The Lustful unwind – Goa adventures – Part 10

Welcome to another surprisingly horny part of the story.

The girls and Africans were on a beach in South Goa, enjoying nature and waiting for people to leave.

It was December 28.

Around 1 am, late at night, the beach started clearing. Around 2 am, it was almost empty, with very few people, mostly couples, around the beach. They were also looking to have some quality time without much disturbance.

The guys took the girls to one end of the beach. It was a rocky area with little sand. The rocks were big enough to hide behind them while enjoying their birthday suits.

The guys stripped and made the girls kneel and suck their boners. The girls struggled to gulp it down completely because of its huge size. They did their best to suck those dangling huge manhoods. The guys forced it down their throats, making them choke on their dicks.

Girls were made to suck both the dicks alternatively. They got to drink their cum which flowed down their throats. Then the guys stripped the girls. All four were stark naked on the beach under the moonlight.

The guys started kissing them, grabbing their waists and pulling them closer. Then grabbed their ass and melons while sucking their lips. Slowly the Africans started to seduce their way down between their legs, from kissing to licking their necks.

Then slowly, heading down and kissing their shoulders and biting them. The girls were getting aroused. The guys made it down to their melons and started sucking on them. Their fingers reach the pussy and rub them in a slow circular motion.

The girls were enjoying the foreplay in the open. The cool breeze from the sea was kissing their bare skin and brushing their hair while they were licked and sucked by both the African guys alternatively. The hair flowed with the wind. Their eyes closed, their mouths giving out slow sweet moans of pleasure.

The pussies were wet. The nipples were erect, and the feeling of being eaten in the open turned them on. The adventure under the moonlight was arousing and very wet. They held the guys by their hair and pushed their heads more on their nipples.

The fingers made their way inside the wet pussies. The moaning started increasing, and the pussies started dripping. Being eaten in the open and the adventure with foreigners was too much to bear. The girls started begging the guys to ram them on the sand.

The guys were happy to oblige and made the girls lie on the sand. They got on top of the girls, placed their manhood and slowly pushed them inside. The pussies were well-lubricated with their juices. Getting fucked over the last day made it easy for the girls to adjust the huge dongs in them.

The guys slowly started fucking their dripping-wet love holes while kissing them. Giving them long and slow thrusts. It felt good until the guys started ramming them faster and harder. The moaning and screaming increased. Their pussies were pounded rough and fast like animals.

It was like the first time they did it in the woods outdoors. The guys were also extra horny because of the settings and weather. They pounded the girls hard, and their screams echoed around the empty beach. The girls were grabbing onto the guys with their nails dug deep into the guy’s back.

Their eyes closed, heads arched back, their body shaking with the force of fucking. Their body was sandwiched between the guys and the sand.
The fierce sex was going on non-stop now for over 30 minutes. The guys showed their strength and stamina.

The girls could only cum and moan, getting fucked like crazy. The sex was going great under the moonlight, with the wind brushing their bodies and turning them on. The sands under their backs and legs made a soft bed for them.

Mother nature provided the best bed to lie and get fucked as much as they wished. However, every good thing comes with some cost. Not aware of local details. The fucking session continued.

Suddenly, 3 lights came towards the beach, heading directly towards the source of screaming and moaning.

Voice 1 – What are you doing here?

Voice 2 – Get dressed and come with us to the police station!

Hearing the police, the guys got startled, got dressed, and ran like crazy. They ran away from the scene. The 3 police guys chased after them, but couldn’t catch up to their speed and lost them. They came back to the spot.

They saw 2 sexy hot beauties naked, lying on the sand. Their faces were red, their legs spread wide and dripping wet. Their breasts were moving up and down as they took long, heavy breaths.

Voice 2 – Let’s have some fun. These girls look willing to do anything for good sex.

The second police guy dropped his pants and got on top of Ani.

Police 2 – Hi bitch, your lucky you’re not getting arrested. Enjoy!

He inserted his dick and started fucking Ani. Ani didn’t feel much after getting fucked like an animal by the Africans. He fucked her on the sand for 20 minutes and cum on her face.

The next police guy then came to Ani. He got on top of her, slid his dick in her and started fucking.

Police1 – That’s like a good girl.

He started sucking her boobs and kept fucking her. Ani now started moaning a little getting her boobs sucked along with getting fucked. He lasted around 15 minutes. He also cum all over her.

The third guy came, and he turned her around. He dropped his pants. Got her into a doggy position and started fucking her from behind while pulling her hair. Also, he was spanking her with the other hand, which left a mark on her ass.
He also fucked for 15-20 minutes and discharged on her ass.

Ani lay down on the sand. Tired after so much fucking she got over the last 2 hours. Rimi was still laying beside them, not yet touched by any police. She was wondering how they would fuck her and calm her pussy. She was enjoying good hard sex with the Africans before they fled.

All 3 police guys approached Rimi. One police guy laid down and pulled Rimi onto her, entering her pussy and started fucking her from below. The other 2 police guys stood before her mouth with dicks touching her lips. She got the clue and started sucking them alternatively.

Police2 – This girl looks eager to get used to more than her friend.

Police3 – She is getting used to it.

The police kept fucking her mouth and pussy alternatively. All 3 police guys took turns fucking her and gave her their man juice to drink directly in her mouth. She sucked their dicks along with their juices. The police guys looked satisfied with her.

Then the police took both the girls to their police jeep and promised to drop them at their hotel. One officer drove while the other 2 officers made the girls sit on their laps and fucked them the whole ride back. They drove the police van slowly to enjoy the girls bouncing on their dicks.

They slapped their butts and sucked their boobs while they rode their cocks. The police held them tightly on their laps. They enjoyed the supposed 40-45-minute journey to over 90 minutes in the dark while intentionally driving slowly.

The girls were made to ride all 3 dicks in the van as the officers took turns driving and fuck.

The police finally dropped them near their hotel at around dawn. The girls somehow went to their rooms and fell on the bed. Dead tired and completely knocked out after the whole scenario.

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