Start of Incest with my mom – Part 5

Hi friends, here I am with the next part of my story. Thanks a ton for showing your support and love for my experience. Please read the previous parts for a better view and understanding.

The next morning, we slept late last night. I was happy with mom allowing me to sleep next to her. I forgot to keep the alarm, but she called and asked me to get up. It was around 6:15, and she told me she was now in the mood to try it. I woke up but didn’t let her move and hugged her tight from behind.

She asked me to leave her as my dick was poking her on her ass. From her ass between near her pussy my dick was. It was like her lingerie was almost raised to her waist. She was only in her panty below the waist. My dick was between her bums and near her pussy.

I was in no mood to leave her, but she removed my hand. She went directly to the bathroom to pee. After getting up, she adjusted her lingerie down. I was still on the bed. While she was going, I saw her beautiful ass cheeks jiggling. My dick was so hard that it would have even torn my boxer.

As I said in the previous part, her lingerie is so hot. Her body is just covered in some net from the back. The panty string is just a thread on her waist, and a small part is visible from the top. The rest vanished between her bums.

After peeing, she asked me if we should try it now. As she can see, I am damn hard and must release the pressure. As soon as she said it, I lowered my boxer and threw it on the floor. Seeing my dick, she was so embarrassed and asked me why I had removed it now.

I told her I couldn’t wait, and I was getting hot seeing her in this sexy lingerie. “And from the back, you look no less hot than a pornstar.” She gave a very naughty smile. Playfully turned her back and slightly bent, showing her ass and teasing me. I was mad and started to jack my dick.

When she turned my side, I was jacking off. She said, “You are so naughty, and are you not ashamed of doing it in front of your mother.” I just asked her if she was having any issues. “Then you might as well not be wearing such clothes in front of me, right?”

She paused and said, “Yes, even I love all these. But I still think it is wrong to do this as you are my son. And even feeling as if I am cheating on your dad.” I told her we were not doing anything wrong. This is just helping each other. Still, I am shaking my dick saying all this.

I asked her, “Please show me what you are trying to hide behind that cloth.” She was shocked and told me, “In this way, how will I be pleased?” And gave me a naughty smile. I received a full green signal. So I jumped off the bed and made her sit, leaning against the wall near the bed.

Now I told her to let’s start. “You start with yours, and I will with mine, watching each other,” I told her to remove her panty. She was very shy and was still half-minded. I again jumped onto the bed and eagerly waited for her to remove her panty so I could see her pussy.

With my eagerness, she became more embarrassed. But she removed her panty and hid her pussy with her one hand. She warned me that she would show me only if I maintained a distance. Also, no touching is to be done. I agreed to all her demands.

My gosh! She finally removed her hand. There I could see my mom’s pussy in front of me. She is clean-shaven. I was speechless for seconds and asked her, “Do you like it clean?” She nodded yes. I took my dick back and started jerking, seeing her pussy.

At the same time, she also started fingering. I can see she inserted her 2 fingers inside her pussy. Seeing her fingering and looking at my dick with her almost nude body made me mad. Seeing that itself without even shagging I could have released my load soon.

But I want to control it to watch her for a long time. She struggled to finger, so I asked her if she needed my help. She was not fully aware, and she nodded with a yes. I was damn mad and went near her pussy and inserted my finger. Now my mom had 3 fingers inside her pussy. Two of her and one of mine.

I inserted 1 more, and she released her fingers loudly. Her pussy is still tight. She started holding her inner thighs with both her hands, wide opening her pussy. My fingers were inside her pussy. All these happened so quickly that both of us were deeply into pleasure.

We didn’t notice anything. I was fingering her and was also jacking off my dick. Suddenly I realised this was the best shot to take full control over her. I was now not bothered about my masturbation and left my dick. I started pressing her boob with the other hand.

She was moaning slightly and was with closed eyes. As I was fingering, I also licked her shaved pussy lips. She was all in my control now and was enjoying her day with me. In a few minutes, I increased my speed of fingering and licking.
I could feel her hands on my head. She was pushing me more into her pussy.

