The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 32

We all enjoyed lunch after the success of my first double penetration. Vini and Rick bid us goodbye. Joy commented, “Mom, you enjoyed the double drill.”

“Yes, son, that was incredible.”

“Tonight, dad and I will give you the same. He will relish it. Mom, did any other thoughts come to your mind during that?”

“Son, can I be absolutely frank?”

“Mom, you can tell me anything.”

“When you and Rick were in me, for a moment, I yearned for a third cock in my mouth.”

He was cautious. “Do you want to do it from the heart, or is it just a fleeting thought?”

“Now that I’ve thought about it, why not do it too?”

“We’ll have to take dad into confidence. Rick. Dad and me! Mom, that would be your first foursome!”

“He might not take it positively. He might feel hurt that I had a threesome without his knowledge.”

“Leave that to me. When we fuck you tonight, you just express your wish for a third cock in your mouth. I’ll reason with dad and bring Rick into the picture.”

“You’re sure?”

“Mom and dad enjoy watching his son fuck his wife. He won’t mind a third cock, or more. Oh, mom, all these thoughts have got me hard.”

He got up, removed his shorts, shoved his dick in my mouth and fucked my throat for five minutes. I got naked, and we fucked on the sofa, dining table and the carpet. He came into my mouth, and I gladly swallowed his juice. We decided to take a break till my hubby arrived.

Suvendu had wanted to fuck me all day long. On his return, I gave him a sloppy blowjob and sent him to shower to prepare for dinner. Joy mentioned that I had a special wish to be granted at night. He said he would fulfil any wish of mine. They were stark naked on the bed.

I entered the room and threw away my nightgown. I sucked them and started riding Joy as Suvendu pumped my ass. Midway, he asked about my wish. Joy told him that I wished to have two cocks in my pussy. He readily agreed. Joy directed him to lie down and bring his cock closest to his.

Ah, again, I was riding two cocks together. As usual, we’re moaning loud slang. Following Joy’s instructions, I proclaimed loudly, “Oh damn, I wish I had another cock stuffed in my mouth.”

I came rather hard on their dicks. After a brief reprieve, Suvendu took me from below and Joy from behind. They asked me where I’d love them to cum. Like the cum addicted slut I told them I wanted them in my mouth.

Joy asked me during his plunges, “Mom, did you mean it when you wanted another cock in your mouth?”

“I felt like that at that time. Now leave it and fuck me well and cum in my mouth, you fuckers.”

They followed my instructions, and I gulped their loads with glee in another minute. As we recuperated from our exertions, Joy discussed the topic with Suvendu. He had no qualms if the guy was reliable and discreet. Joy assured him.

He added that since the next day was Saturday, he would introduce the guy and have something extra for him. The discussion got us excited again. We started a leisurely session. After fucking all my holes for over an hour, father and son splashed my insatiable pussy with hot, thick man juice.

Next morning, after breakfast, Joy discussed with Suvendu and went out in the car. He returned with Vini and Rick after one and a half hours. We spent that time cuddling up to each other and talking about our journey. Vini wore a black chiffon saree, a sleeveless blouse with a knotted front and deadly high heels.

Suvendu’s eyes lit up on her arrival, and the jealous wife surged its head. But before I could coax him, Joy spoke up. “Dad, we have something to confess. Please hear me out.”

“Go ahead, son. I can guess what you’re going to tell.”

Joy narrated how Vini confided in me about how she started fucking her son. That incident got Joy and me going for it. Vini got turned on by hearing about my threesome experience with my hubby and son. She expressed how badly she wanted a threesome. So I arranged for Joy and Rick to fulfil her desire.

Getting inspired and excited, I also had the double dick fuck. It was time for Suvendu, Joy and Rick to fulfil my foursome fantasy. Suvendu patiently heard him without any reactions. I was trembling inside that he would explode in anger. Joy had analyzed his dad better than me.

He let out a deep sigh. “My only regret is that I didn’t watch it live.”

“No issues, dad, we got it all recorded. Once I get it properly edited, you can watch it.”

“Good boy. So now my sweet wife wants a foursome, so be it. We’ll all be in action. Who’s going to record?”

Vini threw her naughty smile. “Am I here for no purpose? I’ll handle two cameras, one for the long shot and one in my hands for close-ups. Rick will use his mobile for the POV(Point of View) shots. Joy will mix and edit all the footage.”

The thought of three cocks had made me wet and the men hard. Vini set up the cameras as we took the bed.

“Let’s start with Sonali aunty sucking the three of us.”

