Staying with ISS User

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your patience. I could not post any stories for a long time. Well, I am back now.

I am resuming the story where I had left that is meeting with a user from Indian Sex Stories. For a refresher, do read my previous sensual adventures.

I am Janaki, age 27. My appearance is good looking beautiful, having black long straight hair shoulder length. Fair skin complex, brown-coloured eyes, oval-shaped face, about 5ft 4 inches tall. Weight about 60kgs and body measurement also changed to 34D-28-32.

So the next day, Nikhil, Aditya and Tilak were all out of their house, except for Yogesh, as it was his day off. Yogesh was a quiet guy. Even if we were in the same room, he would not be talking. He would be going through his mobile.

I had to shop for my friend’s marriage which I had come to attend, so I told Yogesh that I needed to go shopping. Nikhil had already given me his credit card. I did visit Mall with Nikhil, but he only got lingerie. (in the first part of ‘Meeting With ISS User’).

Yogesh agreed, and I freshened up. My only proper clothes were a sky blue sleeveless crop top and a black midi pencil skirt. It was a few inches above my knees and showed my curvy figure. The crop top exposed a half-inch above the navel, and the skirt covered a half-inch below it and a black colour heel.

I had not planned to stay, so I did not have any clothes with me. We went to the closest mall, and Yogesh was being very helpful. I wanted to make sure that I looked damn good. As I was trying on the dresses, I was showing him.

Finally, I decided upon Red Sequence Party Wear Lehenga Choli with designer work Heavy Faux Blooming Georgette Silk. A blouse worked with Heavy Fox Blooming Georgette Silk, sleeveless, deep neck showing my cleavage and my breasts shaped perfectly.

It exposes the complete midsection of my body, just below my breast area, to the upper part of my pubic. Another party wear was high left side split maxi sexy women Solid evening party long sleeveless deep neck and backless. Along with those, some more clothes and inners to wear at Nikhil’s place.

We were done shopping early, and it was about noon. We had lunch. While having lunch, we exchange words.

Yogesh: You like the paratha and chole that you ordered?

Me: Look who’s speaking. Damn, yes, I do. What about the pulao that you are having?

Yogesh: Well, it was Veg Biryani when I ordered. It’s tasty.

Me: Oh, someone got offended. Cool, it’s veg biryani. Not sure if it’s tasty unless I taste it.

He was about to feel it with his spoon. I knowingly hit it, showing that it was by accident. As a result, the spoon fell on the floor.

Yogesh: Oh, let me get another spoon.

Me: What! You should not, as plastic spoons are doing enough damage to the environment.

Yogesh: So?

Me: Use your hands, dummy!

Yogesh: Okay, you want me to feed you with my hands?

Me: Finally, you get the idea. Yes, please.

He fed me with his hands, and I bit his finger slightly. I held his hand and licked all the rice on his hands. I slowly put 2 of his fingers in and out of my mouth sensually. He took his hand back slowly, and I could see him sweat.

Me: Taste paratha and chole. It’s yummy.

I tore a small piece of paratha and dipped it in chole curry. I moved it toward his mouth as he sucked it from my hand, both of us maintaining eye contact. I could see his chest expanding with rapid breathing. He was still looking at me. We did not speak much. But Yogesh got the idea of what was in my mind.

We had more time to kill, so I told Yogesh we could watch movies. The Hindi movie Andhadhun’ was being played. As he was taking tickets, I whispered in his ears, “Take the corner seat.” He did not turn around but smiled at the guy at the ticket counter.

As we walked away from the counter, I could feel the ticket counter’s guy looking at us, smiling. I guess he got the idea of what was going to happen. The show was not yet started. I was feeling too cold due to AC and got goosebumps. Only a few people, about 8, were in the movie theatre.

We got the seat about the 6th row from the top and on the left corner. We took our seats. I sat in the corner. I was shivering with cold. Yogesh put his arms around my shoulder, he had a warm body, and I comforted myself in his arms. I could feel his left hand on my breasts.

