Temptations – Lust with Love ? ?

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The balcony door was open, making the strong light travel into my room. The wind makes the sheets move like waves. I was looking out the window.

The wind was touching my cheeks and was playing with my hair, messing it. I was feeling an inexplicable joy. As if I was waiting for somebody and that someone would arrive.

Someone dear to me, someone with whom I can share that feeling. The door opened suddenly, without noise. I turned my face, scared as if waking up from a dream. It was you. You stood still in the doorway, looking at me straight, insistent.

It was like you were analyzing me, looking at my legs covered by transparent sheets and the short skirt. I felt your look going up to the abdomen, then on my breasts covered by the white blouse. You were silent. Without a word, you closed the door and started approaching me, still looking at me.

I was staring at you without being able to speak. I was expecting you, and you appeared as if we had settled on a date. You came so close to me that I could sense your breath. I wanted to whisper something, but you stopped me by putting the finger on my lips.

Then you began to caress my cheeks, which were already burning. You caught my face in your palms. You were playing with your fingers in my messy hair. While you were touching my neck, then my shoulders. Trying to reveal them, you whispered in my ear, “I want you!”

Then you started to kiss me on my neck with passion and tenderness. I was so nervous. I could not do or say anything. Words were in vain, only silence, touch and wild kissing. I was feeling my heart racing. I closed my eyes, waiting for your next move.

Wanted to feel your kisses more intense. Without realizing it, I caught myself in the love game. I was breathing heavily, and I was feeling my skin burning. I let myself soft, relaxed in your hands. I felt how you were unbuttoning my shirt and how it was going down on the floor.

You grabbed my naked shoulders and started kissing me passionately. Your hand went down, trying to get down my skirt. It slipped slowly, revealing my legs naked. You took me in your arms, put me on the bed, and removed the stockings, making me tremble with pleasure.

I was wearing only black lace lingerie. You began to kiss me with desire. I was burning inside. Silence, only the sound of the silky sheets was heard. You took me in your arms again and put me on the table. Your hands were all over my body. You were pushing my breasts which were eager to get out of the bra.

You easily spread my legs, caressing me between them then your hands went to the panties area. You took them to one side, continued to caress me, and got on your knees. You started kissing me harder, pulling the panties. You were breathing hard and hot on my skin.

I began to moan, losing control. I was dizzy. I don’t know for how long. I was feeling covered by a huge wave of ecstasy. I lay on my back and put my hands on your head, caressing it and feeling your sweaty hair. I felt like I was going crazy with pleasure.

I nearly had the first orgasm, but I wanted to delay it. I wanted to have you more. You felt that, and it was like you were doing it willingly. It was a torment mixed with immense pleasure. You got up and looked at me in a naughty way. You took me off the table.

You put me with my back to you and leaned me over the table. You opened my bra, and the hardened breasts touched the cold table. I was having thousands of goosebumps. With a hand, you took off my panties. With the other, you were playing in that spot where I wanted you to get in already.

After a few moments that seemed not to get over, you soon penetrated me. You got out to come back again, and so on like that. You were penetrating me faster and faster, damping deeper in me. You caught my waist and possessed me as if I were your slave.

I enjoyed that in those times. I couldn’t say no, and I loved that. We were both moaning with pleasure. I screamed. I had my first orgasm. You touched my mouth with your fingers leaning on me. I was feeling you sweaty and trembling.

You got up, and you began to caress me again. I was feeling your fingers playing. I was feeling goosebumps, and my breathing was frozen. I started to tremble. I was feeling you again, the same sensation. At one moment, I felt how you leaned on me and penetrated me as deeply as possible.

I felt a short, nice pain and then a crazy pleasure. That sensation was invading my whole body. My legs were trembling. I was trembling. I was squeezing the table, which was wet from my sweat. I could not move, and I liked that you were inside me.

I was feeling you deeper and deeper, slipping inside. You moaned strongly. You leaned on me again. You ejaculated inside me, invading me with your hot sperm. I moaned with ecstasy. I woke up lying in bed. I probably got dizzy for a few moments. I don’t remember how I got there.

You were caressing and kissing me. I was all wet. You took me in your arms and took me to the shower. We hugged, letting the hot water wash our hot bodies. You covered me in a big white towel and put me in bed. You lay next to me, playing with my wet hair.

I was like in a dream. I was feeling happy, loved, satisfied, and desired. Everything that I felt when I was looking by the window came true. You surprised me and did not let me spend the day alone. Looking by the window and thinking about you. I like how you take care of me. I felt loved and spoiled.

You were naked in front of me, wiping me with the towel. I was lazy in the messy bed. You were whispering love words, nice words about me. Your voice was singing in my ear like in a dream. The soft silk was caressing my naked body, perfumed after the shower.

You were taking care of me in every detail, and I loved that feeling. Each time I had a holiday with you, I was spoiled with the soft sheets. Now we can enjoy that at home where you can come whenever you want to. I would want you next to me all my life, to sleep and wake up next to you, to be forever spoiled.

Spoil me and kiss my hot body. Make the sheets move again under our bodies!

Love you all, Shiv.