Story of an Indian Mom and Son – Part 5

In the previous story, I explained how my mom and I continued to have sex regularly. Things would change once my aunt visited us.

Speaking of my aunt, she was a beautiful widow. I have never sexually seen her, but today I was feeling different. We had lunch together. After lunch, she said, “I will change my clothes. This is too uncomfortable.” Then she went to my room and returned after 10 minutes wearing a salwar.

I was sitting on the sofa with mom. Aunty also sat beside my mom. I was feeling very excited. My aunt is very friendly to me; We talked for a long time. At 6 p.m., Mom said, “I have to make dinner for us.” The aunt also joined her. I was sitting on the sofa, looking at my mom and aunt.

My aunt looked sexier than my mom. After some time, I went to my room. At night, we all had dinner together. Then Dad went to his bedroom. Me, Mom, and Aunt went to my room. We were talking there.

After some time, Mom told me, “Let Aunt rest now. Come to our room to sleep. We 3 will sleep there; Aunt will sleep here.” Aunt said, “Let him sleep here. Why should he sleep there for me?” Mom said, “It’s okay. He will sleep in our room. I will see you tomorrow.”

We shared a double bed with dad on one side, mom in the middle, and me on the other. Dad was fast asleep. Mom was sleeping facing dad. I hugged mom from behind, with my dick between her ass cheeks. Mom whispered, “What are you doing? Your dad is sleeping here.”

But I was not ready to listen to anything as I was too horny. I was pressing both her boobs and nipples continuously. I was sure she would keep quiet now because dad was before her. This gave me more courage. I started lifting her gown now and put my hand in her panty.

She didn’t know what to do next, so she pulled up the blanket. By then, my hand directly went to her pussy, rubbing them. I felt that it was already moist. I was rubbing her vagina, and my dick was rubbing her ass. She was resisting continuously but was not making any noise.

After rubbing mom’s pussy, I parted her legs with my legs and inserted my finger inside her pussy. She moaned. She took her right hand and kept on my dick. It was fully erected and jerking at that time. I kept my hand over her hand and was finger fucking her continuously.

I lifted her nighty under the blanket and slid her black panty down. We were doing this in front of dad, who was sleeping. It was pumping our adrenaline. I went down under the blanket and buried my head between her thighs. She turned, and now she was resting on her back.

I put my tongue on her pussy without caring that dad was sleeping in that room. I started licking mom’s pussy and fingered her while doing so. As I went harder, mom held my head tight with her hands and pulled my hair. She was quiet the whole time and had an orgasm soon after that.

After a nice fingering and licking session, I exited the blanket and slept beside her. This time she was holding my penis. I looked carefully into the room to see if my dad was still asleep. I wanted a blowjob, but mom was not ready for that here. She kissed me on my lips and said do it yourself in the bathroom.

I was in no mood to get up and do it myself. We kissed for some time. I rubbed mom’s boobs and fell asleep like that.

The next morning, when I woke up, dad had left for the office, and mom was in the kitchen. I went to her and hugged her from behind, making her feel my hard dick from yesterday. Mom said your aunt is here. Leave me and push me away. After bathing, Aunt came out and looked fresh as a daisy.

Even I had to go to college. I went to the bathroom to freshen up, where I found my aunt’s bra, panties and clothes kept for washing. I immediately grabbed them and sniffed my lungs while I masturbated, thinking about her nude. The day was normal, and I came home by evening, and we had dinner.

After that, mom said I could not do like yesterday. I was angry and said I’ll sleep in my room today. Aunt was okay with it. She said, “We will share a bed; don’t worry.” At 11.30, Mom left us. After talking, Aunty said, “If you don’t mind, can I change clothes?”

She went to the bathroom and came out wearing a loose nighty. She said, “You can also get into your daily clothes and be comfortable.” Then I went to the bathroom, removed all my clothes, and wore shorts without underwear. Then we both lay down on the bed.

I asked my aunt if I should turn off the light. She replied, “Yes, but turn on the other bulb, which was dim.” She doesn’t like the complete dark. We were facing each other and talking. Then she lay on her back. Her boobs were facing upward. As she was breathing, her boobs moved up and down.

I noticed that her nipples were visible through her nighty. It means she has removed her bra, also. I was looking at her continuously. I said, “Aunty, you look so young. No one can say you are old. You have maintained your weight very well.”

She replied, “Don’t lie to me. I know I look like an old lady.” I said, “I’m not lying. You can ask anyone about this.” Then she laughed. “I also have knee pain already,” and she removed her knee strap while saying so. I asked her what happened to her leg? she said it was an old issue that never disappeared.

