Start of Incest with my mom – Part 6

Hi friends, here I am with the next part of my story. Thanks a ton for showing your support and love for my experience. Please read the previous parts for a better view and understanding.

Straight to the next part. I went to the bathroom and hurried with my daily chores. I don’t want to keep my mom away from my view. When I was back, she was ready with breakfast on the table.

I was just in my towel and went near her and kissed her on her lips. She also responded with the same. She asked me why I was still in my towel and not changing.

I told her, “From now onwards, I will be trying to be in fewer clothes most of the time. We don’t have to hide anything, so let’s be without clothes.” And in between, I pulled off my towel.

I was stark naked with my semi-hard dick in front of my mom. She was literally shocked to see the same, and I sat on the chair. She was a bit quiet after this but became a bit comfortable after we started with our breakfast.

In between, I just asked if she was going to let me eat every day. She didn’t get that and asked me if she would ever disallow me to eat. I said with a naughty smile that will she allow me to eat her every day.

She turned all red and said will see. It’s totally on how this is going. Hearing the same, my dick was rock hard again. She saw the same under the glass table. I rubbed my hard-on with my other hand. I know that she will be all wet by now, for sure.

After breakfast, we both got up. Mom went to the kitchen, and I was looking at her ass swing again. She is damn hot! I washed my hand and went near her. I hugged her from behind, keeping my dick between her legs. It was very close to her pussy.

And she is still in her lingerie. After breakfast, she was preparing to go for a bath. To my surprise, she asked me which lingerie she should wear. I asked her to wear nothing, just like me. We can be stark naked when we are home if she is comfortable.

She was embarrassed, and she told me that that was not possible for now. So I told her to wear the black lingerie which she had. But requested her not to wear her panty and bra inside the lingerie.

She smiled and said, “It’s better for me to be naked than to wear only lingerie.”

I said with a naughty smile, “That’s what I said. Now it’s up to you.”

I went to log in and was busy with work until noon. When I came to have lunch, I saw her standing in the kitchen with only lingerie. And without her panty and bra. I hugged her from back in the kitchen and directly groped her boobs from the back.

I pushed my dick between her thighs near her pussy. She shivered a bit as she was not expecting the same. I then slowly moved my 1 hand and pressed her pussy with the thin material of her lingerie. She was all wet by then. I started kissing her neck and shoulders from the back.

Slowly she was all into my control, and I started rubbing my dick near her pussy lips. I was also rubbing my finger on her pussy. Suddenly I pushed my 1 finger into her pussy. She was all wet, and she was really enjoying it very much.

She was moving with the rhythm of my finger movements. Now we had a great lip lock, and for around 15 minutes, this went on. At this moment, I was a bit bold and pulled my finger out. I pushed my dick tip inside her pussy.

I could not push it fully, but almost half the dick was now inside my mom’s pussy. She still moved with the pace, pushing my whole dick inside her pussy. She was very tight, and I could feel the pressure on my dick.

We were into sex very soon and without even any restrictions. But in my head, I was a bit in fear. I knew she would be angry with all these things. However not bothering now and was enjoying her acceptance.

In around 20-25 minutes, I was close to cumming. I told her to hold for a moment as I was almost near to cum. To which she told me to release it inside her. I released a huge load of cum inside her.

I asked her what will we do if she got pregnant. She replied that she was done with her periods and we could have safe sex anytime now. I was shocked by her reply. She was not angry with me and kissed me after sex. She was very happy and was overwhelmed with her love towards me.

I removed her lingerie and told her we would both be naked without needing clothes. She agreed, and we went to have our lunch. During lunch, I just apologised to her that all these things happened so quickly.

I hope she is happy with all that happened. She smiled and said that she knew the same thing that we would have. But she was trying to push a bit longer. Even she could not control what we had in the morning.

To my surprise, she said she wanted to taste me now. I said I was happy to have a session after lunch if she wanted. We quickly had our lunch and then again started our session.

This time my mom was in all control and literally jumped to bed and held my dick. She came down and took my dick in her mouth. She was sucking my dick like she had ice cream. Oh my gosh! She is an expert cock sucker.

I was mad, and I was near to cum so damn quickly. I stopped her and told her the same thing that I was about to climax. To which she started to suck my dick with great speed. In a couple of minutes, I exploded again with a load of cum inside her mouth. She swallowed it.

She was so hot that she thanked me for the dessert after lunch. I was feeling shy now. She slept beside me, and I am a bit tired now. I kissed her on her lips, and we had an intense kiss sharing our saliva. I realised the taste of my cum in her mouth.

We kissed, and I was fingering her and again, she was all wet. She is getting so hot and sexy with all our plays. We slept like this for some time, and I got up in the evening by 7 pm. She was not in bed, and I went searching for her.

I heard the sound from the bathroom. She was bathing, and I went to the kitchen to eat something as I was starving. I had some snacks, and she was back in the room by then.

Now she was all naked, and with the same half-wet body, she came and hugged me. And told me that she is damn happy with me and our new relationship. I said the same thing, and she kissed me.

I hugged her and asked her if we could buy more outfits for our role-plays. She accepted and asked me for some time to get ready. And then we can have a blast tonight.

I was a bit in surprise by her wild plans in the coming parts. I need to stop here and will continue to the next part. Valued suggestions would be helpful. See you in the next part. Please let me know any suggestions in the below email: [email protected]