Surbhi’s Fantasy World (An Alternative Suhagraat)

Hello readers, Surbhi this side. 29 years old, body stats of 34-30-34, fair color, 5’5″ height, long hair, black eyes, a housewife, and everything a man could desire in a woman. I am a regular reader of sex stories and have a great hunger for sex. Even my husband is really good in bed, but my hunger just keeps increasing and increasing. I am a homemaker and during my leisure period, I am always keen to explore kinky sexual stuff on the internet.

This story is about the incident during the year 2020 and during my brother’s wedding. It was a joyful time for our family, and everyone was enjoying it to the maximum. A wedding full of relatives, fun, delicious food, perfect ambiance, amazing music. There I met Nikhil and Anshuman – my brother’s school friends.

I knew them for a long time, but due to growing age and responsibilities somewhere we lost touch and it was just limited to Hello-Hi every once in a while. This wedding was kind of a get-together for such old friends too.

Even after meeting them for such a long time, there wasn’t much of a gap between us. We three were comfortable with each other and besides, they helped me a lot in wedding chores.

Nikhil was a flirty person, but kind of innocent flirting, and Anshuman was a quiet guy. As I was already married, Nikhil was keeping control of his talks and wasn’t trying to be flirty with me. But somehow my desires started growing. My sexual mind was making up scenarios like how some 2-3 waiters take me backstage and fuck me, how about someone from bride’s side takes me to his room? What if my own old college friends plan a sexual surprise for me? What if someone gropes me in public and what if Nikhil and Anshuman make me cum hard?

These fucking desires were in my mind throughout the marriage! I had made my husband fuck me right in the morning of the wedding. But I was smart enough to hide my cheating side from him. He just believed that I was just too naughty in bed.

The wedding day was here, and everyone was enjoying it. A few were highly drunk, a few were in a jolly mood and I was feeling sexually hot. I really needed someone to fuck me, I didn’t want my husband to be that someone again. I didn’t know who it would be, as I could find no one to whom I could use for a day or so.

Then we took the baraat to the convention hall and danced with madness. Oops! I forgot to describe what I was wearing.

I was wearing a long sea-green colored sleeveless gown with a netted back. The back of the dress was such that if I would flip my hair to a side, one could easily take a glance at the whole of my back. And being a hot wife, I gave a good show to Bandwalas and many other passing audiences. I was wearing nothing inside except a thin panty.

The rituals started around 9 at night and till we were back to the hotel rooms it was already 2 am. The newlywed couple were off to their specially designed wedding room. Other relatives rushed to rooms as if they hadn’t slept for days, and so were other people. My husband was already nicely drunk and it just took him 5 minutes to go sound asleep.

I let my jewelry loose but didn’t change the dress. At around 2:30 am, I was out in the corridor just to look if someone was still awake. Then I saw my brother’s friends Nikhil and Anshuman entering the opposite room with a bottle in hand. I understood that they were gonna get drunk now. My desires started running in my vagina, and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

My vagina was already so hot that it didn’t allow my mind to make a decision. Within seconds, I started walking toward their room. Room No: 519, to be precise.

I stood before the door, turned back to my room, and saw the door closed. No one was in the corridor, the lights were already dim, and no one would even know that I spent a night with two young guys, who were just my brothers’ friends.

I still had a second thought. My heartbeat was racing fast, and one could have easily seen it in my pumping breasts. But my vagina was just shouting that knock on the door and get inside the heavenly room. I knocked on the room the very next second. It was a gentle knock. 20 seconds passed by, but it felt as if I was standing there for hours, and the gate was still closed. Then I gave another knock, this time, a little louder.

Nikhil answered the door and was surprised to see me there. I gave him a gentle smile and looked beyond him for Anshuman. He was hiding the glasses. Then I asked him if I could join him for some drinks. He was happy to be accompanied by me. He signaled me to get inside and shut the door.

I walked slowly toward the bed, didn’t know where these drinks were gonna take me. I must say boys had good taste in alcohol, as they were having Chivas Regal. Nikhil didn’t notice much of my dressing, but Anshuman had good eyes on me.

