Tales of Two Sisters – Part 2

Hi guys, I am back with the continuation of the story.

So, you know how I had Saritha in her bed, and she was pleased to offer herself.

The next morning, I woke up with a calm mind and went to freshen. I went into the bathroom and started to freshen up. While brushing, I looked down and still got the morning boner. Now usually, I masturbate and go on with my life. But, now I have Saritha.

With just one message, I knew she would come running to me and suck my dick. Maybe I could even complete some work while she is sucking my cock, I thought. All this pushed me from morning boner to real passion to fuck her.

I brushed, came out and took my phone out. I had a missed call at 2:00 am already last night from her. I am happy, whatever the reason is. I opened WhatsApp

Me: Hi… (6:30 am)

Saritha: Hi, GM… (6:30 am).

Me: What? Do you never leave your phone?

Saritha: Hmmm… awake so fast?

Me: I just had this urge to meet you right away. So, just checking.

Saritha: now? No chance, my parents are home.

Me: Well, my parents are still asleep!

Saritha: ‘typing’

Me: Come on, I want you here.

Saritha: Don’t get angry. I will come. Give me like 1/2 an hour. I will come.

Just a little tip, guys, you don’t need to call girls to come to you once they love you. They will be dying more than you to meet and get fucked by you. So, act as if you are angry. That will do the trick.

I threw my phone on the bed and got my laptop. I thought it would be fun to fuck while completing my holiday assignments. After 20 minutes or so, I heard the door knock. I went running to it. She was already bathed and looked like she just completed her morning rituals.

She was wearing a salwar kameez. I think her dress was a little old. It was hugging her body completely, revealing her stats to be analysed by anyone. I got horny just by her looks. She softly asked if they (my parents) were still asleep. I said yes, and took her into my bedroom. Innocently she asks.

Saritha: Why did you want to see me so early?

Me: Nothing, I have these assignments to be posted by the end of the holidays, and I could not concentrate.

Saritha: I can help you. I have already completed them.

I went near her. She was on my bed, cross-legged. I caught her cheeks with my right hand and pulled her a little towards me.

Me: Yeah yeah, sure, you can help me, but today I want this.

I squeezed her cheeks a little, and a little hole formed in her mouth. I could not control it and slowly dripped my saliva from above. She was shocked a little but immediately surrendered.

Saritha: We did it just yesterday, and it still hurts me.

I was in a completely separate mood, and I did not like her words very much. I slapped her on the cheeks tightly, held her by her hair and asked. “Do you want to do it or not?”

Saritha: I will do anything for you. Please just ask me a little nicer. I will never say no to you again.

I think a little drop of tears came from her eye. I slowly slid my hand behind her head. She has beautiful long hair. I grabbed a handful and said, “Come suck my dick,” slowly pulling her. She has no delay in response. She stood up and walked where I led her.

I took her to my working desk and made her kneel. I sat in my chair, and below my desk, there was a little place where she sat. I opened my laptop, and she understood what was expected of her. She slowly put her whole face on my pants and slowly moved from ear to ear, building the tension.

My dick was totally hard by now. She took the tip of my cock in her mouth over the pants itself. God, it was so awesome. She was dressed like a traditional Indian girl with a bindi on her forehead. No dupatta, with a whole dick in her mouth, looking at me to check whether I am enjoying myself.

I opened vs code and started coding. She wrapped her lips around my dick like there was no air passing into her mouth. I tried concentrating on the work and managed to finish a whole component. By now, she was still sucking my cock under the desk.

I caught her by her hair and forced my dick till it reached her throat. I started fucking her mouth in that position. She was looking at me the whole time. Her cleavage was making me mad. She started to get her tongue out and opened her mouth wide for me to fuck it like a pussy.

I put her whole head on my dick and put pressure on the back of her head. I made her swallow my cock and sat in that position for about 4-5 minutes.

Me: Get your tongue out and lick my balls.

It was early in the morning. I did not bathe. But she obeyed everything like a slave.

