he got a video call from Riya. John picked it up as he lay on his bed. He couldn’t believe what he saw on the other side. He saw Riya laying on the bed stark naked with her nipples pointing to the screen.

Riya: Hello Sir, why do you think I won’t let you tear my pussy again? Or have your ass licked? Saying this, she began squeezing her boobs.

John:  Ahh babe, you’ll make me cum now itself if you’ll do this to me now.

Riya: Is it? Would you like to cum inside me? ( while saying this she took a bottle of engaging perfume and began inserting it inside her pussy).

John: I did not know you want me to fuck you so badly.

Riya: You’ve made me a bad-bad woman. I just want to go kinkier with you. (She inserted half of the bottle inside her pussy and began moving it in and out in a set motion).

John: Okay, seems like you have got addicted to my way of fucking you.

Riya: Master, fuck me now. I want you to fuck me at my home in my parent’s bedroom. I want the room to be filled with our juices all over. Can you do that to me, master? I want to experience this fear of getting caught while you rip my pussy apart.

John: What! No, that’s very-very risky.

By then, Riya had closed her eyes and was rigorously moving the perfume bottle in and out of her pussy. She opened her eyes to respond to John.

Riya: Master, I beg you. Please. My parents are not here. They have gone to attend a Puja and will be only here by tonight. We got a couple of hours until then.

This was all John needed to know.

He replied: Send me your location.

John was a horny bastard and he knew how to tame young and old women alike. He wasted no time and booked his cab for the location shared by his slutty student Riya.

On his way, he bought some contraceptive pills and a Nutella chocolate spread. He wanted to make this memorable for Riya. But did not want all this to result in her getting pregnant.

As soon as he was about to reach her place, he sent her a text-

John: Be ready, I’ll be there in 2 minutes.

Riya replied with a heart emoji: Kundi mat khadkana raja, seedha andar aana Raj (with a wink emoji).

John had a smile and replied: Okay.

He asked for the flat number and went straight in.

Once he reached her apartment, he saw that the door was slightly open. John got a little curious and he opened the door. What he saw then just made his dick hard and him horny. He saw Riya sitting on the sofa, she had her legs wide open. She looked up and smiled. John went closer to her and she got up from the sofa and kissed him on his lips.

John couldn’t take it anymore and removed his clothes too and he began sucking her lips and kissing them while his hands played with her boobs.

Riya moved her lips away and whispered in his ears:

Riya: My parents will be here only by 8:00 pm. Let’s go to my parent’s bedroom, I will fill that place with our juices. I want to sense our juices when we lay on the bed tonight.

John (still playing with her boobs): But what if we get caught?

Riya: I have kept my books there so incase if they come early, I’ll tell them that you have come here to clear my doubts. By the way, aren’t you here to clear my doubts? ( she said this by squeezing his dick hard and planting a kiss on his nipples).

John: Hmm, of course, I’m I love doing that.

John took her in his arms and took her to her parent’s bedroom. He threw her on the bed.

Riya: I love this feeling when you do this to me.

John jumped to the bed and began kissing Riya. They continued kissing for 10 minutes like lost lovers while their hands continued to explore each other. The precum was oozing and Riya used the pillows to clean them up.

John then went down to eat Riya’s love hole. He put on a pillow so that she could get some support to give him better access to her pussy. John opened his bag and brought a jar of Nutella chocolate spread. He took some of it and applied it to his student’s pussy. Riya was not expecting this. John buried his face in her pussy and began licking the Nutella-filled pussy deep and clean. His one hand was playing with her right boob and his one hand was searching for her butt hole.

Riya made way for his hand to reach her butthole. She had his underwear in his hand which had some stains of precum. Now she was on the top of the world of ecstasy, love, and lust. She had already squirted twice but her teacher was in no mood to stop. With his tongue deep in her cunt, and his finger already inside her butt, the squeezing on her boobs got harder and irresistible. She too had her eyes closed. She was using all her saliva, and all her taste buds to lick and clean the underwear of her master.