I knelt on the bed. They thrust their eager poles towards my cock hungry mouth. I took Suvendu in and started stroking the boys who stood on either side. I felt so desirable. My confidence as a sexual being soared high. My mouth and palms were capable of pleasuring three of me simultaneously!

Ah, the warmth and sturdiness of one man in the mouth, two more in my palms, and their moans of pleasure! Only a woman can perceive the amazing sensations in my body and mind.

Purists and feminists will shout their heads off, “What a shameless whore, letting herself be exploited by three lusty beasts.” I wanted it. I had it. They kept changing places, praising my oral skills.

“Soni, you’re becoming a better sucker every day.”

“Yes, mom, you’re sucking better than yesterday.”

“Aunty, you’re giving mom stiff competition.”

Vini could not help asking. “How does it feel to suck three cocks?”

I replied, “You’ve just got to do it to understand.”

Rick quipped. “I’m sure mom will try it.”

Joy said he would be a willing volunteer for her trial. Vini told them to focus on the job at hand. I launched another bout of shameless cock sucking with two cocks and all possible combinations. Joy and Rick, Joy and Suvendu, Rick and Suvendu. I particularly enjoyed the last one as it was new for me.

Suvendu initiated the second round. “Boys, let’s give the lady a thorough warm-up. You concentrate on her melons while I give her a tongue-lashing down there.”

His words got my nipples erect, and my cunt wobbled from within. Three men were warming me up! Rick and Joy took place on my side. Suvendu opened my legs and placed a plump pillow below my hips. Joy directed Rick.

“While I suck on this boob, you keep squeezing it. I’ll do the other one when you gobble it. Sounds right? Mom?”

“This is something fresh. Sounds quite right.”

“Ok, boys, let’s start.” Suvendu started with long leisurely licks on my pussy lips and clitoris. Simultaneously both my boobs disappeared in the young mouths, with their strong palms and fingers sinking into them.

Suvendu’s eyes were fixed on my boobs as his tongue lapped my cunt. Lady readers can well imagine the unbearable explosions of raw pleasure that overwhelmed every cell in my body. It was a relentless carpet bombing of my body with bursting snowballs of exquisite sensations.

Only one man plays with your boobs with his hands and mouth. It’s more than enough for the majority of women. I had one man’s hand and another one’s mouth on each of my boobs. The third man’s tongue and lips were savouring my cunt.

Even the most hardcore of feminists, if she is reading this, must have wetted her panties. I was shrieking like a skewered pig and shuddering all over. Vini captured the expressions of raw ecstasy smeared all over my face. Eventually, it became unbearable, and I begged them to stop.

Suvendu inspected my cunt by inserting his fingers. “Hmmm, Soni, you’re ready for the next round. Damn, you’ve never been so watery before!”

“I’ve never been worked upon by three men before,” I reasoned.

“How do we proceed?”

“Let’s start with you and me. Mom, you ride me. Dad will take the ass. Rick, hope you’re not finding us selfish?” Joy spoke.

“I get her heavenly mouth. Why should I complain?”

“We’ll keep changing positions,” Suvendu assured him.

Joy laid back on the bed with his cock shining like a spear. I got up and took position over his cock. Suvendu started oiling my ass with two thumbs furrowing in and out with a generous amount of oil.

Joy’s dick head was poking at my pussy lips, and Rick’s was brushing my lips. Suvendu rubbed his erection over my ass cheeks as he oiled my ass canal. I submitted it humbly.

“Guys, I have a request.”

“Yes, Soni, please do.”

“Enter me at the same time. I want you in me together.” There’s no use being coy when you want exactly what your body desires. Vini applauded my honesty. “That’s the spirit, girl. Get what you want.”

Suvendu tested the level of resistance. It might offer by inserting the tip of his dick in my ass, finding none withdrawing it, and holding it light against m asshole.

“I’m ready to go. Tell me when you’re.”

Joy held the dickhead close to my pussy. I opened my mouth wide, and Rick’s dick tip rested on my lips. I made another request. Rick sighed deeply as my moving lips brushed his dickhead.

“No need to start gently. Give me all you got from the word go. I need to know how much I can handle. Don’t show an iota of mercy. I may plead and scream for you to stop or soften it up. Just ignore me then.”

Suvendu took the lead. “The order noted your honour. Boys, let’s give her what she wants. On my count: One, two and three.”

Three different types of squelchy, oily, throaty sounds emitted from my ass, cunt and throat as three hot, hard cocks entered them with their crotches grinding hard against respective entries. A loud gasp from my throat could not exit my mouth as Rick’s thick sausage fully absorbed it.

All three moaned in deep pleasure as their tools got engulfed in my orifices. My entire body shook involuntarily. I had ordered them to start pounding immediately. They paused, sensing that the triple entry was overpowering for me.