Me: Get it out more, or you will get a slap again.

Saritha: (she took the dick out) I said no, Sushanth, please ask nicely. I will do that.

Me: Did I tell you to remove the dick from your mouth? (angrily looking at her)

Saritha: Sorry… (she was afraid)

I slapped her again, this time hard, and I could see my fingers on her cheeks. I stood up and put my dick in her mouth. I tied her hands to their back with a shirt, all while fucking her mouth. Once she was tied, with both my hands, I grabbed her hair from both sides.

I fucked her mouth to the extent that every thrust was hitting the back of her throat. She was gagging on my dick with all the saliva. It was a gorgeous scene to witness. After 10 minutes, I exploded into her mouth with one final push but did not let go.

I stood there till I was completely drained of my sperm. I looked down to see not even one drop was out of her mouth. I removed my dick and asked.

Me: Aha, you improved just in one day. How?

Saritha: You don’t like when I spill it out. I knew it. If cumming in my mouth is what you want, you can use me as a cum dumpster your whole life.

Listening to her was making me horny and happy at the same time. I asked her to clean my dick again. I untied her while she was expertly sucking my dick using her saliva. I wanted more, and she knew it. But when I made her stand, she stood there like a small girl, looking at her feet.

I heard my window being opened. But I just ignored it as no one usually comes into my room by this time. I pushed her onto the bed. I went to my closet and brought 4 towels. I used two for her legs and two for her hands to tie her to the bed. She was silently accepting her fate. I came n top of her and

Me: You look too sexy in this dress.

Saritha: I know. You said the same in our 9th class. That’s why I still keep it with me.

Me: You would look even sexier undressed.

Saritha: I wore this so that you would like it. If you want this gone, I would, but my hands are tied.

Me: Would you mind if I remove it?

Saritha: —————.

I wanted her imagination also to be mine. So, I took my time kissing and smooched her lips while playing with her boobs. Her neck was her weakness. I took full advantage of it. It was too hot to be at that moment. I got up and tore her top while still sitting on her stomach.

She was in awe. I bent down and pulled the bra down, exposing both her nipples. They were ripe like mangos. I put my mouth on one and my hand on the other. I was going out of control. I was kissing them, biting them, pinching them to my will.

Her heavy breathing turned into soft moans. I came back to my senses. I removed her pants to her ankles and tore her panty off. I then used the same panty to stuff her mouth so her moans were not audible. I put my fingers on her pussy while sucking her.

She was trying to get off the knots to pull me into her. But, the struggle was mesmerising. She was dying for sex. But the good girl inside was stopping her from asking anything. So, I put my dick right at the entrance of her pussy.

I said, “If you want it, you will have to fuck me yourself,” and waited. She was in no mood to stop. With her hips, she managed to take half my dick in with her pussy and moaned. But the panty was stopping her voice. She took the dick out and again moved forward.

She was struggling to get fucked. The next time she tried to take my dick in, I thrust the whole dick myself into her. Our eyes met. I put my hand on her head and lifted her hips a little from the bed. It gave me nice access to her pussy, and I started pounding the pussy while tasting every part of this bitch.

She surrendered and closed her eyes while I planted my dick deep inside. I fucked her for a good 20-30 minutes. Finally, in the end, I said, “Call yourself a bitch.” Immediately with soft mumbles with panty in her mouth, she says, “I am your bitch.” With a grunt, I released all my cum in this bitch’s pussy.

She immediately asked me to untie her from the bed. I did, and she jumped right onto my dick and started cleaning it. But this time, like a lollypop, slowly licking the rest of the semen. Drinking it while looking at me and feeling proud of herself for how much her body makes me happy.

Suddenly I heard something. I turned to see one of my gang mates standing beside my window, watching everything. I was shell-shocked to see him there. He noticed me as well and just ran off from there. I was experiencing too much of this bitch’s mouth on my dick that I did not even take it seriously.

But he immediately told everything to her sister. To be continued.

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