Sperm Donation For Mumtaz – Part 2

“Come on, stud, here is your present. Enjoy yourself and give her satisfaction, which she misses in her marital life. Her husband will strangle you if you cause her any harm. So better be careful, boy.” Padma Aunty warned me.

I looked at the fair, delicate Mumtaz’s nude body lying before me. I touched her soft lips with my right hand. I inserted my finger in her mouth, which she sucked lightly. I pulled it out and brought my hand down to her bosom, caressing her cheeks and chin.

Cupping her breast, flicked her nipple with my thumb. Her nipple got hard due to my touch. Mumtaz moaned and opened her legs wide voluntarily. Her pussy lips opened like petals. I knew she wanted my hand on her throbbing pussy.

I placed my hand on her mound, middle finger dipping in her open slit and felt her wetness. Thumb started to play with her clit. Mumtaz lifting her ass off the bed, indirectly begged me to plunder her pussy with my finger. I pushed my middle finger into her hole and started finger fucking her.

“Oh, God!” Mumtaz screamed and thrashed her body all over the bed like a bitch in heat. I saw Padma Aunty kneeling behind Mumtaz’s head. Bending down to offer her friend her hanging breasts to suck. She took Mumtaz’s free breast and started to suck.

Seeing two ladies sucking each other’s breasts in the 69 position was amazing. 2 ladies gorged on each other’s breasts like no tomorrow. Mumtaz’s fair-coloured breasts turned red due to excessive sucking and love bites. While munching on her friend’s breast, Padma Aunty rolled her eyes and winked at me.

Her hands joined me at Mumtaz’s mound, feeling her wet pussy. Her other hand started jerking me gently. Her hair covered Mumtaz’s mid-section, covering her tummy. After a few minutes, Padma Aunty got up, taking her nipple away from her friend’s lips.

Both ladies were sweating, and Aunty signalled me to go between Mumtaz’s legs. I got between Mumtaz’s legs, nudging her to widen her legs laid on her body. Her C-cup breasts got crushed under my chest. I was not surprised to feel her body heat.

Holding her face in my palm, I kissed her tenderly. This time she responded positively by kissing me back. I took my own time savouring her soft lips and sweet saliva. She sucked my tongue. Our lips were messy with saliva, and we gorged on each other’s lips like animals.

My cock was aligned on her pussy, parting her lips. Mumtaz looked into my eyes as we kissed. She had tightly encircled her arms across my neck. I was least bothered to see her husband’s reaction.

“If both of you are done with kissing, start the main act…FUCKING,” I heard Padma Aunty saying loudly. Mumtaz pulled her lips from mine and blushed with shame. I raised my upper body, resting on my hands beside Mumtaz’s arms. I lifted my hips off her body.

My dangling cock was hovering above her pussy, trying to penetrate her. Until now, Mumtaz and I had not spoken with each other despite being so intimate in a few hours. Looking at her, I asked her, “Is this position comfortable for you, or do you want to come on top of me.”

Blushing, Mumtaz replied, “As you wish, Rajeshji.”

“Are you out of your mind, Mumtaz? He is younger than you by 10 years. Just call him Rajesh, baby or whatever if you like him so much. No Ji, please.” Padma Aunty scolded her friend.

Mumtaz caressing my lips, said, “No way, Padma. He is going to be the biological father of my child. I have to give him that respect. Farhan is my lawfully wedded husband. Rajesh ji will be like my second husband. I will try to keep both my husbands happy until I am alive.”

I saw a tear dripping from her eyes. I licked the teardrop off her cheek. Mumtaz brought her right hand down. Holding my cock, caressed the head over her lips, showing her intentions that she was ready.

Mumtaz softly said, “Thoda aaramse karo ji. Poora raat hai hamare paas. Koi jaldi nahi, mujhe aapka pyaar aur baccha chahiye bus. Enjoy yourself with my body, and let me enjoy too. From today my body and soul are all yours. Just give me a baby Rajeshji.”

“If you are done with your little speech, shall my boy start fucking you, Mumtaz?” Padma Aunty asked in anger. Mumtaz nodded meekly. Looking into Mumtaz’s eyes, I lowered my hips. My cockhead went in, opening her lips. But my thick cock was refused entry as her pussy was too tight for me.

I pressed harder, and another inch went in. I saw Mumtaz wincing in pain. “Shall I remove it if you are in pain?” I asked her in concern.

“No, Rajeshji, take me as you take Padma. I know initially it hurts, but I am ready to bear that pain for my baby,” Mumtaz said with a smile. But I knew she was bluffing. I knew the longer I took to penetrate her, the more pain she had to endure.

I knew she was well-lubricated. So using all my strength, I plunged into her pussy, and my head hit her cervix in one thrust.

“Aah, please do it slowly,” Mumtaz shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks. I felt very bad for her. Lodging my cock firmly in her pussy, lay on her body and started kissing her. Mumtaz kissed me back, and her face was messy with her tears.

“If you are comfortable now, shall I start …?” I stopped mid-sentence, not wanting to use the word ‘fuck’.

“Please do as you like, Rajeshji,” Mumtaz said softly.

I wondered why my Aunt had not yet scolded me for taking her friend so roughly. So I turned and saw Padma Aunty kneeling and sucking Raman Uncle’s cock. Her right hand was jerking Farhan’s tiny dick. Both Raman Uncle and Farhan were playing with Padma Aunt’s hanging breasts.

