The Chronicles Of Sonali – Part 31

The boys caressed my inner thighs and boobs. I recapitulated the extraordinary turn of events over the last three months. Vineeta has fucked her son. I got sucked into the experience and ended up sucking my son. I took it up a few notches higher by fucking my son and husband in an amazing threesome.

Then my son and Vini’s son fucked the living daylights out of her and made ‘her pussy see stars.’ Now I was gearing up for the same treatment. Where is this all going? There can’t be any turning back. Things can only go forward. I transcended the point of no return when I let my son fuck my brains out.

“I believe she has worked up already. Why don’t you get them rocking hard?” Vini suggested in her characteristic naughty manner. The boys caught the queue and stood on my sides with their gradually inflating tools.

This is the advantage of young cocks. No matter how many times you milk them, they can be rejuvenated within a short time. It is ironic that women reach their sexual peak in their 30s and men in their late teens. It means the ideal sexual partner should have a man at least 12 years junior to the woman.

Joy requested, “Mom, start with Rick. I really like to watch your oral skills applied to another cock.” I replied by gulping down the entire shaft. I moved my head back and forth to enhance the grip on the dick. It grew immediately in length, girth and hardness.

His vocal appreciation filled me with feminine pride. “Ah, Sonali, you really know how to suck a cock. How lucky I am to have my cock sucked by you. Your mom knows what she’s doing. Come, Joy, get hard in your mom’s mouth.” He generously withdrew his saliva-coated turgidity.

Joy plunged in promptly. Within a minute, he grew substantially in the confines of my mouth. Ah, the sensations of a dick growing in the mouth. The masculine warmth spread all over the tongue and grazed the inner cheeks. Joy expressed his satisfaction, obviously interspersed with moans of utter pleasure.

“Oh, mom, what a genuine cock sucking mouth you got. As if you’re born to suck. What a lucky son I am.” I kept stroking Rick with the circular motion of my slender fingers. I sucked my son to a glorious erection. Satisfied by their erections, I let out Joy.

I confidently announced, “ Now it’s time for my double dick debut.”

“That’s the confidence girl. Go for it.” Vini clapped with enthusiasm. “I’m sure you’ll do better than me.” Her words did wonders for my self-esteem. The boys brought their twitching man poles close to my mouth. I opened wide, imitating the way Vini had done during her escapade.

They glided their heavy dickheads in my cock hungry mouth quite effortlessly. They held my head firmly and started shoving their meat rods inside my mouth inch by inch. Their heavy dickheads rested at the back of my throat. I was overwhelmed by the dual masculine warmth.

Vini applauded my achievement, “Way to start, Sonali. Will you let them do it or do it yourself?” My mouth being fully occupied, I pointed out the boys. Rick asked me, “ Would you prefer the alternate or simultaneous strokes?”

I opened my preoccupied mouth wider and somehow uttered, “Ti- mul-tanuf.” Joy comprehended my choice and spoke even clinically, “ Ok, Rick, on my count –one, two, three.” They slid out to the base of their cockheads and plunged deep into my throat.

Their back-and-forth movements were initiated with gentle strokes and eventually sped to a decent rhythm. Creating obscene gurgling sounds emitted from the corner of my lips. Words fail to express how overwhelming it felt when the two cockheads plunged down my throat.

The feeling of being dominated by two young men and the heat of their cocks flowing down my throat pipe to the churning muscles of my pussy. This is a sensation that even the strongest feminists will crave and savour, given the opportunity.

The sweetly obscene sounds and the boys’ moans made the ambience foreboded with sheer raw, animalistic lust. The ripples of which pervaded every nook and corner of the room. They fucked my mouth and throat for five minutes exclaiming at every thrust how good I made them feel.

They were even enjoying their dicks sliding against each other. When they withdrew, dollops of saliva flowed from my mouth on their inflated erections. Rick suggested, “Joy, would you mind trying the lie-down position?”

“That sounds innovative. Mom, just let us know whenever you’re uncomfortable.”

“I won’t know unless I try,” I announced with replenished self-esteem. “That’s the spirit, girl,” Vini provided further encouragement. They laid me on the bed with my head arched over two fluffy pillows. Joy took a position at my head and slid his cock into my eagerly awaiting mouth.

