The Chronicles of A Secretary – Part 1 (My First day in the Office)

My name is Vidya. I am 30 years old now. Happily married and living in Pune along with my husband, Nitesh.

I stand 5’7″ tall and have stats 36C-28-38. I have a voluptuous figure with two big melon-sized boobs and a jaw-dropping ass. People say I have a pretty face that looks as innocent as a baby but the figure of a sultry seductress.

I was born and brought up in Bangalore. After graduation, I got a job as a receptionist in an MNC in Bangalore. One day, I was working at the front desk of the office. A tall and handsome young man, maybe in his early 30s, stormed into the office and hurriedly rushed inside.

Now the normal protocol was that any visitor would first approach the front desk. From there, I guided them to the person concerned. So as this young man went directly into the office, I stopped him.

Me: Excuse me, Sir, may I help you?

Without bothering to come near my desk, the man replied, “Don’t worry. I’ll help myself.”

Me: Please, Sir. I am here for your help. In any case, you just can’t enter the office directly.

Now, the man came close to my desk and spoke in a low and soft voice.

Man: I want to pee urgently. Please let me know how you can help me.

Me (Calmly): The washrooms are on the left side. I showed him the way to the washrooms.

The man went to the washroom and returned after some 5 minutes. Just then one of the managers hurriedly came out. He looked surprised to see him coming from the washroom.

Manager: Good Morning, JD, you and in the public washroom?

Man: Yes. This lady didn’t allow me to enter the office and asked me to use the public washroom.

Manager (yelling at me): Vidya, you idiot, how dare you to stop him from entering the office!

Man: Chill, Amit. What’s the point in yelling at her here at the entrance? Better let’s speak in the cabin.

Manager: Alright. Vidya, come to my cabin now.

I was baffled. Who is this guy who is ordering the manager? The two men went in quickly. After they went, I asked one of my colleagues to look after the front desk and I went to the manager’s cabin. I was further surprised that the man was sitting in the manager’s chair. The manager was standing next to him.

As I entered the cabin, the manager started yelling at me again.

Manager: Vidya, why did it take so much time to come here?

Me: Sir, I asked Priti to look after the front desk when I am not there. When she came to the front desk, I came here.

Manager: Who the fuck told you to do this? Why don’t you just follow the orders given to you? Don’t worry, JD. I’ll make sure she is removed from the front desk. If you wish, I’ll throw her out of the company.

The man was silent up to this point. But now he looked to be a little annoyed.

Man (In a stern voice): Amit, one more word from you and I’ll make sure you are thrown out of this company. Sonofabitch, you want to terminate an employee for doing her job perfectly? She made sure an unknown person didn’t enter the office. She applied her mind and made sure that there was someone at the front desk. And you are talking of firing her?

Manager: That’s right. I am sorry, JD.

Man: Don’t apologise to me. Apologise to her.

Me: That’s okay, Sir. It’s not needed.

Man: Did I ask you what’s needed? BTW, this bastard hasn’t introduced me to you. I am Jatin Das, you can call me JD.

Jatin Das! OMG! He was the CEO of our company! One of the most sought-after young business leaders. I couldn’t believe it.

JD continued: Amit, you haven’t apologised yet.

Manager: I am sorry, Vidya.

JD: I don’t think this bastard will let you work properly here. I am sure he will try to avenge this. So it better I’ll transfer you to my office. Tomorrow morning, you will report to me in my office.

My first day in CEO’s office. It was situated on the top floor of the same building. I wore a new sleeveless red kurti with golden leggings on that day.  It was made of semi-transparent cotton material. It showed my milky white skin through it. A little deep cut and a little bit of cleavage were also visible.

I reached the office. It was a relatively smaller office. But to my surprise, the entire office was empty except for one peon. He asked me to follow him. He took me to the conference hall. There were already 15-20 people and JD. The conference room was already decorated with flowers.

At the centre was a big banner, ‘Welcome, Vidya.’ Everybody started clapping and cheering for me as I entered the conference hall. Someone showered rose petals as I walked towards JD, who was at the hall’s centre. I was overwhelmed by the love shown by all.

As I reached the centre, JD shook hands and handed me a big bouquet of red roses. Then he introduced me to everyone. Then he handed me the appointment letter. I was designated as Second Assistant Secretary. My salary was increased from 20000 rupees to 50000 rupees per month with many additional incentives.

I couldn’t believe it. JD handed me a service contract and asked me to read it carefully before signing it. But in the excitement of increased salary, I just signed whenever I was asked to sign.

JD: As this is your first day in this office, you must understand there is one more or rather most important rule of this office. Spanking and kissing are not considered sexual harassment in this office.

I was shocked. Because for all the 3 months, it has been thoroughly professional like any other company. But since I had all types of sexual adventures during my college days with different friends, I was quite used to spanking on the ass. But in the office? I was puzzled. But JD continued his speech.