My hard nipples were visible due to the low AC temperature, his finger slightly rubbing my nipples. I was getting turned on by this little act of Yogesh. I put my head on his shoulder. The armrest was moved back. We were not using it, as we had become one. Yogesh held me tight to ensure I did not feel cold.

After about 15 minutes, the movie started, and it was completely dark. It did not take time for Yogesh to find his way inside my top from the upper side. He was trying to grab my boobs and start mauling them slowly. He said, “No bra, you are my kind of lady. Let’s see if there are any panties?”

His right hand on my right thigh, as he was making his way in, gave him access to my private between the legs, and I could feel his cold hands over my pussy. He smiled, as I was not wearing panties as well. Soon Yogesh started kissing me passionately.

He was fingering my wet pussy, and manhandling my breast. My right hand undoing his trousers, pulling out the hard cock and his balls, began to stroke it slowly. Soon, he pulled my top off. I presume that other folks were able to know what was happening.

I could see the light from the movie screen falling on my semi-nude body. It makes me feel more sexy and horny. I stroked Yogesh with a hand. He was playing with my breasts like an animal, eating them and chewing my breasts and nipples.

Shortly after that, I bent down sideways and put my mouth on cock’s head. I started to take it slow. But Yogesh, in excitement, pushed my head on his cock. I could not breathe. He started fucking my mouth and throat, making me gag and pant.

After a while, Yogesh slowed down. I looked at him and kissed him. I pulled up my skirt and gently sat on his cock. I could feel his big cock inside my pussy in a backseat driver’s sex position. He also started thrusting me from his hips. I began to grind, and we were having fun.

All of a sudden, the lights were on. It was intermission. I quickly turned around and pulled down my skirt. But I could not find my top, which was handed over to me by Yogesh, as he smiled. I saw others looking at me as I was putting on my top.

Even my beasts were out of sync and were falling off from the top. I felt embarrassed and quickly tried to adjust. It was getting more out of control. I asked Yogesh to get water. As he left, couples sat, and their boyfriends were lustily looking at me. I smiled at them, and they smiled back.

Yogesh returned with the water. We waited for the lights to be turned off, which eventually happened. As soon as it was off, Yogesh took out his cock and stroked. This time, I did not take my top off and pulled down my boobs and played with them and my pussy.

Both of us were ready again. I sat atop him but arched my back in a lazy wheelbarrow sex position. My head was hitting the front sit as Yogesh was thrusting. He put his hands on my breasts and pulled my breasts and nipple. As he was controlling the horse, I was moaning with pleasure.

There was a moment when my moan was loud, as there was no audio/dialogue from the movie. I could feel Yogesh’s cock pulsating inside my pussy, as it was ready to release the cum inside me. I wanted to pull it out at the right time but could not, and he cum inside my pussy.

Now we were sweating even in the low-temperature AC. We were catching our breath as his cock was inside my pussy after he had released it. I could feel his cock getting hard once more time. But slowly, it became loose. I could have made it hard again, but I thought of not doing it.

I got up from his lap and adjusted my top and skirt properly. Yogesh zipped his trousers. We were no longer interested in the movie, so we left the theatre. On our way out, Yogesh replied, “Never had I even thought I would fuck Nikhil’s sister.” Me thinking that it’s not.

We came back home, and as soon as Yogesh closed the door, he ripped my top and skirt as if I was his hunt. He was a lion and started kissing me hard. He gradually took me to his room, biting and licking my neck, groping and fondling my breast.

He quickly threw off his trousers and underwear and was naked. I was on the edge of the bed. He was able to thrust perfectly in that position. It made me scream at the top of my voice. His left hand was playing with my boobs. His right hand was exploring my clit.

He moved his hands down, trying to find my asshole, fingering it, which made me hornier. Then he turned me around, fucking my pussy from behind. He grabbed me by my hair and made me arch.

He slapped my tits, penetrating 2 and 3 fingers in my asshole. He slowly increased the thrust and cumming inside me again.

Yogesh fell on my back, both of us gasping for air. After a while, he put me on his bed properly, and he was lying next to me. We seemed to have passed out. Even I was not sure when my eyes were closed.

Hope you folks enjoy it. I will be posting more of the adventure.