Start of Incest with my mom – Part 4

Hi friends, here I am with the next part of my story. Thanks a ton for showing your support and love for my experience. Straight to the story, and please read the previous parts for a better view and understanding.

I went back to my bed and slept for some more time. I woke up after some time and went directly to the kitchen. I saw mom busy with her kitchen work. She was still in her shorts and top. I gave her a tight hug from her back, keeping my morning bulge between her bums.

She is very much accepting all these. I kissed her on her cheeks and wished her good morning. She also kissed me back and wished me a morning. I felt something very different in her behaviour. She is getting very close to me and is not even bothered about my touch on her.

I kept both hands on her tummy. She quickly asked me to complete my morning chores and join her for breakfast. We joined for breakfast. I asked her if she had slept after I left her room. She said nope and would feel weird while doing it in front of me.

As a precaution, I told her if she was not comfortable, then let’s not do it. I told her that I was very open to anything. She hit me, saying, “Yes, you would not feel weird. As you are getting very naughty after seeing me masturbate.”

I told her it’s natural and everyone does it, and you don’t have to be ashamed of doing it. It would also be great if I didn’t have to search for porn for my pleasure. Meanwhile, we completed our breakfast. While getting up, I told her, “Let’s try it once. If you are still not comfortable, we will stop it.”

After that, I thought this was the right time to give her the lingerie I had bought. I took the packet, went to her room, and gave her the packet. I asked her to try these out. “You can wear it while we do it in the morning,” as she will look sexy and hot.

I returned to my room and imagined her in that which gave me an instant boner. I started my work for the day, and to my surprise, she called me to her room after some time. Now she is not even closing her room door. It is, again, a positive response for me.

I was shocked to see her in the lingerie I had bought. It’s a very thin material black satin lingerie with a deep cleavage cut, and the side slits on both sides reach her hips. I can see her white panty from both side slits. When she turns, her whole upper thighs and ass crack are visible.

She is wearing her bra, and I can see it’s a bit old in fashion. I was dumbstruck with no words for her hotness and sexy milky body. She asked me how she was looking. She was looking like a real bitch flaunting her everything.

She told me, “You got great taste in selection. But it’s a bit too much exposing everything, and also, my bra and panty are a bit old for this one.” I returned to my senses but can’t say she was looking like a bitch and giving everything an end then and there.

So I just told her that she looked damn sexy, gorgeous, erotic and hot. And my dick is so hard that it would tear my underpants and shorts both. She smiled naughtily and told me, “You are getting so naughty day by day.”

I told her I would bring the same if she needed any matching bra and panty. Her response was positive, the same but a bit half-minded. I was happy to hear a yes. I was happy that she had become very open in front of me in showing her hot body.

I told her I would bring more lingerie and buy some hot panties and bras matching the lingerie. I asked her which colour she wanted. She nodded with a bit of shyness. She told me she would like a red and pink one if I didn’t mind.

I went near her and kissed her on her lips this time. I told her, “It would be my pleasure to buy you anything you wanted, mom.” She was a bit shocked, but it was very quick, and she playfully hit me with a naughty smile. I returned to my room, resumed work, and waited for the evening to get out for the shopping.

Before going, I asked her if she would like to join me for shopping. But she said she was busy with some private work. I said ok and left to buy the stuff which she asked for. I returned home and searched for her, but she was in the bathroom.

I waited in her room for her to come back. She returned from the bathroom and I guess she was taking a shower. She was surprised to see me waiting for her on her bed. She walked and was in question seeing me with the packet. I handed over the pack to her and told her to try it all.

It was with transparent pink and red lingerie, designer bras, and panties in red, pink and black. It matched the lingerie. Her panties were all g-strings and were hardly covering her pussy. And a single thread would go into her ass crack at the back.

Bras is also almost transparent and only covers her nipples. The rest are all open with thin, net-like fabric. Seeing all these, she was like, “Oh gosh! It’s better for me to be nude rather than wearing all these.”

She said she has never tried any of these before and feels shy about wearing all of them in front of her son. I told her I had seen her almost nude and would see her pussy tomorrow. So there is nothing to be ashamed of in seeing her in this attire.

I told her to try and show me how sexy and hot she would be in all these. She gave a naughty smile and asked me if she should change in front of me. “Are you going to leave?” I told her it’s up to you, and if you want me to stay, I am more than happy.

She was like, “Not today. Let me see how free it feels after showing you my pussy. Then I will decide to also change in front of you.” I agreed as I didn’t have any option but to agree. I went out of the room and waited eagerly for her to call me in after changing.

She called me, and I rushed in, banging on the door. My jaw dropped after seeing her in the pink lingerie and matching panty and bra. Almost all her milky parts are visible, and only her nipples and pussy are not. I can see her camel toe inside the panty.

She tried to cover her overexposed parts with her hand and told me that this thing hardly had a cloth. I asked her to turn around. That was like heaven, the string of her panty was not visible. It vanished between her bums. I told her she looked more erotic and super hot and sexy from her backside.

It seems to be as if she is fully nude from the back. She was shy, and her face turned rose red hearing the same. She yelled at me, covering her face like a small girl. I hugged her from back, and my dick was poking her between her ass and kissing her on her neck.

I whispered in her ears that she was so sexy and I loved her so much! She also kissed me, turning my side. But this time, she kissed me directly on my lips. She was in no way breaking the kiss. We almost kissed for 10 minutes. I was sucking her lips and tongue.

I asked her to try the red one as well. She changed into the red one and called me again with the red one. Also, in the red one, the panty part is so tiny that it shows her shaved outer labia and her camel toe. I told her to wear the red one tomorrow and kissed her one last time on her lips.

She told me to get ready for dinner. I changed myself and returned to the kitchen, and another shock came. She is wearing red lingerie with red panties and bras. I was surprised and asked her why.

She replied that she was fresh after a shower and I had seen her in this. So she should wear it. “Anyways, you want to see me tomorrow morning in this? So I  thought of not changing back.” My dick was rock hard, and I was in no mood to eat but wanted to have her for dinner.

I was all melted in her beauty the whole time we had dinner. She seems to be much ok now with me in all these. Also, she was cracking some adult jokes as well in between. We had our dinner. When she went to her room, she wished me good night and kissed me on my lips again.

She told me, “Don’t be late tomorrow. Let’s start it by 6 am. I won’t be closing the door from now onwards.” I was damn happy and went to my room after hugging and kissing her. I could not sleep thinking of the same and woke up in the middle and went to mom’s room.

I called her and asked if she was asleep, to which she replied no. I asked if I could sleep with her today. She replied, “Idiot, that’s why I kept the door open and I know you cannot sleep tonight. But remember, don’t think anything weird, the max you can hug me and nothing else. We have our limitations.”

Hearing this, I jumped onto the bed and hugged her. I normally sleep wearing only my boxers and naked on top. Her back was facing me, and through the net-like material of her lingerie, I could feel her whole back and bums. I hugged her, but feeling her whole body with my hands, we slipped to sleep.

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