Rick took the more tricky position with his head over my pussy. He rested his knees on two sides of my shoulders with his tool hovering over my mouth. He stationed it precisely on the tip of my tongue. It immediately set apart my cock hungry mouth wider, enabling him to plunge his meat pole effortlessly.

This position sent sparks flying down to my pussy. My son’s balls were nudging my nose, and upper lip and Rick’s nuts were on my lower lip. The combined masculine fragrance of their balls was overpowering my senses. They started fucking my mouth and throat with renewed vigour.

The sounds of their balls slapping over my lips got my pussy churning. I was amazed by the flexibility of my mouth and throat. The majority of women struggle to accommodate one cock in their mouths, leave alone their throats. I was getting my throat and mouth fucked with two cocks of enviable proportions.

If my throat felt so good, how would my pussy feel with those? The boys seemed to read my thought. After another minute of plunging, added some skilful pussy licking by Rick. They decided to administer a similar manoeuvre to my cock craving pussy.

Vini admired my efforts earnestly. “Sonali, you did much better than I envisioned.” Rick added excitedly, “Got to admit, Sonali, you’ve obliterated even the most hardcore of porn stars.”

“Really, mom,” Joy opined. “I’ve hardly seen any pornstar taking a double dick throat fuck so effortlessly, and you enjoyed it thoroughly.”

I admitted, “Yes, boys, I did enjoy it. That’s the whole point. Now I want you both in my pussy and fuck like maniacs until I explode.”

“Thy will be done,” Rick remarked with a mischievous grin, his face bloated with raw lust. I turned to Joy, “Son, I hope you aren’t having any misgivings watching me turn into a sheer slut?”

He patted my head affectionately, reassuring me, “Mom, I just want you to shed all inhibitions and celebrate your sexuality. The more liberated you become, the better you’ll enjoy it. You’re my mom, but above all, you’re a woman.” Vini quipped, “Come on, Sonali, its time your pussy is filled with two hard dicks.”

Joy adopted the lying position with his massive erection hanging in the air like a mast pole. He guided me to come over to him. My back over him positioned my pussy over his quivering cock. Just touching the lips of my pussy, which were swollen with excitement and carnal anticipation.

Rick hovered over me, supporting in his arms, stationing his throbbing organ at the entrance of my pouting pussy. I shuddered violently the moment the two hard dickheads slithered on my pussy lips. “Oh, Vini, I can’t really believe this will happen.” I stuttered in excitement.

Joy enquired politely. “You want us inside together or one after the other?” Like a shameless slut I blurted, “I want both of you inside me together.” They planted their dick tips carefully at m pussy entrance. Rick guided Joy, “Ok, bro, let’s start by inserting the glans on my count – one, two, three.”

They nudged gently to accommodate their dickheads at my pussy opening. The touch of their tips sent sparks flying throughout my body. They made manoeuvres to let the entire dickheads inside me. Their combined girth was akin to an arm of a man. I felt my pussy stretch like never before.

“Oh, Vini,” I stuttered again. “This is incredible. I’ve never been stretched out like this.” I gasped heavily in between the words. “Don’t worry, darling, once the sausages are fully inside. The real fun will commence. Trust me. You’re going to get the time of your life.”

A faint doubt had crept in me with the stretching. I felt unsure about accomplishing the task at hand, rather pussy. However, Vini’s words got my confidence soaring. “Ok, boys, give me the time of my life,” I announced.

Being seasoned fuckers they knew better not to hurry. They focused on accommodating their entire dickheads in my stretched pussy. I parted my legs to the farthest I could to ease their efforts. The frontal part of my canal was stretched to the limit.

The warmth and pressure of two hot dickheads got every cell in my pussy quivering. They nudged harder and got another two inches inside. I felt my pussy clamouring to devour their remaining lengths. “Boys, go all the way in. I can’t bear to wait anymore.” I blurted out like a bitch in the heat.

Later on, in the video by Vini, I was shocked to see my visage dripping with the raw lust of a primitively bestial nature. That was my unleashed sexuality pouring out in immeasurable amounts. Sensing my urgency, they shoved their waists hard.

The man poles seemed to rip me apart, with their intrusion filling every cell and muscle of my pussy with indescribable pleasure. They crushed their groins against my pussy lips and embedded their lengths in my depths. I let out the loudest gasp in my entire life.