As I removed the necklace and earrings, one could have a pretty view of my deep neck and slight cleavage. I saw lust growing in his eyes. We three were happy as well, as it had been a very long time since we met. We had a few drinks and talked about life and the past. Nikhil was an aspiring businessman and Anshuman was in the service sector.

As time passed, I started making drinks for the boys. It was like they hired a sexy waitress for private services. I let loose my heels and lay half on the bed. Their eyes were full of lust now. I could read that but was hesitant, so it was me who had to make the first move.

Then I went to the door and checked if it was nicely locked. I walked back to the bed, but I stripped my gown on the way.

Now I was standing topless in front of two handsome hunks, who were holding each glass of whiskey. They were amazed and delighted to see me like this as I covered my orbs with my hands. I just stood there with my eyes closed, while they both just kept staring at me.

Then Nikhil stood up as I opened my eyes, and drank a whole glass in a go. He walked toward me as I still kept my hands on my chest. He came close to me, very close. He looked deep into my eyes and gave me a sensual kiss. My hands moved in a fraction of a second and pulled his head closer to me.

When we broke the kiss after some 50-60 seconds, we saw each other. He gave me a naughty smile and kissed me again. This time, his hands moved toward my boobs. He gave them a soft but good squeeze.

Anshuman too came and he kissed me the same way as if he was replaying Nikhil’s act. Nikhil took the dominance part and ordered me to make another drink. He now started treating me like a serving waitress and I actually liked it. This was the first time that I made a drink for someone being so stripped.

We had numerous kisses. Then I sat in their laps, my brother’s friends sucked my boobs, rubbed my vagina over my panty, even slid their fingers inside. I drank from their glasses. They both were now in their full mood and I was dying to take them inside me. They wanted to spit roast me, but I asked them to fuck me one by one and they were polite enough to agree.

Then Nikhil took the first turn and took me to bed. Anshuman sat on the sofa and started making another glass. This was the first time where I had an audience who was gonna watch me cum. I wished it was my husband!

I was already damp and Nikhil really knew the art. He started kissing my body every inch possible. I was already on edge. His fingers were constantly rubbing my vagina. I don’t even know when he pulled my panties down. He fingered me while kissing me and then fucked me in missionary.

He spread my legs nice and high and started a great movement in and out. Every time he got inside me, I squeezed his dick inside me and he too was enjoying the sensation. My brother’s friend Nikhil didn’t swap the position and didn’t care to ask my permission to cum inside me.

He fucked me for some 5-6 minutes, both hard and soft, both fast and slow, squeezing my lemons, and came hard inside me. I don’t remember by orgasms count, as I already came multiple times! His dick was already dripping with both his and my waters.

The bed was already wet, and Anshuman knew it was now his turn. Anshuman pulled me to the corner of the bed and adjusted me nicely in a doggy position. My breaths were already heavy, my boobs were half red already hanging in the air. But he held them firmly and Inserted his cock in a single go. I felt really good, he was very deep inside me, stayed there for a few seconds, came near my neck, pulled my hair, and kissed me hard.

He fucked me hard, that I came again. My legs were already very weak, but he was still hard. He kept making noises out of our naked bodies, he kept going deeper and deeper inside me and swapped me to missionary later.

Then he came on top of me and teased me by rubbing on my entrance. I literally asked him to fuck me. He didn’t check my patience and gave me some great times. Then he came on my belly.

I was exhausted, laying in the middle of the bed. Both the boys came beside me and laid side by side. It was already 5:30 am now. I brought my senses back and thought of going back to the room before anyone could wake up. They wanted more, but somehow I convinced them. But I rewarded them for their hard work. I sat in between them and gave them a handjob at the same time. And bid a goodbye kiss on their dicks.

Then I dressed up and walked silently to my room. My pussy was still dripping and if my husband woke up he could easily find out that someone fucked me the whole night. Luckily, he was sleeping and I went directly for a bath. I filled the bathtub with hot water and slid into it for almost 15 minutes. I felt really relaxed.

Then I came out, looked at myself in the mirror, and just thought what a wonderful night it had been.


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