They allowed me to enjoy the pleasure and guessed when I was ready for the onslaught. Still, Joy asked me. “Mom, are you ready now?”

I nodded in approval as my mouth was stuffed with Rick’s hot dog. Joy took the director’s seat. “Guys, pull out on my counter and start fucking with all you got.”

“Ok, boss.” They replied and complied obediently.

Three cocks stiffened further in unison as they pulled out to the base of the dickheads and geared up for Joy’s count. It felt like three angry bulls pulling at the ground with their hooves, with flaring nostrils.

“Here we go, mom. One, two and three.”

Three sizzling shafts slammed deep inside my mouth, ass and cunt. They gave me no respite and started to plunge in and out with tremendous pace and ferocity. It was beyond words to describe the sensations.

Three-man poles plundering all my holes in unison, with perfect synchronization, proved too much for me. Within half a minute, my abdomen trembled uncontrollably. The insides of my cunt churned whimsically. The ass canal throbbed haphazardly.

Every cell in my body, from the toes to the tips of my hair, felt like exploding. The loud moans from my throat, largely muffled by Rick’s furrowing meat plough, were still audible to the others. They realized that my orgasm was imminent. They started moving faster and harder.

In thirty seconds, I was beyond all control. My body shook spasmodically. My eyes started to roll back. The inability to yell out due to the fatty meat delving in and out of my mouth added to the overall sensations. The sensations in my throat, in addition to those in the pussy and ass, were too much to bear.

Then all dams shattered into a trillion pieces. My abdomen shook so violently that even the long-shot camera caught it in detail. The insides of my ass and cunt clawed at the furrowing turgidities with unforeseen intensity for a few seconds. Then they burst open together.

I ejected speedy fountains of cunt juice like a freshly broken fire hydrant.
My yells of unbearable rapture would have surely reached the neighbourhood had those not been absorbed by Rick’s shaft. They continued fucking till my sprays dwindled to trickles.

I gestured with my hands for them to stop. They did so by shoving their hardest in all my depths. I must have gone in to a coma in the throes of unbearable ecstasy. Rick later said that my yells that resounded on his cock were a novel experience for him.

My hot breath from my nostrils that thrashed on his shaven crotch made it his best mouth fuck experience ever. Joy said that my pussy juice, which slapped his cock and abdomen, definitely felt the hottest. Suvendu confessed that he had never before felt his cock being gripped so intensely by my ass.

Rick was the first to withdraw. I took a deep breath and spoke as if in delirium. “Guys, I must have died and gone to heaven.” I slumped like a felled tree on Joy. He withdrew and turned me over on my back. My ass emitted an oily obscene sound as Suvendu’s dick slipped out.

Son and hubby came to my sides and caressed my body with loving hands. Rick petted my head gently. They waited for me to come to my senses. Vini congratulated them.

“Guys, that was awesome. The way she shot her juices, it had to be her biggest ever. Rick, I hope you got her POV when she climaxed?”

“Mom, that’ll be a feast for the eyes.”

“I think she has surpassed all porn stars.” Vini reflected. The trio nodded in agreement. Suvendu thanked them and especially Vini. “Had it not been for you, we wouldn’t have seen this day.”

Eventually, I came to my senses with a strong hangover from the indescribable sensations running throughout my body. The men drew close to me and enquired whether I felt all right. I replied. “Never felt better. Now it’s time to drain you guys.”

“How would you like to do it, mom?”

“I love riding cocks. Joy and Rick et your cocks together. I want to ride you with my ass and pussy. Hubby dear, my mouth is all yours. I will ride and suck until you all cum. Can you guys cum at the same time?”

Suvendu analyzed. “She will be riding up and down. A similar speed will be working on my cock. Same strokes for all folks might get it done, as she wants.”
I gobbled hubby’s cock down my throat and went down on the boys. His cock slid out of my mouth to the base of the dickhead.

I pulled up to the base of the dickheads of the boys and was satisfied to find hubby’s cock going down to my throat. I started with slow strokes to attain the perfect rhythm.

Within a minute, I touched my usual speed. They moaned and yelled in pleasure. I could feel them swell further in all my holes. They were shrieking in another minute.

“Mom, you’re riding so fast. Your pussy is sucking out my very soul.”

“Aunty, your ass has never felt so good before.”

“You can call me Sonali, Rick.”

“Ok, Sonali, your ass feels much better than a young girl’s pussy.”

“Damn, Soni, you’ve sucked at this speed.”

Their tools tightened like never before in another minute, and they knew they were very close. Could I make three men shoot their loads at the same time? As their shrieks reached bestial levels, I let go of all my doubts and rode them at an unprecedented pace.