Jatin: So Vidya, do you agree with this rule?

But before I could say anything, he came close to me and kissed my lips. Before I could recover from that shock, he turned me around and spanked my ass right in front of everyone. As if those two shocks were not good enough, he lifted my kurta and pulled down in leggings swiftly.

Now my big ass was out in the open for everyone’s view. The next moment, a hard spank on the bare ass made a big sound. It pained me a lot. It was the hardest spank I ever got, and I almost screamed. Again in quick succession, I got another hard-hitting spank on another bum.

I am sure they must have gone red. Then he again turned me around, facing him and yet another kiss. This one was longer. He grabbed both my asscheeks and kept groping them while kissing me. His tongue was hovering around my lips. I don’t know when and how, but I gently opened my mouth.

I let his tongue into my mouth. His tongue was touching my tongue. Then he let my tongue into his mouth. He was sucking my tongue. The whole thing lasted for a good 4-5 minutes. Then finally, he broke the kiss and took his hands off my ass. All others were clapping and cheering all this while.

I couldn’t believe the things that happened in the last 5-10 minutes. First, my ass was bare in front of 15-20 people. Then I shamelessly kissed my boss and let him fondle my ass! But somehow, I just loved it and was getting a little excited. I could feel a little wetness in my pussy. I wanted more ass spanking.

But I guess it was over as JD asked the peon to serve tea and snacks. While having snacks, I befriended other staff.

Nina: Vidya, you are damn lucky, yaar. You know it took more than six months for me to get this treatment (she winked while saying ‘treatment’). A few others haven’t got it yet, even after working for 2-3 years in this office. Seems that JD is quite impressed with you.

Just then, a peon told me that JD wanted to see me in his cabin. I followed the peon and went to his cabin. His cabin was quite large and spacious. He was sitting in his chair. As I entered, he stood up, came near me, and hugged me. As he hugged me, his hands were on my back this time.

I was tightly held in his arms. My big melons were crushing against his manly chest. I could sense a lot of wetness in my pussy again. Then he held my cheeks in his hand and gave me one more kiss on the lips. He broke the hug.

JD: Welcome to this office, Vidya. I hope you didn’t feel humiliated by whatever happened outside.

Me: Of course not, Sir.

And the very next moment, I got a spank on my ass.

JD: No, ‘Sir,’ remember that. Or this will help you to understand that.

And I got one more spank on the ass.

Me: Yes, Sir, Sorry, JD.

But this time, he just gave me a wicked smile instead of giving me a spank.

JD: You naughty girl, you want more spanks, huh?

I was caught, and I guess it reflected on my face. He held my hand, pulled me near and held me in his arms. Once again, my melons started crushing on his chest. He softly whispered in my ears.

JD: Darling, here everyone gets only that much which she has earned. Be it rewards or punishments. And with the efficiency and work responsibility you showed yesterday, you earned a little more than a few spanks. And with one more deliberate Sir, you are qualified for a bigger punishment than just a spank.

Now, my heartbeat skipped. He slowly came near me and took me in his arms again. This time he slid my kurti a little upwards and placed his hands on my waist directly. He once again started kissing me. His hands started roaming my waist and stomach, and then his fingers touched my navel.

He gently put his index finger into my navel. A soft moan escaped from my mouth. His hands roamed freely inside my kurti on my stomach and back while his lips were busy sucking my tongue. His hands moved a little further up. Now they were around my bra hooks and the back above it.

He was gently touching my back with his fingertips. My pussy was damn wet now. In one soft jerk, he unhooked my bra. Now his hands were roaming freely on the back. Then he turned me around. My back rested on his chest, and he held me on my tummy.

His hands moved slowly upwards towards my boobs and touched the bra. As it was already unhooked, hands moved further up and touched the bottom side of the boobs. One electric current passed through my body as his fingertips brushed against my bare boobs.

I desperately waited for him to undress me completely and soothe the fire inside my panties. But instead, he put his hand into my kurti through the armhole and pulled down the bra strap. Then from the other side, and took off the bra completely.

Then he gently cupped my boobs over the top and kept brushing his fingertips on my nipples over the kurti. In no time, the nipples became hard and erect. I was breathing quite heavily. Then he gently raised my kurti. I could feel the cool air of the air conditioner on my tummy.

I closed my eyes as I knew soon I would be topless in front of a man I had met just yesterday. Still, I had no qualms about it, nor I felt any undue pressure or force from my boss. All was happening with my consent. But to my surprise, he didn’t take off my kurti.

Instead, he held the elastic of my leggings in his hands and pulled them down up to my knees. He started to fondle my ass. He bent a little, pulling the panties and leggings up to my ankles. He spanked my ass a few times. He sat down on his knees and removed the leggings and panties from my legs.

He threw the leggings on the chair and took the panties in his hand. He saw a big wet patch on my panties. He looked into my eyes and had a wicked smile on his face. He sniffed the panties and put them in his pants pocket. Then he again turned me around, facing him back, and his hands moved back to my stomach.

