Study Plan With Cousin Didi Gone Wrong

Hey everyone, this is me, Alex. I am 20 years old and this story is about how I got the chance to have sex with my distant cousin. So, let’s start.

This story is from December 2018. I will start with the stats first. My stats are 5’9″ tall, skinny at that time, an innocent kid face, a proper recipe with 6-6.5 inches dick.

My cousin didi’s name was Gwen, and her stats were age 25, figure 30-28-32, fair complexion staying in Bihar.

I live in Bangalore and Didi’s real brother works under my dad and rents a 1bhk, 1km from my house.

So I had my JEE mains exam in January 2019. I was on preparation leave from coaching. And cousin didi had her CFA exam with the center in Bangalore, so she had come to prepare and give that in December itself.

Well, you know how boring and hard it is to concentrate and study at home. So my mom forced me to cycle away to my cousin’s house and study with cousin didi as she was preparing for her exam too.

So I had lunch at 1 and went to her house by cycle. When I reached their house, it was locked from the inside. I peeped through the window and after 3-4 minutes, she came out of the bathroom after taking a bath.

You know desi girls take bath in afternoons after house chores. She thought she was alone at home, so she came out just wrapping her towel around her hair and nude from below her head. The water droplets on her body instantly made me hard, and her swaying ass when she went to the room. Uff, I wanted her then and there!

She didn’t realize me watching her and went into her room. I didn’t want to make her feel like I noticed, so I went down the stairs and came back after 5 minutes, and gave a knock on her door. She opened the door in shorts and a t-shirt. She wasn’t wearing a bra (as she wasn’t expecting me).

I could see her erect nipples after a cold shower. She was surprised to see me and then I told her what mom planned and she was okay with it. My cousin was gonna start studying again. So we started studying, and my hard-on calmed down till then. (Obviously, good dicks only salute naked girls). Then we went on to study till 5.

Bangalore has unpredictable weather a bit, so it suddenly started thundering. She went to the terrace to get her clothes which she left to dry. But while collecting the clothes, it started to rain and she got drenched. Due to this, her white t-shirt became semi-transparent. Then she came down with the clothes and I had my eyes on her instantly. Those brown nipples inside the t-shirt could be clearly seen and my dick rose in my gray pajama which she noticed and gave a shy smile. She went inside to change her clothes (if you wear gray color, you can notice the inside things shape better).

My cousin came out after changing and asked if I was hungry. Then we decided to have Maggie, but Maggie wasn’t there at home. I went to the nearby supermarket to get maggie and in the meantime, she cleaned her pubs (got to know later). When I returned, she was in a lighter mood and went inside the kitchen to make Maggie.

Now see, the weather was lovely, we had the house to ourselves, and the girl seemed lonely because of her face (isn’t that pretty) and figure (not so hot, but fuckable). And after seeing her wet in the rain, I couldn’t control my dick and decided to take a shot at fucking her. Then I went inside the kitchen and hugged her from the back.

She asked: What happened? Let me cook Maggie.

I just stayed there melting her heart so that she could not deny the things I was gonna do for my love. Then we got into a conversation again.

Di: Will you take tea along with Maggie?

Me: No, I’d prefer chocolate milk.

Di: Well, we’ve milk only for two cups of tea.

Me: No worries sis, it seems there is less milk (pressed her boobs, realized she was not wearing her bra even now, and started breathing heavily on her shoulders).

Di: What are you doing? Don’t do this.

Me: Don’t lie. I’ve seen you smiling and you are not wearing a bra. It shows what you want.

And I started kissing her neck.

Di: Hey Alex, please don’t do this. I need to study.

Me: Sis, look at you how stressed you are. Don’t you think we should do something to remove our stress?

Di: Alex! No, please. (I started spanking her ass and she started losing control. Then I put her hand on my dick.)

Di: Hey, what are you doing?!

Me: Sister, I have a hot dog also for you along with Maggie.

Di: It looks tasty.

Me: It’s for you, totally fresh.

Di: Yes, it looks like one.

Me: Now, let me also touch this juicy thing (And I put my one hand in her t-shirt and another hand in her pants).

I was surprised not to find any panty too and the pussy was clean-shaven.

Me: What is this? This place of yours doesn’t seem fresh.

Di: It’s fresh, bro. Go, have a look in the dustbin. I’ve removed all my hair for you only. I understood after watching your erect dick after you watch me nude that you’ll surely try to fuck me.

Di: I’ve been alone for a long time. That’s why my pussy became hairy. And I like to get licked on my pussy. That is why I’ve cleaned it. This is also the reason I sent you out to buy Maggie. Otherwise, it was available at home.

Di: Now tell me, you will eat Maggie or drink milk?

Me: Chocolate milk with Maggie of different juice!

Di: Means?

Me: Let’s do it.

I took the Maggie bowl and took the sister to the hall. Then I removed her clothes. After that, I put chocolate syrup on her nipples and started licking and sucking them. She was loving it and it went on for approximately 10-15 minutes. After that, I went up and put some Maggie in her mouth.

I took another side of Maggie’s thread in my mouth and then we both sucked it and kissed each other. Doing this, I went down and put the remaining noodles in her belly and started eating them. I also put some noodles in her vagina with the help of my fingers and ate such as.

The Maggie juice was getting mixed with the pussy juice. Sister cummed twice in between, because all this was new for her. And this was my fantasy since childhood.

My cousin made me sit and start jumping on my dick. My dick was hurting as it wasn’t wet. But the wet cunt makes it easy to get in and out.

Then, for around 20-30 minutes, we had sex. I fucked her in the hall, kitchen, and shower in cowgirl position, doggy style, and on the wall. Then I released my cum in her mouth and tea. She drank my cum and tea also.

It was 8 pm and after doing all this, we couldn’t study. So I came back home. Di was in double mind if what she did was correct because I was her brother. But the pleasure I gave won, and we fucked again twice but this time, like lovers, as farewell sex.

Now my cousin didi is married and I am in a not-so-great college. All thanks to the days I spent fucking and lusting for her.

Gwen was not hot I admit, but seeing her riding me in cowgirl gave me a different satisfaction.

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I hope you liked my story.