Sperm Donation For Mumtaz – Part 1

This episode happened a very long back when I was just a teenager studying Engineering. Please read my other story, ‘My Aunt Padma Showed Me Heaven.’

I came home late on Friday after watching a movie with friends. I was worried that Padma Aunty might scold me as it was Friday night and already 9 pm and our mating night. When I entered the living room, I saw Padma Aunty, Raman Uncle and a couple I had never seen before.

“Why are you late, Rajesh?” Padma Aunty hissed at me,” Go freshen up and come. Dinner is ready.”

I saw two whiskey bottles on the centre table and four glasses. Looks like all four were already high. I quietly went to my room as I didn’t want to antagonize my drunken Aunt. I bathed, wore a shirt and track pants and entered the dining room.

I sat on the chair and looked at Padma Aunty, who looked at her friend and said,” Mumtaz, will you please serve dinner for Rajesh,” Turning towards me, Padma Aunty said,” By the way, Rajesh, this is my friend Mumtaz. That’s her husband, Farhan. They will be staying over tonight with us.”

Fuck, I thought Friday fucking night was gone. Padma Aunty won’t allow me near her tonight. I saw Mumtaz getting up and coming near me. I observed her closely. She was around her late twenties (maybe 27-28), a bit younger than Padma Aunty, who was in her mid-thirties.

Mumtaz was very fair, like Bollywood heroines, wearing a loose white kurta and leggings. I couldn’t help but stare at her boobs which juggled as she walked towards me. Mumtaz served me roti and daal and stood next to me. Her bosom was at my eye level, and I stared at her twin treasures.

I was shocked to see her nipples trying to poke out of her thin kurta material. My dick stood up, seeing her sharp nipple protrusion. I sensed Padma Aunty taking a chair next to me and was more shocked to see her pushing a mug of beer towards me.

“Enjoy the beer with dinner, Rajesh. Mumtaz and Farhan are our close friends. Raman won’t mind too,” Padma Aunty saying placed her hand on my crotch.

I didn’t know what to reply, so I kept mum. Padma Aunty placing her hand on my crotch, fondled my hardened cock on the tracks and whispered in my ears, ”Hmm, already hard. Is it for your Aunty or Mumtaz, bad boy?”

I just stared at Padma Aunty, who had pulled out my cock from my track pants and jerked me. I was shocked and looked at Raman Uncle and Farhan, who were busy drinking whisky. Then at Mumtaz, who had a naughty smile on her face. I figured that she was seeing my Aunt jacking me.

Padma Aunty biting my earlobes, whispered,” You want to see her boobs. They are bigger and stiffer than mine.”

I looked up at Mumtaz, who had unhooked her kurta’s top three buttons. She was bending down, showing me her twin treasures inside her kurta. Her breasts’ sheer weight pushed Mumtaz’s kurta, and I saw her hanging mangoes. As I had guessed, she was not wearing a bra under her kurta.

Mumtaz’s breasts were C-cup, big compared to her tiny frame. The areolas were small and brownish, with a grape-sized nipple on the top. I drank the full beer mug in one gulp while Padma Aunty played with my cock and balls.

“I know you are horny, and your cock in my hand doesn’t lie. Do you want to see her pussy, naughty boy?” Padma Aunty said, biting my cheek and signalled her friend.

Turning left, I saw Mumtaz lifting her kurta, showing her toned flat tummy, unlike my Aunt’s, who had a fleshy stomach. I saw Mumtaz’s right hand digging into her leggings and pulling them down, exposing her freshly shaved pussy.

I saw moisture on her slit. I saw Mumtaz turning briefly to show her well round ass and stand, exposing her pussy to me.

“Which pussy do you want tonight, Rajesh. Mine or Mumtaz’s?” Padma asked seductively, still jerking my cock.

“I need a drink and a large one,” I said to Aunty, who got up and filled the mug with whiskey without any soda. She handed me the drink and sat on the chair. I took a big sip and asked, “Aunty, what is this? Her husband is right here, and you are talking nonsense.”

“I am talking sense, boy. Do you want to fuck Mumtaz or not?” Padma Aunty said in anger.