I asked her if she had leg pain. She said she always has, and she is used to it now. I told her I give the best leg massage. She said, “It’s okay, son, thank you, but it’s fine.” I insisted and got up. I asked if she needed an oil massage, to which she said no.

There was vaseline on the side table, and I said I would use that. She still said no, but I insisted. “If you don’t like it, I will stop.” She said yes hesitantly. I asked her to turn around and lie on her chest. Now her beautiful ass was facing me. I told her I would lift her gown to her knees.

While doing so, she was holding her things. I realised she was not wearing panty also. It got my dick standing up. I massaged her normally to her knees for some time. Her legs were soft. While doing the massage, I made her feet feel my dick a few times. She didn’t respond anything to that.

I asked if she liked it, and she said I was amazing. I asked her to turn around. Now she was facing me with her eyes closed. I could see her nipples were erect underneath the gown. Now I asked her to spread her legs wide and sat in between them to massage.

Her legs were constantly touching my dick while doing so. After a while, she said it was enough and asked me to sleep. I went to the bathroom, jerked off quickly and returned to bed. We slept after that. At midnight, I woke up to drink water. My aunt was facing the opposite direction.

I laid down, put my hand on her stomach, and slept again. In the morning, when I woke up, aunty was not on the bed. I got a really hard morning wood. It was ready to come out of my shorts. Then I went to the kitchen. While going to the kitchen, I heard Mom and aunty talking.

Aunt said, “Your son is very grown up now. He has become a man.” Then they both laughed. Then I went into the kitchen and said good morning to both. Aunty said, “Good morning, young man. I’m going to shower.” Then she went to shower.

When she went to shower, I hugged Mom from behind and grabbed her boobs. She turned around, kissed me, and said, “Control yourself, honey. Your aunt is at home.” I kissed her again. Mom said, “Have you done something stupid with your aunty?” I said, “No, why are you asking?”

Mom said, “She said your son has become a man now, and blah blah.” I laughed and said, “She must have seen my morning wood. It was really hard. That’s why she said that, and by the way, your sister is as hot as you.” Mom said, “Don’t you dare do anything with her. I will beat you.”

I laughed and started grabbing her ass. My dick got hard. Mom stopped me. She said, “Control yourself for some days, honey. After that, we will have fun.” I said, “Let me do something, mom. I’m very horny.”  Mom said, “Wait till the afternoon. We will do something.”

I went to my room. The door was half closed as I entered the room. I saw Aunt wearing her clothes. She was only in her bra and panty. I was stunned by looking at her. She saw me and said, “Oh, sorry, I forgot to lock the door.” I replied, “It’s okay,” and went outside the room.

I left the room, but a picture of my aunt was before me. She was looking so damn sexy. I got turned on by this. Then, after 5 minutes, Aunty came from the room, smiled at me, and said, “Now you can go inside.” I was blushing because of this. Then I went to take a bath.

After that, I had to buy something, so I went to the market. I returned home at 12.30 p.m. Lunch was prepared. We had lunch together. After lunch, I said, “Let’s watch some new movies or web series.” Mom and aunty said yes to it. Then I played a movie on the TV.

Me, Mom, and Aunty sat on the couch. Mom was sitting in the middle. After 10 minutes, mom took a pillow on her thighs. She put a hand on my thighs. She was rubbing her hand on my pants. I started getting hard. After 10 minutes, Aunty went to get a water bottle from the kitchen.

I said to mom, “You are turning me on.” She said, “I know. That’s why I’m doing this. You wanted to release yourself; I will help you with that.” I said, “Then I will cum in my pants.” Mom said, “Don’t worry; I will clean that later; just enjoy.” Then Aunty came, and we stopped talking.

Mom played with my dick for 30 minutes, and then I was about to cum, I told her. She didn’t say anything and continued doing it. I cummed in my pants. Then I said, “I’m going to the washroom.” Then I went to my room, cleaned myself, and changed my pants.

Then I went to watch TV again. Then we watched the full movie. After that, we started doing our work. At night, we all had dinner together. After dinner, we all went to sleep. Today the weather was very hot, and the temperature was also very high. We were all feeling hot.

Aunt said, “I’m going to change clothes. I can’t handle this heat now.” She went to the bathroom and returned after 5 minutes wearing a nighty again. Even I couldn’t handle my aunty’s hot look.

The scene changed my way of looking at my aunty forever. Her nighty was sticking to her body. She was a treat to watch to my lustful eyes. I sat there mesmerised by my beautiful aunty. I immediately asked if I should massage her today.

She didn’t say anything. So I got the green signal and asked her to turn back like yesterday. I did the same as yesterday night, massaging her knees with her nighty folded till there. But I wanted more today. I told her sometimes we get leg pain because of a problem in the back and started pressing her back.

