Story of 2 couples – Part 2 (And it Begins)

Hi friends, this is a new series between 2 couples, Alex & Kiara and Ryan & Sarah. Ryan & Sarah propose an arrangement with Alex. Read to know if he accepts or declines.

This story is a figment of my imagination. All characters mentioned in the story are fictional and created for entertainment. Please don’t mail me asking for my details. Review emails are appreciated.

Sarah was high on adrenaline and was kissing Ryan passionately. I, on the other hand, went down on her near between her legs. Sarah opened her legs to me like a horny slut, and I pulled down her netted panties. Her beautiful pussy was on display now, and it didn’t have even a single strand of hair on it.

Her pussy was leaking like a faucet and was shining with all the juices. I rubbed her cunt with my palm and, THWACK gave a hard slap on her hot pussy.

Sarah screamed in pain and let go of Ryan. She looked down on me, and THWACK, I slapped her fuckhole again. This time Sarah closed her eyes and screamed even louder.

“Count, slut,” I yelled, “Count the slaps.”

THWACK! I slapped for the third time

“Oh fuck 3 Master, THREE,” she managed to count between the scream


“FOUR, You are killing me!” She said with tears in her eyes

THWACK! This one was the hardest of all

“FUCK ME, FIVE,” she said now crying profusely


I kept on slapping, and she kept on counting until we reached 20 hard pussy slaps. Her pussy was completely red now and burning hot. It was swollen but still wet. Sarah was crying her eyes out, but I knew she loved the torture or else she wouldn’t have let me slap her 20 times.

“You liked that?” I asked, wiping my hand with her panties

“Yes, sir. It pained like hell but gave pleasure at the same time,” she said with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face

“And what about you?” I said, looking at Ryan,“ Did you like how I’m treating your whore girlfriend?”

“I love to see her like this,” Ryan replied

“Good, then let’s finish what we started,” I got up and asked Ryan to take my place.

“Show me how you eat her pussy, and make sure you put a finger or two inside her,”

Ryan immediately stuffed 2 fingers in Sarah’s swollen pussy and bent down to lick her clit. He was doing an amazing job as, within seconds, Sarah started moaning. I went up near her face and sat down on it such that my asshole was now in her mouth.

“Show me your rimming skills now,” I commanded, immediately feeling a tongue on my rim.

The pace with which Ryan was licking her cunt, Sarah was licking my asshole with the same pace. This went on for the next 5 minutes. I started rubbing her clit now as Ryan continued licking her pussy. Ryan’s tongue was going in the depths of her fuck-hole.

After 10 minutes of licking, I stopped Ryan as Sarah was already on the verge of an orgasm. I got up and laid on my back. I could see the disappointment on Sarah’s face, but I didn’t give her much time to react.

I pulled her by grabbing her hair and made her go into a doggy position on the couch. I grabbed her hair with one hair and made her spread her legs with the other. I positioned my 8 inches between her legs. In one swift motion, I pushed it inside her sloppy cunt.

Sarah moaned, and I could feel her pussy grabbing onto my dick. I pulled her hair back and smacked her swinging ass. “Fuck me, fuck me, master, give me that dick,” Sarah moaned as I thrust her cunt.

I increased my pace and continued slapping her ass. Sarah was enjoying every single push. This was the first time I was fucking someone other than Kiara. I must say it was a good experience. I pulled back Sarah with her hair and slapped her face.

She was in another zone and took it all graciously. I fucked her raw for the next 10 minutes and turned her ass cheeks red with all the slapping. Ryan was watching the debauchery of his girlfriend. He could not believe the rough treatment that I was giving her.

Ryan came in front of her face and slid his dick inside her mouth. He started mouth fucking her with his dick while I rammed her fuck hole.

“Take it, you bitch,” he moaned, “I hope you are loving 2 dicks ruining your holes.”

Sarah nodded in agreement as the torture continued. I then asked Ryan to sleep on the couch and threw his girlfriend in his arms.

“Slide your monster inside her hungry cunt,” I said

As Ryan slid his dick into her pussy, I took position behind her, and she understood what was coming next.

“Please, Master, go slow,” she begged.

I grabbed her hair and slapped her face as she fell on her lover’s chest. I rubbed my tip on her asshole and applied some saliva to it. I knew she was fucked in her ass as I could see her asshole stretched already.

I then poked my dick on her asshole, and Sarah immediately flexed her ass to give me an opening. She was a pro at it. I slid my dick inside her rectum, and as she loosened her asshole, my cock slid in.

“Let’s double penetrate this whore,” I said, and we both started pounding Sarah in her holes.

Sarah was moaning at the top of her voice and was in complete ecstasy. Ryan and I fucked Sarah with all our strength. We were using her like a roadside prostitute. Ryan was slapping her beautiful face while I was spanking her ass. Sarah took all the torture and enjoyed every moment of the rough treatment.

“Fuck me, oh fuck, give those dicks to me. This is the best feeling I’ve ever experienced. Baby, use your girlfriend like a slut and fuck my holes,” Sarah kept moaning.

She had the biggest orgasm, and her body shivered for over 5 minutes. Ryan and I didn’t show mercy and fucked her right through her orgasm. She collapsed on Ryan’s chest as we continued pounding her for another 10 minutes. Finally, Ryan and I both were nearing an orgasm.

We fucked her for another 5 minutes and made her kneel between us. I pulled her face near me and stuffed my dick in her mouth. She tasted her ass and loved it. I throat fucked her and then pulled out, spreading all the juices over her face.

Sarah then continued stroking my dick as it was Ryan’s turn to mouth fuck his girlfriend.

“Open your mouth, whore,” I commanded, and Sarah instantly obeyed.

I shot ropes of white cum in her mouth and all over her face.

“Don’t swallow,” I ordered as Ryan was preparing to release himself.

He, too, emptied his balls in her mouth and ejaculated gallons of cum. It was more than mine and filled Sarah’s mouth to the brim. I pulled out my phone and clicked a picture of Sarah with a mouth full of cum. Her face was also covered in my white goo.

She looked like a fucked up bimbo with her hair all over the place. Her make-up spread over her face. Her face was also turned red due to all the slaps. I sent that photo to Kiara.

“Swallow now,” I said and turned on the recorder.

As soon as I said this, Sarah, like a true slut, closed her mouth. She swirled all that cum in her mouth and slowly swallowed our cum. As I recorded her, she turned towards the camera and opened her mouth to show how empty it was.

She gathered all the cum that had landed on her face and neck and swallowed it. I sent the recording to Kiara as well. As soon as I hit send, I heard the doorbell.


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