I nodded meekly, and she continued, “That’s my boy,” Looking at her friend said, “Why don’t you open up your cunt and show my boy your juicy pussy, Mumtaz.”

Mumtaz opened her pussy lips, revealing her pinkish interiors. Padma took my left hand, placing it on her friend’s pussy said, “Come on, feel her and see how my poor friend is burning with desire to have a manly cock inside her.”

My fingers could feel the heat emitting from her pussy and her cum. Padma Aunty inserted her middle finger into her friend’s pussy and pulled out. She brought the cum stained finger to my lips and said, “Taste her. She’s very tasty and horny too.”

I sucked Mumtaz’s juice from my Aunt’s finger and looked at the men now watching us.

“Isn’t she tasty, Rajesh?” Padma Aunty asked, and I nodded.

“Good then, finish your drink and get ready to fuck my friend’s juicy pussy,” Padma said and got up. I looked helplessly at my Aunty, not understanding why she asked me to fuck her friend in front of her husband and Uncle.

Padma Aunty went near Farhan, unzipped his pant and pulled his pant and briefs down. I was shocked at a tiny cock, only about an inch, and big balls hanging down.

“This is why I am begging you to fuck my friend. Farhan has a small dick, as you can see. The problem is not of its size. Even a two-inch cock can satisfy a woman if fucked properly, I know that, but the problem with Farhan is he has a damn low sperm count.” Padma Aunty said.

The whole room was silent. Farhan had dropped his head in shame, and Mumtaz was sobbing. I gulped down the whole mug and inserted my middle finger into Mumtaz’s pussy. To my surprise, I found it very tight, like a virgin girl’s pussy.

Mumtaz moaned loudly, and her body shivered when I finger fucked her. Padma Aunty quickly came to her friend, hugging her from behind screamed.

“Bastard, go easy on her. She is not your fuck toy to use as you wish. It took a lot of time for me to convince her to agree. Don’t maul her as you take me. She is a very delicate girl. I will cut off your balls if you harm her, Rajesh.”

I was already high by the beer and whiskey cocktail. I finger-fucked Mumtaz and kissed all over her flat tummy. A few seconds later brought my head down, stretching my tongue lapped at her clitoris while my finger explored her wet pussy.

Mumtaz’s body trembled while I flicked her clit with my tongue nonstop. Juices ran down her pussy to her thighs. I knew my Aunty was having trouble holding her friend up. My face was smeared with juices, and my free hand clutched her firm ass cheek. I dipped that small finger into her anus hole.

Mumtaz crumbled down to the floor, taking my fingers off her holes. I was worried when she collapsed. I quickly washed my hands, got up and pulled my track pants and briefs. I went towards Raman uncle, took his whiskey glass, and hurriedly gulped it down my throat.

Farhan and Uncle were watching me going towards the ladies. Padma Aunty was trying to help her friend get up, who was still sobbing. Pushing Padma Aunty aside, I picked up Mumtaz off the floor. My right hand was under her neck, and my right hand was under her knees.

I knew she didn’t weigh any more than 50 kg. She had a frail figure, despite her good-sized breasts and plump ass. Lifting her, I carefully placed her on the dining table. I pulled the leggings from her legs without bothering about what others were thinking.

Mumtaz closed her legs, trying to hide her womanhood from me. Placing my right hand on her thighs, I pulled Mumtaz by left hand across her neck and kissed her lips. At first, Mumtaz tried to pull her lips away. But I held her firmly and started sucking her soft lips gently.

Mumtaz was murmuring into my mouth. I couldn’t understand if it was approval or protest of my kiss. When I was sure she would cooperate, my left hand was across her neck. It came to the front, lifted her kurta and caught her left breast in my palm.

Unlike married ladies whose boobs soften after a few years of marriage, I found it firm. My right hand, which was on her thighs, prodded her to widen her legs. Looking into my eyes, Mumtaz opened her legs and thrust her tongue into my mouth to suck.

Sucking her tender tongue, my right hand started caressing her pussy lips gently, unlike last time. I saw eyes glowing with lust and desire as my fingers prodded her pussy lips. Saliva was being exchanged and seared on our cheeks. We kissed passionately like young lovers in lust.