She was surprised by the move but didn’t stop me. Now I was caressing my aunt’s back sensually. For the first time, I realised aunty was a beautiful, voluptuous woman with curves to die for. She was a bit chubby, but her fats were all in the right areas.

I could feel she wasn’t wearing any bra and panty underneath. I was hard by now, with the beautiful aroma of my aunt’s sweat oozing from her body. I could see she was also feeling the tension in her body. After a while, she told me it was enough and thanked me for the massage.

I slowly crept into bed next to her, not knowing what to do. I knew I couldn’t sleep with this beautiful body just next to me. After a while, she fell asleep, and I looked at her lips and felt like sucking them. I turned my face and cursed myself for having such thoughts for my aunty.

Suddenly I felt movement on my left side. My aunty turned to lay on her back with her hands wide apart. This move made her breast heave up more and gave me another fantastic view of her breast. I decided to take a good view of aunty’s body once again.

I want to touch those, I thought. But how? If she wakes up? If she tells this to other family members? What would my mom and dad do to me?? All such questions stormed into my head. I told myself, “Come on, Rohan, think.” Suddenly I got the answer.

Act as if you are sleeping and move your hands wherever you want. I gathered courage. I started moving my hand towards aunty’s breasts as though I was stretching my hands in sleep. I pressed my hands further to find something soft and tender being pressed under it. I was excited that I finally touched her boobs.

I opened my eyes slowly to see where my hands were. My hands had safely landed on my aunt. I softly kept my hands on her, being careful not to wake up. I moved my finger in a circle where I thought her nipples should be. It felt really good, soft and tender. But now I wish to go further.

I wanted to touch the bare cleavage of aunty. I moved my hands upwards on her breast till her bare white flesh was beneath my palms. I slowly pressed my hands further inside the nighty. They went in deep. Those boobs were surely huge. My one hand could not cover the entire breast.

I moved my fingers in circles over her breast. Soon the thought of fear about being caught was overtaken by lust and hunger for flesh. Now I wanted to touch my aunty’s smooth legs. I lifted my hands from her breast and moved them downward. This time straight away, I laid them on her thighs.

Suddenly I felt movement in aunty’s body. Suddenly she sat up on the bed. I got terrified. My hands were still touching her thighs. Maybe my movements were just too much, I thought. It’s all over in seconds when terrible nightmares have become a reality. She just looked at me, looked at her legs where my hand was.

No words were exchanged, and no expressions were exchanged. My heart was beating so fast. I slowly removed my hands from her thighs, turned around and acted like sleeping.

I woke up the next morning around 8 a.m. I looked towards my left, and she had already left. She usually wakes up around 6 a.m. every morning, like my mother. I sat in bed, and the last night’s visions returned to me. I quickly went into my bathroom and jerked off, thinking about last night’s adventures.

I jerked off a load of cum as soon as I remembered how she smelled. It was awesome. However, I wanted more, but then I was scared that she would tell my mom anything or would she sleep again with me. I just prayed to sleep with her again tonight.

I took a bath and went downstairs to check on the ladies. There was also a lot of fear inside me. But I thought mom would understand me if aunt told her anything and did not tell dad about it. Mom was in the kitchen preparing breakfast. Aunty spoke nothing to family members about last night, I thought.

However, facing aunty was becoming more difficult than I thought. First, I considered ignoring her and not going to the kitchen for breakfast. But then I thought it was important to know her reaction towards me. I entered the kitchen. She smiled and said, “Breakfast will be ready in two minutes.”

Her tone and behaviour were very normal. I got relaxed as I knew my adventure had not put me in any trouble. She wore a green saree in which she looked really beautiful. I prayed maybe, just once more, she would come to sleep in my room. I eagerly waited for the night to fall.

Later I went to college, and it was a half day. When I got back, my aunt was sleeping in my room, and my mom was sleeping in her room. I wanted to fuck my mom so bad now. It has been a while since we had sex. I quickly locked the room, undressed, and jumped into bed where my mom was sleeping.

I started rubbing and pressing her boobs while sucking the other boob with my mouth. She was half asleep and allowed me to do my thing. I quickly went down to eat my mom’s pussy. I sucked them, fingered them for a while and then entered her with my dick.

My mom was awake by now. I went up to kiss her while my dick was pounding her pussy. After 10 to 15 minutes, I released my cum and cleaned up her pussy by licking them clean. Then we both slept naked till evening.

The night was going to be even more exciting with my aunt. I will explain in the next part what happened that night. How I continued to fuck mom with an interesting turn of events. Hope you all liked this story. Please comment or send me an email or google hangouts/ chat to my email id [email protected]