The Beginning – Part 1 (Dad’s Lust For Daughter)

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One fine morning, I was sitting on the sofa in the hall and reading the newspaper. My daughter Jia walked in with a cup of hot coffee, hugged me, and served me coffee. I was sipping his coffee and Jia was standing beside me.

My beloved wife Anu entered the hall and said to our daughter, “Jia, today you have to come back from university as early as possible because we have to go to your cousin’s wedding.”

Then she turned toward me and said, “Dad, you have to also come back from your work at the earliest as we have to attend the marriage.”

I said, “No, Jia. I am not coming to the wedding because I still have a lot of work to do in my office.”

Mom, “I have a project work to do; I will be unable to accompany you. Tomorrow is the submission date.”

Jia said, “Oh, you both don’t like marriages. Ok, at least I will attend that.”

In the evening, I returned to my home early. My daughter’s face was glazed and her hair was straightened and falling close to her waist. Jia was transformed into a beautiful girl, like a princess.

“Did you visit any parlors?” I inquired.

She replied, “Yes, dad.”

That night, after finishing my dinner and before going to bed, I remembered that I had to send some urgent e-mails. I entered the study room and switched on the computer. I turned the computer on and was greeted by a Windows account of the user named “Jia.” I typed my phone number as the password and hit ENTER. It worked!

The computer unlocked to reveal a desktop with a picture of a rose as its wallpaper.

Jia had made an excellent choice, in my opinion.

Then I noticed a paper slip beneath my keyboard.

“Jiariya at the rate of Gmail, password “riya****” was written on the paper.

I understood that it was Jia’s Gmail account, and the password was in the name of another girl. I thought it was ridiculous for my daughter to write down her password when she should remember it from memory.

Suddenly, I thought to open her email. I was simply curious, even though it was ethically wrong.

I went to the email and signed in. I found nothing curious in it. That was all random stuff. But I found many emails in the spam section. Most emails were from dating websites, and I wasn’t expecting this kind of behavior from my daughter.

I searched for more in the computer storage. In the hidden folder, I found many things. It included some nude pictures along with some erotic stories and different kinds of porn videos, which mostly belong to the incest category.

I scrolled further and then I saw a porn site. “” was in the URL. I continued scrolling and discovered a shady story in her past. I closed the browser and logged off of Windows.

My daughter’s innocent face flashed through my mind at regular intervals. I was very disturbed, and I could not sleep in the bed. The thought of my dear Jia’s craving for sex turned me on.

Initially, I was shocked, but I soon realized that it was natural and even she should enjoy it as she had become a big girl now. Now one thing was for sure: my daughter desperately needed sex.

In the morning, Jia greeted me, “Good morning, Dad!”

I replied, “Very good morning, dear.”

She just smiled at me with an innocent smile while serving coffee when she caught me staring at her.

I asked her casually about her study. Then, smilingly, I asked Jia, “Who is your best friend?”

She replied, “Riya is my best friend.”

I replied, “So, nice.”

I kept staring at her body from the corner of my eyes, oblivious to her presence. I was lusting for my daughter. The things that made me horny most were her firm boobs, her fair skin, and her long black hair.

I started seeing her as a woman that morning.

I asked, “Are you not going to the university today?”

Jia replied, “Dad, today we have no classes.”

I was not sure what she was saying. She told me yesterday that she needed to finish the project. So, I decided to make a surprise visit back to the apartment and see what my daughter was up to.

Later, I left for my work. But I came back after some time. I carefully opened the main entrance gate with a duplicate key, very quietly.

I saw Jia had entered the study room. She knew how to enjoy herself while staying alone, and she thought this type of opportunity was very rare. So she decided to enjoy it at its peak.

At first, my daughter opened all her dresses and became completely naked. She had a slender body with soft, round, and erect boobs of 32 C. She had puffed nipples with small brownish acerola circles around them. Her waist was slim, and her buttocks were round and wide.