It took another 30 minutes before John wiped the Nutella-filled pussy clean. Now he got up and gave a low bite on the boob that got red from all the squeezing he did for the past 30 minutes.

Then he looked into the eyes of Riya who now had her eyes open. He slipped his finger out from her ass and put it inside his mouth and began sucking and licking it clean. Riya could not hold the lust in his eyes and she began squirting again. She used the blanket to wipe her pussy clean and she also used to clean his dick.

John got up from the bed and dragged Riya to the corner of the bed. She had her head out while the rest of the body lay on the bed. She knew what was coming. Then she opened her mouth while John grabbed her hair and guided his dick inside till it reached her throat.

Riya closed her eyes again. Her hands reached his ass cheeks and she began to pull his ass cheeks towards her. Their motion was in sync and Riya was getting throat fucked. Soon Riya got choked and she wanted to breathe some air, so she pushed him aside and spit all her saliva which was filled with John’s cum on the bed.

John: What a mess are you creating!

Riya giggled: I want my dad and mum to sleep on their daughter’s achievements tonight.

Saying this, she made her teacher John lay on the bed and got herself up. She went down to his knees and squeezed his dick hard. She then gently began licking his balls. For the next 5 minutes, Riya sucked the balls as if that was all she had wanted in her life. Slowly she went further down and began licking his butthole. She had been secretly wanting to try it since she last licked her fingers clean.

Then she made John lift his legs so that she could get better access to his ass hole. She used all her power to spread his ass cheeks and bury her tongue inside his asshole.

John screamed in lust: Ohh my god!

Riya had her tongue buried inside his ass and she began to get the taste of his ass. The fragrance was strong and pungent however she wanted to own it all. She wanted to eat everything that was there in his ass.

She began milking his dick too. John knew that Riya had become a master of this craft now and she was no longer that innocent girl he fucked in the classroom. John had his eyes wide open for everything she was doing in his ass while milking him. Soon, he was about to cum.

Then he said: Riya, I am about to cum.

Riya moved her tongue out from his like a tigress as if ready to attack her prey. Without spitting, she brought her mouth near his dick and waited for her master to spray.

Soon loads and loads of cum splashed inside her mouth and Riya waited patiently for her master to empty his balls. Once he was done, she galloped them again and sucked his dick clean. John saw all this and his dick got erect again like an iron rod. He grabbed her and brought her face near her mouth.

John: You are the best fuck toy, I ever had.

Riya: Then use me as you wish master.

John looked into her eyes and kissed her lips. He commanded her to open her mouth which she obliged and he gathered all the spit in his mouth and down in his throat and he spits that in her mouth. Riya swallowed them all and made a pout face as if she wanted more.

John grabbed her and made her lie on the bed. Without wasting any time he guided his dick into her pussy and began ramming it.

Riya: Ohhh… ahhh… fuck me!

John continued ramming her for the next 5 minutes in missionary position and then he commanded her to go doggy style. He slowly guided his dick again into her pussy and this time it went deeper.

Riya: Sir, this is the best sex I’ve seen, I’ve heard and I’ve read in my life.

John continued to fuck Riya doggy style for the next 5 minutes.

Riya: Oh gosh! I’m cumming again.

Saying this Riya again squirted a lot and cleaned the mess using the bed sheet.

John: Ahhh… baby I’m about to cum too.

Riya: Cum inside me sir. I want to feel your cum inside me.

John sprayed all his cum inside her pussy and Riya could feel that it reached his womb. John cuddled Riya as he took his dick out Riya looked down at her cum filled pussy. He knew that he was late and that her parents might be there anytime, so he quickly got up to get dressed.

He squeezed her boobs for the last time and gave her the contraceptive pill he got for her. As he was about to leave the room, he looked at the bed which was filled with their cum and saliva. He had a smile on his face.

John: Your parents are going to have a good time tonight.

Riya: Let’s give them a good time again once you are back from the training.

They laughed and kissed each other again. John was getting late so he booked a cab and left for his home.

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