The Lustful unwind: Goa adventures – Part 7

Christmas has just begun, and its Sunburn season!

A 3 days event was scheduled this time. The party where everyone is accepted after an entry fee. Locals, Indian tourists and foreigners turn up for the event. It includes music, dance, party and more.

Christmas day!

Rimi and Ani turned up around 4 pm to the location to get tickets for the event. The queue was long. They had to wait around 1 hour in the queue for the tickets. Finally, they had their nails dug deep into the tickets.

After getting tickets, they were planning to visit a few churches. However, they were approached by 3 young travellers. The travellers looked like a small travelling musical band and offered to sing for them.

They had a mic, laptop and speakers entertaining the crowd. They sang a few originals, and it was wonderful.

Ani – Wonderful piece, any other skills you band have?

The guys – No, we are travelling musicians.

Ani – You are good artists, we can all agree. I meant about your other hidden talent.

The guys – What talent?

Ani – the kind of talent you can only display with girls. (winks)

The guys got the point now. There was awkward silence among them.

Ani – What happened? Scared? Don’t worry. You can be free in front of us.

The guys – We never explored that talent of ours

Rimi – Ah, tasty virgins!

Ani – Who do you want? Let’s pick!

Rimi – I want all 3 virgins, and you get none.

Ani – Bitch

Rimi – You asked about picking, and I picked. What’s your issue?

Ani – Yea bitch we can all see.

The guys were shy and horny, hearing a couple of girls discussing their virgin dicks in a vulgar manner. They got an erection from hearing the girls talking.

Rimi – Ok, who wants a blowjob from me first?

The guys were shocked and stood with erect meats. Rimi lightly brushed 2 guys over their jeans real fast. The guys almost cum feeling a girl touch them do boldly that too in public. Though it was a bit dark now. They did not believe their luck.

The Guys – So, want to come to our room?

Ani – Let’s go, virgins. Time to make you all real men.

All 5 arrived at the guy’s hotel. It was near the event, and they reached it within 10 minutes on scooters.

They entered the room. The door was bolted and locked.

Ani – Ok, boys, strip.

The guys hardly took 10 seconds to get into their birthday suits. All dicks raised and leaked precum with just the anticipation of the events to follow. The guys lined up, and the girls made them sit on the bed and got on their knees.

Rimi grabbed two dicks with both hands and sucked the guy in the middle.  Ani started stripping and teasing the guys. Rimi sucked all 3 guys alternatively for the next 10 minutes. Then Ani followed suit. However, she gave boobjob to all 3 guys and made them cum excitedly between her melons.

The guys started feeling up, Ani. They grabbed her ass, pulled her onto the bed and started to fondle her boobs. It was their first time touching a girl, so they were rough. Pressing her boobs hard and slapping her ass.

In the meantime, Rimi was recording Ani being fondled between the 3guys. The guys started licking her now. Both boobs and pussy were sucked and licked by 3 mouths.

Ani grabbed the dicks and started jerking off the 2 guys sucking her juicy melons. She was enjoying the attention moaning with the foreplay. Rimi cheered the guys on for being rougher on Ani.

Rimi – Come on, guys, finger her hard and bite her boobs, make her cum!

Ani – I will kill you.

Rimi – …says the bitch who is hogging all the action. Come on. Guys, go hard on her, don’t let her speak. Make her moan.

Rimi’s cheering helped the guys eat Ani more roughly. The guys started biting her nipples while sucking them. The pussy was licked and fingered, and her clit was played with and rubbed. Ani felt her body receiving jolts of pleasure, and it turned her on. She jerked the cocks in her hand like crazy and moaned hard.

Rimi – That’s it. Make that bitch submit to you.

Ani – Aah, fuck me, guys, fuck me hard!

Rimi – give the bitch what she wants, be her Santa this Christmas! Become a man inside her.

The guys finally decided to go with the flow. The guy sucking her placed his dick in her hole, ready to become a true man. He slowly made his journey inside the tunnel and became a man from a virgin.

Once completely inside, he started to thrust his dick with force. He fucked to his heart’s content till he was about to cum. At the moment of ejaculation, he pulled out to last longer.

Another guy took his place, and it was his turn to become a man. He went in easily with all the lubrication from her love juices. He did the same thing as the guy before him. He fucked till he was about to cum and pulled out just before that. Then the third guy did the same.

They kept taking turns and fucked Ani for almost 30-40 minutes, cumming 1 time. Ani cum around 3 times now and enjoyed the newbies of the game.

Rimi – How was it, bitch?

Ani – It was ok.

Rimi – Ok? Your moaning filled the hotel. Afraid to admit the boys fucked you real good?

Ani – I don’t think I was that loud.

Rimi – Ask the receptionist and the guards when you leave, lol. The video also proves it. Do you want to see how slutty you sounded getting 3 dicks?

Ani – I also have a camera with mobile, and it’s your turn next, bitch.

Rimi – We saw who the bitch was just now.

Ani – You’re the bigger one. It will be proven soon.

After some rest, the boys dragged Rimi onto the bed and got her into a doggy position. One guy licked her pussy and ass from behind. One guy laid down and started sucking her boobs, and the third guy gave his dick to suck.

Ani – Now bitch enjoy your wholesome time.

The boys licked and sucked her boobs and pussy alternatively and made her wet and horny. She didn’t moan much as her mouth was catering to one dick at all times.

Then the guys laid her down on her back. One guy fucked her pussy, and the other 2 sucked her melons. Rimi held the dicks of both guys sucking her melons, and moaned.

The guys have already cum before a couple of times. So now they were going harder and lasted longer. Rimi got fucked hard by all 3 boys one by one, and she moaned and screamed.

Ani – Sweet revenge bitch.

Ani recorded the whole activity and was smiling. Rimi got fucked for over an hour, and she cum quite a few times. Her face turned red. After the boys cum they started kissing her juicy lips and sucking her boobs.

The boys got some confidence in them now. They kept toying with her for another half an hour or so. Then Ani was pulled in the mix, and both girls got their pussies licked and nipples bit and sucked.

After all the hot action, the boys cooled down with a bath, and the girls left for their hotel at night.

They got some rest for 2 days. Then it was time for ‘Sunburn’ to begin.

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