Two minutes passed, and we didn’t slow down our kiss. My left hand tested her left boob strength, and my right hand finger was now playing with clit. I sensed Mumtaz’s right hand moving to my cock and held it firmly in her tiny feeble hand. Her thumb flicked my piss hole, lubricating her fingers with my pre-cum.

I was munching on her bottom lip and tongue, hands playing with her breast and pussy. I came to my senses when Padma Aunty whispered in my ears, hugging me from my back and pressing her breasts onto my back, “Isn’t she gorgeous, Rajesh?” She bit my ear.

My lips were aching from the long kiss pulled my lips from Mumtaz. Her lips had turned red due to excessive kissing and sucking. Mumtaz dropped her head down in shyness and shame as her husband was watching us keenly.

Padma Aunty lifting her chin, asked, “How is my boy? Is it ok for you to get pregnant from his sperm Mumtaz?” Mumtaz looked at her husband and Padma Aunty and nodded her head. Padma Aunty signalled me, showing Mumtaz’s crotch. She holding Mumtaz’s breasts in each hand, started kissing her.

Bending down and pushing Mumtaz’s knees wider started to lap up her pussy like a dog. Juices were oozing out abundantly from her pussy. I thought she might have multiple orgasms by now. While I was busy sucking and tasting Mumtaz’s pussy juices, I was pulled back roughly by my hair.

I heard Aunty saying, “Get up, young man. Time for real action.” I got up and looked at both ladies.

Aunty gripping my cock, said, “No wonder your little bro is eager to drill a new tight pussy. I would have fucked this angel if I had a cock between my legs. Go to your room and freshen up. Come to our room when I call you. Get going now, stud.”

Halfheartedly I climbed the stairs with my cock dangling between my legs. At the mid-landing, I turned to see below. Padma was removing her friend’s kurta from her body. Mumtaz looked like an Angel in a fairy tale in her birthday suit.

I felt like I had done noble work in my past birth to fuck such lovely gorgeous ladies at my young age. I went to my room, removed my shirt, and took a light shower. I sat on the bed thinking about the few hours I would spend with such a lovely lady.

My cock had frozen a bit but was still hard. I was eagerly waiting for my Aunt’s call. After a few minutes, my room door opened and Padma Aunty came in nude, smiling at me. I got up and embraced her tightly, and kissed her. Both our nude bodies were feeling the heat of each other’s.

I cupped her ass cheeks and pressed her crotch against my throbbing cock, struggling between our crotches. Padma Aunty pushed me back.

Placing her hand on my chest and said, “Save that for the new pussy you are going to drill, baby. Be careful with Mumtaz, Rajesh and don’t try to show your heroics on her. She is a tender and soft girl, unlike me. I will be there for you like always if you want it rough. Come, Mumtaz is eagerly waiting for you.”

Padma Aunty led me to her bedroom, holding my cock firmly. I was surprised to see Raman Uncle, and Farhan sitting on the bed naked on one side. Mumtaz was lying on the bed in the centre, covered with a bed sheet. Padma Aunty pushed me onto the bed.

I sat beside Mumtaz, who was smiling and looking at me with a twinkle in her eyes. I was looking at the naked men who were watching me closely. I was comfortable with Raman Uncle. I had fucked his wife in front of him, and we had double-penetrated her too.

But Farhan, with his circumcised small cock was watching me nervously. His cute wife was eager to mate with me.

“Rajesh, Farhan is worried that you may harm Mumtaz. So he wants to stay and watch you both fuck. Your Uncle and I just want to see live fuck and maybe get horny, and we could get cosy, you know.” Saying she climbed onto the bed, sitting beside her friend pulled the sheet away from Mumtaz’s body.

Mumtaz was lying nude, quickly crossing her legs to hide her pussy. Her right hand was across her bosom to cover her magnificent breasts. Her left hand covered her face, and her lips were shivering.

“Come on, stud, here is your present. Enjoy yourself and give her satisfaction, which she misses in her marital life. Her husband will strangle you if you cause her any harm. So better be careful, boy.”

Continued in next part-2

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