“Oh, damn, mom, you’re going to blast my balls.”

“Ah, Sonali, your ass is tugging my cock like a vacuum cleaner.”

“Soni, I can’t bear it anymore.”

I managed to speak with hubby’s cock pumping in and out of my mouth. “I want you all to cum hard and cum together.” It sounded like “ Bi banth bu thu thum thard band thum thubeder.”

That made them shriek like slaughtered goats. I drove hard on the cocks in my pussy and ass. I extended my neck to plunge into hubby’s cock till the back of my throat.
Oh my God, the first volley of hot, thick man mayonnaise hit the deepest recess of my pussy, ass and throat simultaneously. This gave rise to a sudden rapid snowball of ecstasy in my body, which rushed down to my pussy at a furious pace.

The three yelled like prehistoric monsters as their second volley hit my insides with more force than the first and in larger volume. It made my pussy throb uncontrollably.
When their third spurt hit my interiors, I sent out another unending series of orgasmic fluid in copious amounts. They kept pumping their juices, and each cum slap made me cum harder. Hubby’s cum simply splurged down my throat and my digestive tracks.

I didn’t even have to swallow! He kept his twitching cock firmly embedded in my throat till his spurts oozed out the last trickles. The younger boys kept pumping their ball sauce with amazing force and amounts. Wish I had the words to describe how I felt.

Three hot, hard cocks twitching and spraying you with hot, thick cum, in your pussy, ass and mouth. That too at the same time and rhythm! Only a woman will grasp what I was going through. I kept all three in until they were completely drained out.

Then I released them from my confines, took the side of the bed and spread out my pussy and ass. Vini knew my intentions and was already in a position to record the deluge of man juices flowing out.

Only a woman can understand how fulfilling it feels to have hot man juice flowing out of one’s pussy and ass simultaneously. Men have largely developed human vocabulary. Wish there was a lady author who could assign new words to describe these exclusive feminine sensations.

Vini couldn’t help but remark. “Sonali! This is beyond words. You drained out three men together at the same time. I’m blessed to witness the sex goddess in action, live!”

The men were exhausted and lay heaving and sighing on the bed. I flushed out their deposits in the washroom and jumped between them for post orgasm cuddles and they obliged me gladly. Cuddles from three men after two earth-shattering orgasms!

No words can describe this level of gratification. When we recovered, Suvendu opened a champagne bottle for celebrations. He instructed the boys to enjoy themselves in another room as he wanted to have some talks with Vini.
“Vineeta, you must yearn to have your foursome debut too?”

“Don’t I deserve to?”

“Definitely, but your hubby has got to be a part of it.”

She went crazy. “Oh no, either he’ll kill me. Divorce is definite. He’s too old school.”

“Far from it, I should say.”

Suvendu narrated that Suresh (Vini’s hubby) managed the traditional garb for society. He and my hubby were Friday evening beer buddies. Suresh had shared many deep fantasies with him. One of them is a wife swap. Once that is done, he would easily convince him of other things.

Vini’s jaws dropped. “This is something I never imagined. Are you sure you can convince him? I have fucked my son, then my friend’s son.”

“Leave it for me. I’ve theoretically agreed to join the swap if he can convince you. I’ll speak to him that Soni has convinced you. He’ll be back in a few days. I gave him a man’s word. You can enjoy yourself with the boys in any way you like. I cannot come into the picture till I satisfy his wife swap fantasy.”

Vii expressed many fears.” I have been unable to satisfy him. He must be availing the services of foreign escorts on his business trips. Damn, he has visited Thailand thrice. Thailand! We all know why men go there.”

Suvendu dispelled her fears. “He’s not into escorts. His biggest turn-on is to see you fuck another guy while he watches.”

“If you got him wrong, it will ruin my life.”

“Trust me, Vineeta. He spoke about a wife swap. He was more interested that you’ll fuck another man than getting a new pussy. He even has a sloppy seconds fantasy.”

“What’s that?” we both were unfamiliar with the term.

“He wants to fuck and cum inside you after another man has done the same.”

“That’s unbelievable,” Vini’s jaws dropped.

“Even I was unfamiliar. Suresh introduced me to this concept, and I got hooked. Thanks to you, I can now do this after Joy cums in his mother’s pussy.”

“Well, now I feel a bit assured.”

“Vineeta and Soni, now I would like you to satisfy my voyeuristic urges. You two are free to do whatever you want with the boys. I’ll be the cameraman. I won’t mind if you two play with each other.”

Sonali and Vineeta will be back in another explosive chapter.