His hands started sliding down, and I was breathing heavily now. I desperately wanted something in my pussy. Preferably a hard cock. But even his fingers would have been great as his hands touched my bush. His hands stopped. I had a pretty thick bush around my pussy.

JD: I don’t like it all.

And he pulled some hair around my pussy. “Ouch,” I moaned softly.

JD: If next time I find this, you will face some serious consequences.

Me: I won’t give you any chance to complain.

JD: That’s like a good girl.

And he started to kiss me again. This time he pulled up the kurti and finally made me completely naked. He stared at my big boobs. Though I had pretty big and firm boobs, I had relatively small nipples. Those were already hard and erect. He kept staring at my boobs.

JD: Wow! I have screwed countless girls all across the world. But your boobs are absolutely special.

He quickly took out his cell phone, clicked a pic of my boobs, and then took a selfie. And started to kiss me and fondle my boobs. At that point, Namita, his assistant secretary (I was supposed to be working under her), barged into the room. I was shocked to see her.

She, too, looked shocked to see me completely naked. I quickly tried to cover my boobs with one hand and put another one on the pussy. JD, calm up to this point, seemed to have lost his cool.

JD: How the fuck you directly entered in? Don’t you know the basic rule?

Namita: I am sorry, Sir. I didn’t…

JD (Cutting her sentence in between): Don’t you know there is no scope for words like sorry and thank you in this office?

Namita: Yes, Sir.

JD: So when you make mistakes, what do you do in this office?

Namita: Face the punishment, Sir.

JD: In this room, this gorgeous young lady is still completely naked, and you are still completely clothed. Don’t you think that’s the second mistake?

Namita: Yes, Sir.

Namita started to undress. She took off her shirt, bra and jeans. She was standing wearing just a panty in front of us. Namita was a skinny girl. She had a flat tummy and a small ass and boobs. JD had completely lost his cool. He walked angrily towards Namita and held her panty in his hand.

JD: Ab ye utarane ke liye kya tera baap aayega, madarchod? (Will your father come to take this off as well, you motherfucker?)

He held her by hand and dragged her towards the table. He held her hand with his hand and put it on the table. He held the panties with both hands, pulled them down, and started spanking her ass hard. The spanks sounded even harder than what I had got earlier in the conference hall.

Namita was moaning in pain, and JD kept spanking her ass relentlessly. Then he opened a drawer and brought out a cane stick from it. He gave it to me.

JD: Vidya darling, she has offended you by coming in directly. So it better you punish her.

I hit her ass with the stick lightly.

JD: Do it with all your energy, or I’ll show you how hard it hurts.

I was terrified and started to spank her ass with the stick with as much force as possible. Her ass had become cherry red. After 20-25 lashes, he asked me to stop. He gave me my kurti and leggings and asked me to dress up. He took my bra and panty and kept them with him.

Me: My bra?

JD: Well, that’s your punishment for the day for calling me Sir deliberately.

I didn’t argue further. I obediently wore the kurti and leggings without anything inside. But as the kurti was semi-transparent. Now my big melons and nipples were visible through it. JD looked at me carefully.

JD: I think rather than you, it’s a punishment for others (and he laughed loudly).

He called someone on the intercom and asked to send Pritam in. In a quick time, Pritam came in. Pritam was a tall, almost 6 ft tall young man. He was well built, like a bodybuilder. He saw Namita lying on the table with a cherry red ass. Perhaps, that was a usual scene for him.

But his eyes almost popped out when he saw me without a bra. I instantly folded my hands to cover my boobs with my hands.

JD: Pritam, you did a phenomenal job in Malhotra’s meeting yesterday. So now, here’s your reward. Starting now, you can have this bitch Namita anytime, anywhere for the next week. You can screw her at home, in front of her husband or on a busy road. She’s all yours. So start enjoying your reward right now.

Pritam started to undress. First, he took off his shirt. He indeed had a great body, like a bodybuilder. Then he took off his pants and underwear. His cock was not fully erect. It was quite limp, but still, it was far bigger than all the cocks I had before. I just imagined how big it would get once it’s fully erect.

JD: Vidya, you must be imagining how big it must be when fully erect, right?

OMG! this man can read my mind!

JD: Why don’t you make it hard? In any case, iss sukhi lakadi ko dekhkar kisika bhi khada nahi hoga (No one will get an erection by looking at this dry wooden stick.)

Wow! Does that mean I get to play with this monstrous-looking fleshy rod? I was lost in my thoughts.

JD: But there’s one condition. You can’t touch him, nor can he touch you. If you fail to do this in 10 minutes, I’ll let him do anything with you. But if you can do that, a big reward is waiting for you.

To be continued, To know whether Vidya succeeds in her task and what reward or punishment she gets, wait for the next part.