I am a great pussy licker. I can make any woman cum in a couple of minutes easily. I normally suck the clitoris part and fingers the vagina. It makes a lady cum easily due to my tongue’s magic.

But after that, I could feel her pussy lips contract, and she started shivering slightly. With a great moan, she got huge ejaculation, and the cum started to flow from her pussy. It made all my mouth and hand wet. She was still with her eyes closed and breathing heavily.

She opened her eyes, and with a shock, she saw me licking her cum from my fingers and her pussy. I gave her a very naughty smile and said, “I like this. I would like to have it every day if she agrees.” She was shocked, embarrassed, regretful and full of weird feelings.

She asked, “Why did you touch me as we agreed you wouldn’t?” I said, “Mom, you were struggling, so I thought of just helping you. And even you agreed to the same. So I started with it. There’s nothing wrong with this mom.
I just helped you. Don’t worry.”

She was a bit in thought and a bit moody. She was embarrassed to the lowest. I playfully asked her to change her mood, “Mom, leave all those unwanted thoughts and tell me if you enjoyed it.” She smiled slightly, looking down at her pussy and nodded with a yes.

I was damn happy. With the same mouth which had her cum, I kissed her on her lips. She also kissed me back for around 5 minutes. She said, “I still feel a bit weird about all these. But this is true that after so many years, I had this great masturbation.”

I told her, “You are so lucky you got such a son.” She playfully hit me, asking, “Is it so?!” And started smiling. But then I realised that I didn’t have any fun. I told her that while concentrating on her, I had forgotten about myself. I now need to get the show running.

She asked me to finish soon and kept her legs open, showing me her pussy. I requested her if she wanted me to make it soon. Then please also remove your bra and show your boobs. She first was hesitant. But then, after my request, she accepted and removed her bra.

In between, she was also pressing her boobs and also was touching her pussy on my request. Wow! Now it’s a feast for me. Also, thinking in mind the way she tasted made me cum in a few minutes. She asked me to get cleaned and rushed to the bathroom.
As soon as she came back, I entered and cleaned myself. I came back and saw that she was wearing her bra and panty. I asked her why she was wearing her bra and panty. “Without a bra and panty, you look hot in the lingerie. Also, I have seen all your private parts except your ass hole.”

Her face was all red with embarrassment. She said, “I know even wearing this is useless. It shows most of my parts. But still, it’s good to wear it, or you will be hard all day.” Saying this, she first wore her panty and then her bra. I asked her why she was still wearing this dress, as she could wear her normal dress.

She said that she liked it very much and it’s comfortable. She feels like she is young again. Also, after the bath, she will change into her normal dress. I just asked her why she couldn’t try that after her bath because we had 2 more lingerie. Also, can’t she wear only lingerie when she is home?

Again she said that if I promised that, I would not behave weirdly. And will not make my tool hard every time. Only then will she try it. Saying this, she went to the kitchen and started her daily work. I was in no mood to leave the view of her ass. I went near her and hugged and kissed her neck.

And again kept my dick which was getting semi-hard, between her ass cheeks. She looked back with surprise and asked me how it was again hard. I told her she was looking so hot and sexy that, unknowingly, I was getting hard. She said if so, then she would change to something else.

I told her that I have no issues if my dick is hard. “But you wear clothes that are comfortable for you.” She kissed me and asked me to get ready for breakfast. I told her playfully that as I ate her, I was not that hungry now. I kissed her. She hit me and smiled naughtily.

She pushed me to go and freshen up while she was making breakfast. Before leaving, I kissed her and inserted my hand into her panty and gave her a small press on her pussy. She shivered and jumped, as she was not expecting the same then.

She shouted and said, “What are you doing? You are not supposed to do this. Please behave and wait for the morning fun time. And a big no in between that” She gave me a naughty smile and started her work. I was happy as she is not rejecting my moves now and has some restrictions.

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