After becoming completely naked, she sat on the computer chair and opened the computer. She started to watch her very favorite erotic movie sent by Riya. She started masturbating.

I opened the door slowly and peered around it. Jia was sitting on the computer chair before the computer. I got a tremendous shock. She was completely naked and masturbating with her finger. She began to run her hands up the sides of her body.

Her left hand was fondling one of the boobs, and her other hand was down in between her two thighs. From a distance, I could see the thick bush of pubic hairs surrounding the area of my daughter’s love hole.

She was watching the computer screen, but with her eyes half closed and with moaning sounds coming from her open mouth. I kept watching. She withdrew her hand from her mouth and put the fingers, one by one, into her mouth and sucked them.

My daughter began to moan, increasing her intensity with her motions until she threw her head back with a scream. Then she quickly removed her fingers from her cunt and grounded them against her clitoral area. I saw her bringing herself to the edge of an orgasm,

She screamed out, and suddenly, I saw some liquid coming squirting out of my daughter’s pussy like a fountain that went about 2 feet out.

I have heard about girls having squirting orgasms, but seeing one with my own eyes made my cock hard.

Jia suddenly stood up and looked around at the sound. She saw me and shivered with fear. (I thought it might be the effect of the orgasm.)

My daughter saw me standing near the door with a massive, erected giant cock. I was stroking my cock, precum was leaking from the tip. Jia looked deeply into my eyes, then at my chest, and then back in my eyes.

I closed the door from the inside and walked into the room near her. Jia stood there in front of me, completely naked, her breath heaving. She didn’t say anything.

Jia said, “Dad, I am extremely sorry. I will never commit this mistake again. Please forgive me.”

I clicked the mouse for “Next,” and the next film began playing automatically. A young girl was sucking on a huge black cock.

“I see you have a good taste in porn,” I laughed. “Do you mind if I continue?” I asked.

She was so turned on.

Now my girl got down on her knees and began to suck my cock. It felt so good; I was on cloud nine.

After that, she reached me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and kissed me deeply. And I began to run my hands up and down her back and buttocks. I began to kiss her down her neck and around to the other side. I ran my tongue around my daughter’s puffy nipples, biting them gently.

I was completely under Jia’s magic, so she asked me to eat out of her dripping pussy. I bent toward her pussy and placed my lips on her pussy lips; she smelled so good there.

Her eyes rolled back, and she was moaning very loudly. It was a very good feeling for both of us.

At that moment, Jia began to scream, grabbing my hair. As I continued to lick her clitoral area, all of a sudden, she squirted a huge load while moaning my name.

I then remembered how her mother (Anu) had the same kind of intense orgasm during our love-making sessions.

Jia said, “Daddy, please fuck me. I want to know how it really feels (to lose my virginity).”

“I am not going to fuck you; I want to make love to you,” I stood and laughed.

She grabbed my cock and guided it to her cunt, but my daughter’s virgin cunt was too tight. I saw tears roll down her eyes. I could tell her hymen had ruptured and a stream of blood was oozing from her cunt.

She realized that her hymen had been broken. She was no longer a virgin.

After giving her a rest for 2 minutes, I pushed my huge dick deep into her. As she was no longer a virgin, she was urging me to fuck her hard and I increased my pace.

After ten minutes of a good pounding, I said I was going to cum. She knelt down and quickly gave me a sloppy blowjob, and I cummed a massive load on her face.

Later in the night while we were cuddling and talking, my daughter said that she has a fetish for facials.

“Remember,” I told her, “You’re mine only. Your pussy belongs to me only.”

“I know,” Jia said, “that my pussy belongs to only you, dad.”

While I reached up to fondle her boobs by putting my hands under her arms, she said, “Dad, can I say one thing?”

I replied, “Yes, dear.”

“I intentionally left the door unlocked to fulfill my fantasy of losing my virginity to my beloved father,” she spoke very calmly.

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