It startled the boys, and both enquired about any pain. I assured them it was far from that. “It’s so unbelievably good. How filled up, I feel now.”

“Sink in the extra pressure,” Rick guided me, “How would you like us to fuck your pussy? Do you want alternate strokes or the simultaneous?”

I was so overwhelmed that I remained indecisive. Sensing my dilemma, Joy suggested that starting with the alternate strokes is better until I decide on the dual thrusts.

“Yes, Sonali,” Vini seconded his motion. “That will be perfect, to begin with. It’ll make you go wild. I thoroughly enjoyed it when they did that to me. When you’re close, that’s the time to go for the dual switch.”

“Oh, Vini, nobody knows what’s best for me better than you. Ok, boys fuck me as you’ve never fucked before.”

Joy instructed Rick to follow the pattern. He adjusted my posture so that I supported myself on the palms. It arched my pussy slightly, making their hot hard shafts delve deeper into me. I gasped, “Oh, boys, I’ve never felt so filled. Fuck me any way you like but ensure I cum real hard.”

Rick assured me, “ Sonali, we won’t stop until you spew cum like a gusher.”

“Yes, mom, we’ll fuck you till you explode.”

Joy pulled down his pole gently. The ridges of his dickhead clawed back my pussy muscles. Combined with the pressure of Rick’s stationary dick, it was immensely exquisite. He paused as the tip of his dickhead descended to my pussy lips and instructed Rick, “Now I’m going up. You pull back.”

Within fifteen seconds, they attained a steady rhythm. I shrieked as tidal waves of rapture overwhelmed all my senses. The ridges of their dickheads were especially enjoyable when they pulled down and out. The combined pressure enabled my pussy nerves and cells to feel them deeply.

Within another minute, they attained the perfect rhythm and a steady pace. It made my pussy ooze out dollops of juice. It induced nonstop, sweetly obscene chuckling sounds from my pussy. The mutual gasps of ecstasy and our heavy panting made the proceedings indescribably lust-laden.

The plethora of unknown sensations overpowered my whole body in almost every cell to such an extent that I couldn’t think about anything. This is the best thing about sex –it makes you forget everything else.

Gradually the boys increased the pace of their thrusts. I felt them swell even more inside my squelching pussy. The increase in their girths heightened my sensations and excitement. They started squeezing and fondling my boobs. Ah, the sensations of two young men cajoling with my boobs!

Their hardness plunging in and out of my profusely watering pussy. Only a woman can grasp the incredible throes of passion I was undergoing. My pussy was gargling with copious amounts of juice. It enabled them to move in and out effortlessly, adding to their pleasure.

“Oh, mom, your pussy has never felt so juicy before. It feels like I’m fucking a new pussy.”

“Really, Sonali, your pussy feels out of this world.”

Such compliments between moans at every thrust kicked the build-up to an explosive climax. Innumerable churning sensations were building up in my stomach. My pussy muscles convulsed thoroughly in a long spasmodic manner. Shrieks of animal ecstasy flew out from my mouth.

“Oh my God, you’re going to make me cum anytime, you fuckers. Now fuck me hard together. I need your cocks to plunder my pussy in unison. Fuck me like a beast.” Later on, when I watched the video, I couldn’t believe the lust-filled expressions I bore on my face.

The boys took a second to adjust to the dual mode, with both moving in deep inside. It made my pussy emit an utterly obscene, sloshing, squelching sound. They pulled out together, grazing the insides of my cunt with double the compression and plunged back with bestial fervour.

Within a few seconds, they were plunging in and out with wanton lust. At an unbelievable pace, grunting and neighing like stout horses at the end of a race. In another minute, I felt my abdomen tremble involuntarily. A giant snowball of sheer raw rapture building up at a maniac pace within me.

Every nerve of my body was tingling with tremendous excitement. All the sensations were rolling up and rushing towards my pussy. My heart had never beat so loud before. I knew I was going to reach the most explosive orgasm of my life.  Their dual inward strokes nudged at the untouched cells of my pussy.

I felt my abdomen convulse. A gigantic whirlpool of unknown sensations ran furiously from my toes to the roots of my hair. They kept plunging in a merciless bestial manner till all dams burst open. I shrieked out the loudest in my life.