Mumtaz, too saw that and, encircling her arms across my neck, said,” They are busy. Let’s get busy too, Rajeshji.” Pulling half of my cock from her pussy, I thrust back in with full force. Mumtaz’s body trembled under mine. I got into a good rhythm and started fucking her tight pussy.

As she had orgasms again, it helped me. She was well lubricated due to her abundant juices dripping from her pussy. My cock was fully stained with her juices. It was moving freely in and out of her pussy. Our bodies were drenched with sweat.

It was lovely to watch her firm breasts swaying all over her chest as I was fucking her. Mumtaz was trying to lift her upper body to kiss me as I fucked her. Smiling and bending a bit kissed her on her lips, cheeks and chin. I kissed her earlobes and neck and brought my face down to her twin treasures.

I licked her areolas and nipples. Taking her sharp nipples in my mouth, I sucked her sensitive nipples. Her upper body was full of my saliva. She was licking all over my face drenching my face with her saliva. My cock was pistoning in and out of Mumtaz’s tight pussy.

I heard Padma Aunty saying, “Good, the newly wedded couple has finally bonded, and it looks like our bride is enjoying herself now.”

Mumtaz pulled Aunty and kissed her. Pulling her lips from her friend, Padma Aunty asked, “Do you want your mouth to be filled up?

I knew what Aunty meant, but Mumtaz couldn’t understand. I said, “Aunty is asking if you want to suck cock.”

“Cheee! I don’t like it,” Mumtaz said shyly.

“But your new husband likes to get his cock sucked, so get used to it, Mumtaz,” Padma Aunty said laughing, “Try Farhan’s cock, it’s small, and you will get used to cock’s taste too. Your Rajeshji’s is very thick and big. I had trouble sucking him for the first time.”

Farhan came and, kneeling beside her, placed his circumcised cock on his wife’s lips. Mumtaz hesitated for a moment and licked the head of her husband’s cock. She gave a few licks to the piss hole using her tongue. She sucked the entire two inches into her mouth.

Mumtaz was sucking her husband’s tiny dick passionately, trying to please and show him her love. Mumtaz’s holes were filled up by both her husband’s cocks. Her right hand was on Farhan’s ass. Her left hand had encircled my ass, indicating that I should pump her faster and harder.

She needn’t tell me as I was going on strong on her pussy. Her juices dripped down her ass cheeks.

My hands were getting weak as I was fucking for almost fifteen minutes. I was tired too. Mumtaz was happily slurping on her husband’s cock as she got used to the taste of a cock. Farhan was playing with his wife’s boobs, trying to keep them from swaying.

“Are you close, Rajesh?” I heard Aunty asking me.

“No, Aunty, I am feeling tired. I need a break,” I said.

Mumtaz was heartbroken on hearing me. Taking her husband’s cock out of her mouth, she asked, “Did I do something wrong, Rajeshji? Are you not satisfied with me, dear?”

“No, no, I need to go to the washroom,” I replied, taking my cock out of her pussy. My cock came from her well-drenched pussy with a ‘plop’ sound. I got up and turned to the washroom when Mumtaz called me, “Come here, Rajeshji.”

Wondering why she called me, I went near her. Mumtaz held my cum drenched cock in her tiny hands and started licking our combined juices of my cock. Her sudden gesture took me aback. She licked it clean, pulled back the foreskin and sucked my cock head into her mouth.

Everyone in the room was surprised when Mumtaz sucked my cock without inhibitions. For a first-time cock sucker, she was doing a great job. She was creating a vacuum and sucking my cock, and her cheeks were pulled in. Her tongue was playing on my piss hole.

Her husband Farhan was watching his naïve wife sucking my cock like a pro. Mumtaz’s fingers were playing with my balls fondly.

After a few minutes, Mumtaz took my cock out of her mouth and said, “Now go, Rajeshji, I have cleaned it. But please come back soon. We still have a lot of work to do.”

Padma Aunty winking at me, said, “Yes…yes….you both have lots of unfinished work. Come back quickly, stud. Your wife’s pussy is throbbing for you. Meanwhile, her first husband will try to satisfy your new wife.”

Shrugging my head, I ran to the bathroom. I felt guilty as Mumtaz saw and worshipped me as her husband. After relieving myself, I came back to the room. I found Raman Uncle lying beside Mumtaz and getting a blowjob from his wife, Padma.

Padma Aunty was kneeling between her husband’s legs and sucking her hubby’s cock somewhat lazily. I was surprised to see Farhan on top of his wife Mumtaz in a missionary position. He was fucking her. Mumtaz’s eyes lit up on seeing me, and waved to come over.

I wondered how Farhan could fuck a lady with his 2-inch dick. I sat beside Mumtaz. She caressed my face while her hubby was fucking her, watching us. Farhan asked, “Rajesh, do you want to take over?”

“No, you continue. Aunty is free. I will take her from behind,” I said halfheartedly.

“No, Rajeshji, you are only mine today. I won’t share you with anyone,” Mumtaz said, turning to her hubby, “Get up. Let Rajeshji take me now. You can have me in the morning or anytime. I want to spend the whole night with only Rajeshji.”

Padma Aunty got up hearing Mumtaz. She took a pillow, pushed Farhan away from his wife, and placed the pillow under Mumtaz’s ass. Looking at me said, “Come on, Bridegroom, fuck your bride. She was feeling restless when you went to the loo.” And smiled naughtily at me.

The story continues.

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