Taking Advantage Of Young, Vulnerable Sister – Part 1

Hi guys, this is a long one, take your time and dive into the world of Rhea and Akash. This story takes time but builds into something amazing.

Rhea had changed suddenly, she seemed more aloof, keeping to herself most of the time. She hardly ever came outside her room. She would frequently head out and come back in a rush running to her room. Akash felt something was off, his 19-year-old sister had turned into someone he didn’t recognize.

His parents were both high-functioning corporates who hardly spent any time at home. Especially now since both their kids were older and could take care of themselves.

Akash was worried, he wanted to know what was going on with Rhea. He finally decided to play his part in the family and be the older brother and ask her what was wrong. He got off the couch and walked toward her room. He knocked twice but there was no answer.

Then he slowly turned the nob of the door and it was unlocked. Rhea hardly ever locked the door. No one invaded her privacy at home.

Akash proceeded into the room, and he found his sister passed out on the bed. Next to her was a syringe. It dawned on him. His sister was an addict! Suddenly, everything made sense, her behavior, her aloofness. It all made sense.

Akash ran over to her and shook her. She slurred and murmured. She was far too high to know what was happening. He knew anything would be pointless now. Then he grabbed the syringe, a small packet of presumable heroin, and walked out.

Rhea awoke an hour later. She looked around and found her stash missing, the door opened, and immediately her panic set in. She had been caught. Then she ran out in a hurry, panicking and fogging her mind. A few steps and she reached the hall. Akash sat on the big sofa with his feet on the table. Her stash was next to his feet. She was in tears, she didn’t know what to say or do.

Akash turned his head, his 19-year-old sister stood in front of him in her worn-out shorts and a white slip. Her thong was hugging her hips on both sides. Her braless breasts begging to come out of her tiny white slip. And her mascara was dripping.

He looked at her sister with pity, the way we generally look at addicts. She ran over to Akash and fell to her knees begging for forgiveness. She sobbed and cried. Akash remained silent. He waited, what felt like an eternity for her to stop crying, he then spoke.

“Rhea, listen to me! I want you to answer all my questions calmly. How long? How long have you been using it?”

Rhea replied slowly, “Bhaiya, it’s been a few months”.

“Rhea, are you an addict or is this something you can manage without?”

Taking a second to think, she replied, “I’m not an addict, I’m fine. It’s just occasional”.

Then Akash grabbed the stash and put it in his pocket as he replied, “Alright then, I’ll get rid of this, and I won’t tell mom and dad about it. I just want you to stop. Got it?”

She nodded yes. Then he walked into his room and closed the door. Rhea’s ordeal was over, she sighed with relief. Her brother wasn’t going to rat her out. She had got off scot-free, or so she thought.

A few hours passed, and her urges returned and she badly needed a hit. Then she called her dealer, her friends, and her ex-boyfriend. No one wanted to give her any more stuff. Her debts had to be cleared first. Desperate for a bit, she knew on her brother’s door.

“Bhaiya, please give me one last hit. Please, I’ll stop after that. I promise. You have my word. Please, bhaiya.”

Akash listened to his helpless sister as he opened the door. He told her to come in. She walked in and sat on the bed. Akash sat down next to her and said, “Rhea, I cannot give you another hit. As your brother, I cannot. You told me you weren’t an addict. What is this, Rhea?”

She continued to sob and beg, Akash having had enough felt it was time his sister received some harsh discipline. He raised his hand and slapped her across the face. She fell to the floor continuing to sob. He screamed, “You are an addict, I will not enable you.”

The slap seemed like nothing to her. She turned and continued to beg. She said, “Hit me all you want, do whatever you want. Just hit me! Please!”

Akash was stunned. He had just slapped his younger sister across the face and all she did was continue to beg for drugs.

Akash realized what he had in front of him. He had a girl who would do anything he wanted. He knew he had just unlocked the toy of his dreams. But his mind was split, after all the girl in front of him was his sister. Could he do this to his own sister, he thought.

He sat down on the bed as Rhea continued to beg. Then he thought for a while and figured that he could get what he wanted and help his sister at the same time. He had a plan. And he was ready.

Then he went towards his sister. Lifting her onto her feet, he asked her to go wait in her room. She wiped her tears, hopeful that she had convinced her brother. Then she walked back to her room and sat down on her bed, waiting.

Akash grabbed his phone and texted his parents. He asked them when they would be home. He needed to know how much time he had. A few minutes passed and his phone pinged. His parents were at the airport.

They were off to the UK for a work trip. He hadn’t realized that they had left with their bags in the morning. He enquired how long the trip would last.

A few minutes later a reply.

“Son, we will be gone for a month.”

Stay tuned for part 2. Find out what Akash is up to. Watch Rhea’s torment. Many more to come.

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