“Oh my fucking God, I’m cumming real hard. I think I’m going to die – I can’t bear it anymore.” My words extended into a howl of ecstasy. My pussy shook like a frail tree caught in a tornado. It spewed out jets of juice at a terrific speed and abundant amounts, literally showering their cocks and abdomen.

My eyes rolled back in a frenzied manner. My pussy was seeing stars. As if the whole universe was shattering into a trillion pieces inside it. They kept fucking furiously until the jet streams of pussy juice subsided to trickles. I begged them to stop as I felt like fainting into oblivion.

They obliged by giving a joint thrust to reach newer depths of my pussy. They let my listless body sink into the depths of a pleasurable slumber engulfed in their manly bodies. I had attained nirvana.

Such was the intensity that the generally vocal Vini had gone silent. She knew better not to disturb my post-coitus slumber. A woman is incomplete without a cock in her pussy. The slumber broke after around ten minutes, though it appeared like an eternity.

“That was incredible, boys,” I spoke with a heavy drawl.

“Well ‘cum’ Sonali, I thought you’d gone to heaven,” quipped Vini.

“Definitely better than heaven. Vini, your words helped me to achieve this. Boys, you kept your word and held on to your tanks. Now I want to get sprayed by your hot young cum.”

“How would you like us to unload, mom? I mean, you want us to continue this?”

“I leave it to you guys to decide. Just ensure that you cum where I tell you to.”

They withdrew their pussy juice-drenched cocks from my watering pussy. Rick suggested, “Sonali’s gorgeous ass shouldn’t be left vacant.”

Joy nodded in agreement. “Would you prefer to take it? After all, it will be your anal debut with her.”

“Excellent logic, bro.”

I climbed over Joy and eagerly sank his lubricated pole in my pussy. To my amazement, I found out the incredible elasticity of the pussy. To be honest, I wondered, just after being fucked with two cocks, Joy’s single cock would be inadequate for it.

Surprisingly my pussy felt equally filled. The pussy has this amazing quality of expanding and contracting as per the tool unless it’s a meagre three-inch pathetic one. Here is the supremacy of the pussy over the cock. Here in lies girl power.

Rick followed Joy by lubricating my ass entrance and walls with almond oil. And plunged mercilessly in one go, making me gasp loudly in pleasure. Ah, two cocks filling up the pussy and ass. I admit my mouth somehow felt vacant. Oh shit, Sonali, you’re a blue-blooded slut yearning for three cocks!

I dismissed the possibility of concentrating on the present. “ Don’t hold back, boys, fuck me as hard as you can and cum harder. Maintain the synchronicity—you guys go in and out simultaneously.”

I could feel they were rather eager to whip out their cream. They started plunging in and out rapidly. Two cockheads are nudging at the same G spot from both entries. Within a minute of the rampage, I felt another whirlpool of overpowering sensations build up.

Damn, was I going to have another orgasm? Joy added to the sensations by squeezing my boobs and suckling them like a hungry calf. As they swelled further, I knew they were close. My pussy quivered uncontrollably. Ah, the swelling of two cocks in the pussy and ass simultaneously.

The increase in pressure in both canals can be a mind-blowing experience for a woman. Their words were also getting dirtier and louder.

“Mom, your pussy feels even better now. I’m going to cum real big.”

“Oh, Sonali, your ass feels like the tightest pussy in the universe. Oh, damn – you’re going to make me cum real hard.”

“Where do you want us to cum, mom?”

“Fill my pussy and ass with your loads.”

That made them fuck at an incredible pace. They started yelling like primitive monsters about their climax, and so did I. They buried their tools with immense ferocity in the deepest realms of my canals. They twitched together to spray out their hot juice.

Joy’s first spurt hit the interior of my pussy. Rick erupted on the untouched cells of my ass. I shrieked and howled like an electrocuted person and spewed another series of cut juice torrents. My unbearable pleasure multiplied manifolds with their thick, hot cum hitting the insides of my pussy and ass.

Eventually, our growls and howls subsided to heavy breathing. I slumped over Joy like a ragdoll, and Rick fell on me as if drained out of life. We remained still with their last oozing, trickling inside my pussy and ass.

Sonali and Vineeta will be back